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Best Places To Paddle Board In The Us

Warm Winter Locations To Paddle In The United States

Best Place to Electric Paddle Board and Kayak in Florida, Weeki Wachee Springs

In this article we uncover the best warm winter locations to paddle so you can spend the entire year on your SUP!


Winter is here.

That means for most paddlers, its time to either change your attire and brave the cold, or pack up your boards for the season and wait for the calendar to click into Spring.

Bleak options. We understand.

But there is a third one were going to explore today

And that is to take a short vacation somewhere warm. Somewhere you can still enjoy SUP while on a beach. Or on a lake. Or even in the middle of a bustling city.

In this article, weve compiled areas in three states that remain relatively warm all year long, consisting of five launch locations in each. With information on where to drop your board in when you get there.

If youre planning on a winter getaway, consider this list your roadmap towards having a fantastic time when winter sets in.

To start our list of winter locations to paddle, well first head to the warmest state in the continental United States

The aptly named Sunshine State.

Sugar Pine Point State Park

With the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, Sugar Pine Point State Park is one of Lake Tahoes most cultural and historical sites to visit. At Sugar Pine Point Beach you can rent a paddle board at West Shore Sports or take your own SUP and paddle from the public pier northwards or southwards.

To Tahoma & Chambers Lodge

If make your way up North you will paddle along a more rocky coastline and can make a stop at the Chambers Landing Pier Bar which is a wooden shack at the end of a pier and a favorite spot for locals to hang and have a drink or two. There is also a beach for you to hang out and have a picnic.

Sugar Pine Point Beach To The Rail Tracks

If you paddle South from Sugar Pine Point beach you will come across some railway tracks leading into the water which is a secret photo spot in Lake Tahoe.

Glacier Bay/bear Glacier Lagoon Alaska

Ditch the swimsuits and dawn your cold weather gear for this Alaskan Adventure! Take a trip Alaska and you can Paddle Board next to glaciers and giant icebergs. Youll need to take a jetboat or helicopter to get here, and this isnt for the first time paddler – although the paddle boarding isnt difficult. Youll likely spot wild bears, humpback whales and harbor seals, and the wildlife varies from day to day. Check out Liquid Adventures: they provide everything you need from dry suit to inflatable SUPs for an adventure to remember.

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Canyon Lake San Antonio

Just about an hour north of the historical city of San Antonio lies Canyon Lake.

Over the past ten years, stand up paddle boarding has exploded onto the watersports scene. And no where is this more obvious than Canyon Lake.

This large body of water is relatively calm and has plenty of places along the shoreline to stop, explore, and relax.

In addition, you will also find a few SUP outfitters renting boards. They are also great resources to find out the best places to paddle when enjoying your time here.

There is one word of caution we must give paddle boarders are allowed anywhere in the East Bay of the lake and in the 5 m.p.h. zones. As well as around the edges and in the coves. But you cannot cross the center of the lake. There is heavy boat traffic during much of the day here and you must avoid any accidents that may occur if you tried to make it across.

But with warm temperatures, a fun city nearby to explore, and calm waters just waiting to be paddled, Canyon Lake is a great place to spend a weekend during the winter.

Tip #: Pack Up Your Loose Gear And Roll Up Your Pump And Paddle:

Paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe in 2020

If you have a travel bag with several different compartments, make sure you store away your loose equipment like your fins, repair kit, leash, and other small objects away from the main compartment. If you only have one central compartment, then get a smaller bag or pouch to put these loose objects in, as failure to do so can cause these objects to break or damage your board in transit. Even a simple plastic bag can be enough of a protective layer to protect your board and your loose gear from damaging each other.

Having a paddle and pump is a bit harder to plan around. While a few backpacks, like the Red Paddle Co bag, have straps you can use to lock down your gear, many backpacks do not and expect you to simply place your pump and paddle on top of your board. Instead, what you can do with many paddleboards is put the paddle and pump on the nose, then roll up your paddleboard from nose to tail. Depending on your SUP, you can insulate your paddle and pump within the SUP itself, rolling it up tight enough that your gear wont get tossed around the bag even when it gets loaded onto the plane.

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Trillium Lake Mount Hood National Forest

Trillium Lake is a popular spot for fishing, camping, and all-round awesome outdoor adventures. Now throw in a stand up paddle board and we have got one of the best weekends up for grabs!

The waters are calm and clear, often clearly reflecting Mount Hood that is just 7.5 miles away. Motorized vessels are not allowed on the lake, so beginners and young paddlers can safely navigate the lake. Its also considered a smaller lake in Oregon which means the water stays on the warmer side of things for the area.

Trillium Lake is a lake situated 7.5 miles south-southwest of Mount Hood in the U.S. state of Oregon . It is formed by a dam at the headwaters of Mud Creek, tributary to the Salmon River. It was created by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1960.

Tip #: Make Sure You Have A Great Kit Bag:

Different paddle boards come with different bags, ranging from simple backpacks with one oversized compartment to complex roller bags that have several different pouches to slot your equipment in. Not only will the design range though, but the overall durability and quality of a paddleboard gear bag can range from one brand to another. For our part, Red Paddle Co and Bluefin make some of the best paddleboard backpacks on the market if you are looking to upgrade your iSUP backpack. For traditional epoxy backpacks, ISLE and BOTE make great carrying bags that will fit over your hardboard.

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San Diego Ca Mission Bay

Board Preference: All-Around

Considered by some as the paddle board capital of the continental US, San Diegos near

flawless weatherand long list of put-in locations make it one of the best SUP cities in the world.

Mission Bayan urban beach ten minutes from downtown San Diego and fifteen from

the airportclaims fame as one of the worlds largest man-made saltwater bays. Lined with 19 miles of sand beaches, there are endless areas to launch, but one popular park is Bonita Cove.

The minimal wind, calm water, and easy rental availability are all reasons it has become the citys go-to destination for stillwater SUP sports like fishing and yoga. With its enthusiastic boarding community and close proximity to the city , groups traveling together will find theres something here for everyone.

Tip #: Be Extra Careful When Driving With Your Boards Strapped On Top:

Best place to paddle and play near Sacramento| Upper Lake Clementine

Driving to the water is far more common than traveling by plane, and if you have an iSUP you can often toss your bag in your trunk. If you have to strap your board to the roof of your car though, be extra careful and considerate while you drive around with a SUP on top. Not only do you need to take wide turns so that you dont accidentally hit anything with your board, but you also need to remember the impact wind shear will have on your equipment while you travel. Also, double check that your boards have been secured properly, while paddleboards are durably built, it may only take one accident to ruin your board permanently if it falls from the top of your car.

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Upper Dells Wisconsin Dells

The most famous section of the Wisconsin River is in the Wisconsin Dells area. This is commonly divided into Lower Dells and Upper Dells . Paddling the Upper Dells is an amazing feast for the eyes of nature lovers.

The sandstone cliff formations created through thousands of years of water action is a highlight of this SUP trip. This is a good round trip paddle board excursion. Paddle upstream as far you like and ride the current back. The current isnt too challenging if the water level isnt too high.

As you paddle up the river the scenery never seems to get dull. There are tons of bluffs and every now and then a new channel to explore. Walkways are built into the cliffs and you will see plenty of fish jumping and ducks paddling along with you.

Grab a SUP rental at Dells Paddlesports.

Folly Beach Folly Island

Folly Beach is one of the best places to paddleboard if youre hoping to surf or visit the Charleston area. Those who bring their camera will appreciate the various wildlife habitats, including one of the countrys largest Pelican Rookeries. The beach area is one of the best saltwater fishing spots in the state, and events are held throughout the year to reel in Flounder, Seatrout, and Triggerfish.

Paddle out into the sea if you want to get your surf on, or go with the local tour guides and explore Charleston by cutting up Stono River or Folly Creek. With refreshing and clear blue waters, youll quickly discover why Folly Beach is one of the most popular paddle boarding destinations in the state of South Carolina.

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Carters Lake Gilmer County

Carters Lake is a man-made reservoir located on the Coosawattee River in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Gilmer and Murray counties in Georgia. It is the state’s deepest lake.

Carters Lake has several features that make it another fantastic paddleboarding location to visit while youre in Georgia, though youll likely have to drive a couple of hours to get there. Some of the biggest Spotted Bass caught in the state were reeled in here, making it a popular destination for anglers.

Outside of being the deepest lake in Georgia, Carters Lake is also home to the biggest earthen dam in the United States. Carters Lake is very calm, with 3,200 acres of surface water to spread out on, but if you are looking for a challenge, you can start paddling up the Cartecay River towards Ellijay for some Class II and III rapids. For those who wander towards the Georgia and North Carolina border, we suggest stopping by Carters Lake.

Norris Lake Union County

Top 8 Spots For Stand Up Paddle Boarding in San Diego

With a surface area of over 50 square miles, Norris Lake is one of the more popular paddleboarding destinations in the state for several different reasons. There is little to no vegetation under the water, which helps it maintain a clear, blue shine that is particularly attractive to water enthusiasts.

If youre into fishing, it is extremely easy to reel something in due to the lakes massive fish population, with more than 100,000 Crappie, Walleye, Sunfish, and Bass each. Stop by the marina to rent paddleboards and any other equipment you need, or hire experts to guide you around the lake or teach you a few new tricks.

Keep an eye out for the many boats that zoom around the water, and youll have a great trip paddle boarding.

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Puget Sound Seattle Washington

Youll find many places to Paddle Board in Seattle: Green Lake, Lake Union, Lake Washington, Shishole Bay and more, but paddling Lake Union is unlike any other SUP destination. Start your day with tasting Seattles famous coffee and head out to Lake Union to enjoy the spectacular city skyline, and the Space Needle all bathed in the background glow of the Olympic Mountains. Need a rental? Check out Northwest Outdoor Center.

Candlewood Lake Fairfield County

Candlewood Lake is a manmade lake located in Fairfield and Litchfield counties of Western Connecticut. At 8.4 square miles, it is the largest lake in Connecticut and the largest lake within a 60 mile radius of New York City.

A human made lake located in the western half of Connecticut, there is plenty of water to explore with 5,420 square acres and 60 miles of shoreline to navigate around. Several paddleboard vendors and companies support Candlewood Lake. A few of which offer group classes and yoga sessions for those visiting with friends and family.

Chicken Rock is a 25-foot tall rock that visitors can jump or swing from for those who are a bit more daring. Be warned, though, that injuries are common around this area. Due to the road system and cliffs that once marked the area before the water drowned it, old plane wrecks and automobiles, including Model T vehicles from before 1920, have been found within the lake.

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Everglades National Park Florida

The largest tropical wilderness in the nation, the Everglades is a true treat for the dedicated paddle boarders out there. The plethora of mangrove tunnels, bays, creeks, rivers, and open water makes it a paddlers paradise .

Definitely bring your own board, as rental shops in the area rent out kayaks and canoes, but paddle board rentals are typically hard to come by. And while permits are not required for paddle boarders, there is an entrance fee you must pay to enter the national park. From there, there are more than enough canoe and kayak trails spread throughout the park, where you can launch your paddle board from. The Flamingo Marina is an easy access point to launch from to get to the Flamingo Paddling Trails, while the Gulf Coast Visitor Center is a launch point perfect for those working their way to the Gulf Coast Paddling Trails. Check with a park ranger to see where the best trails are for your needs, and they can surely help you in the direction youre seeking, and give you any other information that is important to know. There is no shortage of beautiful foliage and wildlife to see in the Everglades, so take it all in and enjoy every blissful moment. Weather does change very quickly though, however, so make note of the skies throughout the day and be sure to check weather predictions before heading out on the water.

Where Are The Best Paddle Board In Lake Tahoe

5 Best Places for Paddle Boarding in San Diego – ISLE SURF & SUP

The best places to paddle board in Lake Tahoe are in our opinion Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, Zephyr Cove in the Southeast, Kings Beach in North Tahoe, and D.L Bliss State Park on the Southwest shore. From those places, you can experience the incredible crystal clear blue water and big boulders and explore otherwise inaccessible or hard to access parts of the lake.

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Sand Harbor Paddle Boarding

Sand Harbor State Park is the prettiest and best place to paddle board Lake Tahoe and our favorite spot to start an incredible Tahoe SUP tour.

Not only does Sand Harbor Beach feature shallow bays with crystal clear blue water and tons of giant boulders stacked on top of one another, its also the starting point to explore the iconic picturesque East Shore of Lake Tahoe.

In fact, there are actually three bays at Sand Harbor in North Lake Tahoe. A small rocky cove that is great for snorkeling and diving, a large stretch of sandy beach and shallow blue water and Sand Harbor itself with a boat launch and the Sand Harbor paddle board rental.

Sand Harbor is one of the most, if not the most popular, spot for paddle boarding and kayaking around Lake Tahoe and in general a very popular beach due to its incredibly beautiful scenery. There is a lot of parking space available, but it fills up very quickly. On the weekends you got to be there right away when the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park opens at 8 am in the morning to get a spot. During the week it is a lot easier. The day-use fee is 15 USD.

From Sand Harbor, you can paddle North and South to picturesque rocky coves on Lake Tahoes East Shore.

Acadia National Park Mount Desert

The photo featured above is specifically located at Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Park.

Acadia National Park is a 47,000-acre Atlantic coast recreation area primarily on Maine’s Mount Desert Island. Among the wildlife are moose, bear, whales and seabirds.

The island and its waterways were formed by a continental glacier over a mile high, almost 2 miles thick in some places. Once this giant glacier eventually melted and retreated, it left rounded and bare mountain tops, as well as elongated ponds and lakes.

It also formed the seven-mile long Somes Sound which was once considered a fjord but is now designated a fjard as its cliffs arent as tall as most fjords. There is a cornucopia of paddling options here from the pristine glacier formed lakes, to the Northeast Creek to the fjard itself.

Get your rental SUP from Acadia SUP.

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Use The Right Tools To Stay Safe

Planning a trip to paddle outside is always exciting. Getting out on the water and soaking up some sun is always a good time! The thing is, you cant let excitement blind you to staying safe. Always be sure to have the right tools and safety gear for wherever youre paddle boarding. We recommend you bring the following on every excursion:

  • Personal flotation device This can be a life jacket, waist belt, or buoyancy aid. A PFD can be the difference between life and death out on the water, even for strong swimmers.
  • Leash Most SUP on the market come standard with a leash, and you should always attach it to your ankle. Leashes are often sold separately from inflatable paddle boards, but your life is well-worth the small added cost.
  • Phone Yes, we know electronics and water often dont mix. But in the absolute worst case scenariothink swept away by a currenta communication device is your best lifeline. Pop it into a waterproof container and youre set. Before your trip, look up the number for Coast Guard in the location youll be paddling. Save it in your phone in case of an emergency while on the water.

With your safety gear squared away, youre ready to explore the best places to paddle board! Have fun, be smart, and dont forget sunscreen or a hat for your day on the water.

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