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Ez Dock Kayak Launch For Sale

When To Use Ez Launch Residential

EZ Dock – EZ Kayak Launch

The EZ Launch can be used with nearly any residential dock. If you have kayaks or canoes you want to launch from your dock safely, EZ Launch is for you. EZ Launch is also beneficial for launching kayaks in bodies of water where the water level fluctuates. Because our launching system floats, it rises and falls with the water level, further simplifying the launch process.

Whether youre looking for a simpler way to launch your kayak or a more accessible way to access the water, contact EZ Dock for custom docking solutions that fit all your needs.

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Where Pride And Experience Converge

From the early days, we desired to build great products and offer high-quality experiences for our clients. Our passion continues to this day, and you will see it in our products. We love to create, and we would like to be your partner on your next project. If our values match yours, then contact us.

Our corporate philosophy is simple:Craftsmanship + Quality Materials + Experience = Happy Customers

As an experienced aluminum boat dock manufacturer, BoardSafe designs floating commercial and residential docks, gangways, piers, and other custom dock components, to customer specifications. BoardSafe takes great pride in manufacturing boat docks and boat dock components that are environmentally-friendly, extremely safe, require minimal maintenance, retain their strong structural integrity, and fully comply with ADA regulations when required. And, of course, all BoardSafe products are manufactured in the USA.

Management has over 30 years of high-end construction experience, and their expertise and attention to detail have made BoardSafe a trusted aluminum dock provider for high-profile marinas, rowing centers, and other projects.

Review our website to see the list of our standard products and contact us below or call 610.899.0286 to discuss your needs.

Safety Tips For Using The Ez Kayak Launch

While it is easy to use, safety is still important to consider when using our kayak launch dock system. Because the kayak launch becomes part of your floating dock, you should keep dock safety in mind when using this component. Here are some safety tips to follow when using EZ Launch Residential with your floating dock:

  • Keep the dock and launch free of hazards: All docking systems and related parts should be kept clear of potential hazards. Equipment, ropes and other obstacles laying on the dock or launch can easily become tripping hazards.
  • Ensure proper connection: When installing the kayak launch for docks, ensuring a proper connection between the launch and dock is crucial to safe use.
  • Add accessories as needed: Accessories like handrails and skid bunks can further add to the safe use of EZ Launch. Consider adding them for more accessibility and safety.

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Floating Kayak Dock Features:

  • Integrated paddle notches make launching and docking safe and easy while keeping paddles secure as users are getting in or out of their craft.
  • One-piece floating construction rises and falls with fluctuating water levels making it easier for all users to access the dock and the water.
  • V-shaped entry centers your vessel for a consistent, confident launch.
  • Seamless connections and easy installation enable you to connect the launch to any standard floating or traditional fixed dock.
  • Wider format allows you to launch kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards.

Stay Stable And Dry With The Ez Kayak Launch

Kayak Launch Accessories convenient to get in and out of the water ...

Whether youre a seasoned veteran or just getting started, the EZ Launch® from EZ Dock provides the security and stability to help you get in and out of kayaks and canoes with confidence. The innovative one-piece design of this kayak docking system adjusts to changing water levels and incorporates built-in launch-assist paddle notches for stable entry and exit and easy launching and docking. A wider format with V-shaped entry centers kayaks or canoes for smoother and more consistent launches. The EZ Kayak Launch system connects seamlessly with standard and low-profile EZ Dock sections or any other traditional dock.

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Ez Launch: Residential Floating Docks For Any Ability

Whats keeping you from enjoying the water in your kayak or canoe? Lack of experience? Changing seasons? Eliminate these obstacles to confidently launch anytime with EZ Launch® Residential.

Our floating docks innovative design makes the launch flexible and easy to use, which makes entering your paddle craft quick and easy. Whether youre a seasoned or , paddlers of any skill levels can easily enter and exit their boats with the EZ Launch Residential. You can even stretch your kayaking season through the colder months without getting wet!

Learn More About Ez Dock Ada

At EZ Dock, we are dedicated to making water-based recreation an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about our launch systems or other EZ Dock products. You can also find an EZ Dock distributor near you to learn more about our EZ Launch Systems, or check out a launch system brochure, which features examples of completed projects and design capabilities. Do you know someone who would be interested in an ADA launch for kayaks? You can easily email the brochure to yourself or a friend.

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Ez Canoe And Kayak Launch System Features

Gone are the days of trying to steady your kayak or canoe while boarding or launching on moving waters or during shifting tides. EZ Dock EZ Launch makes it simple to board, launch and exit your small watercraft with the following features:

  • Guide rails: Sturdy guide rails on either side of the launch make for easy access in and out of the water.
  • Launch rollers: Launch rollers promote simple, smooth movement of your kayak or canoe.
  • A floating platform: The EZ Launch base is a floating platform that adjusts to changing water levels, keeping you and your vessel safe and secure.
  • Long-lasting construction: We construct every EZ Launch out of recycled rubber polyethylene so it will not splinter, puncture, rust or hold heat, creating a comfortable user experience. Our launches are also strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and require very minimal maintenance.

Kayaking Locations Near Richmond

EZ Dock: EZ Kayak Launch

If you are planning your own kayaking trip near Richmond and are asking yourself questions like, “Where can I put my kayak in? Where can I take it out? Where do people typically go kayaking in Richmond?”, then you may want to check out the Go Paddling Map. Below are a few launch sites to check out right in Richmond, VA. Or check out the map to see others nearby!

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Kayak/canoe Launch Minimizes The Dunkings

If you’re a serious kayaker or canoeist, then chances are you already know how to get in and out of your boat while it’s sitting alongside a dock. Should you just be renting one for a bit of fun, though well, perhaps you could use some help, especially if you don’t want to go for an unexpected swim. That’s where the EZ Personal Launch enters the picture.

Using EZ-Dock’s EZ Launch as its inspiration, the rotationally-molded Personal Launch attaches to the side of an existing floating dock. There, it cradles the boat up out of the water, while the user climbs in.

Once they’re ready to go, they just place their paddle in the grooves of the so-called “horizontal ladder” and use it to pull themselves forward. A V-shaped cutout in the launch’s platform centers the boat as it slides into the water. Getting back out is much the same.

A company rep tells us that the EZ Personal Launch is priced at US$1,400. You can see a sped-up demo of it, in the following video.

Ez Kayak Launch Accessories

You can add convenient accessories including a Handrail System that makes it easier to port stand up paddleboards, canoes, or two-person kayaks, and a Slide Bunk Kit that protects the bottom of some watercraft as well as the port itself. You can also add our Kayak Storage Straps to securely store your kayak right against the launch.

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Personal Paddle Sport Launch

YAKport is a personal paddle sport launch which works great for not only kayaks but also canoes and paddle boards. It provides a safe and stable cradle for boarding and unloading. Simply place your favorite paddle sport vessel on Kayak Launch and enjoy a sure footed and stable entry right above water level.

Then tug yourself into the water with very little effort. Once your paddling session is over, pull right back onto YAKport and enjoy the same stability and convenience while getting out. Now you have no excuses to get out and enjoy the water!

Launch Stand Up Paddle Boards – Place the Paddle Board’s fins over the edge of the YAKport into the water. Then back out to launch.

How Ez Launch Works

Floating kayak dock system for launching kayaks and canoes

EZ Launch can be easily incorporated into any EZ Dock configuration, allowing for various waterfront arrangements based on your needs and preferences. Our kayak launch system is easy to use for both experienced and novice kayakers. To get started, carry your kayak out to the launch and set it in the V-shaped funnel. Once your kayak is in the launch area, you can safely enter your kayak without getting wet or worrying about the boat floating away.

Once seated in your kayak, youll use your paddle to pull yourself into the water. The paddle notches along the sides of the launch allow you to effectively pull yourself and your kayak into and out of the water. To enter the launch from the water, simply paddle up to the entry, secure your paddle into the notches and pull to slide your kayak out of the water. Once your kayak is back in the launch, you can safely exit your kayak directly on the dock.

With kayak storage straps, you can even use EZ Launch to store your kayak, making it even easier to take your paddle craft out on a whim.

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Looking For Jet Ski Docks Floating Boat Dock Or Kayak Launch offers various dry docking systems that add the convenience of putting your watercraft in and out of the water. The time saved from launching your watercraft can be used for enjoying the water. Our watercraft dry docking systems help protect watercraft from moisture damage by lifting your personal watercraft out of the water. The Slider and Wheely docking systems also allow protection from wind and wave action. Here you will find the best in docking systems available. And, we are always ready to answer your questions to ensure that you have exactly the right product to fit your needs.

Ez Kayak Launch Is The Quickest Easiest Way To Reconnect With The Nature You Love Whether You Have The Whole Day Ahead Of You Or Just A Few Minutes To Spare Our Launch Provides Security And Stability To Both Seasoned Veterans And Novice Kayakers Getting You Into The Water Faster And More Often Than Ever Beforetake A Look At The Options Below To Find A Configuration That Works Best For You Not Sure What You Need Contact Us For A Customized Setup Or More Information Call 1


Part Number: 500952

The drive-through EZ Launch allows you to launch or dock your kayak or canoe on either side of the launch. Just push or pull forward using the aluminum rails that extend over the water. Available in a small or large EZ Dock design.

Transfer slide bench with grab rail and sign

Part Number:

The Transfer Bench is built with two heights for easy transfer from wheelchairs of varying sizes and two Transfer Slide Boards to accommodate differing watercraft heights. The Transfer Slide Boards land securely on a railing system that stabilizes the slide board and provides grab bar assistance for easy side movement. All users can simply sit, slide over and drop down into a kayak or canoe then utilize the side rails to pull off or back on.

EZ Launch®, One way

Part Number:

The one-way EZ Launch system allows you to easily launch or dock your canoe or kayak by pushing forward on aluminum rails that extend over the water.

EZ Launch®, Drive through ADA

Part Number:

The addition of the easy-to-use ADA Transfer Bench system to the drive-through EZ Launch allows people with disabilities, children or seniors to feel confident transferring into their watercraft independently and provides extra stability when launching and docking. EZ Dock Security Curbings polyethylene construction also provides a safe border around dock edges for wheelchairs, with a dark color contrast for easy visibility.

EZ Launch®, Drive through large

Part Number:

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The Ez Kayak Launch Keeps You Stable And Dry

Whether you are just getting started or already an experienced veteran, the EZ Docks EZ Launch offers the stability and security to assist you in getting in and out of canoes, kayaks, and the water feeling confident as ever. Its contemporary one piece style can adjust to differing water levels and integrates built in launch assist paddle notches for entry and exit stability as well as convenient launching and docking. It features a wider format that comes with a V-shaped entry centers canoes or kayaks for a more consistent and smoother launches. And, because it links seamlessly with low profile and standard EZ Dock sections or other floating docks, the EZ Kayak Launch could be installed virtually everywhere.

Launch & Dock Your Kayak With Ez Dock

EZ Dock EZ Launch for Kayaks and Canoes

The EZ Kayak Launch is thrilling Kayakers, Canoers and, Paddleboarders Alike!

After decades of success creating the most advanced drive-on PWC docks on the market, EZ Dock engineers turned their attention to repeated requests from customers for an easy way to launch and dock their kayaks. In 2017 EZ Dock released the newest addition to its comprehensive floating dock product line the EZ Kayak Launch.

The EZ Kayak Launch design took into consideration the functional attributes desired by All Kayakers:

Dry Launching & Docking: The EZ Kayak Launch features a double-ended V-shaped design for entry and exit that subtly elevates toward the centre of the unit which diverts water out the ends, and keeps the boarding area dry for the user.

Controlled Entry & Exit: The design features cut-out paddle notches that are integrated along the length of the dock on both sides. These notches allow the user to comfortably control the launch, effectively eliminating any possibility of uneven or tipsy entry to the water.

Wider Entry Area: The design features an oversized entry area that allows room for the user to step out on either side of the kayak and then step onto the adjoining dock, rather than having to step directly out of the kayak.

Multi-use Platform: The EZ Kayak Launch doesnt discriminate. If youre an avid Canoer or Paddleboarder This unit is more than capable of assisting you with launching and docking your human-powered watercraft.

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Related Ez Dock Brochures Catalogs And Manuals Available For Download:

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Stay Stable And Dry With The Ez Launch Residential

Whether youre a novice or have experience, EZ Launch provides the necessary stability and security to assist you when getting in and out of the water and your paddle craft. This kayak docking systems innovative design adjusts to shifting water levels, and paddle notches assist with steady entry, exit, easy docking and launching.

A wide, V-shaped entry helps center paddle craft for consistent and smooth launches. The EZ Launch Residential system can be installed virtually anywhere because it seamlessly connects with standard dock sections, low profile EZ Dock sections and other types of traditional docks.

Learn more about EZ Launch Residential with our brochure that features completed projects, design capabilities and more. Easily email to yourself or send to a friend.

Product categories

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Ez Launch Features For Universal Access

Our award-winning accessibility standards have enabled us to create the first ADA accessible launches on the market. Every EZ Launch System has the following options available:

  • A transfer bench: Our transfer benches have two different height options, so users can move easily and comfortably from a wheelchair into their vessel. Built-in handrails allow users to remain steady throughout the process.
  • Transfer slide boards: Transfer slide boards with two heights for differing watercraft sizes will help users move from the transfer bench to the kayak or canoe.
  • A railing system: EZ Launch has a built-in railing system for maximum slide board stabilization and transfer support, allowing for easy side movement.

EZ Dock is here to work alongside you to create the best launch system layout for your needs and available space, including launch access points that meet and exceed ADA accessibility standards. We can configure EZ Launch Systems to suit a variety of configurations, including multi-unit launches. Our kayak and canoe launches are also easy to connect and integrate with existing or future EZ Dock products for ultimate efficiency.

Floating Kayak Dock Features

Ez Dock Floating for sale

Consider some of the features of EZ Launch for kayaks:

  • Integrated launch-assist paddle notches: This built-in feature makes docking and launching easy and safe. Your paddles stay secure while you get in or out of the kayak, and no additional work is necessary to keep the paddles locked in place.
  • One floating piece: This allows the dock and launch to rise and fall with changing water levels, making it easier for everyone to access the water and the dock.
  • V-shaped entry: The shape of the entry stabilizes your boat for a confident, consistent launch. Even beginners can gain confidence with the EZ Launchs stability. The entry is also wider, which allows both kayaks and canoes to be launched.
  • Seamless connections: You can connect EZ Launch to any traditional fixed or standard floating dock. Easy installation allows you to conveniently make EZ Launch part of your new or existing dock system.

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