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Blow Up Kayaks For Sale

We Bought The Se 370 Deluxe

Awesome Inflatable Kayak – Sea Eagle RazorLite 393RL

I won’t go through the ease of set up etc. well documented in other reviews. We have found the SE370 to be “”rolly”” with the deluxe seats due to a higher Center of Gravity. We have deflated the seat slightly, keeping the back inflated and that helped. Tracking is okay, but the wind plays heck above 5 mph in open water. Entry and exit is still an adventure, but we’re learning. We look forward to using it in New England this summer and getting better at the art of kayaking. Over all, I would recommend this for anyone looking for an entry level kayak at a reasonable price.

This Is My First Kayak I’ve


I have the optional fixed rudder and I think it helps the tracking. I ordered the thigh straps and took it to South Fork American Fork to run the Gorge. It was flowing 1500 cps. With two people first time, self guiding, class II rapids blind, the boat forgave our many mistakes. For the class III section we had an experienced guide showing us the lines. We flipped in a scary place but I was able to dolphin kick myself back in kayak in calmer waters. The guide we met was impressed with the boat’s capabilities and the boat really forgave our many mistakes.

How To Fold Inflatable Kayak

To fold your inflatable kayak, you must make sure all compartments have been deflated. Start folding your inflatable kayak so that the opened valves are exposed instead of being buried.

Continue folding the kayak and pressing out the remaining air before folding the kayak. Once this is done, fold the inflatable kayak into a shape that best fits your bag for storage.

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Quality Kayaks For The Whole Family

Are you thinking of taking the kids out on the water for some rafting fun? Then our blow up kayaks on clearance will not only keep your wallet happy with these affordable prices but it will give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to safety and comfort. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some time on the water with one of these trusted and reliable kayaks from Cheap Surf Gear. For those who are a bit more experienced with kayaking, you will enjoy and appreciate the features with any one of our kayaks available. Get your raft into the water with PVC hulls for your convenience and easy launching, quality paddles to last you a life time along with the memories and fun to share with friends or family.

What To Consider Before Buying

Inflatable Kayaks For Sale Canada  Kayak Explorer

When you consider buying an inflatable fishing kayak there are a few things you should think about:

Passenger capacity: How many people do you want to fit into the kayak? Are you going to be fishing on your own or do you want to have the chance to bring another person? Depending on that, you can choose between a model for one person or a so called tandem inflatable kayak.

Weight capacity: This is another important factor to consider: make sure to estimate the overall weight youll be putting into the inflatable fishing kayak. This should also include the gear you want to bring.

Manoeuvrability: Usually youll be paddling your inflatable kayak sitting down. However, the advantage and fun of fishing from a kayak is the possibility to stand up to cast. Thats why inflatable fishing kayaks need to be stable. As a rule of thumb you can remember that the wider the kayak, the more solid it will be.

Weight of the kayak: The packability of inflatable kayaks allows for them to be taken along on any trip. Most of the time youll probably be transporting them in your car. However, you can also take them on your back if you want. Most inflatable kayaks weigh in at around 40 lbs which is heavy but can still be carried by a fit person for a certain distance. This really depends on your physique and fitness level.

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Aire Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak

Courtesy of Aire

Why We Love It: With great stability and a self-bailing floor, this inflatable kayak lets you explore rough waters with confidence.

What to Consider: Its wider than other whitewater models, sacrificing some maneuverability for added stability.

When paddling rapids, durability and stability are essential. The Aire Outfitter I delivers both. The thick 12.5-inch side tubes and low seat position help keep paddlers upright through white water, while the tough PVC outer shell prevents puncturing. And if damages or malfunctions occur, Aire offers a generous 10-year warranty. The Outfitter I features a rockered bow and flat bottom to enhance maneuverability to navigate rough and rocky waters. Despite being under 10 feet in length, the kayak features plenty of storage, including seat pockets and 12 sets of cargo loops to help secure gear and supplies for lengthier trips. Between adventures, the Outfitter I can be deflated and folded to a compact size of 18 x 18 x 14 inches.

Dimensions: 9.6 x 3.3 feet | Packed weight: 36 pounds | Inflation method: Pump

Been Paddling The 380x For


The only drawback is that it floods rather quickly in big water. It drains eventually, but if you get stuck in a big hole, you sure do feel like you are one with the river!

It comes with inflatable seats, but I prefer to paddle it kneeling down. It is still quite comfortable and you can see a whole lot of the river downstream.

If you are looking for an inexpensive white water “Ducky” this boat has what it takes to get you out on the river safely. I have just upgraded to a WW K1 and will not be selling this boat due to the overall amount of fun I had last whitewater season. It will always find its way back to the river.

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Best Inflatable Kayaks Of 2022

Whether you paddle calm water or white water, an inflatable kayak offers a lightweight, accessible boat that is easy to transfer and ready for adventure. They range from 7′ solo inflatables to 16’5″ tandem inflatables, from $150-$4,899 USD, and from 12-80 pounds in weight.

So beyond them all being inflatable kayaks, how much do they have in common? And more importantly, how do you find the best option for your paddling needs? Fortunately, your fellow paddlers have been paddling inflatable kayaks and sharing their experiences through reviews. By leveraging the reviews and experience that’s been shared by thousands of your fellow paddlers, they’ve helped narrow those dozens upon dozens of options down to the best of the best.

When a 17-year-old paddleboarder was swept out to sea, his survival depended on his cell phone and the voice on the other end of the line.

Inflatable Vs Hardshell Kayaks

Everything You Need to Know About Inflatable Kayaks | Watch This Before Buying One!

When it is time to buy your kayaks, deciding on what to pick might be confusing. Inflatable or hardshell kayaks, you might look attractive to purchase. Here are a few things you need to know between inflatable and hardshell kayaks.

What are kayaks made from?

Inflatable kayaks are made from synthetic rubber and plastic polymers. They are designed to withstand several conditions and are portable. Inflatable kayaks are lightweights and do weigh around 20 pounds to 50 pounds.

Hardshell kayaks, which are also known as rigid kayaks, are constructed from plastic, wood, fibreglass, and composite materials. Hardshell kayaks are heavyweights and generally do weigh around 55 pounds.

Which cost more inflatable or hardshell kayaks?

Inflatable kayaks are lower in price compared to hardshell kayaks. Inflatable kayaks have grown in popularity due to their sturdy nature. They are constructed to lower the risk of getting tears and leaks.

Heavy-duty inflatable kayaks are higher in price than other inflatable kayaks due to the tougher and durable materials used in the construction. They are more puncture-resistant and difficult to rip. Hardshell kayaks, however, cost more money than inflatable kayaks.

The cost of wood and fibreglass is much higher than that of synthetic rubber and other materials used for inflatable kayaks. Hardshells kayaks also cost more in terms of repairs and maintenance. They need to be fixed more often than inflatable kayaks.

Transportation and storage


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We Purchased A 340x And A


In flatwater any substantial wind will seriously affect your progress and while this may be true of all water craft the effects are really serious with the sea eagle. We purchased the boats for long treks in rivers of Canadian wilderness. The boats are great for that. Have taken them in Class 3 rapids fully loaded, while you do get wet, the boat rides the rapids just like a raft. No more long portages. One benefit of these inflating crafts is that they load on aircraft at a fraction of the cost hard shell watercraft. They pack inside your vehicle and no wind drag. We plan more river trips in 2008.

I agree with most other positive comments on this site . When loaded with equipment in flat water with chop the self bailing plugs usually do not work very well.

Where You Are Paddling

Inflatable kayaks are best for shorter trips in calm areas, including slow rivers, most lakes, and some calm bays.

A few inflatable kayaks are tough enough to hold up under moderate whitewater rafting, but its better to go all in and get a solid kayak or a premium inflatable kayak like the Sea Eagle 380X if you expect to go through rapids.

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Kayaks Dimensions Weight & Portability

The number one reason many consider an inflatable over a hard-shell is the ability to pack up the kayak in a bag when youre done paddling for the day.

I mean, try tossing a 15-foot hard-shell kayak in the trunk for a quick trip to the beach.

Yeah, its not happening.

Dont assume that, because theyre generally more portable than the hard-shell alternative, the kayaks size and weight shouldnt be a concern. Id say that these factors become even more crucial when youre choosing the best inflatable kayak:

You know what to expect from a hard-shell already but with inflatables, every foot, and pound counts.

Length-wise, 10 to 12 feet is the average for inflatable kayaks but you can go as short as 8 feet and, depending on what you need, as long as 15 feet. Shorter kayaks are generally more agile, while longer ones offer improved stability and a bit of extra room.

A few inches wont matter much, but two feet or more can make quite a difference.

As for the kayaks weight,25 to 30 pounds is considered the average but this is entirely up to you.

How much weight are you comfortable carrying to and from the water?

We Purchased This Boat This

Sevylor Alameda Inflatable Kayak


I still like the boat but with the design as it is, the floor needs to be thicker to displace the water so the rear paddler sits at or above the water level and the self bailing feature really works, because as it is now, it really isn’t a self-bailer, at least not with the high back seats.I can attest to the fact that even filled to the brim, it still CAN be paddled.

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What Is An Inflatable Kayak

As a lighter weight and storage-friendly alternative to a hard-sided, rotomolded hardshell kayak, inflatable kayaks have become more popular in recent years as folks with limited space want to get out and explore more waters. Inflatable kayaks are great for folks who have shoulder issues or don’t want to deal with heavy overhead lifting. Inflatable kayaks are also a great in-between for people who arent sure if they only want a Stand-Up Paddleboard and arent sure if they want to financially commit to a hard-sided boat.

Inflatable kayaks sport multiple air chambers for sides, floors, and even support beams to keep you on top of the water.

These boats can be made from different materials, as we discuss below, but are generally made from durable, lighter weight, and puncture-resistant materials likePVC or Hypalon. With multiple air chambers, they’re often more stable than other lightweight water craft. Thats why inflatable kayaks have become so popular – theyre tough, a fraction of the weight of hardshell boats, and a more affordable way to get into boating!

The Oru Folding Kayaks are an alternative to inflatable kayaks. Both folding and inflatable kayaks are lightweight, compact, and can fit inside car trunks.

For The Price Point It Is Really Hard To Argueit Is Easy


It is easy to inflate with the provided foot pump. I prefer the regular seats to the “”deluxe”” seats as it helps with stability and I am 235 pounds. The deluxe seats are taller but they do stay in place better than the regular seats. They include an inflation guide, which was nice.

For an inflatable it tracks pretty well. Not perfect but that is one of the things you trade for its ease of transport and storage.

It is durable but it won’t last indefinitely if you are really putting it through its paces. I think with decent care and easy flat water it could last > 10 years. It is a bit prone to very small leaks from thorns etc. if you are taking it down a river. These are patch-able but can be a hassle in the moment as you will have to pull over to air it up.

The valves on this boat are a thing of beauty, easy to use and dependable.

I certainly recommend this boat and love having it.

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Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Of 2022

Inflatable fishing kayaks are becoming more popular. Here is why, plus a look at the best inflatable kayaks out there.

Disclaimer: All products in this guide are independently researched by our team. We only recommend products we believe in and never get paid for the reviews. Learn more about our review process here.

No matter if youre at the sea, close to lakes or rivers. Youll see more and more fly fishermen and traditional anglers use a fishing kayak. The reason behind that is simple: they offer great possibilities to get to places you otherwise wouldnt reach. Plus they often give you the chance to bring more gear than when using a belly boat / float tube or fishing paddle board / SUP.

Fishing kayaks are a great way to get around comfortably if you want to spend a whole day on the water. However, they are often difficult to transport. This is where inflatable kayaks come into play. They need very little space when stored at home or to transport them in your car. This is why more and more fly fishermen and women opt for an inflatable kayak instead of a traditional hard shell one.

I Have Owned The 380x For

Tobin Sports Inflatable Kayak Review – The Cookin Camper

Pros:-It bails quickly. I have sat, stuck, in a class III rapid, and witnessed the kayak not filling all the way.-Space. Despite being the same length as the 370, it has far more elbow room, due in large part to the drop-stitch floor.-Material. It’s tough. You’ll have a very hard time puncturing either boat, but especially the 380x which is far tougher. -It sits lower in the water than the 370, so it isn’t affected by wind as much. -It has a removable skeg. This helps to track better on flat water.-You can use either the high back or the low seat, and both secure to the boat.

Cons:-The removable skeg. If you are on a rafting trip with stretches of flat and whitewater, just leave it out. It’s annoying having to flip the boat over and take it out, put it in, take it out, put it in. If you are in low water, also, take it out.-The self-bail design is poor in comparison to NRS’s boats. With theirs, you are sitting dry with the 380x, you are sitting in two inches of water all the time. Since the plugs are on the underside It doesn’t matter whether you have just one or all 16 plugs open.-Closing or opening the drain plugs is a royal pain in the rear. Even with the boat completely deflated, it takes effort with it inflated, you need little monkey hands to get to them.

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Quality Drop Stitch Construction

If you are familiar with Bote inflatable kayaks, then you know their kayaks provide excellent rigidity and stability. This is thanks to their drop stitch construction. The Bote Zeppelin is no different.

With drop stitch inflation, there are thousands of tiny fibers that connect the top of the board with the bottom. This results in less bounce and more rigidity. You will feel this rigidity in the form of stability when you are kayaking, paddle boarding, and tandem paddling.

The rigid and sturdy construction also lends well to the durability of the boat. The drop stitch core is reinforced with a durable material grade PVC composite layer. This layer renders the kayak virtually puncture proof. It can withstand scratches and rough surfaces like oyster beds and rocky bottoms.

If you do find yourself dealing with a puncture, however, there is an included repair kit. The repair kit offers adhesive patches and paste. There is also a wrench to tighten up your HR valves if they come loose over time.

Aquaglide Chelan 120 Inflatable Kayak Review

Not only have I been looking forward to trying out the AquaGlide Chelan 120 inflatable kayak, but a lot of you have been asking for it in the comments sections of my other reviews. Its not everyday that you find a portable kayak that also has all-day performance hence the shared intrigued amongst us. But as we all know, its easy to make bold claims. The question is, do they hold any water? Or rather, does the Chelan 120 hold its own on the water? Thats what were going to unpack today.

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