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Best Paddle Board For Dogs

What Is Paddle Boarding

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review – Best SUP/Kayak for Dog People and Nomads

Standup paddleboarding is one of those outdoor activities that is accessible to anyone because of how little gear you need, and how simple it is to learn and enjoy.

Whats also great is that theres plenty of room for development within the sport, as you can take it easy paddling on the water, or get super serious and become a touring aficionado.

You can also paddle board with your dog, do yoga on the deck pad, or even upgrade your SUP board to make it a full-blown fishing vessel.

With that being said, there are many ways to use a paddleboard, and this is all dependent on you and your desires, plus what types of water you live near or intend to use it on.

This buying guide will help you choose the right board for you and how you plan to use it.

Why Do You Need A Dog Traction Pad

AcThe most crucial part of the board when you want to paddle with a dog is the boards nose, where the dog stands. It tends to be slippery, so the boards nose should come with extra traction for the protection of your dogs feet.

The extra traction required is why you need to have SUP traction pads. These pads work as extra traction on the board when riders stand during the activity. You can fit the paddle board dog pad on your boards nose, where the dog stands for riding.

With the help of a pad, the dog will get sufficient space to enjoy his ride. Most of the SUP tracking pads come with self-adhesive backing, where it becomes easy to place it in the paddle boards like a sticker. All you have to do is peel the cover and press the pad on the board.

Safety Precautions Before Starting Out:

I strongly recommend you get a doggie life jacket and a PFD for yourself as well before you take your dog out. While dogs can instinctively swim it is a heck of a lot harder trying to get a struggling lab back on the board when you have nothing to grab. Dog life jackets are actually a very good idea because they have a handle on the back. This means should your pup decide to jump overboard because of that glare a duck across the pond gave him, you can easily pull your dog back onto the board. It is also a great idea because you and your dog could tire which would be a very bad scenario indeed.

Leave the Leash at shore. This may sound a bit counter-intuitive but you dont want your leash to get wrapped around your dog. This can affect his ability to balance or even swim should he or she fall off.

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Dont Force It And Be Mindful Of The Heat:

At the end of the day, some dogs just truly do not want any parts of the water or paddling with their human. Pushing or forcing this type of dog to ride on a SUP is bound to be stressful and non-enjoyable for both of you not to mention it could damage the trusting relationship between you and your pup.

Go at their pace and see if its an activity they enjoy if not, theyll be much happier home on the couch.

As a last note, be careful to pay attention to your dog and monitor for signs of overheating. Usually this presents itself as frantic panting with excess saliva and labored breathing. If this occurs, take your dog to a cool or shaded area ASAP and give them plenty of room temperature water.

Redder Stand Up Paddle Board

The 7 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Dogs (2018)  Whale Nation

Another great inflatable paddle board for dogs is the Redder Stand Up Paddle Board. This paddle comes in 5 beautiful styles: Yellow, light blue, sea blue, dark blue, and peacock blue.

Having a round nose and being 108 long make this board perfect for you and your dog to paddle around on and enjoy the water. The Redder Stand Up Paddle Board also has a wide and comfortable deck pad that is textured to provide extra grip for your dog.

This board also comes with a leash and a repair kit, so you can be sure that you and your pup are always safe while out on the water.

  • Round nose gives extra room
  • Textured deck pad for extra grip
  • Comes with a leash and repair kit
  • Great stability
  • Only holds up to 287 lbs
  • Item weighs more than the others, 22lbs

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Maxkare Inflatable Paddle Board For Dogs

Length 10.6 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6 | Weight 17 lbs | Carrying Capacity 370 lbs

If you are running tight on the budget and still looking for the best paddle boards for dogs, this is it. The Max Kare SUP comes equipped with a portable design which makes it easy to carry and transport from one place to another. Designed and manufactured by using UV proof and anti-corrosion material, this board is suitable for all-purpose and compatible with all water types.

At the front, it has got bungee lacing that provides large storage space for things like backpacks, fishing and hunting gears, mobile equipment or energy supplement, ideal for a day-long tours, wild expenditure or exploration.

To give the paddler utmost stability and tracking experience, the board features a large fin at the bottom to break through the water flow and keep moving you ahead in a straightforward direction.

Cooyes Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For Dogs

Length 10.6 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6 | Weight 19.5 lbs | Carrying Capacity 330 lbs

With an amazing carrying capacity of 330 lbs, this paddle board is perfect for an all-day paddling adventure of yours. It stands at106 x 32 x 6 when fully inflated and spacious enough to carry your dog and other belongings at ease.

The paddle board is not only made for all the skill levels of paddlers but for also all water types. You can also use it for a variety of purposes like practising yoga on the beachside, fishing in fast-moving rapids, hunting in oceans, or a simple gliding experience on the water.

I personally loved the design and color combination of the board which was inspired by summer and tropical beach styles. It represents a way of loving paddle boarding activities and enjoying life. The blue and black color combination makes the board visible and attractive as well.

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Hala Rado Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Weight: 33.5 Lbs
  • Includes: Carbon SUP paddle, rolling back pack, 3 fins, hand pump, repair kit

The Hala Rado is an excellent inflatable SUP to go paddling with your furry friend. It is 10 feet in length and has a width of 35 inches. The extra inches make sure that you have a stable and wide board. In addition to the extra width, the Hala Rado also has Quad 3 inch side-bite fins and has a 4-inch StompFin which is retractable. These side fins add to the balance of the stand-up paddle board while gliding on the water.

This is the perfect board for those who have big dogs who want to try paddling. The extra stability will counter the bigger load shift. The maximum capacity is enough for two adults to stand on. The Hala Rado is very sleek and it is easy to maneuver. Its size also gives it good balance, especially when the water is choppy.

The Hala Rado has a Stompbox center fin. This retracts if it gets in contact with rocks so you can use it in shallow water. This is especially key when dogs are boarding. The stompbox allows you to engage the center fin as soon as you are in deeper waters that require more straight-line tracking ability.

The inflatable sup has a 5-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty is for workmanship and material defects. We havent read any negative reviews online about the quality.


  • Includes: Leash, Carbon adjustable Paddle, Center Fin



  • Weight: 28.6 Lbs




  • Easy to transport and lightweight


Master Your Paddle Board

How to get your dog on a paddle board with Red Paddle Co

Dont get on a SUP with your dog until youre confident using one by yourself. You should be comfortable standing up, paddling, and turning. Make sure you can also fall and get back on from the water. Dogs will mirror your stress if you are not comfortable, and being on a stand up paddle board with a dog in tow will only make things more difficult for beginners.

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What Is An Inflatable Paddle Board For Dogs

As the name says, a stand-up paddle board for dogs is specially designed SUP for small size pets and dogs. This type of SUP comes with extra load-carrying capacity so you can carry your pet along with you. Also, the deck of such a paddle board is purposely made wide and rigid to give your pet ample space and a good grip while gliding on the water.

Blue Water Toys Inflatable Paddle Boards And Kayaks

Designed for paddle boarders of all ages, your enjoyment is our goal. Our boards are constructed with drop stitch material and reinforced rails, providing more durability. Our new innovative designs have larger EVA pads for maximum comfort, and are longer and wider to give you the best experience possible.

Stability and ease of use. You will enjoy your time on the water whether you take us out for a ride, exercise, yoga, or fun. Blue Water Toys assure you a good time.

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How Do I Prepare To Sup

Check that your dogs life jacket fits properly and allow them time to get used to wearing it, Ellis advises. For safety, your dog should know basic commands such as sit, down, come, and stay.

Make sure the area youre planning to go to permits paddle boarding. It takes a short amount of time to check and this way you can avoid danger and fines, Smith says. She also recommends taking a first aid course and seeing what local wildlife there is.

The Best Paddle Boards For Dogs Will Have The Following

6 Best Paddle Boards for Dogs [2022]: SUP Dog Approved Picks

To choose the right board to start stand up paddle boarding with your dog look for the following features to get the best paddle board.

If an isup is what you are looking at then make sure to check the weight capacity, on a hard board this is not as important as long as both of you combined do not exceed it.

The dog paddle board should have a large deck pad or traction pad.

The body structure of the dog paddle board should be designed with ultra-durable materials.

The dog paddle board should be wide enough for improved stability and weight distribution.

The dog paddle board should have bungee cords or d rings to secure gear including a dry bag.

The dog paddle board should be a longer board of 10 feet or more for even more stability and room.

The dog paddle board should not have exposed fiberglass or carbon fiber materials

The dog paddle board should also have removable fins when exploring shallow water.

The dog paddle board should use the highest quality materials and be ultra durable so you hopefully will never need a repair kit.

When you start paddle boarding with your dog you and them are going to be in for an adventure you both will love. Most dogs love to be out on the water and not separated from the pack or left at home. Our dogs get so excited when they see the paddle board, and on occasion have a hard time waiting to be told to mount up. I prefer a rounded nose on the sup when with my dog as it gives him some more paw room as he captains the board.

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Murtisol Inflatable Sup For Bog

Length 9 FT | Width 30 | Thickness 6 | Weight 15.4 lbs | Carrying Capacity 267 lbs

Your search for cheap paddle boards for dogs ends with Murtisol inflatable SUP. Constructed with premium quality materials and state of art technology, this board is a perfect example of durability and flexibility. It will last for years, provided that you use it wisely.

For 2022, designers at Mutrisol thought of upgrading this board with high-quality military-grade PVC construction on the top and bottom, so that it can give you more stiffness, rigidity and a sturdy paddling experience.

The PVC construction not only makes the board rigid but 30% more light in weight as compared to other boards in the market.

Famistar 12 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Length 12 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6 | Weight 24 lbs | Carrying Capacity 400 lbs

If you are looking for a multipurpose paddle board for dogs, the Famistart Newest 12 is waiting for you. This board is made for all beginners and expert paddlers like. With its amazing length and proportion, this board will build to offer an excellent gliding experience for fishing, hunting, cruising, exploring and fitness as well.

Looking at the image, you might feel the board is small in size, right? However, big things always comes in small packages and the same goes with this paddleboard. Its subtle design makes it compact, gives it good speed, makes it stable and takes its navigation to the next level.

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Bluefin Cruise Sup Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board

The Bluefin is one of the stiffest inflatable boards available providing stability to the user. It is pretty easy to manoeuvre and to have your dog as your passenger on it.

It is one of the better ones for SUP of this price range. On the water, it is stable and has better tracking compared to most.


  • It includes a kayak seat that can be attached great when you want to sit with your dog
  • Stiff and durable board great for your dogs paws
  • 5-year warranty which is above the industry standard


Things To Keep In Mind When Paddling With Your Dog

How To Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) With Your Dog | Chewtorials
  • Make sure your dog is comfortable and secure on the board before starting to paddle
  • Start in calm water and gradually move to more challenging waters
  • Be prepared to get wet – your dog will probably end up jumping in the water at some point!
  • Bring enough water for you and your dog
  • Monitor your dog for signs of fatigue or heat exhaustion
  • Take breaks often and give your dog plenty of opportunities to rest and cool off in the water

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Faqs About Stand Up Paddle Boards

Q: Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding good exercise?

A: YES! It is a low impact exercise that just about anyone can do. It works out your arms, shoulders and core.

Q: How do you stand up on a paddleboard?

A Start by kneeling on the board and paddling. As you get comfortable, move up one knee so your on one foot and knee. Then push up with the foot on the board and stand up.

Important: You are not surfing! Both feet should be pointed forward.

Q: What are the different types of paddle boards?

A: There are quite a few types of paddle boards. There are solid core SUPs, inflatable SUPs, racing/touring SUPs, Yoga SUPs, Surfing SUPs.

Q: How do you keep your balance on a paddleboard?

A: Keep your feet parallel, toes pointed forward. You should be in the center of the board, with your knees slightly bent. Then paddle using your core and shoulders and NOT just your arms.

Q: How much is a paddle board?

A: Paddle boards range widely in price. Cheap, beginner SUPs can cost as little of $300 and go up into the thousands.

Q: How heavy is a paddle board?

A: Paddle boards range from as little as 15 pounds all the way up tp 50 pounds for the larger touring SUPs.

Q: What is a stand up paddle board made of?

A: Solid core paddle boards are made of a Expanded Polystyrene core with a shell of epoxy/fiberglass for stiffness and waterproofing.

Q: How long is the typical stand up paddle board?

Aleko Pbs02 Inflatable Paddle Board

Length 11 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6 | Weight 37 lbs | Carrying Capacity 200 lbs

What is the most important feature when buying a paddle board for dogs? Of course, It is the deck space and carrying capacity of the board. With a 32 inch wide deck, 11 foot long and a stunning carrying capacity of 300 lbs, this board is ideal to carry you and your dog for and water sport adventure.

It is made with heavy-duty drop stitching fabric and sturdy construction on the deck and at the bottom to make it resistant and durable for any kind of situation on and off the water.

Not only dog friendly, but this board is also user-friendly as well. It comes with dual action hand pump and a high-quality spring valve that will allow you to inflate this board in less than 8 minutes and deflate it in less than 5 min.

If you are wondering whether this board includes all the necessary accessories or not? Yes, it does include the pump a repair kit and a waterproof pouch can be easily fitted into the heavy-duty backpack.


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How To Stand Up Paddle Board With Large Dogs

People always give me a lot of looks and smiles when they see me out on the water with my dog Lucy. They usually think its funny that my dog is on a paddleboard with me. Shes a 75-pound labrador so she looks pretty big standing with me in the middle of the water!

A lot of people share videos online of paddleboarding with little dogs, but I want you to feel like this fun watersport is accessible to dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages!

One thing I love about paddleboarding with my dog is that its a low-impact activity. Lucy loves the water and swimming, but shes getting older and I dont want her to overdo it. Since your dog can just lay down on the board while you do all the work, its a great enriching activity for senior dogs.

Paddleboarding is also a great way to bond with your dog and get some fresh air together. Since our first time paddleboarding together in 2019, Lucy and I have been able to enjoy a whole other side of our city from the water!

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