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Drive On Jet Ski Docks

Jet Ski Boat Lifts And Drive On Ramps

JetSlide – Drive-on Boat, Jet Ski, and PWC Dock
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Jet Ski Lifts, Jet Ski Drive on & Shore Ramps are offered at Dock Accents in a variety of styles to meet your watercraft needs.

Jet Ski Lifts

Dock Accents offers a variety of Jet Ski Products. Our Jet Ski Lifts are easily installed on most piers or bulkheads and can be flush mounted if needed. Aluminum bunks with U.V. resistant vinyl are standard and are adjustable to fit a variety of boats. The track is 10 long and provides up to 7 of travel on four poly rollers for long life. Other track lengths up to 20 are also available. Rotational kits to convert your standard lift to a swinger lift are also available for 950 lb. to 1500 lb. PWC Lifts.

Jet Ski Drive on Ramps

Jet Ski Drive-On-Ramps are available in 3 different styles: Jet T Jet T Ultra and the Retreat. These quality Jet Ski Drive on Ramps add to the enjoyment of your personal watercraft. Featuring our secure attachment and trouble-free operation, it is easy to pull up on the Jet Ski ramp and just walk away. To blast off, just sit back and push off. its that easy to get out on the water.

Jet T Jet Ski Drive on Ramp

  • 93 x 59 x 9 H
  • Approx. 1000 lbs Working Capacity
  • Non-skid surface
  • Use standard 4 PVC Pipe for Easy Mounting
  • Mounting Kit included
  • Recommended for 1-2 seater Jet Skis

Jet T Ultra Jet Ski Drive-on Ramp

Retreat Jet Ski Drive on Ramp

Roll N Go Shore Ramps

Roll N Go Shore Ramps are a great option for launching and accessing your Jet Ski or PWC from a beach or shoreline.

Benefits Of Ez Dock Pwc Ports

As one of the top floating dock manufacturers globally, we want to ensure PWC enthusiasts have the best PWC ports on the market. EZ Dock revolutionized docking and launching with the creation of EZ Port, the original, cutting-edge drive-on and push-off port. When you choose EZ Dock PWC floating docks, you can expect a number of distinct benefits to improve your overall experience on the water:

Looking For Jet Ski Docks Floating Boat Dock Or Kayak Launch offers various dry docking systems that add the convenience of putting your watercraft in and out of the water. The time saved from launching your watercraft can be used for enjoying the water. Our watercraft dry docking systems help protect watercraft from moisture damage by lifting your personal watercraft out of the water. The Roll-N-Ride docking systems also allow protection from wind and wave action. Here you will find the best in docking systems available. And, we are always ready to answer your questions to ensure that you have exactly the right product to fit your needs.

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Safe And Easy Loading And Launching

ShorePorts modular, rotationally molded construction means it’s virtually maintenance-free. ShorePort can be attached to nearly any floating dock system, and ShorePort works great with any standing or wheel-in style dock system. Position the ShorePort Waverunner dock alongside or perpendicular to your dock system for quick and convenient access to your jet ski or wave runner.

How To Build A Jet Ski Dock

Drive On Jet Ski Floating Dock / Hydrohoist Launches Hydroport Epic ...

Its a common knowledge that you cant store a jet ski in the water, as it could damage it in several ways.

Therefore, if you want to keep your jet ski close to the water you will need a special storage device for it.

Although you can find many floating jet ski docks and even good quality PWC lift systems on the market, if you like building things you may want to consider building a custom jet ski dock based on your needs.

Building your own dock could be an exciting project, thats why you see a lot of DIY jet ski docks on the water.

For your convenience, we at JetDrift have included the best cheap jet ski dock ideas into this post, with a step-by-step building guide!

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Our Pwc Lifts Are Designed For Portability

Traditional electronic and metal PWC lifts cannot be removed from the water easily and require expensive tools and manpower. They are designed to stay in the water, which can cause extra wear and tear, as well as negatively impact marine life. Jet Dockâs PWC and jet ski lifts are designed to be portable, allowing you to easily transport your PWC and floating PWC lift in the off-season to indoor storage. Uninstalling your jet ski dock is simple, and will help prolong the life of your Jet Dock and PWC.

Apex Series Jet Ski Docks

The Apex Series of PWC Ports are the newest generation, and both the simplest and biggest Drive On/Roll Off jet ski docks available. RotoMolded with foam filled and packed with features such as soft urethane wheels that can be relocated and changed to fit your needs. The Apex A5 and A6 are 2 ft longer to for larger PWC and Jet Skis.

The Apex Sport is robust in features but smaller in size, ideal for small watercraft like the Sea-Doo Spark series, the Yamaha EX series and stand-up jet skis.

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Quick And Convenient Docking

ShorePort is the most convenient way to dry-dock a jet ski. Docking your jet ski is as easy as driving it: a gentle flick of the throttle is all it takes to dock your jet ski. When youre ready to go out on the water again, simply slide your jet ski off of the dock. In addition to being easy to use and safe for your craft, its also safe for you to use: the textured, slip-resistant surface means that you can walk without fear and get on the water faster. Protecting your investment has never been so easy, safe, and reliable.

Other Factors To Consider

PWC Dock – Wheely Dock LS – Jet Ski Float – carolinafloats

Here are some other important factors to consider before you push your DIY jet ski dock into the water.

Water fluctuation: If your dock floats on top of the water you dont have to worry about water fluctuation.

But if you want to mount your construction to a fixed pier, seawall, or the shore this could be an issue for you.

If your jet ski is stored in a tidal zone or you have to face water fluctuation for any other reason, you may want to attach it to a tide riser system.

Security: Lets face it, storing jet skis on docks and lifts always means a higher risk compared to lockable garages. Make sure to pay attention to the security and its also highly recommended that you insure your jet ski.

Maintenance: Maintenance of jet ski docks is often overlooked. Dont forget to inspect and maintain your dock regularly, especially if it features rollers and a winch.

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How Do You Install A Floating Jet Ski Dock

To install a floating jet ski dock, youll need a special installation kit. Sometimes these kits come with the dock or must be purchased separately. You can install a floating jet ski dock into a complete floating dock system, or attach it to regular docks or sea walls. If these are not options, floating docks can be moored into the bottom with special pipes, known as auger pipes or pier pipes.

You can see the whole installation process in this video:

Jet Ski Drive On Floating Platform

Jet Ski Floating Platforms in Rotomolded Polyethylene

Jetport floating platform for jet skis is available in 2 sizes: 150x400cm and 200x400cm and is ideal for mantein the jet ski totally out of the water. The system is very simple: IT IS A DRIVE ON DOCK IN A SINGLE MOLD MADE IN ROTATIONAL POLYETHYLENE, VERY RESISTANT AND SELF-SUPPORTING and can be anchored to a quay or a classic floating pier, or even anchor it “stand alone”.

It does not require anything else, the platform is yet complete. However, it can be combined with other platforms, as well as connected to existing pontoons, both of the type we pourpose , and to floating pontoons or fixed docks in concrete too. In fact, we have special connectors that allow this kind of coupling.

Our Jet Ski Drive on floating platform can be anchored with dead bodies, by passing the rope or chain suitably covered with cloth rubber in the 2 slots in the mold of the platform, or by special anchoring kit fixed to the catenary or on poles.

Placing your jet ski on JetPort Platform will be very simple: just a shot of gas and drive on your jet ski on the platform! Your Jet Ski is totally lifted out of the water with a simple gas stroke.

The floating platform for jet skis has side rollers and they can be positioned in three different accommodations, so as to better conform and adapt to thejet ski’s keel in your possession, whatever model and brand it is!

Universal Platform

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Jet Ski Docks And Pwc Lifts

When stored in the water, PWC and jet ski hulls can suffer from delamination and intake fouling. With Jet Dock’s floating jet ski docks and PWC lifts, you’ll save your craft from undue wear and tear and improve ease of use.

Conventional, mechanical boat lift devices are difficult to adapt to personal watercraft. Jet Dock’s floating PWC lifts solve problems associated with boarding, launching and dry-docking your PWC. Jet Dock is the leader in floating PWC lift and jet ski dock options due to our innovative and customizable solutions. Explore the advantages of our jet ski docks and PWC lifts below.

No Special Tools Required For Installing Your Jet Dock

ShorePort PWC Port

The floating PWC lifts and jet ski docks from Jet Dock are easy to install with simple cleats and connectors, which donât require any special tools. Our PWC and floating jet ski lifts provide you with everything you need to quickly install and enjoy.

No floating PWC and jet ski dock on the market today can deliver the benefits of a Jet Dock. Personal watercrafts aren’t intended to be stored in the water forever. Keep them dry with PWC docks or jet ski lifts from Jet Dock!

Contact a knowledgeable Jet Dock representative today to start the journey to more fun and time on the water.

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Why Do I Need A Jet Ski Dock

There are two major advantages that makes a jet ski dock appealing to riders. The first advantage is convenience. Our Jet Ski docks use drive on and roll off docking technology that makes it simple to take your personal watercraft in and out of the water. Our Jet Ski lifts feature a smooth and hassle-free docking and launching experience so you can enjoy much more riding, with much less effort. Our jet ski docks are always ready to use regardless of water level and are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. When docking on a Dock Boxes Unlimited Jet Ski Dock, you can expect an easy to use, seamless experience for yourself or your visitors. By leaving enough space on our PWC platforms, riders can get on and off of the lift just as easily.

The second advantage is protection. Our selection of premium drive-on Jet Ski docks and PWC lifts are designed to keep your investments safe. When you dock jet skis on one of our lifts, they will stay dry and out of the water when they arent in use. While watercraft are meant to be used in the water, they arent meant to be stored in the water. Instead, keep your jet skis dry and protected with a PWC platform or jet ski dock. Constructed of an ultra-tough polyethylene and molded in tie down loops, our jet ski docks are durable, safe and the perfect choice for the water sports enthusiast. Gain peace of mind know your jet ski or waverunner is still protected no matter how the tide is turning.

How Much Does A Jet Ski Dock Cost

Floating jet ski docks cost around $1,000-$1,500 depending on the make and the model. As you already know, there are two types of docks. The cheapest jet ski docks are the slider models which only feature rails instead of rollers, as these costs around $1,000, while a wheely type jet ski dock costs around $1,200-$1,500.

When shopping around for a dock, dont forget the additional costs like delivery, installation kits, bow-stop or other additions.

Are you considering buying a floating dock? Lets move on and take a look at the best jet ski docks on the market!

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Jet Ski Docks / Pwc Ports

HomeJet Ski Docks

Wave Armor jet ski lifts are RotoMolded and filled with a foam core for maximum performance and durability. Tough and virtually unsinkable, Wave Armor PWC Ports are designed with the jet ski enthusiast in mind. Thanks to their unique design, we believe Wave Armor docks are the most convenient drive on, roll of PWC port on the market today. As Tampa Bays preferred Wave Armor dealer, we’re sure that you will be thrilled with your new Wave Armor floating jet ski dock.

Call Us today for a free estimate at .

Check Out Our Pwc Or Waverunner Lifts For Sale

DIY Jet Ski docking system under $200

If youre looking for a drive-on WaveRunner dock or PWC lifts for sale, EZ Dock offers several choices to accommodate both large and small PWCs. Our modular configurations work with WaveRunners, Sea-Doos, Jet Skis, and many other PWC brands meaning that if you have a personal watercraft, EZ Dock has a docking solution for you!

Learn more about EZ Ports with our brochure that features completed projects, design capabilities and more. Easily email to yourself or send to a friend.

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Shoremaster Shoreport Floating Drive

The ShorePort 1150 lb capacity drive-on Jet Ski Dock for PWC’s offers convenient on water storage for your personal watercraft. These heavy-duty platforms from ShoreMaster are the best floating PWC docks on the market today. There is no easier way to park and store your PWC on the water than this floating lift system. With multiple mooring/attaching options, these units can be mounted to almost any type of dock system and they fit a large variety of PWC’s. They can also be connected side by side which is why they have become so popular at locations that rent PWC’s or customers that have multiple jet skis


  • Standard 1,150 lb weight capacity
  • Non-marking adjustable Keel Rollers for smooth entry and exit while protecting your PWC’s hull
  • Textured walking surface provides safe access to your PWC
  • Hydrophobic Vent allows trapped air to vent while preventing water from entering ShorePort due to fluctuating water temperatures and air temperatures
  • Cupped front helps position your PWC on the ShorePort
  • Smooth and easy drive-on & roll-off design
  • 8″ Tie-down cleat for easy & secure long term storage
  • Variety of anchoring options to suit nearly any installation


How Can You Choose The Right Drive

While the choice is straightforward for jet skis, boat drive-on docks are trickier. Drive-on docks are generally composed of floating cubes, one entry support element , multiple central support elements , and possibly a bow support element. The dock needs to fit the length of the boat. Although inexpensive overall, the price can vary according to its complexity and comfort. Here are a few key technical factors:

  • The roller on the entry support, despite being essential, is rarely present on the drive-on docks found on the market. It makes leaving the water easier and greatly reduces friction when loading onto the dock.
  • Rollers on the central supports are less common. The number of rollers significantly influences the durability of your dock and how well your boats hull is protected. Also, the more rolls your dock has, the more comfortable youll find it to use.
  • Boatlifts are not strictly speaking drive-on docks. A boatlift is a mechanical system that lifts the boat out of the water, greatly reducing friction on the hull. Boatlifts are also suitable for large boats. However, they cost around 20,000, which is much more than a modular boat drive-on dock.

Note that few brands offer drive-on docks with one or more rollers on every support element. Also, some brands offer drive-on docks with a central junction. These junctions create friction on the boat hull and should be avoided wherever possible.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Jet Ski Dock

You want a jet ski dock that all riders will be able to use. Our floating jet ski docks are designed to easily guide your Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or Waverunner onto the PWC using dove tail guides and rollers. A Jet Ski dock from Dock Boxes Unlimited comes highly recommended for both function and form. If you would like to read more about jet ski docks, check out the following links. To view our selection of jet ski lifts, click here.

How Much Does A Boat Or Jet Ski Drive

HydroHoist PWC Jet Ski Lifts

The price of a drive-on dock or launching system varies depending on its size, the quality of its materials, and the number of rollers.

Drive-on docks with a single roller on the entry support element can already be found at prices ranging from 3,000. For boat drive-on docks with a high number of rollers on both the entry support and the central supports, prices can range up to 8,000. Finally, for a high-quality boatlift, you should expect to pay more than 20,000.

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Floating Docking System For Wave Runners

Floating Jet Ski lifts allow you to store you PWC on the water without worrying about the additional maintenance caused from storage in the water. Beyond protecting the hull of your PWC from unnecessary wear and tear a Wave Armor floating Jet Ski lift will increase the ease of using your PWC. With its drive-on/roll-off design there couldnt be an easier way to store and access your PWC.

Most boat lifts are mechanical and cannot be effectively modified to accommodate PWCs, the Wave Armor floating Jet Ski lift effectively matches, and surpasses, the features of a traditional lift. There is no mechanism, winch, or air-lift to operate simplifying the process of dry docking your PWC. All thats necessary to dock is to drive the PWC onto the buoyant and stable platform of the Wave Armor Wave Port that adequately accommodates your PWC.

Traditional lifts are metal and require some sort of electronic or man power assistance. They also are fixed structures increasing the wear it receives and potentially impacting the aquatic life of the area. The easy drive-on/roll-off design of Wave Armors floating Jet Ski lift eliminates any operational steps to lift your PWC from the long-term effects of being housed in the water. Furthermore, the Wave Ports can be removed from the water easily.

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