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Costco Stand Up Paddle Board

Costco Wavestorm Paddle Board Review: Epic Board Or Rip Off

Body Glove Inflatable Standup Paddle board review (from Costco)

You may have heard about Wavestorm from the last time you went to get yourself a soft-top surfboard. Wavestorm is becoming quite popular in watersports gear since they started in 2006.

They have swept the nation in terms of popularity. The biggest reason is their method of making sure they are seen everywhere. They are mass-manufactured, affordable, and can be found even in online retail stores like Amazon.

Their fame came to rise with their surfboards that were labeled as the best beginner board. Not long after, they came up with their version of paddleboards.

Was their success with paddleboards as bright as what they have achieved with their surfboards? Lets find out as we put their paddleboards out of the shadows.

Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler

The Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler is perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. This cooler features Deep Freeze insulation to keep your food and drinks cold, plus a radiant-heat barrier.

The Ultra Safe lining is leak-proof and easy to clean, and the exterior is water and stain repellent. Plus, the built-in wheels make it easy to transport. So grab one before your next outdoor adventure. At $12 off until June 25, this cooler is a steal.

Pro tip: Many items sold at Costco are more expensive online and do not ship free. If you prefer buying online, check out these ,

Reasons Why Costco Paddle Boards Are So Popular

As we know, Costco offers a wide variety of paddle boards that comes with different and unique features. Costco being the first-ever company to get paddle boards in the market, uses innovative technology. Here are some reasons why Costco Paddle boards have gained popularity in the industry.

  • You will get many discounted cards
  • There are many options to upgrade the membership
  • Costco also provides a meditation environment
  • The company offers a low impact workout

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Q: Any Caring Tips For Wavestorm Paddleboards

As with any paddleboards, proper care is the secret to making it last. Have them rinsed with fresh water after every ride to keep away dirt, grime, and sand. Those three are the main culprits causing deterioration in a lot of paddleboards. Wipe the freshwater off with a soft cloth or allow to air dry in a shady place.

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Looking For A Costco Paddle Board


You may not even be able to find this board anymore at Costco. Each year they change their line and brings in a whole new line of boards. This can get frustrating at times, but that is just how it is. We hope to keep up on this and bring you further SUP Board reviews on other boards as we get them and try them ourselves.

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Hotshot 22 Wood Burning Fire Pit

Want to spruce up your outdoor space this summer? The HotShot 22″ Wood Burning Fire Pit is the perfect addition to any backyard.

This fire pit features stainless-steel construction and patented technology that reduces smoke. It also includes a base, spark screen, grill attachment, and handle tool.

So gather your friends and family around the fire this summer and enjoy some quality time together. At $50 off until June 19, don’t wait to get your hands on it.

My Additional Thoughts On The Sup:

All things said and done, for the money, this is a fantastic board if you are just starting out or you desire a basic board that anyone could borrow or use on a whim. You will not have to fret about anyone damaging it like a pricey fiberglass board and it is a great starter board for any individual.

That being said, if you are planning to paddle around in the sea or open ocean, I would not recommend this board. I know it can be done, however, I would like a much longer, narrower board for the ocean, possibly a fiberglass board. Also, for surfing, I would certainly want something with a quicker response time that could turn hard and fast. This is a little on the slow side in regards to turning fast.

This board is developed for open, calm water paddling for anyone that is a beginner to intermediate. For anything more than that, I would certainly go after a higher performance board that will typically cost a lot more. We have all type of reviews on other boards that are more performance based that you might want to check out.

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Alternatives To Costco Boards

The SereneLife boards on Amazon are quite popular at a really good price. You may find ordering one year-round more convenient than waiting on Costco to restock.


Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Q: What Do I Need To Know To Learn How To Paddleboard

Costco HyperLite Elevation 102 Stand up paddleboard Unboxing | Setup | Review

As a beginner, you must first find yourself the calmest water possible to get your feel of proper balancing. It can sure be tempting to go right ahead and jump straight to the waves but, it might lead you to frustration and discourage you from learning.

The waters must be deep enough for your fins not to hit them. Position yourself to the center of the board and start by getting to both of your knees. Start paddling here and there as if syncing your body with the board as you move. Carefully stand up one foot at a time. Once you are up, have your shoulders width apart with your feet facing parallel to the stringers. Bend those knees to some extent that is enough to keep your balance.

Now that you are up, keep in mind about the two basic strokes in paddling: forward and sweep stroke. Your top hand is for driving and your bottom hand is for angling the paddle. Follow your dexterity so that paddling will feel natural for you.

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Costcos Wavestorm Stand Up Paddle Board Review

If you have ever been to Costco in the spring or summer time, than you have probably seen their paddle board packages as you enter the store. The one in question that I always saw at the stores was the Wavestorm SUP package. The main question I always wanted to know was are they really any good considering they are only $399 or sometimes less.Let me give you my personal discovery as I went and bought one a year ago.

Wavestorm Paddle Board Specs and Details:

  • Weight capacity: Up to 250lbs / 113kgs
  • Internal Traction Pad
  • Strong EPS core with 3 x Marine-ply stringers Water Barrier Skin
  • Top Deck with Patented GFT
  • High Density HDPE slick bottom skin
  • Built in fin box with removable 9 OA Flat water fin
  • High quality Polyurethane leash
  • Adjustable paddle included
  • Soft Protective Board Sock

I had first noticed that my best friend had already purchased a new Costco paddleboard so I asked him if I could borrow it to see if it was worth purchasing. Right away I liked the fact that it was fairly light and soft so it was easy to pack around and durable if it got hit by anything VS a fiberglass board that I would be concerned about dinging.

For starters, I have a short box pickup truck and it fit nicely in the bed of my truck. I then took it out to our local lake and jumped right on. It wasnt to hard to stay balanced as the board has really good buoyancy and is fairly wide. You would really have to lean from one side to the other to fall off.

Costco Stand Up Paddle Board

Costco is one of the leading retail stores in the United States. They sell a wide variety of items, including a stand-up paddle board. The paddle board is a great way to get out and enjoy the water. It is also a great way to stay in shape.

Every spring, Costco carries a wide range of paddleboards for purchase. At Costco, the boards are comparable to those sold at other stores. It can also be purchased with a four-person inflatable. If you want to find a good cheap paddle board, make sure to check out Are Cheap Proboards worth Their Price? Costcos entry-level budget board is known as the Wavestorm brand. There will be damage to the board if an expansion of styrofoam is placed in the top or bottom skin, which acts like a wick. You can find an electric compressor with three boards and no overheating on Outdoor Masters Shark model.

The base of the board is a fantastic example. Furthermore, there are some inaccurate statistics for the board. This bike does not have a beginner paddle platform for riders weighing more than 195 pounds. If you weigh less than 195 pounds, it is an excellent introduction to the sport of windsurfing. Wavestorm behaves more like a solid board than an inflated vehicle. The added rigidity will make it much more cost-effective to try new things like surfing or yoga, in addition to getting into those activities. Furthermore, the board is very thick, measuring 7.5 inches, which will put strain on the joints during Yoga exercises.

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Paragon Santa Monica Aluminum Gazebo

If youd like to create a backyard oasis that you can enjoy all year long, check out the Santa Monica Hard-Top Gazebo.

Made of heavy-gauge, weather-resistant aluminum, the gazebo features a rust-free aluminum composite roof with a reinforced polyethylene core. The multi-layers help reduce noise from rain.

At $60 off the regular price until June 12, its an excellent price. Create your own backyard oasis today with the Santa Monica Hard-Top Gazebo.

Costco Paddle Boards Reviews


Whenever spring is around the corner, Costco adds paddle boards in their stock for people who are willing to get into this adventure sport.

Do not worry In the rest of this post I will review Costcos paddle boards and tell you everything you need to know whether you are a beginner or experienced paddle boarder.

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Buyers Love This Paddle Board/kayak Thats Easy To Transport

Inflatable SUPs make are easy to travel with, as well as store when not in use. Costco buyers who purchased and used the board were excited about the versatility of this watersports equipment.One member who bought the paddleboard shared, This tandem is exactly what we were looking for. It sure addresses our storage and transportation concerns. We joined our avid lake-going friends, and they couldnt believe how easy it was to transport, inflate, and enjoy.Another buyer who scored one commented, As a kayak, it is really easy and seems to go very straight. Our kids could ride along. Its awesome in so many ways and on so many levels.

Other Helpful Resources On This Site

If you are new to paddleboarding, you should start with my easy to read and thorough Beginners Guide to Paddle Boarding with video, images and some startup equipment recommendations.

You may enjoy learning about fishing from your paddle board and how to set it up properly.

Once youve gained some experience, try the challenging but physically rewarding practice of paddle board yoga.

Advanced boarders can read all about surfing with a standup paddle board here with helpful videos and specific board types better for surfing.

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Love To Paddle Board And Kayak Costco Has You Covered

This watercraft equipment also allows paddleboarders to transform it into a kayak. So theres no need to have to buy a SUP and a kayak because, with this tandem inflatable board, youll have both. The board comes with two paddles, two kayak paddle attachments and two kayak seats, so youll be able to enjoy the water and switch between the two instantaneously.Key features of this model include:

  • 15 feet of room for at least two people to paddleboard
  • PVC construction throughout the board making it durable for all your water activities
  • Includes all accessories for tandem paddleboarding and kayaking
  • An action camera mount so you can record and take pictures of all your adventures on the water
  • A storage bag to hold your keys, phone, etc. while youre out on the water
  • A repair kit to fix small dings and dents

Check Price at Costco

If not a member yet, join Costco now to take advantage of their great discounts and more, both in-store and online.Another benefit of being a Costco member: If youre not satisfied with your watersports equipment, theres no need to worry because you can return it to any Costco warehouse, or you can handle the return through Next:

I Purchased The Jimmy Styks

2021 Bodyglove stand up paddle board SUP performer 11 from Costco walk through !!!


I purchased the Jimmy styks Monsoon inflatable paddle board at Costco in the spring of 2017. They don’t sell it anymore so it’s probably pointless to leave a review but I’m curious if others have had the same issues I’m having. I used it last summer and this summer and I love the board however its falling apart. Toward the end of last summer a couple of the foam ridges on the deck pad started to peel back and curl up. This summer many more of them started to peel and curl. It’s only a matter of time before they come off completely. The bag to carry the board in started falling apart after just 3- 4 uses. Also, the 3 piece paddle is great and convenient but the red locking mechanism that holds the top and middle pieces together started falling out at the beginning of this summer. It was a pain but I put it back in and made it work. About a month ago the red piece fell out while I was paddling and fell into the lake so now my paddle is being held together by duct tape. I submitted my issues to customer service through the Jimmy Styks website twice but never heard back. I expect it to hold up better than it has after only a few months of use. I can only use it 3 months of the year where I live so it wasn’t used very much before it started falling apart.

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Accessories For Wavestorm Paddleboards

Wavestorm paddleboards usually come in packages that include:

  • The paddleboard itself
  • Aluminum adjustable paddle

But, there are also other accessories that you can include to enhance your paddleboarding experience.

Expedition SUP Paddle An ultra-lightweight and flexible paddle that has polypropylene blade channeled with a durable alloy shaft. The blade shape design allows for an increase in the effectiveness of paddling.

Kids SUP Paddle Formed out of a central foam core, Kids SUP Paddle is light in the waters and is easy to use. The handle can be adjusted up to 63 in length.

Wavestorm SUP Board Sock Made of knitted material to protect your SUP, particularly those with sizes 96 and 106.

Performance Surfing SUP Fin Improved turning and maneuvering are the focus of this fins template. Can be used for kids 8 and adults 96 and 106.

Costco Paddle Board Is It Worth It

To sum it up: Whether or not a Costco paddle board is worth it really depends on what you are looking for in a SUP session. One thing you should always remember is: You get what you pay for.

Do you have any questions or feedback? Or do you just want to say hi to a fellow paddle boarding enthusiast? Send me a message!

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Costcos Price And Sale Dates

*UPDATE* 7/2/22. The Scott Burke Stand Up Paddle Board Kayak Hybrid is on sale at select Costco locations for $299.99, now through July 3, 2022. That is $90 off Costcos new regular price of $389.99. Item #2622201. While supplies last.

I spotted this item at the Covington, Washington Costco but it may not be available or may not be on sale at all Costco locations. Prices may vary by location. When in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

  • Heat laminated high density 100% waterproof lightweight EPS Foam Core
  • Dual bungee straps built into deck
  • 3 Multi-layered resin coated laminated wood stringers for durability and structure
  • HD Polyethylene slick hard bottom
  • IXPE/XPE deck skin
  • Wedged traction pad attached for better grip
  • Center inset carry handle
  • Built-in ring hooks to attach seat
  • Attachable EVA foam kayak seat
  • Paddle holder to rest paddle when not using
  • Fishing rod mount to hold fishing pole when not using
  • Universal camera mount at nose
  • One 9 fiberglass center fin
  • Protective tail cap

Avoid Cheap Paddle Board Accessories

Confessions of a Gear Geek: Wavestorm 9


  • What is the paddle made of ?
  • How much does the paddle weigh?
  • How packable is the paddle?
  • Can the paddle be modified? Some paddle allow you to adapt your paddle into a dual-bladed kayak paddle.


  • Can the material the bags made of withstand sunlight, sea water, and sand?
  • Are the straps easily adjustable and comfortable?
  • Is the back padded? Easily overlooked for someone not familiar with carrying a SUP, but it makes all the difference for a walk down to the waters edge.
  • Does the bag have wheels? Some SUP bags have wheels making it even easier to roll it down to your vehicle and the water.
  • Are there any additional storage areas in the bag for things you might want to leave behind or keep dry?

Air Pump

  • How efficient is the air pump? Some air pumps have multiple chambers allowing you to inflate your SUP faster and easier on the up and down stroke.
  • Is there an air pressure gauge so you know what PSI youre inflating your SUP too?
  • Can you control the amount of pressure from your air pump? Some pumps allow you to adjust how much pressure is coming out so you can precisely inflate your board.
  • Is the air pump durable? Make sure it looks and feels sturdy. You want a solid handle that moves up and down seamlessly with little lateral movement.


Be sure to check out what additional features the SUP package offers like comfortable handles front and rear, deck rigging, go pro mounts, d-rings to attach gear such as adaptable kayak seats, coolers, deck bags, etc.

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