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Bic Ace Tec Paddle Board

Who Should Use The Ace

BIC SUP ACE TEC WING Series 2014 Paddle Board

This Sup is made for both novice and expert paddlers. However, it is the novice user who will gain the largest advantage of its ease of use. An expert who can already navigate with more complex boards wont exactly enjoy the Ace because it lacks the thrill of challenge. For a novice however, it makes the paddling easier and helps them build confidence that will help them as they progress from easy to complex surfing stunts.

People who hire out their boards can also take advantage of the Ace-Techs toughness because it wont be needing replacement that fast.

If you are an experienced surfer, you might want to stay away from this low thrill board. However, if you have that money to spare, this is for passionate surfers, it is well worth adding to your collection. It will come in handy on days when you want a relaxed paddling experience days when you just want to go out and cruise the waters.

Are You New To Sup

If you’re new to paddle boarding, and aren’t sure where to start, check out our Blog and our Expert Advice columns. We’re constantly publishing new articles and guides.

How does it take an inflatable SUP to inflate?

With hand pump most people can inflate our SUPs in 6-10 minutes.

Your paddle board will take shape and inflate very quickly – in only a couple of minutes. Then, it takes a little bit of an extra effort to get it to to 12-15 PSI.

You can save your your arms and with our Electric SUP Pump!

Are GILI iSUP fins removable?

Yes! All of our iSUPs have removable side fins and main fins for easy transport and storage. This also allows you to swap out your main fin for our 4.5″ Speed and 3″ River Fins for maximum versatility.

What PSI should I inflate my board to?

All of our boards can be inflated from 12 to 15 PSI . To check your board’s maximum inflation pressure, check the valve seal on the tail of your SUP. The minimum pressure we recommend is 12 PSI.

Can I take my inflatable SUP on an airplane?

Yes! We can and do travel with our GILI SUPs frequently. We’ve traveled to remote islands, overseas, and everywhere else with our iSUPs. All of our boards come with an iSUP backpack making it easy and convenient to fly with.

How durable are inflatable SUPs?

How long is the warranty?

All GILI SUPs have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

We also offer a 60 day ride it guarantee. You have 60 days to try out your new SUP. If you don’t love it, return it for a refund!


Saving Our World’s Oceans One Paddle Board At A Time

Here at GILI, we offer the highest quality Paddle Boards you can buy. A portion of every paddle board purchase goes towards saving our world’s oceans, sea creatures, reefs, and endangered species.

Paddle boarding is the world’s fastest growing water sport, and for good reason! People of all ages, skill levels, are finding new ways to enjoy SUP. From All Around Paddling, SUP Fishing, SUP Yoga, and more – there are so many ways to use your paddle board.

You may have yet to experience an inflatable paddle board – but they are making waves for a reason! Highly portable, super durable, and super fun – we recommend iSUPs for most people. If you’re a newbie paddler or an experienced one, you’ll find an iSUP that’s right for you.

We make all of our inflatable paddle boards with the highest quality, cross-stitch PVC material. A drop, ding, or scratch won’t stop our boards. Every single board goes through a multi-stage quality check so you know you’re getting a rugged, reliable SUP.

We put so much thought and love into each board design – we sweat the small stuff. After all, the devil is in the details!

Our paddle boards feature oversized cargo areas, extra grab handles, extra-length traction pads, wrapped up in eye-catching, unique designs. We’ve added extra d-ring mounts wherever we could – and these extra mounting points allow you to add a Kayak seat for added versatility.

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‘6 Breeze Performer Ace

Vendor Shipping Details

This item will be fulfilled from the vendor. Delivery time varies typically 23 weeks.

Restrictions: This item does not ship to a PO Box, APO, FPO, DPO or international address. Expedited shipping is not available.

West Marine will email you when your order ships from the vendor.

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BIC SPORT 10’6″ BREEZE Performer Ace-Tec Stand-Up Paddleboard

The 10’6 BREEZE Performer SUP features a surf-inspired longboard outline plus a moderate rocker profile for maximum versatility: Excellent glide and maneuverability for flat water cruising/light open ocean touring paired with solid performance in the surf zone.

The 106 Performer is perfect for paddlers up to 200lbs, comes standard with a plush and comfortable embossed EVA deck pad that offers exceptional traction. Proprietary Ace-Tec Epoxy Molded Construction delivers an incredibly lightweight , Stiff, High Performance paddleboard with an ASA Polymer Thermoformed outer skin for unmatched durabiliy and impact resistance.

Center fin and ergonomic, recessed carry handle included. Bungee Deck Rigging included too. For those that want enhanced performance in the Surf, there are two side “Thruster” fin boxes that can accept an optional set of FCS side fins.


This Is A Great General


This is a great general touring paddleboard. It has enough width for stability and a pointed nose to cut through the water, I like the tie-downs fore and aft for gear. That makes the Wing a good overnight cruiser. Anyone looking for a first touring board will not go wrong here. This isn’t a race winner but it’s fast enough for distance. The Ace-tec skin makes it pretty tough too.

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Our Review And Thoughts On The Bic Sport Ace

Times have changed. It was only a few years ago that you had a small choice of stand up paddle boards. You basically had 2 choices: A very surf-able, but narrow board, or a fully banana-rockered UltraGlide or something of that nature. That was about all there was. Yes, there were always local shapers that could make a custom paddle board if you really wanted, but just going down to the store and grabbing something off the rack to get into the water just wasnt as feasible. Skip ahead to today and you can go walk through Costco and get a fully loaded stand up paddle board package, wrapped in plastic, with a paddle, board bag and leash to boot. Things have changed a lot and SUP boards are everywhere and easy to find. Now being able to get a board and being able to surf a board, are two very different tasks. This lead me to ask the question is there a board that is easy to find and very surfable?

We surfed the 106 over the next few weeks, but the ultimate test was releasing them to a paddle board class of sixteen year old newbies. They surfed them on what would is normally to be considered a board death trap. The place was a bolder lined point break. I thought that the 106 was a nice, all-around great shape, that was more lively then I thought considering its size and width . On a high tide, shore break, it was a smooth and predictable with a lot of stability in chop . Surprisingly, massive width didnt take away from the boards action and surf-ability.

Board Design And Performance

The Ace-Tec has an embossed EVA deck pad thats comfortable and ideal for trying out some SUP Yoga. The grip on the deck pad provides assistance in balance, perfect for beginners and being in choppy waters.

The slight rocker is an excellent compromise of being suited for waves but not so defined you become stagnate in still water. Another part of the board I enjoyed was its stability and maneuverability. The wide center girth is easily enough space for not just me, but even my friend to jump on and be able to enjoy a ride together. Where there are boards that I would say are even more stable like the Naish Odysseus 98 that is 34 wide, I find you lose a little on maneuverability. However, on the Ace-Tec, even a beginner will find turning and steering easy.

I liked the option of the board being a single fin or tri-fin and with a common FCS fin system thats also easy to use. You want to be able to mix this up depending on if you are in flat water or open ocean conditions. If you are using your SUP in flat water the three fin setup will produce drag because you are only going straight however, if you are out in the waves and turning your board up and down a wave it produces speed.

The big bummer was that the side fins were not included with the purchase. A single FCS fin is fine for both conditions, but its preferable to be able to mix it up. Considering the cost of this board, I expected the fins to be included.

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What Are Other Peoples Experiences With The Ace

The tiny water toy has been moving fast from sales stores, and buyers have been just as generous in sharing their experiences. Overall, it has received an excellent rating of above four stars from most buyers on Amazon and other sites.

The few complains common across the board included not being the right fit for the buyers children, earlier consideration should be made, and the surface denting earlier than a board of that price should take a hit.

Our Analysis And Test Results

The Bic SUP Ace-Tec Wind Paddle Board 2014

The BIC Ace-Tec Wing finished right towards the top of the fleet, only outmatched by the Boardworks Kraken and the Isle Versa some of our all-time favorite SUPs. The Wing is more impressive than both of these boards when it comes to speed and glide performance, but it can’t match the Kraken or the Isle when it comes to stability or maneuverability. The Isle is quite a bit cheaper making it a more attractive option if you are shopping on a budget, but the Kraken and the Wing retail for almost the same, letting you decide whether you want increased stability or speed.

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Not All Paddle Boards Are Created Equal

iROCKER uses only the highest quality Triple Layer Composite military grade PVC in our inflatable and blow up paddle boards. Triple Layer Composite is our latest evolution in inflatable board construction, this allows us to deliver board that is not only lighter in weight but also allows extra protection from impacts and helps to reduce flex over common single layer boards on the market. The maximum protection provided by the Triple Layer Composite equals increased durability and rigidity for the rider. New for this year many of the iROCKER boards feature dual cargo areas with safety handles on both front and rear cargo areas, nose and tail grab handles, more D-Ring mounting points, 4 multi-use Action Mounts, logo stamped deck pad, and an even lighter weight carbon blend paddle. We have been inspired by you and we will continue to deliver best overall value for your money when comparing us to other brands. Our SUPs are proudly designed by our team in Florida and sold in 34 different countries making us the global leader in stand up paddle boards.

Bic 116 Performer Ace Tec Test Review

Verdict:A true all rounder from Bic for their bigger riders. The super tough construction is surprisingly light and should give many years of service. Nice thin surf orientated rails in the tail give a safe, comfortable feel in the surf and it has plenty of glide too. A great value all rounder from Bic for the heavier rider that has performance to match.

Overview:Bics unique thin plastic skinned SUPs have been a safe bet with schools and hire centres globally and their Ace Tec higher spec construction is surprisingly light. This 116 Performer has the usual thin plastic seam on the edge, plastic finish, but has a comfortable ledge handle, multi piece deckpad and tie down plugs on deck. The board has a fairly flat rocker line, wide nose and tri fin set up it only comes with a single fin though. On the bottom the board is pretty flat running into a shallow concave with bevelled edge and finally into a shallow vee in the tail, all pretty safe stuff that works.

Brand Claim:The 116 ACE-TEC is ideal for novice riders up to 120kg and will perform in the surf zone for more advanced paddlers up to 140kg. Its substantial volume and width offer excellent lateral stability without compromising performance. The 116 is also a great choice for families looking to bring along the kids or pets.

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A Standup Paddleboard That Converts Into A Windsurfer Only Bic With The Bic Sport Ace


The BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wind Stand-Up Paddleboard is a lightweight, durable, and great performing Stand Up Paddleboard . What gives it an extra dimension, however, is that it has a built-in windsurfing box , so if you get tired of paddle boarding, you can then set it up as a windsurfer! This SUP is an exceptional build, and will take most knocks, and can be used both in the surf or flat paddling on lakes/rivers/etc.


The BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wind Stand-Up Paddleboard is 10 foot six inches long, and 31.5 inches wide. The paddle boards weighs in at 29 lb and has a volume of 185 L. Overall, excellent specs for beginner/intermediate riders weighing up to 180 lb .


The BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wind Stand-Up Paddleboard is made from molded, watertight Expanded Polystyrene foam , and has a protective outer shell making it extra durable. It also has a reinforced standing area to ensure maximum toughness when out paddling in all conditions.


As well as the stand up paddle board, you also get a built-in diamond groove deck pad, a recessed carry handle, one FCS Dolphin 10 center fin, and two FCS M5 Side-fins. Unfortunately, you will also need to purchase a paddle.

A leash is not included with the BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wind Stand-Up Paddleboard either, but to be fair, not everyone needs/uses one when paddle boarding .

Brand information


  • Windsurfing box built into the deck!
  • Tough and durable


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