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Body Glove 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board

Competition & Alternative Options

2020 BodyGlove Performer 11 Inflatable Paddleboard Review! | MicBergsma

There are many many ISUP packages available these days, some of which are cheap and will likely fail when the drop-stitch fibers separate from the top or bottom sheets. However, many of todays ISUPs are very good and competitive. Lets take a closer look at a few alternative ISUP options:

*Editors Update: Right now, the previous generation ISLE Pioneer 106 Paddle Board Package is 50% off while supplies last, bringing the price point competitive with Costcos Body Glove Performer 11 pricing and Body Glove sale pricing. This is a fantastic deal on a super popular beginner iSUP from a quality manufacturer.

Body Glove Cruiser+ Inflatable Paddle Board The closest competitor to the Body Glove Performer 11 is the 106 Body Glove Cruiser+. It has a similar overall construction as the Performer, but it has a more traditional rounded nose and taper thats good for beginners. While it is slightly shorter than the Performer 11 and has 1 less width, the less aggressive taper still gives you plenty of room for yourself and a passenger. Better yet, its price point comes in at $750. The lack of a tow hook is a drawback if you want to tow your SUP.

L.L.Bean Bayside Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Package The new L.L.Bean Bayside ISUP packages come in an 11 option and a 10 option. They both have wide, beginner-friendly tapers with 34 of stable width and 6 of thickness. The 11 is competitively priced at about $649 and the 10 is about $599.

What Accessories Do I Need To Standup Paddle Board

Youll need a few accessories to get on the water safely. To set up your paddle board, youll need a pump and carrying case. Most paddle boards come with these accessories, though the quality will vary from one manufacturer to the next.

When youre on the water, youll need to carry a personal flotation device , safety whistle, paddle, leash and repair kit. The Coast Guard requires you to carry a PFD anytime youre outside of a designated swim area, and children are required to wear a PFD at all times Some inflatable paddle boards come with other accessories like the paddle, leash and repair kit, but you should always check the retailers website for more details before you buy.

Irocker Cruiser Stable Enough For Beginners

One of the main reasons I love the iRocker Cruiser is its versatility. This is likely why its such a popular choice pretty much anyone can use this board! Its stable at 33 inches wide and offers a great learning platform. This means its great for beginners!

At 106 and with a slightly less pointed shape than other similar paddle boards, the iRocker Cruiser feels very stable on the water.

It has all the technical specs that youd expect from a good quality iSUP such as reinforced rails and a drop stitch core, plus it is made from triple-layer military-grade PVC. It has a three fin setup which helps with tracking and speed .

When inflated, the iRocker can hold up to 400 pounds and only weighs 25 pounds itself, so its easy enough to transport and can comfortably hold you and your gear.

On the subject of gear, the iRocker can hold a lot! It features 20 D-rings, four action mounts as well as a front and rear bungee system. These are for attaching extra bits of gear, such as speakers or other personal belongings.

One physical feature that really sets the iRocker apart, however, is the fact that it has seven grab handles! I absolutely love this feature! Although it might seem insignificant, it makes handling the board so much easier. I only wish other paddle boards would follow iRockers example here.

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Irocker Nautical Best Budget Inflatable Sup

This is one of the best budget inflatable paddle boards around. The recent upgrade to the Nautical has added features, making it hold its own even against some of the more expensive SUPs out there.

My wife and I tested the 106 version of the board but, just like with the Bote Breeze, taller and heavier paddlers should probably opt for the 116 version. I actually found the 106 version to be too small for me, at 195 lbs and 61.

My wife however, found the 106 maneuverable and easy to get up to speed. However, she also commented on how the board isnt as stable as some of the other, similar boards that come in this length.

However, she also said it was still an easy and smooth paddling experience so dont let this put you off.

The Nautical is an excellent option if money is tight. It tracks pretty well and while it might not be as stable as, say, the Glide Retro or the Bote Breeze, its still a nice stable board with quality accessories for a very good price! It comes as a full, ready-to-paddle package and the accessories are great.

The premium backpack now has a wheel option you can buy a wheel tray from iRocker and convert it into a rolling bag, which is great for transporting the board around when deflated.

The fiberglass paddle is also pretty good it feels rigid, is adjustable from 72 to 86 inches and only weighs 32 ounces.

Body Glove Warranty Information

Body Glove Performer 11

There is no published return policy for Body Glove that we could find. Body Glove boards that weve previously reviewed carried a 1-year warranty, but we havent been able to confirm any current warranty information on their website.

Known for their wetsuits and PFDs, the website warranty specifically addresses those products but doesnt mention iSUPs.

We are disappointed that they sell their boards online without support information so we suggest having a thorough conversation with the staff at your place of purchase before you buy.

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Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12

Bluefin SUP boards are known for being some of the most rigid inflatable paddle boards on the market, and the Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12 is no exception.

Its built using their 1000D exo-surface laminate and pro-weave dropstitch technology and also has carbon fiber rails to reduce flex as much as possible, and thus improving the rigidity even further.

The Cruise Carbon 12 is a long board, at 12 feet , and the extra foot in length is definitely noticeable the board glides much easier than, for instance, the Atoll.

While the Cruise Carbon 12 is definitely fast and sleek, I found it to be less stable than the Atoll 11 and also the iRocker All Around 11, and I personally found this size of board to be unsuitable for my weight. For me, the Bluefin Sprint Carbon 14 is a better choice.

However, the Bluefin Cruise Carbon is a very nice board for someone smaller than me. For my wife, the Cruise Carbon 12, is rigid, stable enough and fast to paddle.

The Cruise Carbon is built with two air chambers that give it extra rigidity .

One thing that makes the Bluefin Cruise Carbon stand out against the other boards on this list is its package. Like many inflatable SUP boards, it comes with a carbon fiber paddle, pump, backpack, leash, and repair kit. On top of that, you will get a kayak conversion kit .

Like all the other boards by Bluefin, the Cruise Carbon has a five-year warranty.

What User Are Saying

As mentioned in the beginning, the Body Glove Performer is popular, mostly because of the regular crazy discounts.

So lets see what paddlers have to say based on their experiences.

A Redditor wrote a post telling his fellow SUPers about a Body Glove Performer discount.

Someone in the comment section asked people to share their reviews about the board.

Ovirto replied that they paddle reservoirs and lakes. The paddleboard is great. They added that it comes with all the basic accessories, expect a PFD. They have used their Body Glove Performer for over three years and it is still going strong.

AlaskaJ1 said that he has used his Performer a couple of times. He finds it stable and fast enough. The fins, however, are his main complaint. He wishes they were removable and a little longer.

In another post, joeyGibson went on Reddit to how happy he was with his new Performer. The first few minutes on the water were wobbly because he was used to solid boards. . But he soon got used to it and had an awesome experience. It performed well and inflation wasnt that hard.

Another guy replied that he got the same board and he loves it.

Moving on

Maggie says she has been using her Performer for all kinds of adventures. She has paddled rapids, lakes, and oceans. One time, she had someone on board and they exceeded the weight limit. It remained stable. The SUP is still as good as new.

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Triple Layer Center Stringer

The triple layer stringer adds a lot of toughness and durability.

This is one more of those family-friendly features as it will really help with wear and tear from kids and dogs.

The centre stringer also adds a little extra rigidity. When fully inflated to 15 PSI we found the board to be very rigid and strong.

Red Paddle Co Sport 113 Premium Inflatable Touring Sup

Best All Around Stand Up Paddleboard?? | Body Glove Performer SUP Review

Red Paddle Co inflatable standup paddleboards are some of the most expensive SUP boards on the market. They are also super durable and have outstanding performance.

The Sport 113 board features a clean minimalist design. There is a unique Red Paddle Co bungee system on the deck as well as three grab handles, a textured deck pad, and a leash D-ring.

The Sport inflatable paddle board is built using MSL fusion technology, exclusively owned by Red Paddle Co. This, and their RSS stiffening system, results in an extremely rigid stand up paddle board.

So although the Sport 113 is only 4.7 inches thick, its sturdiness is unrivaled and it doesnt sag. It comes with a five-year warranty.

This paddle board remarkably balances stability and speed. At 32 inches wide, it is stable enough for paddlers of all skill levels. It has a nice streamlined shape and a speed tail. These features greatly improve speed and maneuverability.

The Red Paddle Co Sport inflatable package includes a backpack, repair kit, pump, and a waterproof phone case.

The Titan II dual-chamber pump cuts inflation time down by half. Unfortunately, the Sport doesnt come with a paddle.

For experienced paddle boarders who already own a paddle, this is good because the price is reduced. But for beginners, you will have to buy your own paddle separately, which means spending more money.

You should consider the Sport 113 if you want an upgrade from the average all-around paddle board.

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Body Glove Performer 11 Review Costco

Body Glove is a well-respected company in the world of water sports. They produce accessories for scuba diving, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and so much more. Recently, they released an inflatable, stand-up paddle board called the Body Glove Performer 11. This is a standard board and at 11 long with a 34-inch center width, it is versatile as well. It is 6 inches thick and weighs only 24 pounds. This model has a maximum weight of 320 pounds. This board is bright yellow, which may seem garish, but it is a great way to make sure that boats and watercraft notice you.

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Costcos Price And Sale Dates

*UPDATE* 6/28/22. The Body Glove Performer Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board is on sale at select Costco locations for $319.99through July 3, 2022. That is $80 off Costcos regular price of $389.99. Item #2622052. While supplies last.

I spotted this item at the Covington, Washington Costco but it may not be available or may not be on sale at all Costco locations. Prices may vary by location. When in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

  • Laser engraved foot placement guides
  • Logo embossed EVA traction pad
  • Wider shape offers more stability
  • Innovative tow point connection
  • Carry Handle
  • Thousands of 5.4 knit drop-stitch fibers connect the top and bottom layers of heavy-duty puncture-resistant PVC to create a solid platform when inflated to the recommended PSI.
  • Airframe XT construction is comprised of a unique layering system to make the board lighter and faster while supporting inflation to rock-hard rigidity.
  • Triple-layer stringers above and below the core help resist compression and stretching with shifting weight
  • Triple-layer side rails maximize stiffness.
  • Superior bonded construction

Body Glove Performer 11 Isup Review

Body Glove Performer 11

The Body Glove Performer inflatable stand up paddle board has a unique and interesting shape and design.

It is fairly wide at the centre but tapers dramatically at the nose. The 34 centre width provides a nice stable platform to stand on and the tapered nose helps this board to cut nicely through the water.

We found it easy to paddle on flat water lakes, rivers and ocean bays. It turns quickly with little effort and although I wouldnt classify it as a super fast ISUP, it didnt feel sluggish and it glided nicely.

I also like the bright yellow colour on the board. It really stands out on the water keeping you very visible to other watercraft.

This inflatable SUP was designed with families in mind and has several key features that make it very appealing for paddling with kids and dogs.

It comes with a complete package that includes:

  • 11 Performer ISUP

MATERIAL: Heavy duty PVC material with triple layer centre stringer and double layer side rails.

BEST SUITED FOR: Touring, cruising, flat water, families

PROS: Lightweight and easy to carry, decent glide, fast turns, easy to maneuver, large bungee cargo area, large comfortable traction pad, neoprene cover on centre carry handle, front mount for attaching GoPro, reinforced nose bumper for added durability, nice package gets you on the water with everything you need .

CONS: No large touring fin, feels a bit wobbly in wind and chop, no front or back grab handles.

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Body Glove Performer 11 Inflatable Paddle Board Offers Upgrades For 2022

Posted by SGB Media | February 10, 2022

Body Glove released its 2022 Performer 11 Inflatable Paddle Board with an enhanced design that features greater stability, convenient carry and lightweight durability.

Body Glove first introduced the ISUP in 2016, featuring a touring design for all paddle levels.

Were thrilled to continue innovating our best-selling Performer 11 to make paddlesports easier, more inclusive and accessible for people everywhere, said Body Glove Vice President, Global Marketing, Nick Meistrell. The explosive growth of this segment shows us that consumers are eager to discover new ways to spend time outdoors, but cost and convenience can be a hurdle. Thats why we set out to create the ultimate SUP experience, coupled with the affordability and approachable design to fit the lifestyle of adventure-seekers and families alike.

The design for 2022 offers a wider shape that improves stability and tracking. Features also include:

  • wood grain ClearTek drop-stitch construction
  • laser-engraved foot placement guides
  • front tow point
  • electric pump to inflate quickly
  • measures 11 feet x 34 inches
  • total weight 24 pounds
  • three fixed Dura fins for tracking
  • three-piece oval ergonomic paddle
  • carry handle and water bottle holder
  • paddle integrated carrying system
  • front cargo bungee with stability harness
  • action camera mount

Nixy Huntington Ultra Compact Most Compact Inflatable Sup For Traveling

Some paddle boarders love to travel all over, checking out different paddle boarding spots. If that is you, the Nixy Huntington may be the right board for you.

It only weighs 18.75 pounds. Some people may question the quality of the Nixy Huntington because of its weight.

But it is built to last using dual-layer PVC and it has reinforced carbon rails. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds when fully inflated and comes with a two-year warranty.

The Nixy Huntington is short at 96, compared to most of the other inflatable SUPs here. This length has a few advantages.

First, it makes the iSUP easy to control in any paddling condition. Second, the Huntington is unbelievably compact and folds down to a small package that you can carry anywhere.

When it comes to its features, we have no reason to complain. The Huntington has a two-fin systemtwo large side fins, all removable. It also has bungee storage at the nose and tail, additional D-rings, mounting brackets, and three grab handles.

The Nixy Huntington package is yet another thing we love about the SUP . The carbon hybrid paddle breaks into four pieces for easy transport. It is adjustable 70 to 83. Oh, and it also floats!

The dual-chamber triple-action pump has foldable legs and removable handles.

As you can see, everything about this inflatable stand up paddle board is designed to make it the perfect traveling SUP. It would be a great option if you are an adventurous paddler.

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How Do I Get Started With Standup Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a beginner-friendly activity that has a gentle learning curve, so its great for people of all ages and fitness levels. Its low-impact, and you can either sit or stand on the paddle board when youre just starting out. Keep in mind that a wide and stable board will help you feel comfortable standing up for the first time on your board.

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