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Best Whitewater Kayak For Beginners

Q: What Length Boat Should I Start With

Best Beginner Whitewater Kayaks in 2022

A: Thats a tough question to answer.

If youre paddling tight creeks, looking for agility, or want to be able to rip out some sweet freestyle stuff youll probably want to go shorter.

If your local river has long stretches of flatwater between runs you might consider a longer boat. Longer boats cover distance better but may not be as agile in the rapids.

At the end of the day its a very personalized decision and will depend on you, your style, and your local water.

If youre unsure, try contacting your local outfitter and asking if you can demo different boats to find out which length and style you like the best!

Driftsun Rover 120/220 Whitewater Kayak For Beginners

The Driftsun Rover is a lightweight, durable, full-sized kayak made with heavy-duty fabric and reinforcement to prevent punctures and related damage. The kayak measures 12 6 in length and 38 in width, with 28 lbs. Youll find its one of the best types of whitewater kayaks for your next outdoor adventure for class III and IV rapids, with numerous tie-down points for gear and eight self-bailing ports.

This fantastic kayak package includes adjustable aluminum paddles, adjustable EVA padded seats, and high back support. Its the ideal way to enjoy a paddling or kayaking adventure with your kids and pets. The drop stitch floor is sturdy, providing excellent stability and navigation with a removable tracking fin through flat water or whitewaters.

The Driftsun Rover kayak is ideal for both thrill-seekers and family camping trips, offering the best experience for all levels and experience in kayaking and paddling.

Cks Onlines Top Choice

For the casual paddler, we recommend either the Pyranha Machno or Jackson Zen 3.0. Both of these creek boats promote stability and let you enjoy paddling without too steep of a learning curve.

For the paddler looking to dial in their skills with the goal or running harder rapids, the Liquid Logic Braaap, Dagger Rewind, and Pyranha Ripper are our top picks.

For shallow rivers and creeks, the soft edges of the Braaap are a little more forgiving, and while the Rewind is slightly wider and more stable than the Ripper, the narrower hull of the Ripper makes it one of the best all around kayaks and great for building skills.

The Jackson Antix is another popular choice for motivated beginners and while it is a little shorter than the rest, the playful design is extremely fun as you progress from a beginner to intermediate paddler. Jackson Kayaks are also infamously easy to roll, and the Antix is no exception.

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Driftsun Rover Inflatable Whitewater Kayak

The second on my list of best whitewater kayaks for beginners is Driftsun Rover. It is a single-person whitewater kayak that is designed for recreational paddlers. With an excellent weight capacity, you can be confident in your safety and comfort while enjoying this sturdy single-person kayak.

Jackson Kayaks Karma Rg

Best Whitewater Kayaks for Beginners

Responsive and adaptable kayak that is good at many things, great at fewer. This kayak was purchased to for use on whitewater trips, flatwater exploration, and ocean surf. That already says a lot about the boat. The Karma RG is fast in a current and tracks well in flat water even while allowing much greater maneuverability than non-WW kayaks of similar length. Although the Karma RG could be called a crossover, it lives with the LL Stinger XP in separate tier. Not only does the Karma outpace modelsFull review

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Sevylor Quikpak K1 Beginner Whitewater Kayak

Its greatest advantage is its portability. Its clever design means that your backpack can be used as a seatback. It is easy to assemble and inflate and deflate. Its also easy to transport. For an inflatable kayak, the Sevylor K1 Quickpak kayak offers a comfortable ride. The Backrest provides additional support and allows you to stretch your legs. Even those who arent very thin can sit comfortably in the kayak. It is stable and suitable for all ages, according to many users. This kayak is great for both children and adults.This products flexibility and ease of use are the most attractive features. This kayak is perfect for anyone, beginner or expert. It is virtually indestructible, which is a major plus for the Coleman K1. This kayak is capable of handling almost any situation. Be safe, thats it. The basic features of the kayak are not to be overlooked. They come fully equipped with all you need to operate your boat, something that you wont find in many kayaks.

  • Customers have complained about Paddle

General Overview Choosing A Beginner Whitewater Paddling Kayak

First, let me describe some of the general characteristics of each type of boat.

A newer Play boat will likely be a small boat, short with quite a bit of volume around the cockpit area. They tend to be happiest in a river feature like a hole or wave and are not the most ideal for general river running in terms of stability, speed, and comfort for a new boater.

Creek boats generally have quite a bit of volume throughout the boat, is longer, and has more speed and stability on the river and can be used in a wide range of situations.

River-Runner is kind of a one-size-fits-all boat which is why I would suggest this as your first learning boat. It can look like an extended play boat or a smallish creek boat but is usually not as radically extreme in any given feature as the above two boats. Not too long, not too short, not too skinny, not too fat kind of the ideal blend of everything good about both Creekers and Play boats.

I recommend you start by asking some kayak schools what boats they use to teach their beginner students.

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Best Whitewater Kayaks For Beginners

Whitewater Kayaks are designed specifically for the unique challenges of paddling rough, fast water. If you live in an area with good whitewater paddling and you plan to partake in this sport then a dedicated whitewater kayak is the best option.

Do not try to use a> fishing or recreational kayaks for whitewater kayaking as it may turn out to be disastrous so, the right equipment must be used for the sport.

For a beginner, kayaking can prove to be quite difficult and tricky because of the narrow dimension of kayaks and because of the use of a double bladed paddle.

In view of these challenges, BestKayak.

ORG have here a careful selection of best beginner kayak for whitewater entry-level kayakers.

Mistake #5 Not Using River Features To Your Advantage

Best Beginner Whitewater Kayaks | After Hours Podcast | Whitewater Kayak Reviews

You know how in video games think Mario Kart, for example certain spots will speed you up and others that will slow you down?

Well, a similar principle applies to water features.

Reading the waters and spotting different river features is one thing but adjusting your speed, directing your yak towards them, and using them to your advantage is something else.

Youre there to conquer whitewater and the river itself can help make things easier, so long as you know where to look.

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Pyranha Machno Whitewater Kayaks For Beginners

The Pyranha Machno Kayak is a unique kayak and a rare one. This one will be excellent choice for overnight trips. You can use this one in the harder whitewater.

Its design gives a delightful perception of unconstrained fun and safety. To start with, this comes with an innovative wave detector to better ready the rider for action.

And aside from that, the structure of the Pyranha Machno Kayak, which consists of the overall size, contoured cockpit dimension, paddle weight among others are exceptional features of the Pyranha Machno kayak that makes it the preferred one among its peers. You can even use it in rough water conditions. So for rougher waters, this one is just perfection.

For enhanced safety, the kayak comes with 5 aluminum grab handles that can help brace and secure experienced and beginners whitewater kayakers alike. You can use this one in a variety of whitewater without any problems. For kayaking, you need perfect piece of gear.

This beginners whitewater kayaks is soft and modest edge is also a plus as it helps in holding lines in big waters. Its indeed one of the cheapest whitewater kayaks one can find out there. But this one is not ideal for larger kayakers. It comes with a comfortable seat.

What we liked

Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak

Launched in 1989, Advanced Elements designs and produces inflatable kayaks and gear that are designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Their inflatable kayaks are made with high-grade PVC Tarpaulin material that is very durable and stable in the water.

One of the best features of the Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak, is a built-in storage compartment where you can store your supplies. The next time you go out in an inflatable kayak for whitewater there is no need to bring extra bags with you.

Cons? None. This kayak is worth every penny.

Bottom Line: The Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak is one of the few blow-up whitewater kayaks that comes with a built-in storage compartment. Its versatile, easy to use, and holds up well even when going through rough rapids.

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The Best Whitewater Kayak

When it comes to narrowing down all your options to find the best whitewater kayak, it is equally frustrating and entirely accurate to know that the answer is, it depends. You’ll learn this with any paddle craft, from kayaks to canoes to SUPs, but it becomes painfully clear when looking at whitewater kayaks because the stakes are high.

The reality is- there is a spectrum to whitewater kayaks. Some folks divide it up into even more categories, but most stick to three categories on the spectrum. To start, you’ve got playboats, which is a smaller, low volume, flat bottom boat made to sit and surf on waves. And on the other end, you’ve got creek boats- also short, but higher volume and tons of rocker designed for resurfacing and maneuverability. And in the middle, you’ve got the sweet spot – riverrunners. These are your longest whitewater kayaks and serve as your beginner and generalist whitewater boat. Of course, then you’ve got tons of boats in between that share characteristics.

Here’s a few points along the spectrum that we hear most:

Beginners Whitewater Kayaks Buying Guide

Best Whitewater Kayak for Beginners

Kayaking is undoubtedly an intriguing recreational routine that people find difficult whitewater to stop due to the fun derived from it. Aside from it being a form of sporting activity, quite a number of people have started engaging in a kayak for various purposes. Nevertheless, little do people know that there are different types of kayaking this kayak guide will shed some light on it. For beginners, there are many things about kayak for beginners you need to know. So, what are the different types of kayaks in existence?

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Be Cautious Of Great Deals On Older Boats

If you are new to the sport and think you have found a great deal while scanning whitewater kayaks on Craigslist, first look up the kayak model and see when it was made and what it was used for. Share the listing with an experienced paddling friend or your kayak instructor, and ask the seller questions about how they used it.

An 8- to 9-foot river runner built within the last 10 years is a great starting place. Expand your search from here to find the right size. Brands often have whitewater kayak sizing guides for recent models available on their website.

Types Of Kayaks To Avoid For Whitewater

Whitewater kayaking involves a lot of banging into rocks and quick maneuvering. Besides picking the length and style of boat that best suits your expected conditions, its essential to find a boat with the hardiness to meet the challenge.

Composite or ABS plastic kayaks are out. The only boats that are strong enough to take this sort of abuse are either rotomolded polyethylene or inflatable PVC.

Its also wise to avoid kayaks that are too long. On the ocean, long and thin kayaks have the advantage of higher hull speeds. All the power is taken from your paddle, so you want to get the most mileage out of every stroke. The most valued handling quality is usually the glide or how far you can travel on each stroke.

On the river, the opposite is true. The river provides the power and the movement, and you need a boat that you can turn quickly to directed to go where you need it to go. Whitewater kayaks are nearly always less than nine feet long for this very reason, even less for more technical conditions.

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What You Should Consider Before Buying Your Desired Beginners Whitewater Kayaks

  • Height and length of your legs
  • Generous cockpit size Kayak
  • Where you want to paddle
  • Your budget and your desired kayak prices
  • Durability among others
  • Make sure to consider kayak sizes

Aside from the above, you also need to be cautious about which online or local vendor to patronize. There is no doubt there will be substandard kayaks out there especially in online kayak carts where you can physically feel what you want to buy and this is why its important to do some research before buying. Only buy from reliable vendors and accredited sellers. For beginners, you must oblige to do some research about beginners whitewater kayaks.

What Type Of White Water Kayaking Will You Do

Whitewater kayaking Tips for Beginners

This is a good starting point because it will dictate everything else about your paddle choice. Before you can commit to your perfect paddle, you need to think about what sort of paddler you want to be.

Playboating/Freestyle Kayaking

Playboating, also known as freestyle kayaking, is a discipline that involves throwing tricks and dynamic moves. Playboating usually happens on a wave, or in a hole where the water recirculates. The moves involve cartwheeling, looping, and pirouetting the kayak on end, all while remaining on the wave.

River Running

River running is a broad term that covers most aspects of downstream kayaking. River running involves linking keystrokes in rapids and negotiating white water.

Steep Creeking

Steep creeking is a specific type of river running. The clue is in the name, but steep creeks are narrow places, full of waterfall drops and tight lines. This is a highly technical discipline and often there is no room for mistakes.

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Best Whitewater Kayaks For Beginners: Conclusion

So, these are some best whitewater kayaks for beginners that you can consider buying in 2022. All these recommended kayaks provide great performance, especially in whitewater, and I have tested them by riding them for yours.

So, I hope my recommendations will be helpful for you in making a buying decision.

Kayak Accessories And Outfitting

Its whats inside that counts. Dont underestimate the importance of outfitting. The more time you spend in your boat, the more any outfitting issues will nag.

Bush recommends spending time in it before you buy it. Sit in it, even just on the store floor, he says. Are your legs going to sleep? Adjust it and sit for a while longer.

Good outfitting fits like a glove, so test boats in the gear youll wear while paddling, including footwear, layers and a whitewater PFD.

If you want to go on overnight missions, consider three things: How much stuff you need to fit inside, how easy it is to access your gear and how your boat will perform once loaded.

Some kayaks have removable rear pillars, clever backband releases and lash points behind the seat. These make it easier to store gear.

Consider whether your skirt will be compatible with your kayaks cockpit size and rim, or if youll need to invest in a new one. You should always be able to get it on and, most importantly, off by yourself.

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Why A Jackson Kayak

There are a lot of good boats and manufacturers out there besides Jackson Kayak and this post is not meant to indicate otherwise. Some of the things that I think make JK boats stand out compared to other companies are:

  • Drythere are no holes drilled through the hull for potential leaks.
  • Easy to outfitsimple, comfortable, and user friendly. No tools required.
  • Good range of sizes to fit most people.
  • WarrantyStarting in 2020and this is a big one, IMOis FIVE years, prorated. Your boat is made to last and it is transferable when you do sell it.
  • Handmade in USA by people who take pride in what they do and it shows. That one might be the biggest for me these days.
  • Pyranha Ripper Whitewater Kayak For Newbies

    Best Whitewater Kayak for Beginners with Reviews &  Buying Guide (2019)

    The Pyranha Ripper is one of the top whitewater kayaks for outdoor adventures that focus on the adrenaline rush! Available in both small and medium sizes, this ambitious product offers the best in managing the most out of your downriver excursion.

    The high-quality range of security features, and handles, allows you to maneuver through any run and navigate efficiently in and around rocks. This fantastic kayak features some of the best whitewater tools, including low volume stern, planning haul, a full volume bow, and Stout 2 Outfitting.

    The Pyranha Ripper offers the best kayak experience from Class II and V, with lots of adaptability and focused stability to enhance the quality of your trip, with a small but strong product that delivers a well-controlled, enjoyable run every time! Its ideal for the slightly reckless kayaker who loves a bit of risk for fun.

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