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Boat Rental In South Lake Tahoe

Boating Events On Lake Tahoe

Looking for an affordable boat rental in Lake Tahoe?

Two major boat-related events that take place at Lake Tahoe annually are the Lake Tahoe Boat Show and Lake Tahoe Concours dElegance Wooden Boat Show. The atmosphere is vibrant, full of boating enthusiasts and entertainment for visitors and locals alike. To partake in the boat-loving times of these events, you can rent a boat and cruise around the lake.

Boat Tours & Sightseeing

Hear amazing tales and the intriguing history of Lake Tahoe on a private boat tour of Lake Tahoe. Guests can enjoy sightseeing, water sports, swimming, and lounging with friends and family aboard our beautiful boats. Every Tahoe boat cruise is customized for your group to make the most out of your Lake Tahoe charter boat rental experience.

Great Experience Highly Recommend

Great morning and lots of fun for 5 of us on the lake with our Captain. Waterskiing, tubing and sight seeing. Everything was professional and high quality from the booking to the checking in to the actual lake experience. The Captain let us know this was our time and we could spend as long or as little on whatever activity. He was very patient and informative, and ensured our safety at all times. Highly recommend as a great way to enjoy the lake.

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Come Enjoy Lake Tahoe From The Water

With 2 convenient locations, Tahoe Sports is the largest Lake Tahoe rental company on the South Shore. We are a family-owned, all-seasons sports provider, from ski and snowboard to powerboat and personal watercraft rentals. We rent Powerboats, Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Paddle Boards, Kayaks and more.

Yacht Charter In Lake Tahoe With Click& boat

Pin on South Lake Tahoe

Nestled between California and Nevada, boat enthusiasts from all over the United States and around the world come to enjoy the epic boating opportunities and stunning views at Lake Tahoe.

The area is known for its boating and hiking in the summer and skiing and snowboarding in the winter. From June to July expect warm temperatures and sunshine, and water temperatures reaching up to 75. The perfect conditions for a great day out on the water with your family and friends!

From pontoon boats and jet skis to motorboats equipped with water sports equipment- how about you try out your very own Lake Tahoe boat rental this summer!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Tahoe Waves was an amazing combination of value, service and communication!! It was so enjoyable, we raved about it for weeks. We had an absolute blast and will definitely be using Tahoe Waves again!!!

Jeff M. via Yelp

Look no further! As a local who will never afford a boat, I wanted to show my friends from out of town the best view of the lake- from a boat. We had previously booked with another agency and it fell through last minute. I called Cooper and he had a boat there in twenty minutes. The liability forms were straightforward and simple, and Greg, his employee couldnt have been more patient and cordial. Ill use these guys as long as I live here. Thanks again fellas!

Michael Murray via Trip Advisor

They have a great team. I would definitely rent from them again. Their hospitality was unquestionable. Thank you!

Safety Preparation And Navigation

What to Bring on Your Boat Rental

Bringing the right stuff can make or break your boat day, so get together a checklist of what youll want well ahead of time so that you dont forget on the day of.

What to bring will depend on your itinerary and weather conditions, but that being said its always a good idea to bring water, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, towels, a warm extra layer of clothing , as well as boat shoes. Your boat captain or owner that you rent from can give you more ideas on necessary essentials to bring.

And while most boat captains, owners, and boat rental services should include lifejackets and safety gear, if you have a personal lifejacket that you prefer to wear while enjoying watersports or other activities, its a good idea to bring it along.

It might feel like overkill for a casual day on the water, but its always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Boat Rental Basics

GetMyBoat is the worlds largest boat rental and water experience marketplace. We connect more people to boat rental services than any other company. Our available for iOS and Android makes it possible to find and book boating experiences right on your phone.

GetMyBoat is committed to taking the lowest booking fees in the industry to save the customer money in pursuit of their perfect day on the water.

Dogs are often welcome on boat rentals and charters but be sure to ask first! Some boat captains do and some dont allow pets to come along.

Services, Costs, & Fees

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What To Know About Renting A Boat In South Lake Tahoe

Boating is the most popular lake activity during the summer months, and this expansive watery playground plays host to a myriad of boating activities such as sailboat regattas and even one of the countrys leading wooden boat shows the Lake Tahoe Concours dElegance, which takes place every August. Boating culture reigns supreme for as long as the weather permits, and powerboats and jet skis dart across the water along with picturesque sailing vessels. For even more rental options be sure to look at all of for the most ideal location to start your boating adventure.

Boaters often partake in watersports as well, which range from the relaxing . Given the extreme depths of Lake Tahoe, scuba diving has also become a popular pastime, and can allow the adventurous to experience this beautiful lake in a unique way. Fishing and boating often go hand in hand, and Lake Tahoe has plenty of specimens to tempt any fisherman, from large and smallmouth bass and at least three different varieties of trout, to bluegill, sockeye salmon, and more.

GetMyBoat has 84 listings for boating experiences in South Lake Tahoe with 1,566 reviews.

South Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals: Where To Rent A Boat

Staying in an AirBnB, Renting a Boat and Fishing Lake Tahoe!

Home to the lakes busiest marinas and beaches, South Lake Tahoe really needs no introduction. A happy knot of hotels and restaurants, bars and casinos, theres plenty of boat rentals in South Lake Tahoe and places to explore once youve set sail.

A quick Google search for South Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals will bring up a truly endless amount of options. Heres two well-loved, reliable options that even offer online booking:

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Types Of Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals

If youre not up-to-date on boat jargon, the question of wake surf, powerboat or pontoon might be a little difficult to answer. So lets review what were working with.

Powerboat Rentals

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? For most people, this one is juuuust right. A Lake Tahoe power boat rental offers a balance between speed and comfort, leisure and play. Its meant to comfortably sit a family or small group of friends, and move between fishing, sunbathing and water skiing with ease.

Some power boats will have deck seating and others will have bowrider seating that allows your crew to spread out between the front and back of the water.

Its got the oopmh to make it from Emerald Bay to Sand Harbor, enough space to relax, enough of a wake to tow. Its a classic option for an ultra-classic lake day. But mostlyyoure paying for the rumble of the engine as you push down the throttle and a brisk spray of freshwater across your wildly grinning face. You deserve that.

Wake Surf Rentals

Some people like the idea of being on the water, but not in it. Others view it as a big, blue playground. If youre part of the latter, youre a prime candidate for a wakesurf boat rental on Lake Tahoe.

Pontoon Boat Rentals

P.S. Weve got an entire guide dedicated to pontoon boats and party boats if you know thats your thing!

Party Boat Rentals

Make The Most Of Your Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

There are many spots around Lake Tahoe where you can access the water with your boat rental. Some of the main cities on Lake Tahoe are , Tahoe City, Stateline, and Incline Village. These are the primary destinations for booking accommodation if youre planning a multi-day stay on Lake Tahoe. Choose from chain hotels, lake resorts, and vacation rental homes. If you want to really connect with nature during your stay on Lake Tahoe, there are lots of campgrounds to choose from all around the lake. Do not forget your camera the crystal clear, turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe surrounded by the gorgeous, snow-capped mountains makes it a place you have to get the perfect shot for Instagram. A boat is the best way to get some amazing photos out on Lake Tahoe.

While exploring Lake Tahoe on your boat rental, there are dozens of spots scattered around the lake worthy of a visit. Stop at Kings Beach on the north side of Lake Tahoe or El Dorado Beach and Pope Beach on the south end. There are resorts and restaurants along the coastline of the lake, perfect for stopping at for a meal or to enjoy the nightlife of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe boat and yacht life bring lots of visitors to its shores every summer, youre guaranteed to have a good time if you book a boat rental for at least a weekend on the lake.

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Lake Tahoe Seeing More Illegal Boat Rentals And Charters

  • Legal boating activity on Lake Tahoe. Mayke sure your time on the lake is safe, and legal. File photo by Corey Rich.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – The lure of Lake Tahoe is historic, and has brought many to its shores to live or play, jump in, or boat on for well over a century. While it may feel good when it gets hot outside, the cold water of Lake Tahoe can be dangerous and needs to be respected, and many agencies around the lake are tasked with keeping the public safe.

One increasing way they are addressing safety issues is targeting illegal boat operators who rent out their watercraft or offer charters on their boats that come with captains.

The is a surge of illegal boat operators on Lake Tahoe, luring people to enjoy the lake through third-party boat rental websites like and that operate much like Airbnb does with homes. Not all rentals listed on these sites are missing the appropriate permits, but it is important to check. Not all boat rental businesses conduct themselves legally or with the public’s safety in their best interest, and the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office boat patrol estimates that 100-150 illegal boat rentals can be on the lake at any given time.

To make sure one is renting a legal boat, it takes a few steps but an afternoon of enjoyment on the lake in a safe manner is worth it.

“Safety is the top issue,” the operator said. “If not following the rules, safety is not first.”

Potential fines include:

TRPA Fact Sheet

Where To Rent A Boat In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Boat Rides (South Lake Tahoe, CA): Top Tips Before You Go ...

We only say things we mean, and we mean it when we say thisevery inch of Lake Tahoes shoreline is a pleasure to explore. Theres hidden coves with topaz pools, private pockets of beach and bustling marinas stocked with Rum Runners and burgers.

But Lake Tahoe is simply too big to discover every nook and cranny during a half or even full day excursion. We highly recommend you rent your boat on the side of the lake you want to explore. In boating terms, Lake Tahoe is less of a lake and more of a mini ocean. You just cant expect to rent a boat in South Lake Tahoe, and spend the day exploring the north shore.

Itll be a long day, a huge fuel bill, and hours spent commuting rather than chilling, swimming, enjoying. We promise youll have more fun if you rent on the south shore and stay south, or rent on the north shore and stay north.

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Custom Cruise Captain Is Your Private Driver

Our Custom Cruises allow you to set the course. Below are examples of a few ways you can customizedyour cruise or our office staff is here to help you design a cruise based on your interests. Call to schedule.

Visit Emerald Bay State Park?

Has the steep terrain trek up and down from Hwy 89 discouraged you from visiting? Coming by boat is extremely easy and enjoyable. Our captain will dock for drop off and pick up at the Vikingsholm Pier.

Tour Vikingsholm Castle or take the short trail walk to Eagle Falls are a few things you can do.

Spend Time Boating and Tubing?

Playful adventure maybe what youre looking for. Our captain can take your friends and family out on the lake to enjoy time Towable Tubing or Paddle Boarding.

Dining at The Lake?

Looking to dine along the shores of Lake Tahoe after seeing points along the shoreline? Our captain can transport and wait for your party at one of the many waterfront restaurants along the lake.

6 Hour Charter

Why Use The Wake’sboat Rental In Lake Tahoe Marketplace

“I love that I can have a different boat or different type of boat every time we go out. We go out a lot, and I think it is so fun to get a yacht with friends one day, a sail boat with my wife another… and then take the kids and their friends out wake surfing another day. There is no way I could want to maintain 3 boats, so “sharing” on The Wake is fantastic!””As a boat owner, I really love this app. It’s simple, fast and works like a charm. I started using the app to offset my moorage costs, but it has turned into a nice source of revenue. I couldn’t be happier.””We have been renting a boat at a rental place in town for years, we thought it was awesome. But now, instead of renting a pretty lame cruiser to wake board, we are renting some of the coolest boats on the planet. I’m spending less money, its more convenient and the boats are incredible.”

About Wake

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Can I Rent A Boat In Lake Tahoe With A Skipper

With Click& Boat, choose from a large selection of boats available for charter with skipper in Lake Tahoe. With a boat skipper, sail at a slower pace on your own private boat! By having a local in your midst, let them show you their favorite spots, hidden coves, and beautiful beaches that you might have not otherwise gotten the chance to visit.

All you, your friends, and your family have to do is sit back and relax while your skipper takes care of navigating, anchoring, and docking. Depending on the boat rental, the request of a skipper may come at an additional cost. Be sure to take advantage of our messaging tool to communicate with owners with your special requests.

Where Can I Rent A Pontoon Boat In South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe launches rescue boat earlier than usual

Pontoon boat rentals available via Cloud of Goods in South Lake Tahoe now. We have a range of Pontoon boat rental models from popular brands to fit to your needs. Simply make a reservation online on and one of our local rental shop partners in South Lake Tahoe will meet you with your South Lake TahoePontoon boat rental.

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Best Part Of Our Tahoe Trip

Had such an amazing time on our boat ride. Went with our family and another and everyone agreed it was the highlight of the trip. Our captain made this day what it was. Super friendly, helpful and offered superior guidance to help maximize our day. The boat was nice and clean and had all the toys that the kids and adults wanted tubing, wakeboarding, etc. Staff was always responsive when reserving and leading up to our trip.

What Is The Price Of A Lake Tahoe Yacht Charter

When it comes to renting a boat in Lake Tahoe, it is important to remember that prices are dependent on a couple of factors. Such as the type and age of the vessel, the charter duration, if it is peak or low season, and if extra services are requested like a skipper on board.

  • Motorboat rentals start at 350/hour for 12 people on board.
  • If you are interested in speed boats, expect the average price to be around 940/day, accommodating 6 guests aboard.
  • A pontoon boat rental in Lake Tahoe starts at 610/half-day and 1,230/day.
  • For bigger groups of 20 to 30 people, we highly recommend party boat rentals that start at 975/2 hour sail.
  • Jet ski rentals on Lake Tahoe cost about 680/day or only 345/half-day, for 1 to 2 people.

Since you are interested in hiring a boat in South Lake Tahoe, consider checking out our other destinations:

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Pontoon Boat In South Lake Tahoe

Pricing depends on your South Lake Tahoe delivery location and many other factors. Best way to find the exact Pontoon boat rental pricing in South Lake Tahoe is to add the Pontoon boat model you want to online shopping cart and fill out the details on the checkout page to get a price quote for Pontoon boat rental & delivery in South Lake Tahoe

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