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Bote Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

Differences Between The Breeze & Flood

BOTE Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board | Unboxing and Surf Test

The Flood is an inch narrower than either Breeze option. The Breeze boards are 33 wide and the Flood is 32. The difference here probably wont make too much off a noticeable difference, but the extra width will add some flotation and lateral stability.

One other factor to note is that the Breeze is a lighter weight board, coming in at 20 LBS for the shorter board and 22 LBS for the longer board. The Flood in comparison is heavier at 28 LBS. The difference is because the Breeze uses Botes new UltraAero technology for additional weight savings.

Portable Fun On The Water With Options To Add

Monsoon season is in full effect here in the Southwest. Its been a particularly rainy week. Every day by late morning, the clouds roll in, and the storms come. The dark clouds dump heavy raindrops, with the occasional thunderclap and flash of lighting. The rain feels cleansing and a welcome break from the summer heat, but it also makes me want to get out on the water.

As the rain pours late into the evening, I plan to take the new Bote Rackham Aero Inflatable Paddleboard out the next morning. Its just what I need for the window of clear weather before the afternoon storms.

The following day I wake up early, grab the Rackham Aero in its carrying case, and roll it out to my car. This paddle board comes neatly packed in a case with roller wheels. Its not too heavy, only about 50 pounds when loaded with the paddle, pump, repair kit, and the paddleboard itself. But, wheeling 50 pounds to my car is much easier than carrying it on my back.

Setting this paddleboard up is quick and easy. It inflates with the included hand pump, which looks like a bicycle floor pump. There are two chambers to fill with air. After both chambers are pumped to 15 psi, all thats left to do is attach the removable center fin. After assembling the included three-piece fiberglass SUP paddle, its time to grab a PFD and get paddling.

The Rackham Aero has two shock cord lash points for a PFD, jacket, or anything that isnt already designed to fit on the board.

$1,349 |

Why We Purchased A Bote Stand

Like any new arena me and my family decided to enter into, we jumped in with both feet . We had rented some from a local shop one weekend and we all really enjoyed it. The local shop had two brands for sale BOTE and Yolo. Now at the time, Yolo had become popular , but because paddle board Yoga was becoming increasingly popular in Florida.

I quickly went home and started researching both brands. I also did a quick random search on the web for any other hot brands in this industry. But I kept being drawn back to BOTE. BOTE, headquartered out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida had me at not only the aesthetics and quality, but their unique accessories that really opened the paddle boarding experience to activities like fishing, yoga, and just overall adventure.

So we purchased my wife their new and improved composite HD, and I was able to trade my road bike for a brand new composite Flood. We of course accessorized both boards with the racks, yeti coolers , board bags, paddle bags, and custom adjustable paddles .

It was fantastic! We spent so much time on the water and back channels of the baya few times we had dolphins within 3 feet of us. I did a couple races, we took them with us to visit friends in Florida, and anytime family and friends came to visit we would take them out to experience this new niche all for themselves.

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Warranty And Customer Support

Bote includes a 2 year manufacturers warranty with the Wulf iSUP, but only after it is registered with Bote. The bag, paddle, and other accessories are only warrantied for 90 days from the date of purchase. After purchase, users have a 30 day return period for like-new products returned with all accessories. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee and the cost of shipping. This is a fairly strict warranty and return policy, and the warranty period extends for what I consider to be the minimum brands should be covering their products. You can contact Botes customer service team via web form, website chat, email, or social media.

I Bought The 12′ Core Model

Bote Flood Aero 11 Inflatable Paddle Board

I bought the 12′ Core model which has a full deck pad coverage and makes for a quiet surface for fishing especially when dropping a lure down near the bow. The tracking is solid and even gets better after adding the side bite fins. The speed is decent for a 32″ wide board and handles chop and small swells easily with only minor hull slap. It also provides a little better stability than some of the other Touring/Fishing boards I have used.Pros: Lots of user versatility and options. Holds value over time.Cons: Pricey

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Bte Hd Aero Review: Overview

Lets dive right in! This board is available for 2022 in 4 distinct colors plus one specialty design called the Full Trax, which is made for those needing a full length padded deck and integrated velcro paddle holder . Speaking of deck pads, BTEs BVA foam pads are some of the most well designed in the industry. They are just as much works of art as they are functional.

The boards shape is great for stability and its long water line allows for a fairly efficient glide across rivers and lakes. The three fin setup aides in guiding the board, though only the center fin is removable. The board comes pretty well stocked out of the bag. BTE even adds the attachment point for their rack system , and their innovative paddle sheath. As we reviewed the BTE HD Aero, we found that this iSUP checks a lot of boxes.

Note: We paddle A LOT. We take notes nearly every time we are on the water. We try to use these boards throughout the year in a variety of water conditions. We update our reviews when things change or new information surfaces. We dont write quick spec reviews. We do our best to provide an in-depth review of the BTE HD Aero and if you have questions about this board, drop us a line we live for your questions and we are happy to help!

Transporting The Bote Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

The board itself is constructed very well, like I had expected. Better yet, I dont fear it coming into contact with rocks, pavement, etc. The welded seams are solid, its very rigid when inflated and glides through the water. The board itself is also very lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around and carry.

Dont have a truck? No problem, the ability to inflate/deflate at any location, and place back in its carrying bag with ease means you can have a little 2-door car and still bring this with you. The bag itself also allows you to take with you even if you decide to fly somewhere and want to bring it along.

And while there is a place to store the pump, I wish the bag was a little bigger and padded to store the pump inside with the board. Maybe thats me being a little nit-picky, but when traveling it would prevent the pump from possibly getting damaged. The bag does have some nice bungees on the side for securing though.

The paddle is a big upgrade from the Breeze board I bought my mom back in 2016. I like the 3 piece design and the paddle is nice a light versus their older companion. The ability to adjust on the fly means that when we take a kiddo with us, we can easily adjust and let them paddle us around. I also like that it breaks down easily enough to fit inside the bag.

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Bote Sup Review Summary

If you are shopping or researching Bote paddle boards you probably have a sense of the SUP you are looking for but hope we can help seal the deal for you.

Bote builds some of the most impressive paddle boards on the market whether you are shopping rigid or inflatable SUP.

They boards handle extremely well and come with what seem like unlimited features and thoughtfulness of SUP design. If you are looking for an inflatable paddle board for fishing Bote should be at the top of your list with the HD & Rackham models.

Extendable Paddle That Floats

BOTE Paddle Board Review (and some paddle board yoga…)

This BOTE SUP does come with an adjustable paddle as well. Although Its pretty nice, it doesnt feel quite as high-quality as some of the other paddle board paddles that we have used.

The adjustment does work but just feels a little bit more flimsy than some of the other paddleboard paddles.

The paddle does float which is great if you were to drop it in the water, and it floated away. Its not going to sink so you will be able to grab your paddle if you can reach it, so thats good.

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Blackfin Cx Ultra Best Paddle Board For Travel

The Blackfin CX Ultra is iRockers premium compact paddle board. It has a slim profile and is 32.5 inches wide. This gives a good balance between speed and stability. If youre familiar with the regular Blackfin X board the CX is faster in the water but less stable, in comparison.

For my wife, this wasnt an issue. She felt it was plenty stable enough for her, and she loved how quick and nippy it was in the water. The CXs light weight also contributes to its maneuverability.

I personally had high hopes for the Blackfin CX, but when I jumped on board, I found it too unstable . So, this isnt actually unusual for a board of this length given the choice, I usually opt for at least an 11-foot board. If youre tall or have a heavy build, Id recommend a wider board, especially if youre a beginner.

Aesthetically, my wife and I both loved the design of the Blackfin CX. Its also practical: you get two large storage areas and three action mounts for your camera or phone. The deck pad was noticeably thicker and it felt luxuriously soft underfoot.

Like other compact boards, you fold the CX in half before rolling it up. This means it fits in a much smaller backpack. The roll-top backpack design gives you extra storage space, so you can fit in spare clothing or food if youre cycling or hiking with your board. The shoulder straps were comfortable, but I wish the backpack had a waist strap to help take the weight off your shoulders.

Best Bote Paddleboards For 2022

Paddling Buyers Guide

There are companies that sell paddleboards and then there are companies that create and build the coolest designs, put them to the test themselves to find ways to make them better, and continuously re-engineer and improve to offer customers the latest innovations. BOTE belongs firmly in the latter group.

Founded by husband and wife duo Corey and Magda Cooper in Florida in 2009, the BOTE brand was born out of a love for water and the desire to develop paddleboards that contributed to an adventurous lifestyle. BOTE began with one boarda previous version of the Flood modeland has expanded to 12 styles of solid and inflatable standup paddleboards as well as inflatable kayaks, skiffs, floating dock systems and accessories.

In January of 2022 it was announced that BOTE was acquired by Kent Outdoors, strengthening the support and resources available to the brand.

As a paddleboarding enthusiast and instructor, would I paddle BOTE boards myself and recommend them to others? Yes. In fact, thats exactly what I do. Let me share a little more about the BOTE line of paddleboards so you can start to think about if they might be a fit for you or if youd like to check out our other brands in our Best Paddleboards for 2022 article.

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Why We Recommend Bote Sups

With Bote you know you are getting an extremely well designed and built paddle board. They may not be the cheapest SUPs on the market but they are great value for the money you spend on these paddle boards.

The purchase of a Bote paddle board is definitely in an investment is a board that will live a smile on your face every time you paddle it for years.

Bote is truly an American company that is owned and run by a couple that live in Florida and use their products regularly so you know they were designed by people who wanted the best for themselves.

Summary Review Of The Bte Hd Aero

HD Aero 116 Classic Teak Inflatable Paddle Board

BTE makes quality boards and iSUPs. The HD Aero is no exception. Its durable, stable, and comes packed with features and accessories for the price. We really like BTEs attention to detail in the board construction, these boards really look excellent and they have several color options for most any taste. The fishing SUP pedigree is there, but that doesnt relegate this board to only those looking for fishing iSUPs. It really does perform well in the all around category and should be a serious contender for anybody looking for a high quality board with tons of available accessories. Personally we are looking forward to reviewing the rest of the BTE lineup!

As always, have a great time on the water, no matter what board you choose. If you have any questions or comments about this review or feel we missed anything please let us know in the comments below! See you out on the water!

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Construction Of The Bote Hd Aero 116 Inflatable Paddle Board

When you hear the word inflatable, the first thing that comes to mind is just how durable and solid can an inflatable SUP really be? But moments after inflating the Bote HD Aero 116 Paddle Board that quickly becomes an after thought. The HD Aero contains a core of composite drop-stitch fibers connected to the top and bottom layers of its nearly indestructible outer layers of military-grade PVC that turn the HD into a rock solid rigid platform. When you inflate the paddle board to the recommended 10-15 PSI with the included manual pump, these tens of thousands of composite fibers create a stout board rigidity and stable surface that could almost be mistaken as a solid board.

Thanks to the military-grade PVC skin on the HD Aero there is no need to worry scratches and dings as this SUP has withstood being tossed in the back of an ORV, dropped out of the back of it, banged around and scraped with no permanent blemishes.

Bote Paddle Board Review

When it comes to making paddle boards, BOTE stands out to be an incredibly famous company. Itâs well-known to design both rigid and inflatable boards. The company also makes kayaks, inflatable docks, boats, and many water sports accessories.

Their assortment is massive. This guide will review the best Bote paddle boards you can find on the market today. Weâll also give an overview of the entire collection.

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Are Bote Paddle Boards Good

One of the key factors to determining if a paddleboard is a good choice for you is what you plan to use it for. The great thing about Bote is that they will have a board to fit any need. So not only are Bote paddleboards good from a design and construction perspective, but they are sure to have a design that will fit your specific needs.

Key Features Of This 10ft 8 Bote Paddle Board

BOTE BREEZE AERO REVIEW 2022: Lightweight Inflatable Paddle Board For Beginners

The BOTE Boards Breeze SUP is a really attractive-looking board, and I love the patterns that are available some paddle board brands completely overlook this.

I recommend you go check out the store to see what colors they have, as they do tend to change them up quite frequently. The one we have has a really nice floral pattern with flamingos, hammerhead sharks, and all sorts of nice marine life on it.

I read many positive BOTE Board reviews before receiving this one to review so I was very excited to take it out for a paddle and put it to the test.

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Our Analysis And Test Results

The Bote Breeze Aero measures 10 feet, 8 inches in length, is 33 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. It is manufactured with carbon drop-stitch technology making it lighter, stronger, stiffer, and more responsive in a variety of conditions. The military-grade PVC increases durability. It features front cargo space, multiple grab handles, and side-mounted D-rings. The three-quarter length deck pad provides a soft and grippy surface for paddling, sitting, or Yoga posturing. The board weighs in at just 20 pounds when inflated and it is rated to support up to 250 pounds. When packed away with all its accessories, the bag is comfortable to carry for most adults. Along with a great price, all of these aspects contribute to creating a board that is easy to transport, fun to ride, and a great all-around value.

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