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Best Place To Kayak In Kentucky

Do You Need To Wear A Life Jacket When Kayaking In Kentucky

Fishing the Elkhorn Creek in Kentucky! First time kayak fishing an first time fishing Kentucky!

While all states in the USA have similar requirements for wearing a personal floatation device when kayaking or aboard any watercraft, some states have additional rules and regulations.

Always check what these rules are with the relevant state authorities while planning your trip.

In Kentucky, all vessels, including kayaks, are required to carry a United States Coast Guard approved Type I, III, or III PFD for each person.

Each PFD should be the right size for each person on board, be in good condition, and should be readily accessible to the wearer at all times. Children under the age of 12 years old need to wear their PFDs while the vessel is underway.

Ginger Bay Water Trail

This trail goes through the bluffs and secluded bays along the Tennessee River and the Kentucky Lake. This is an enchanting escape into the wonders of nature. The rocky shorelines are filled with a wide variety of fossils including ancient clams, brachiopods and crinoids. There is excellent wildlife viewing throughout the year including bald eagles. This is a kayakers paradise.

Kentucky Canoe Trails That Make For Great Overnight Paddling Trips

Theres nothing quite like summer in Kentuckywith the gorge, the sunsets, and the warm weather weve longed for all winter long, its the best season. And with outdoor activities ranging from boating and fishing to hiking and camping, it can be hard to decide what to do. This is exactly why an overnight canoe trip is the perfect option for a summer weekendyou can do it all! Paddling through Kentuckys rivers and lakes is also one of the best ways to see what the Bluegrass State has to offer. Whether youve canoed all your life or plan on picking up this new hobby this summerweve got a spot for you.

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Grotto At Grayson Lake

Paddling the Grotto at Grayson Lake is a great way to see the natural beauty of Kentucky. The lake is a 1,500-acre reservoir with sandstone cliffs and miles of shoreline to explore.

The jewel of Grayson Lake is the grotto that leads to the Hidden Waterfall.

A few highlights include views of the grotto which has been carved into the stone cliffs that line the shore. You paddle through a narrow passage, one kayak at a time, through a cave, and the view is spectacular.

Your reward on the other end is a magnificent waterfall. If you are up to the task, you can hike up the waterfall too.

One thing you need to remember before heading in, the walls of the grotto are very narrow, less than a paddle width apart. Therefore, you will need to take your paddle apart to kayak through the grotto.

Asie from the grotto, Grayson Lake is filled with various fish species, including crappie, bluegill, bass, and trout. If kayak fishing is your jam, this is a great spot.

There are easy access points to launch your kayak, and you can enjoy a relaxing day on one of Kentuckys best paddling spots.

Elkhorn Creek Frankfort Ky

Most People Dont Know Theres a Kayak Park Hiding In Kentucky ...

Elkhorn Creek is an excellent destination to start improving kayaking skills as well as a nice trip for the more seasoned kayakers. Many people bring a fishing pole because the waters are filled with small mouth bass. Kayakers can learn wet-existing techniques right in their boats or experience the whitewater rapids. There are also several areas to enjoy a leisurely and relaxing experience.

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Do I Have To License My Kayak Or Canoe In Kentucky

When using an un-motorized canoe or kayak in Kentucky, you dont have to have any license for paddling in the state. There are other rules though, that youll need to be aware of when canoeing in the state of Kentucky.

BUI laws are in effect in the state and a blood alcohol level of 0.08% is considered to be a violation.

When it comes to a PFD or a life jacket, one must be on board per person, and children 12 years and younger are required to wear a life jacket while the canoe or kayak is on the water.

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Visit Kentucky and experience an exciting sightseeing adventure with loved ones. The region has many beautiful attractions that you will enjoy exploring. Other than kayaking, there are many other outdoor activities you can indulge in such as hiking, cycling, snorkeling, camping, and many more. Also, youâll be able to see various hotels, bars, and restaurants where you can pop in for an awesome time. This is the perfect region to create memories to last a lifetime. Check out below for more information on the top places for kayaking in Kentucky, USA, so you can plan for an exciting getaway.

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Enjoy the serenity as you embark on a wonderful kayaking experience across a beautiful landscape at Harrods Creek. This place is best if you want flat-water paddling for you to enjoy the beauty of nature and relax. You will surely have a delightful time since the pool stretches several miles, with small challenging steep streams, waterfalls, and rapids. Other than these, you will also be able to view various wild animals, including reptiles, birds, and mammals. Come and experience a fantastic holiday with loved ones.

Harrods Creek

Elkhorn Creek

Falls of the Ohio

Posted by Chris Allen on Thursday, 31 August 2017

Drakes Creek

Posted by Sam Louisdz on Friday, 6 September 2019

McNeely Lake Park

Opening hours: 6am – 11pm

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Canoeing Kentucky: 7 Best Places To Explore The Bluegrass State

Kentucky boasts an impressive collection of navigable waterways and reservoirs that are readily available to paddlers. It makes no difference if youre looking for calm water to advanced class rapids, there is something for everyone. Not to mention the diversity of the surrounding landscapes and wildlife that encompass different regions of the state. It can be a little overwhelming trying to decide the best places for canoeing Kentucky. But, below Ive gathered a compilation of the must-see, must-canoe rivers and lakes in the Bluegrass state.

Bring Your Own Or Rent One Of Our Kayaks

Kayaking to The Hidden Waterfall at Grayson Lake, Kentucky

We have many guests who bring their own kayaks. For those who do, we have easy access from our property to launch your journey. For those interested in renting a Kayak for their visit, we typically have 4 available for rent from April through September. Due to their popularity, it is best to call in advance to reserve these for your stay.

Oh, and be sure to share your favorite discoveries in the Guest Book for other guests!

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Were Adding This One To Our Bucket Lists

If paddling through a flooded limestone mine illuminated by the glow of underwater LED lights sounds like a dream come true, set your course to Red River Gorge, Kentucky, for the ultimate kayaking adventure.

Located one hour from Lexington, Eco Tour company SUP Kentucky offers a variety of outdoor excursions, but their most popular is easily the “Red River Gorge Underground Cavern Glow,” which takes customers on a one-hour journey through an abandoned, 100-year-old mine complete with an underground waterfall.

Choose between traditional kayaks and paddle boards or upgrade to SUP Kentucky’s new Crystal Clear Bottom Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards so you can see everything happening beneath you.

“Keep an eye out for rainbow trout who often follow the tour,” the company’s website advises. “If you’re lucky, you’ll see a Kentucky brown bat taking a rest on the limestone walls.”

This one-of-a-kind experience costs $75 per adult and $25 per child and is limited to groups of eight. Single and double kayaks are available and SUP Kentucky promises to take cool photos of you and your group while you experience the tour.

Visit for tickets and more information.

Why Visit Red River Gorge

If youre looking for the best kayaking in Kentucky, Red River Gorge is the place to visit. The challenging run of rapids stretching over ten miles down the Upper Red River is what most adventure seekers come to take on. But there are also many Class I paddling opportunities for those looking for something more relaxed.

The best part about kayaking here is its usually fairly quiet for a popular tourist spot. The river remains fairly narrow throughout and because of the twists and turns, youll usually only find experienced kayakers so some weekends you might even have the water to yourself.

As well as kayaking, there are so many other reasons to visit Red River Gorge. You wont beat the views at the Gorge, with exposed sandstone sheer cliffs, interesting geological formations, and sweeping areas of flowers, it doesnt get much more Instagram worthy.

For small children who cant take part in kayaking, there are rockhouses and small streams to explore, as well as incredible waterfalls to see.

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Green River Through Mammoth Cave National Park

About 25 miles of the Green River flows through Mammoth Cave National Park, one of Kentuckys prettiest sights. Its also one of the easiest canoeing trips, with almost no waves or currents. This would be the perfect trip for a family with children, or if youre looking to cast a line during your trip. Green River is also home to wildlife like turkeys, raccoons, deer, and copperhead snakes! Camping is free anywhere along the trail as long as you have a permit, which you can get onsite. Check the water levels before you head out to make sure they are suitable for your canoe or kayak.

Kayaking The Red River Gorge

Rent A Kayak In Kentucky And Explore A Beautiful Mountain Lake

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In the heart of Kentucky, nestled in the Daniel Boone National Forest, youll find the Red River Gorge.

With world-renowned hiking trails, breathtaking natural beauty, and the best kayaking spots in Kentucky, its clear to see why thousands of people visit this spot every year.

If youre planning to go Red River Gorge kayaking but youre not sure what to expect, this guide will give you everything you need to know to make the most of your trip.

Looking for some other great kayaking spots in the US to add to your bucket list? Check out our complete guide on the best places to Kayak in Michigan.

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Waters For Moderate Kayakers

The intermediate and medium Kayakers also have something to check up. Their type of waters come with medium and quick regular waves, and it is evident.

It allows for easy and open passage when kayaking on waters. However, the Kayakers need to have some reading capacity of how to manoeuvre during Kayaking.

Some of the most incredible destinations to consider is the Big South Fork River which is between Blue Heron and Alum Ford. Also in Franklin and Anderson counties, there is Benson Creek which makes Kayaking on Kentuckys waterways a great deal! It offers beautiful scenery which you can spend a day with memories.

The Best Spots To Paddle In Kentucky

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to start planning your paddling adventures for this year.

One of my favorite things to do when it’s nice outside is to load up my kayak and hit the water. Usually my friend, DJ and I go somewhere close to home and spend the day on the lake paddling and fishing. Something about being on the water like that just makes you feel at peace. It’s a great way to escape the world and be at one with nature. I’ve been wanting to try out some new spots in my kayak recently. I stumbled upon and article from Kentucky Tourism that sparked my interest and figured it might be helpful to you too.

Kentucky Tourism posted a guide to the best paddling in the state of Kentucky. Whether you are a kayaker, enjoy paddleboarding, or love going canoeing, this guide will surely give you a few ideas in terms of new places you can paddle through. There are six classes of water appropriate for beginners to experts. Luckily, Kentucky has all six classes of water for you to test out your skills. These classes are as follows:

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Excellent Places For Beginners To Kayak In Kentucky

Alexey Stiop/

Whether you are just beginning to kayak or want to teach others, you can learn a lot on Kentucky waters. There are plenty of beginner-friendly, public-accessible waterways to explore. Many of these areas even have local rental companies that offer guided tours to help you get your feet wet. Here are five excellent spots for beginners to get started on their kayaking adventure.

Summing Up Kayaking In Kentucky

Kayak Camping in Kentucky

Kentucky is a paradise for kayakers. It offers calm, relaxing paddling in still waters, thrilling trips down Class IV or V rapids, as well as everything in between. This area is a great place to kayak fish and offers cave kayaking opportunities.

It is a great place to go on multi-day camping and kayaking trips. There are many treks and tours that can be adapted for your wild side. Kentucky is a great place for kayakers with all abilities and interests to explore, learn and grow.

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Stay At Lighthouse Landing

After exploring these places to canoe or kayak at the Land Between the Lakes, be sure to end your day with a stay at Lighthouse Landing. Located on the shores of Kentucky Lake, we offer one, two, and three-bedroom cottages and guest rooms, furnished with convenient amenities.

Built with comfort and relaxation in mind, our quaint cottages are clean and properly maintained to help ensure you enjoy your stay. Youll find the atmosphere here so relaxing you wont want to leave, but you are always welcome back! Start browsing our lake cabin rentals in Kentucky and book your summer vacation today!

Honker Lake Water Trail

This 180 acre lake is exceptional for kayakers and wildlife lovers. This lake is in Lyon County, Kentucky and deer, eagles, cormorants, osprey, beavers and numerous varieties of bird can be observed. Fishermen find excellent opportunities at the crappie fishing holes during the spring while everyone will enjoy the spectacular sunsets as evening approaches. This is a shallow and calm trail feeding into Hematite Lake. There are a lot of waters for paddlers to explore.

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Best Places To Kayak Fish In Kentucky

Theres plenty on tap for kayak fishing in Kentucky, as the state is home to a variety of fish, including bass, bluegill, perch, crappie, muskellunge and catfish, along with over 100 other species. Alongside the areas mentioned here, most of the Kentucky river system is home to plentiful fishing, and there are many opportunities for exploration.

Tom Wallace Lake in Jefferson Memorial Forest is home to beautiful scenery and great paddling, and is regularly stocked with fish. Its only a 30-minute drive from downtown Louisville, and is a gorgeous example of Kentuckys kayak fishing. If youre heading here, Nachand Canoe & Kayak is a popular option for rentals.

The Lower Barren River is in Bowling Green, and boasts an array of boat access for kayak anglers. Kentucky Tourism recommends kayak fishing in Drakes Creek for its biodiversity and scenic surroundings. Close to Bowling Green, there are several rental options in the Drakes Creek area.

Choose The Right Season

Kayaking in Kentucky is the best! : kayakfishing

You can kayak in Kentucky pretty much all year long, because the winters dont get too fiercely cold. However, its important to know that paddling conditions arent the same throughout the year.

For example, during the early spring, the water levels in creeks and rivers may be lower than at other times in the year. Some rivers are flatwater earlier in the year, but turn into much faster-flowing waterways later in the year.

Kentucky waterways also feature a number of dam systems that release water at pre-determined intervals throughout the year. You need to know what these intervals are in order to predict the water levels.

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Kayaking Clubs In Kentucky

If you are new to Kentucky or are new to the sport of kayaking, finding a local kayaking club or meet-up is a great way to find out more about kayaking opportunities in the state.

Experienced kayakers at these clubs will be able to give you invaluable guidelines on the best paddling spots in the neighborhood.

You can request to go along on their next kayaking excursion to paddle local waters with people familiar with navigating these waters.

If you would like to meet local kayak junkies who know the area well, the following clubs and tour operators will assist you.

The Explore Kentucky Initiative connects groups and hosts events. This group connects outdoor adventurers through different events and provides a platform for individuals to plan events and promote them to like-minded people.

The Waterman Series, formally known as the Kentucky Waterman Series, is a local effort of paddle sports enthusiasts, communities, organizers, and sponsors who promote paddle sport racing.

Canoe Kentucky in Frankfort provides guided kayaking trips along the Kentucky river, pointing out interesting historical sights and incredible views that you can only see while paddling along the river.

Canoe Kentucky also hosts adventure camps for kids during the summer holidays. The activities include kayaking and basic survival and outdoor skills.

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