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Best Snorkeling Tour In Maui

Whale Watch & Snorkel Tour From Lahaina Harbor

TOP 10 Snorkeling Spots on Maui – Pride of Maui

This snorkeling tour is one of the best Lahaina snorkeling tours from Lahaina Harbor. This is a more intimate Lanai snorkeling trip from Maui.

During this snorkeling tour, you can see many tropical fish, turtles, octopuses, manta rays, and dolphins. Only 22 passengers are on this boat, so you will have plenty of opportunities to go exploring with your family!

One of the best parts of going on this tour is that the proceeds from the tickets help support marine research and wildlife conservation efforts. Check the latest rates and more information.

Makena Turtle Town Eco Kayak Adventure

The Hawaiian green sea turtle is an endangered species. Not only are you not allowed to catch them, you cant even touch them.

But, on a Makena Turtle Town Eco Kayak Adventure you can snorkel alongside them in beautiful, crystal clear, turquoise water.

Kayak along the waters of South Maui to Makena Turtle Town and thats exactly what youll be doing. They guarantee it. You may even see Manta & Eagle Rays, octopuses, eels, dolphins, or maybe a whale. And if you happen to be there during the right season whales.

Got kids over 5 years of age? Take them along with you. Make it a family outing. Theyll love it.

Molokini Snorkeling Reviews: Is Molokini Worth It

You might have read some disappointing reviews about Molokini Crater and turtle snorkel trips.

Its no secret that over the years, the worlds coral reefs have suffered from the effects of climate change and overuse.

Molokini is no exception.

Each morning, upward of a dozen Molokini snorkel boats anchor within the craters shallow inner cove.

Some 600 to 800 snorkelers may visit the crater at any one time. In 2019, a bill was passed to limit the number of tour boats visiting Molokini at the same time to 12, but the governor vetoed the bill.

Years ago, when we first went scuba diving at Molokini, the coral gardens were healthy and blooming. And the wide variety of colorful tropical fish were abundant we remember galaxies of fish! At least, thats what we think we remember.

Today, its the same crystal clear waters. And the same marvelous visibility.

But it would be a lie to say the reef is glorious. It doesnt have the same interesting coral formations or kaleidoscope of hues weve seen when diving in the Red Sea or the Caribbean. The colors are neutral .

And the fish arent as plentiful as before.

Does that mean you shouldnt book a Molokini snorkel tour? No.

Our latest Molokini snorkeling trip on the Alii Nui was wonderful. Look at all the creatures we still managed to spy!

For water babes like us, how could we not have an incredible time snorkeling on Maui!

Expectations and weather conditions will influence your experience.

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Maui Ocean Riders Lanai Extreme Adventure

If you want to experience a thrilling rafting adventure as you snorkel at the waters of Maui, you can book this snorkeling tour by Maui Ocean Riders. Enjoy the thrill of cruising in the waters of Lanai while stopping at some of the best snorkeling spots on the island. This tour can only accommodate small groups and tend to sell out fast, so better book as early as you can.

What Can You Expect On A Snorkeling Tour

Top 10 Maui Snorkeling Tours

While all snorkeling tours are a little bit different, there are some things that you can generally expect to find on your tour

  • A naturalist or experienced guide: These guides can educate you on what youre seeing as well as how best to keep you and the marine life safe. They are extremely knowledgeable, so when they talk be sure to listen!
  • Snorkeling gear: If you dont have snorkeling gear your trip will usually provide you with a high-quality set. And theyll make sure it fits you well so you can have the best experience possible.
  • Food and drinks: It can be a long day out on the water and the tour will usually provide everything you need to stay happy and hydrated. Theres a range as to what youll find on board some tour operators focus on food and drinks as a selling feature while others provide good food, but the meal and bar isnt their focus.

Before you head to Maui, read our Maui Guide. Itll make your trip planning so much easier. From where to stay, what to do, and where to eat, we have you covered. Check out our Maui Guide for everything you need to know for a great vacation.

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Covid Update: All Of These Maui Snorkeling Tours Are Back Up And Running With Weekly Tours Small Groups And Distancing Are Being Observed As Well As Strict Cleaning Policies

Choosing the right snorkeling tour on your Maui vacation, however, is a different story. Dozens of boats line the Kihei and Lahaina harbors, ready to whisk guests to several of Mauis most revered places. With this in mind, weve pulled together the top 5 snorkeling tours Hawaiis second-largest island has to offerand why you should book a reservation pronto:


Best Snorkeling Tours In Maui Hawaii

One of the best things to do in Maui is to go snorkeling. The island is blessed with hundreds of snorkeling spots that cater to snorkelers and divers of all kinds. Just imagine the rush of excitement youll get as you explore the waters and discover exotic fish and other fascinating marine life creatures!

To make the most of your experience, consider booking one of the snorkeling tours in Maui. While it might seem adventurous to do it yourself, you will enjoy many benefits from booking a snorkeling tour. If you book a tour with professional operators, you dont need to go through the hassles of looking for snorkeling spots by yourself. Plus, the operator will provide you with all the gear and equipment you need. Best of all, you will be with a guide who will ensure a safe and fun snorkeling experience.

Below, check out some of the best snorkeling tours on Maui.

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Sail Maui Lanai Coast Snorkel

A day trip to Lanai is a real treat and Sail Maui makes this day out even more special. There are no set stops on their trip up the coast of Lanai. They make stops based on where the best conditions are for the day. Not only is the snorkeling excellent, the experience on the catamaran is fantastic. The food, the vibe, and the crew all make for a wonderful day out on the water.

Once youre done snorkeling, youll enjoy a leisurely sail back to Maui. The trip on the catamaran is limited to 40 passengers, so you wont feel like youre in a huge crowd.

Learn more about Lanai coast snorkeling trip. And use code HVG10 to get 10% off any Sail Maui Snorkeling Trips.

Signature Deluxe Sunrise Molokini Snorkel

Maui, Hawaii – Top 20 Things To Do – Best of Maui

Most Molokini-bound vessels depart from Kihei and Lahaina. Not Kai Kananis luxury catamaran, which launches from the splendid Maluaka Beach in Makena . There, you may see not only the marine life listed above but also parrotfish, Hawaiian octopus, and Bluefin trevally. The Kai Kananiwhich has been serving visitors and islanders for over three decadesalso takes guests along the Makena coast, where youll be given the chance to swim alongside those honu we mentioned earlier.

Know Before You Go:

  • Staying in Wailea? The Kai Kanani offers a shuttle service from the enclaves resorts.
  • Happen to consider yourself a late riser? Youre in luck again: The Kai Kananis Signature Deluxe Snorkel starts at 9:45 am, granting you the ability to sleep in.
  • Bring your appetite: The tour includes a spread of locally-sourced grinds, including fresh fruit, quinoa salad, slow-cooked pulled pork sliders, and ham and cheddar hoagies. Post-snorkel, you can also imbibe in an open bar that serves the likes of local spirits and Kona beer.

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Afternoon West Maui Snorkel Tour

Our previous snorkeling trips in Maui usually start in the morning. But if youre not a morning person, this option is best for you. Our afternoon west Maui snorkel tour is a 3.5-hour trip that starts in the, you guessed it, afternoon. Well take you to the best snorkel spots in west Maui, weather and sea conditions permitting. Like always, the open bar is available, and you can munch on pupus or appetizers served by chef Jai. Spend the whole afternoon exploring the watery depths, and then well bring you home just before supper!

Are snorkeling trips in Maui on your vacation bucket list? Then book a trip with us today!

Maluaka Beach/ Turtle Town

Local tips:

  • To find the best snorkeling spot along this beach, walk south until you hit the rocks, thats where the reef begins. The reef slopes gently, so you can determine the depth in which youre most comfortable snorkeling.
  • You have a good chance of seeing lots of varieties of fish and sea turtles swimming or feeding on seaweed, but remember to keep your distance.

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Is It Worth Booking A Snorkeling Tour In Maui

Yes, absolutely, booking a snorkeling tour in Maui is worth it. While it’s possible to snorkel on your own, booking a tour with a reputable company can offer countless advantages. First, a tour guide will be able to take you to the best spots for seeing fish, turtles, and other interesting creatures.

Second, they can provide you with valuable information about the marine life you’re seeing. And third, they’ll be able to help you if you have any problems with your gear. So, again, booking a snorkeling tour is a no-brainer, and you shouldn’t hesitate a second. But book your places quickly – these tours sell out fast!

Sail Mauis Paragon Deluxe Molokini Snorkel & Sail


Board Mauis Paragon II Sailing Catamaran for unforgettable sailing and snorkeling adventures. Cruise into the islands top snorkeling and diving spots, including a volcanic crater, where half of it appears above the ocean. This tour is ideal for those who want to spend extra time snorkeling in the crater and sailing the Maui trade winds after.

If youre looking for a thrilling adventure, Maui is the place to be! Snorkeling is one of the best things to do in Maui, and with hundreds of snorkeling spots to choose from, theres something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book a Maui snorkeling tour today and discover all that the island has to offer beneath the waves!

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How To Protect Marine Life Beaches And Coral

Over-tourism and years of neglect has resulted in coral dying, sea turtles being injured and diseased, and coastal erosion.

When you go to Maui and the rest of Hawaii for a vacation, remember that you’re a guest of the land and as a visitor you need to respect the fragile ecosystem. Here’s how you can do your part.

  • Use reef safe sunscreen This is something we learned from our Molokini snorkel cruise. Aerosol sunscreen is the worst offender here but essentially when you enter the water, those chemicals mix with the water and they interact with all the aquatic life. Science has proven that this leads to coral bleaching and also tumors on turtles.
  • Don’t leave anything behind Keep the beaches and waters clean from garbage.
  • Look but don’t touch Especially when it comes to turtles, don’t touch them because it is straight up illegal as they are federally and state protected creatures. Beyond that, touch them causes unwanted stress and sets a bad example for others. Keep a respectful distance.
  • Tread lightly When snorkeling, it’s easy to not watch where you fins and hands are. Avoid hitting the coral.
  • Don’t feed the fish Marine life have their own diets. Feeding them bread and other human food is not a good thing.
  • Leave what you find Don’t take or pick coral, sand, or volcanic rock. This destroys the natural ecosystem no matter how small.

Half Day Maui Snorkeling Molokini Crater Tour

If you want a more private experience, you will enjoy this tour. This is a more romantic tour as there will only be two dozen or fewer people with you, and it will be the perfect water adventure for your honeymoon.

Set sail on a 50-foot yacht and enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, and open bar during your half-day trip. Check the latest rates and availability.

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Best Snorkeling Tours On Maui

As Ive said, we love snorkeling tours. And getting to live on Maui, weve been so lucky to experience many different tours. While we have generally liked most of our snorkeling tour experiences, these are the ones that really stand out in terms of the quality of the boat, the crew, and the snorkel locations.

If a snorkeling tour isnt right for all members of your family, then explore the ReefDancer Semi-Sub or Atlantis Submarine. Those tours will keep you dry while taking you underwater.

Add these to your shortlist of snorkeling tours to experience on Maui.

Alii Nui Maui Review:

Maui Hawaii Full Trip (Exploring the Whole Island)

The best Molokini tour from Maalaea Harbor is on the Alii Nui catamaran it offers the most luxurious experience.

While the 65-foot catamaran can accommodate 100 passengers, the maximum number is capped at 45. Theres lots of space to lie out on the trampoline decking while sipping champagne!

Apart from being impressed by the Alii Nui reviews on TripAdvisor, one reason we picked Alii Nui Maui for our most recent Molokini crater tour was because they include complimentary transfers to and from your Maui resort.

After checking in at 6:30 am, we boarded the Alii Nui.

As crew members prepared the boat for departure, passengers were served a full hot breakfast scrambled eggs, bacon, banana bread, yogurt, fresh Hawaiian fruit and pastries.

There was plenty of seating at several small tables under cover, as well as on benches along the sides of the vessel.

Following breakfast, good quality masks, fins and snorkels were handed out. Some guests chilled out on the trampoline area at the front of the catamaran as we cruised the calm waters.

Before long, we reached the uninhabited volcanic islet of Molokini.

And how lucky were we!

We were blessed with almost perfect conditions.

The captain sailed around the back of the island. Molokinis cliffs are steep on this side, and its back wall reaches straight down 250 feet below the water surface to the ocean floor. Its a popular area for scuba divers when conditions are right.

Wooden stairs were lowered into the water.

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Bonus: Dolphin And Whale Sightings

On your tour, youll probably be treated to the sight of Hawaiian spinner dolphins in the wild. They love to swim alongside the bow of a boat or in the boats wake.

Some pods can number as many as 30 dolphins!

As well, if you go in the winter months, chances are excellent youll see humpback whales too on your tour.

The season for whale watching in Maui is December to April thats when up to 12,000 humpbacks migrate to the islands warm shallow waters to breed, give birth and nurse their young.

Fun Hawaii fact: Hawaii is the only U.S. state where humpback whales mate.

Best Tour For Families: Molokini And Turtle Town Snorkeling Adventure

If you have kids in tow, consider this tour, which specifically caters to all ages, providing all sizes of snorkeling equipment, plus flotation devices, instruction and even a lifeguard, so the whole family can relax and enjoy the breathtaking underwater views. The boat leaves early in the morning from the harbor at Maalaea and heads out to the spectacular Molokini Crater, where the whole family can enjoy swimming near turtles and hundreds of species of tropical fish. The days second snorkeling stop is at either Turtle Town or, dependent on conditions, an area called Coral Gardens. At the end of the trip, enjoy a deli-style lunch while you cruise back to the harbor.

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Are Snorkeling Tours On Maui Worth It

I used to find myself squarely on one side of this debate: snorkeling tours were not worth the money. However, as Ive done more of them , Ive come to really appreciate that a good snorkeling tour is definitely worth the time money for a number of reasons:

While there are a lot of benefits of snorkeling with a tour, thats not to say that you should skip snorkeling from the shore. If you are an experienced snorkeler and want to visit some of Mauis best snorkeling spots, you will have a great time.

But we think that doing one good, quality snorkeling tour on Maui is worth it for just about everyone.

All Snorkeling Tour Results In Maui Hi

Maui Boat Trips
  • Family-owned & operated48 years in business

    Our concierge recommended this company and I’m so glad we were able to get on this tour today.

  • Drinks and a variety of snacks are served after snorkeling.

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  • Kihei

    This is a placeholder

  • The deluxe snorkeling tour was by far our favorite excursion on our honeymoon!

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  • Kihei

    This is a placeholder

    On our second day on Maui, we decided to do a snorkel tour with Maui Snorkel Charters.

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    Most snorkeling tours we saw online were for 5-6 hours. We were very concerned about being on the…

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  • Lahaina

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    Scheduled this snorkeling tour, a week out, after arriving in Maui. The event was scheduled for…

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    If you do 1 snorkel tour on Maui, go with Ultimate!!! Totally friendly, helpful and down to earth…

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