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Body Glove Paddle Boards Costco

Body Glove Paddleboard Buying Guide

Body Glove Inflatable Standup Paddle board review (from Costco)

With over 20 models of Body Glove standup paddleboards in the 2022 line up you are sure to find a board that catches your eye. To best help you find that board, this section will be broken down into the categories below.

The global favorite 11 Performer model will be looked at on its own, followed by a general look at different categories corresponding to intended use. Note that all of the categories except the rigid paddleboards are comprised of inflatable paddleboards.

How To Pick A Good Paddle Board At Costco

Choosing the perfect paddle board is a multi-step process, so there are still more factors to consider even after youve decided whether you want an inflatable or hard board.

Next, youll want to decide what size board to choose based on your weight and what you are personally wanting to do with your board. For example, if youre interested in speed and maneuverability, then youll want a slightly differently shaped board then if youre planning on using your board to do yoga.

Check out this article from Pumped SUP that offers some great guidelines for choosing the perfect paddle board size for you.

Here, you will find a key system that we made based on the advice offered from Pumped SUP.

If your top priority in a paddle board is then you should choose a board thats
stability, 10-11 and 33-34 wide
maneuverability, under 10 and 30-32 wide
speed and straight tracking, over 12 and 26-32 wide or specifically marketed as a racing board
riding rapids, at least 36 wide
capacity, 6 thick

How Much Are Paddleboards At Costco

Paddleboards at Costco are some of the most affordable paddleboards you are likely to find. They range between $400 and $1,000 and offer some features that you may expect to pay considerably more for if you are shopping elsewhere.

For instance, while youll pay around $1,000 for the Body Glove Crusader at Costco, you can expect to pay double that if you buy directly from the brand, which makes it clear that shopping at Costco isnt a bad idea at all when it comes to paddleboards.


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Invest In This: A Stand

Advertiser Disclosure: At Slickdeals, we work hard to find the best deals. Some products in our articles are from partners who may provide us with compensation, but this doesnt change our opinions.

Summer is officially here, and theres no better time than the present to get out and explore your local waterway. If you and your kids are seeking an exciting new summertime activity for the beach, lake or riverside, then this stand-up paddleboard from Costco for $599.99 should be on your radar. The Body Glove tandem SUP is available online, and depending on your location, may be available to buy in-store.

Slick Tip: Shipping is free, and you can pick the delivery date, so you wont have to worry about making sure someone is home when your item is delivered.

It sure addresses our storage and transportation concerns. We joined our avid lake-going friends, and they couldnt believe how easy it was to transport, inflate, and enjoy Costco Buyer

Costcos Price And Sale Dates

Body Glove Performer 11? Inflatable Paddle Board  CostcoChaser

*UPDATE* 6/28/22. The Body Glove Performer Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board is on sale at select Costco locations for $319.99through July 3, 2022. That is $80 off Costcos regular price of $389.99. Item #2622052. While supplies last.

I spotted this item at the Covington, Washington Costco but it may not be available or may not be on sale at all Costco locations. Prices may vary by location. When in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

  • Laser engraved foot placement guides
  • Logo embossed EVA traction pad
  • Wider shape offers more stability
  • Innovative tow point connection
  • Carry Handle
  • Thousands of 5.4 knit drop-stitch fibers connect the top and bottom layers of heavy-duty puncture-resistant PVC to create a solid platform when inflated to the recommended PSI.
  • Airframe XT construction is comprised of a unique layering system to make the board lighter and faster while supporting inflation to rock-hard rigidity.
  • Triple-layer stringers above and below the core help resist compression and stretching with shifting weight
  • Triple-layer side rails maximize stiffness.
  • Superior bonded construction

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Wavestorm 58 Retro Fish

This was the one piece of gear I couldnt test out personally because I live a few hours from the nearest beach break. But Wavestorms foamies are low-key icons among surfers who dont care about their egopro surfers have even ridden Pipeline and Mavericks on Wavestorms foam boards. Their Classic is a must-have longboard that marries performance with a crazy budget-friendly price, and the updated Retro Fish applies the same sensibility to a snappier, more performance-oriented ride. At just 58 long, it doesnt have the security-blanket vibe of a longboard, but the wide build adds stability and the 49-liter volume makes the board incredibly buoyant and easy to paddle. The question is, are you cool enough to paddle a foamie from Costco into your favorite lineup?

Costco Stand Up Paddle Boards Overview

We have chosen a variety of paddle boards available at the time of writing this article, which we have analyzed and compared based on several criteria such as materials used, reviews, included accessories, and price.

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What we think about it:

This Costco paddle board is great for beginners who dont use it on a regular basis but rather want to have some fun during family holidays. Its quite light, which makes it easy to carry . Moreover, the Wavestorm board is very stable and this is the obvious highlight of the product can be converted from a paddle board to a kayak.

However, customers have repeatedly reported issues with the excess adhesive on the top of the board that sticks to your feet. Another problem is that the paddles dont float properly, which poses a huge risk. Also, a warranty of 30 days is much less than the average in the industry.

So, while the price for the board is comparably low, you may end up spending much more for several accessories that need to be replaced due to bad quality.

Alternatives we recommend:

If you are looking to get a durable stand-up paddle board that you can occasionally convert into a kayak, consider getting a universal detachable paddle board seat. You can attach it to any high quality stand up paddle board.

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Fishing Body Glove Paddleboards

If youre looking for a Body Glove paddleboard that you can take out for your next catch, the was designed with fishing in mind and includes attachment points for fishing accessories like rod holders, an action camera attachment and bungee storage. The SUPYAKs and pedal-drive SUPYAK models which are described below also make good options for both recreational and serious anglers to use as fishing paddleboards.

Hyperlite Elevation Stand Up Paddleboard Package

Body Glove Performer 11′ Paddle Board SUP from Costco ONLY $399 Review

About Hyperlite:

Hyperlite is very popular in the wakeboarding world. However, the company offers a variety of water sports equipment, including stand-up paddle boards. The Elevation Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is currently exclusively available at Costco.

Kind of SUP: iSUP

Warranty: 90 days 1 year

Hyperlite Elevation Stand Up Paddleboard Package Review


  • one button push air pump
  • wide and stable great for beginners
  • super lightweight and easy to carry
  • lots of hooks to add accessories or tie down anchors etc.


  • scratches easily

What we think about it:

The majority of paddle boarders who have tried this Costco paddle board have had a great time with it. The electric pump that comes with it is a bonus. Keep in mind that you need a car in order to power it . Also, inflating the iSUP takes longer this way than with a manual pump.

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Moreover, several buyers of this product mentioned issues with the fin it either came off too easily or was difficult to put on.

All in all, this is a great inflatable stand-up paddle board for beginners who want to get rid of shaky legs and have a fun time on the water but dont really care about speed.

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Body Glove Paddleboard Comparison

With so many choices on the market and lots of seemingly similar options in paddleboard product design it can be helpful to understand which brand excels at which features and to have guidance on choosing between different brands. This section explores paddleboard comparisons between Body Glove and other stand up paddleboard brands that might have similar offerings.

Education: Get Some!
  • Take a paddling safety course from the American Canoe Association , your local paddling shop or outfitter, or other reputable source.
  • Take a boating safety course from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadrons® or your own states boating agency.
  • Take on-the-water skills training.

Our Favorite Summer Gear At Costco

The store isnt just good for bulk buys or $1.50 hot dog combos. There are some great outdoor deals, too.

Level-up your adventures with the leading backcountry maps and navigation tools..

I have a love/hate relationship with Costco. On the one hand, the big box wholesaler has a crate of mac n cheese on sale for around $19. On the other hand, do I really need 18 boxes of Kraft dinners in my life? This is the paradox of buying in bulk.

Fortunately, Costco is good for more than large tubs of animal crackers. Its also a place where you can get sneaky good deals on gear from reputable brands. We ordered some of the best you can get this summer, from sleeping bags to a recreational kayak that would be a welcome addition to any boaters quiver, and put it all in the field through a month of car camping, lake lounging, and river paddling. Here are four gear deals you should pay attention to.

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How To Inflate A Costco Paddle Board

Inflating your paddle board wont be as complicated as it might sound, as your board will come with its own pump if you buy an inflatable board.

Pumps can vary in style, from hand pumps to electric pumps, but electric pumps are generally fastest and easiest to use, requiring less effort on your part.

Other pumps can be used as well, such as bike pumps and tire pumps however, you will likely have to buy an adapter to get these other pumps to fit the valve of your board.

To inflate your paddle board, follow the instructions that come with your board closely and use the pump provided.

If youre having trouble, you can also check out this video on how to inflate a standup paddle board.

Yoga And Fitness Body Glove Paddleboards

Costco Sale: Body Glove 11

At 10 feet in length and a stable 34 inches in width, the Oasis is the closest Body Glove paddleboard to an inflatable yoga mat. The beautifully patterned deck pad is the full length of the board for good traction while in yoga postures or fitness movements and features innovative and integrated handles at the nose and tail of the board to secure a paddle or hold a water bottle.

I havent seen this feature on other paddleboards and overall the Oasis is the Body Glove paddleboard that is at the top of my wishlist for yoga and fitness boards and my favorite of the Body Glove lineup. The Oasis can easily link to other Oasis models as well as the Kayoga model to secure a fleet together as a floating yoga studio.

The Kayoga is a slightly longer yoga and fitness paddleboard model at 10.5 feet in length and has an action camera attachment, although it also has a little more bungee tie down space for securing gear. The major difference between the Kayoga and Oasis is that the Kayoga is transformable into a kayak by securing on a kayak seat as well as removable footrests on D-ring attachment locations.

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Wide Variety Of Paddleboards

One of the reasons why Costco paddle boards so popularare thatCostco offers a wide array of varieties of paddleboards. They come in different features for various purposes to satisfy the wide range of customer specifications. The prices also vary, but they are mostly on the cheaper side.

The body glove oasis is perfect for yoga as it does not have a carry handle at the center. It also comes set with a pump that allows both single and double pumping. The Waverstorm is very soft as it is made of foam.

Other types include the Body Glove Performer, which is inflatable, and Lifetime Horizon Hardshell, which is made of high-density plastic and has retractable fins and provisions for camera mounting.

The Lifetime Horizon Hardshell is best for moving through river rapids as it is strong, thick, and durable. The Hyperlight Admiral is mostly used on rougher waters, the Hyperlight Alki and Scott Burke.

Are Costco Paddle Boards Good

Generally speaking, Costco is known for stocking high quality items, and paddle boards are definitely on that list. Offering a wide range of boards from entry-level boards to boards designed for more experienced paddlers, Costco sells paddle boards that are sure to satisfy anyone.

Heres a great recommendation for the ULI Lila 10 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, a board recommended for fitness, yoga, and beginners:

And heres a great review for the Hyperlite Elevation 102 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package:

Unfortunately, this board also got a not-so-great review:

One of the most popular beginner inflatable paddle boards available at Costco is their Body Glove Performer 11 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package, which has over 1800 5-star reviews on Heres just one as an example:

We were extra curious to see the reviews for the Scott Burke 106 Atlantic Composite Stand Up Paddle Board which we saw in person at our local Costco, and we were happy to see it getting positive reviews online:

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Drowning Hazards Undeclared Substances And Contamination Are Some Of The Hazards

Louie Rosellatimerupdate

Drowning hazards, undeclared substances and contamination.

These are the reasons behind the recently-announced massive batch of recalls impacting some of Canada’s big-name stores.

Surf 9 LLC is recalling the Body Glove Tandem Inflatable 2-Person Paddleboard sold at a Costco warehouse or on between March 20th, 2022 and July 27th, 2022, due to glue separating at the seams, which can lead to the Inflatable Paddleboard deflating unexpectedly, “posing a drowning hazard,” Costco said in its recall notice.

Surf 9 LLC has received multiple reports of Inflatable Paddleboards deflating unexpectedly.

If you have the Inflatable Paddleboard in your possession, “please immediately stop using it,” Costco said.

You may return the Inflatable Paddleboard to a Costco warehouse to obtain a full refund or, for more information, please contact Surf9 Customer Service at 1-866-6969257 or email

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask you to please pass this information along to anyone to whom the Inflatable Paddleboard may have been given,” Costco added.

Meanwhile, certain Hydrogen Peroxide sold at Dollarama is being recalled to du an undeclared substance the presence of isopropyl alcohol in affected lots.

Lastly, Walmart Canada has confirmed certain Apo-Acyclovir Tablets are under a “health product recall” due to a NDMA impurity.

The affected lot exceeds the concentration limit for N-nitrosodimethylamine :

Competition & Alternative Options

Costco! BodyGlove Porter inflatable kayak and paddle board

There are many many ISUP packages available these days, some of which are cheap and will likely fail when the drop-stitch fibers separate from the top or bottom sheets. However, many of todays ISUPs are very good and competitive. Lets take a closer look at a few alternative ISUP options:

*Editors Update: Right now, the previous generation ISLE Pioneer 106 Paddle Board Package is 50% off while supplies last, bringing the price point competitive with Costcos Body Glove Performer 11 pricing and Body Glove sale pricing. This is a fantastic deal on a super popular beginner iSUP from a quality manufacturer.

Body Glove Cruiser+ Inflatable Paddle Board The closest competitor to the Body Glove Performer 11 is the 106 Body Glove Cruiser+. It has a similar overall construction as the Performer, but it has a more traditional rounded nose and taper thats good for beginners. While it is slightly shorter than the Performer 11 and has 1 less width, the less aggressive taper still gives you plenty of room for yourself and a passenger. Better yet, its price point comes in at $750. The lack of a tow hook is a drawback if you want to tow your SUP.

L.L.Bean Bayside Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Package The new L.L.Bean Bayside ISUP packages come in an 11 option and a 10 option. They both have wide, beginner-friendly tapers with 34 of stable width and 6 of thickness. The 11 is competitively priced at about $649 and the 10 is about $599.

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How To Pick A Good Paddleboard At Costco

Unfortunately, user reviews on Costcos website may not be very helpful for you. Many beginner paddleboard enthusiasts purchase a Costco board, and they may not have much to compare their experience to.

Therefore, youll end up with the reviewers general opinion on paddleboarding, which is likely to be positive, as opposed to a review on a particular paddleboard.

They may also provide incorrect information, like saying that a foam board is better than fiberglass. Heres what you really need to know about the paddleboards typically available at Costco stores:

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