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Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour

Snorkel Tour At The Arch – Cabo San Lucas

Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular activities in Los Cabos. No better place to explore the underwater world of Los Cabos at Pelican Rock and Lovers Beach close to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and Lands End for Beginners and Professionals alike. In this nature protected area snorkeling is fantastic with thousands of Colorful Tropical Fish and an incredible abundance of Sea Life. This snorkeling adventure is the very best snorkeling Experience that Los Cabos has to offer, dive into the waters that Jacques Cousteau described with passion the aquarium of the world. On this awesome experience, you will be able to see a great variety of tropical fish, including Mexican Hogfish & Goatfish, Panamanian Sergeant Major, Spotted Porcupine fish, Purple Surgeonfish, Purple Surgeonfish, Angelfish, Balloon fish and many other species of Colorful Tropical Sea Life.Included a 45-minute Glass Bottom Boat Ride to explore the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, the Sea Lions Colony and Lands End.


Soft Drinks and Bottled Water

Additional Beach Time at Lovers Beach or Medano


Other ways of Snorkeling in Los Cabos

Snorkeling Catamaran Tour

Snorkeling Sailing Tour

SUP. Stand up Paddle

Snorkeling on the Beach

Pirate Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

Snorkeling with Sea Lions

Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo National Park

RestrictionsMust climb stair submerged into waterminimum age 6 yearsExpecting MothersHeart, Back or Neck ProblemsOsteoporosisnon swimmers

Snorkeling The Sea Of Cortez Via Boat

One of the most stereotypical tourist things you can do on any Mexican beach vacation is a booze cruise. Now, just like with wine tasting or visiting a brewery, you can do a booze cruise in a classy and responsible way.

Weve done our fair share of them over the years and know how to have fun and be safe, and we know the difference between ecotours in Cabo San Lucas and boat trips that arent meant for kids. We also know the companies that are ethical in their employment and wildlife practices, so only refer people to responsible operators.

How To Get To Lovers Beach

You can only get to Lovers Beach by water taxi/glass bottom boat or by climbing cliffs. Do the water taxi and go very early in the day before it is busy. Bonus: walk up and over the beach to Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean for a contrasting view .

Note: personally we dont think this is one of the best Cabo snorkeling spots, but if you are visiting on a cruise ship and are short on time, this is your best option.

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Explore The Snorkeling Beaches Of Cabo

Sunny, tropical, and virtually bursting with scenic beaches, Cabo San Lucas is one of the worlds most popular vacation destinations but what many dont know is that the area is also home to an incredible array of marine life and stunning underwater landscapes. With the help of a few knowledgeable experts and the proper equipment, snorkeling tours in Cabo San Lucas can be a truly magical experience.

Playa Empacadora Lands End Area

Cabo snorkeling tours with FREE transportation included!

Should we share about our favorite beach? No, we shouldnt, but we will. The Cannery Beach is called such because it lies in front of an old tuna cannery thats long been abandoned. Until recently, there was even a sunken ship just off the shore which made for amazing snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas. Even without the boat, this is still one of the best Cabo snorkeling spots.

Today, the beach is also called Playa Publico and is where the locals go on the weekend. The palapas and boardwalk that once lined the beach are gone following Hurricane Odile, but the beach and rock held strong and are more beautiful than ever.

From puffers to parrot fish, angel fish to octopus, weve seen the most amazing creatures here. And if youre really feeling it, the tide isnt too crazy to be able to swim past the rocks to the next small beach over. You can also scale the rocks to get a view AND a more private beach.

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Best Snorkeling Tour Near Cabo San Lucas & San Jose Del Cabo

Our Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling tour is designed to give you the chance to enjoy the oceanic beauty of Los Cabos and swim alongside some of the regions most amazing marine flora and fauna.

Slip-on your mask and jump in for an unforgettable ocean expedition on our snorkeling tour. Cruise along the picturesque coastline and listen to stories about the impressive attractions at Lands End like the Arch, Lover’s Beach, and the sea lion colony in our exciting speedboats! Admire the fascinating rock formations and landmarks that define Cabo San Lucas. This tour is Los Cabos snorkeling at its finest.

Snorkeling In Cabo San Lucas

The sparkling turquoise Sea of Cortez invite you to explore under the sea surrounding Los Cabos, at Lands End of the Baja California Sur peninsula! Thousands of colorful tropical fish make their home in these crystal clear waters. Moderate water temperatures allow comfortable snorkelling and swimming to nearby white sand beaches.

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Is It Safe To Snorkel In Cabo San Lucas

Yes, it is safe to snorkel in Cabo San Lucas. The water is clean and clear and there are plenty of fish to see. There are also a few coral reefs, which are beautiful to look at.

The town of Cabo San Lucas is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula and is framed by a Pacific Ocean. Despite its reputation as a party town, Cabo has a lot to offer for snorkeling. The best spots to snorkel in this part of the world can be found with the assistance of expert snorkel guides. Playa Santa Maria, a scenic ocean island, looks incredibly romantic in photographs. This expedition is an absolute must if you intend to snorkel at Cabo. The Lands End peninsulas eastern inlet is hidden in Playa Empacador. Playa Empacadora is a popular weekend beach destination for residents. El Arco, in addition to being one of those landmasses, is frequently featured in photographs of Cabo San Lucas. Because it is so remote, the majority of tourists never see it.

Lover’s Beach And Land’s End Snorkeling

Chileno Bay, Best Snorkeling in Cabo! Do This If Traveling To Cabo San Lucas!

Lover’s Beach and Land’s End are some of the most beautiful spots to snorkel in all of Cabo San Lucas. Lover’s Beach, also known as Playa del Amor, is located on the Sea of Cortez side of Land’s End. Upon a snorkeling tour to Lover’s Beach, you’ll enjoy a water taxi ride to this hidden cove where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Here you can enjoy the beauty of both land and sea. Snorkeling tours will only be given on the Sea of Cortez side of Lover’s Beach, as the currents from the Pacific can be dangerous.

For reservations book online or contact us at 888-557-3330 for more information

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Snorkeling Tours In Cabo San Lucas

  • Cabo San Lucas Marine Reserve

The natural rock formations that form the bay of Cabo San Lucas provide a sheltered home for an abundance of amazing fish life. Tropical fish families we can find easily on our snorkel trips include angelfish, parrotfish, butterfly fish and pufferfish just to name a few.

The canyon attracts larger wildlife such as dolphins, mobula rays, turtles, sea lions and even humpback whales! This is not surprising considering Lands End point, just minutes from the snorkel area, is the most southern tip of Baja California Sur where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

Is December A Good Month To Visit Cabo San Lucas

Yes, December is a great time to visit Cabo San Lucas! The weather is beautiful this time of year, with average temperatures in the low to mid 70s. December is also a great month for whale watching, as many humpback whales come to the area to mate and give birth.

During the holiday season and in the winter, December is the most popular month for travel in Cabo San Lucas. Visiting Cabo in December is a great way to spend time with family and friends, to mark a holiday, and to escape the cold weather. It is a good idea to plan ahead of time so you can get the best rates and reservations. With a mild day, you can spend more time outside without getting too much sun. Hiking in the nearby Sierra de la Laguna mountains is a fantastic way to get out on the open road. The whale watching season in our area begins in December. With the exception of a few species, all of the most popular big game species are available for fishing during the month of December.

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East Cape Beach San Jose Del Cabo

Again, do we share this wonderful secret? So, this isnt a beach for snorkeling, but its perfect for walking and enjoying solitude. Located in San Jose del Cabo, you have to feel like youre completely lost to actually get here. Where do you park? Um, I guess on the side of the road close to the Buzzards Bar & Grill .

The coolest thing about East Cape Beach is actually the tide pools. Bare with me and imagine what Im telling you about: picture an enormous drill making huge holes in the flat rocks, some the size of five-gallon buckets and others much larger. Really, the sea life in the tide pools and the beautiful long snail shells youll find are the reason for heading here.

Tip: if East Cape Beach is totally up your alley and you travel to Mexico often, you should check out snorkeling in Huatulco, over on the mainland south of Acapulco. Incredible schools, and a bit on the adventurous side.

Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

Best Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas? Best Tours? An Insider Guide

There are many good reasons why TripAdvisor rated Cabo San Lucas one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico for 2019. Where else can you combine mountain views with a vibrant nightlife and then jump on a boat to watch whales in their natural environment?

But what you choose to do in this versatile city, locally known as Cabo, is entirely up to you. In the region surrounding Cabo, you can do anything from scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean to ziplining over the beautiful landscape of a national park.

Have you ever dreamed of watching whales in their natural environment? Whales are the most magnificent mammals on Earth, and from December to April, you can see them swimming off the coast of Cabo San Lucas.

Winter is the best time to whale watch in Cabo. Every year, approximately 10,000 humpback whales migrate through the Baja California Sur region.

A Cabo San Lucas whale watching tour is the best opportunity you will ever have to get up-close and personal with the largest mammals on the planet.

Dont miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join one of the Cabo San Lucas tours and come face-to-face with Mother Natures most fascinating creatures.

It is in your best interest to carefully research the local conditions and attractions to ensure you get the most out of your stay in Cabo. This guide can help you start that journey of discovery.

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How To Get To Playa Santa Maria

Youll need to have a rental car or ride the public bus to get to Playa Santa Maria. By car, its about ten minutes away from downtown Cabo San Lucas on the way to San Jose del Cabo. You cannot turn directly onto the road to Playa Santa Maria from San Jose del Cabo if youre driving you need to drive past it and then exit the highways and get back on going the opposite direction. Just good to know if youre coming from San Jose vs Cabo San Lucas. Note: if you see a security guard type person hanging out. Feel free to tip him, as hell keep an eye out on your car . .

Our Cabo Snorkeling Tour Is A Must

  • Enjoy an incredible 3-hour catamaran cruise with world-class Cabo snorkeling locations
  • Visit the Arch at Land’s End and the Sea Lion Colony for excellent photo opportunities
  • Snorkel at Chileno Bay and Santa Maria Bay, a protected area
  • Eat and drink your fill with a full domestic open bar and lunch
  • Snorkel equipment is sanitized and cleaned before and after every use

Added Safety Measures in Place


  • Bilingual, professional and certified staff
  • Domestic open bar
  • Transportation to/from the Marina directions will be provided upon tour confirmation
  • Optional gratuities
  • $1 USD port access fee

Please Note

  • We suggest bringing casual attire, comfortable shoes, a camera, a towel, a swimsuit and sunblock
  • Children 4 and younger participate free
  • Bring cash to pay port fee access

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Private Cabo Sailing Trips Include

  • With bilingual, knowledgeable and very accommodating crew.
  • Mexican AppetizersAppetizer size beef burritos, cheese quesadillas, Mexican chicken salad dip, fresh guacamole, salsa and chips. Please let us know if you prefer vegetarian or gluten free and have any food restrictions.
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable PlatterFreshly prepared fruits and vegetables
  • Premium Open BarPremium open bar with Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila, Johnnie Walker Red, Bacardi and Captain Morgan Rum, Absolut Vodka, Pacifico & Corona beer, margaritas, red & white wine, sodas , juices and bottled water.
  • Snorkeling Equipment and Floating DevicesProvided for guests 7 years and older.
  • Life VestsProvided for guests 3 years and older.
  • SightseeingEl Arco , Lovers Beach, Medano Beach, sea lion colony and the magnificent Finisterra Rocky Point where the Pacific Ocean meets the beautiful blue Sea of Cortes.
  • WetsuitsProvided during the winter month for up to 8 guests upon request only for no additional cost.
  • Paddle BoardsTwo paddle boards are included on board the 37 Ave Maria Catamaran, 35┬┤Sea Amore trimaran and 44 Espiritu Santi sailboat upon request only for no additional cost. Paddle boards are subject to weather conditions and are only offered for the 9 AM and 12:30 PM tours. Paddle boards are not permitted for the sunset tours.

Journey To Lands End Arch And Discover Pelican Rock

Cabo Snorkeling – Pelican Rock has lots of fish!

Accessible only by boat, begin your snorkeling adventure on one of our speedboats. Though the Pacific-facing waters of Lands End can be rough and are not ideal for swimming, the waters closer to the bay are a wonderful destination for tourists to explore the underwater world with snorkeling, power snorkeling or diving. One of the top snorkeling destinations in the area is Pelican Rock. Here you can be greeted by a variety of aquatic species including:

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Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is home to 15 dive sites with boats ranging from standard pangas to high end dive yachts. On any of these boats we can do mixed scuba, snorkel tour, whale watching and passengers can come along for the ride.

You wondering when is the best time to visit and dive Cabo San Lucas ? Baja California offers great diving year-round and a huge variety of sea life depending on the season. The best month to visit Cabo San Lucas is whenever you have the time!

In the surrounding areas of Cabo San Lucas, only a day trip away, is Cabo Pulmo National Park and state capital: La Paz.

Cabo Pulmo National Park is a ground-breaking marine reserve with excellent snorkeling and diving.

La Paz is home to a population of whale sharks that dine on microscopic plankton in winter.

During summer you can day trip from Cabo to a world heritage UNESCO paradise Island called Espiritu Santo Island.

San Jose del Cabo has more options to scuba dive, especially for advanced card holders. There is a deep seamount with resident hammerhead sharks for shark lovers craving an adventure!

Playa Santa Maria Los Cabos Tourist Corridor

The beach at Bahia Santa Maria is beautiful and perfect. This is another beach that the locals go to, so the best time to visit is mid-week. This is also great to beat the crowds because its ten minutes out of town and no cruise ship passengers can get to it. Of the many spots for snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, this is one of our favorites due to the quiet setting and great rock outcroppings.

A recent change thats made snorkeling at Playa Santa Maria even better is that now there is a very nice restroom and outdoor shower area. This is ideal for cleaning up the kids after theyve been having a beach day.

Notable fish weve seen here are cowfish, an eagle ray, parrot fish and loads of urchins. If the wind picks up, due to the shape of the bay, the waves can be a bit of a pain, so exercise caution when youre snorkeling here. Really though, this is some of the best snorkeling in Los Cabos.

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Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tours

The Sea of Cortez offers a spectacular setting for Snorkeling and Diving with an incredible variety of species. Our selection of the best Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tours is sure to please the adventurous on every budget.

Whether youre looking for a Private Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour or wish to meet new people aboard one of our many public tours, youre sure to leave fulfilled. With excellent weather all year round, Los Cabos is the perfect place to hit the water and discover the underwater world.

Our tours take you to the tranquil bays of Chileno Bay and Santa Maria Bay, which offer calm waters and excellent snorkeling opportunities. Whether you book our Private Yacht Charters, Large Party Vessels, Breakfast Snorkeling Tours, Kayak Snorkel Tours, WaveRunner Snorkeling Tours or even Beach Hopper Tours, youre sure to come away with memories of a lifetime.

Ease yourself into the waters of the Sea of Cortez and check out the amazing underwater world that lies beneath the surface. With such an incredible variety of sea life, youll love our selection of the best snorkeling tours in Los Cabos.

With so many options to choose from, were sure you will be able to find the perfect Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tours for your group.

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