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Fishing Paddle Board With Motor

Thurso Surf Max Multi

Motorized Paddle Board (iSUP) – Fin Motor Mount

The Thurso Surf Max is an all-around paddleboard that will easily meet the needs of a fisherman.

Thurso Surf makes a strong durable inflatable SUP board. The construction is double layer with triple and quad pvc coatings on the deck and rails.

The Thurso Surf MAX has a maximum inflation pressure of 20psi. This indicates a strong quality construction. The confidence Thurso Surf has in their products says a lot. And you dont see that in lower quality paddleboard brands.

For a quality paddleboard the Thurso Surf MAX has a very reasonable price.

There are two bungee systems. The deck pad is nice and large. And there are paddle holder loops on the deck.

116 long and 34 wide are perfect dimensions for a fish SUP board. Stable yet having better glide than wider paddleboards.

This is a great choice for the budget-minded fisherman who wants a good all-around type board at a reasonable price.

What To Look For In A Fishing Paddle Board

1. Stability: Is the Paddle Board Stable Enough for Fishing?

This is a key factor when it comes to fishing paddle boards. You dont want to end up in the water when trying to cast.

Wider, longer, and thicker SUPs are more stable. This explains the sizes of the stand up paddle boards discussed above. You may also have noticed that they are heavier, something that adds to stability.

So you want to avoid really narrow SUPs.

2. Attachment Points: Are There D-Rings and Gear Mounts on the Deck?

D-rings and action mounts provide a way for you to secure and organize your gear. There are few things more painful than losing expensive fishing gear.

This also includes your paddle so you will need a SUP with a paddle holder.

3. Weight Capacity: Can the Paddle Board Support You and All Your Fishing Gear?

Every paddle board is designed to hold a certain amount of weight. If you overload it, the performance will be affected and it will be hard to control the SUP.

Before you buy a fishing paddle board, check the weight limit. Make sure it can you, your gear, and maybe your kid or dog if you want to bring them.

4. Deck Pad: Is It Large and Grippy Enough?

A SUP deck pad serves two purposes: it offers comfort and traction.

Paddle board fishing involves standing for hours. A soft EVA foam deck pad gives you a comfortable platform to stand on.

Sliding on your wet paddle board is easier than you think. That is why you need a traction pad.

Get Used To Paddling A Sup First

Once you find a board that you think is best suited to you. Go out and practice on it WITHOUT the fishing gear. Take a few tours of the like, paddle around the bay.

In my personal experience, it took me about 10 tries before I fully got comfortable paddling and maneuvering on a SUP in calm conditions.

It could take you longer or shorter. Starting out I would have called myself balance challenged. But that means if you have a better balance than me you will get used to a SUP quicker!

-Editors Notes

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Nrs Heron 11′ Fishing Sup

The NRS Heron 11 inflatable SUP is a solidly-built board that is perfect for fishing. The Heron features two 7 side chambers that make it an incredibly stable fishing platform, and the tough drop-stitch construction is highly resistant to cuts, scrapes, and punctures.

NRS includes plenty of options for securing gear. Up front is a bungee storage area, and theres also a second bungee area on the back half of the deck that is totally adjustable. This is perfect for your tackle bag and cooler, and the board also features three accessory mounts. For more info, check out our full-length NRS Heron 11 review.

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Hisun Js Electric Fin Power Unit Of Surfboard Up To 12 Miles Novice Surfboard Fin Suitable For All Surfboards

BOTE Rover How To

as of August 4, 2022 11:12 pm


  • INCLUDE EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Brushless Motorized Fin,Wireless Remote Control,High Efficient Lithium Battery,Charger.
  • SPEED OF ELECTRIC FIN: Electric fin have three speeds and top speed is 25-30km/h. It steps up one speed at a time and not from the slowest speed to the fastest speed.
  • METHOD OF USE: Make sure to setup board on a dry or grassy area to protect your equipment. Strap or bungee the battery to board. Place straps under carry handle. Rinse off fin and battery after each use. Always check to make sure all connections are tight.
  • PROFESSIONAL WATERPROOF BATTERY: Water resistant , Features anon -off switch, 1 charge port, and 1 power cable port. The battery should be lashed securely to the board deck via, bungee cords on 2 TO 4 tie down plugs , or with a 1 rack tie down strap, around the entire board if your board does not have rear tie down plugs.The Electric Fin battery should be charged for 6 hours before use.
  • SERVICE: 5-10 Days arrive! Please buy 100% confidence with HiSun. We pride ourselves on customer service and urge you to reach out to us directly if you have any questions at any point. Our outstanding customer support will do the best to make things right for you.

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When To Use A Hardshell Sup

  • You Are Paddling in coastal conditions and tidal zones
  • You want good tracking and paddling speed
  • You are paddling in more challenging environments and need responsiveness
  • You have room to store an 11 14 foot SUP
  • Budget is not an issue
  • You want a quick set-up time

Even as an inflatable SUP blog I can recognize that hardboards still have a performance advantage over inflatables.

This is because they sit in the water instead of on top of the water. As a result, things like tracking, stability, and speed make the board more responsive. This, on top of the V Shape Hulls being better for cutting through the water.

However, we are not just discounting inflatable SUPs just yet! Their popularity has exploded in the past 10 years and the technology has gotten better and better over the past 5 years.

Inflatable SUPs are great for customizations like action mounts and Scotty mounts. There are a lot of really high-quality ones out there, including the ones in this list like Nixy Monterey, iRocker Blackfin, Botes SUPs and the Hala Fame to name a few.

Fishing/ Expedition oriented inflatable SUPs also have great stability. The wider the SUP the more stability you will have for those casts.

The other good news is that inflatable SUPs are less expensive than hardboards. A good quality fishing-capable inflatable SUP can start around the $700 range while a hardboards starter price would be at about the $1500 range.

Good Company Warranty And Customer Service

This is often an afterthought but just as important as any of the above criteria. After all, whats the point in getting the board if it fails on you and you cant track customer service!

The median acceptable warranty policy in my mind is a 2-year warranty and a 30-day return period. Before purchasing, be sure you read through the warranty terms as sometimes you may have to incur restocking fees depending on the company you deal with.

How do you find out if a SUP company has good customer service?

  • Research the company, and look at places like Amazon, Facebook, and Trust Pilot for honest reviews. Often times the SUP brand will have reviews on their website. I would put a bit of grain of salt into these as oftentimes these websites can choose which comments are posted.
  • Contact the company. Speak to them and get them to answer questions you have about the SUP. Be sure to include questions about shipping as well.
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    The Best Fishing Paddle Board

    Ten years ago, BOTE was the first paddle board company to engineer it’s boards to address the fishing market. It started with two boards, the HD and the BOTE board . Today the line is comprised of a variety of fishing platforms. We even developed an inflatable kayak, the LONO, because we knew we could do it better. From the beginning, that’s been our mantra design and build the most elegant products that perform like no other product in the market.


    Bottom line, if you’re looking for the best fishing paddle board, you’ve come to the right place. The journey of a thousand paddles begins with the first step. There’s a sea of options based on what type of fishing you normally do and how you’ll transport the paddle board to the water.

    Our premium fishing platforms include the BOTE HD, Rackham and Rover. Selecting your ideal board depends on the body of water and species you’re fishing for. But it also comes down to personal preference, transportation and storage.

    Board Width Length And Balance

    Motorized L2Fish Paddle Board – DIY Trolling & Gas Motor Mount

    How large you are is going to determinewhat size of board you want to buy. Women and children will typically want asmaller, lighter board that is easier to handle and shorter, whereas largerpeople and men will want a long, wide board for increased stability andbalance.

    People fishing from paddle boards are mostinterested in maximizing two things: stability and storage. If youre wantingto fish from your paddle board, you should choose the widest, longest paddleboard you can reasonably handle for optimal balance and plenty of space tostore your fishing gear.

    One thing to look for is a square tail onyour potential paddle boardthis will give you increased stability, whichyoull definitely need once you manage to hook a big one. Choose a board thatis not stable enough, and the first large fish you catch is likely to drag you intothe water along with your gear.

    In addition to the boards listed above, boards discussed in our paddle board yoga article will also be stable enough to use for fishing. They may be a little too short though.

    Tips on setting up your paddle board fishing gear

    What Are The Top

    The choices, testing, and procedure for classifying something as the best might vary from user to user. But according to us, these are the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards to buy in 2022.

  • Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard.
  • ROC Inflatable Paddle Board.
  • ADVENOR Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Best Seller.
  • SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Amazons Choice.
  • Bluefin Cruise 108 SUP Package Amazons Choice.
  • BOTE HD Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.
  • Fun water 11x33x6 Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard.
  • DAMA iSUP.
  • Storing Your Gear On A Paddle Board While Fishing

    One of the advantages to choosing a stand-up paddle board that is geared towards fisherman is that they typically allow for SUP storage capabilities that are not a priority in traditional paddle boards, with plenty of storage for accessories. Some recommended accessories for SUP fishing include the following:

    Bote Rackham Aero Stand Up Paddle Board For Fishing

    The BOTE Rackham Aero is a long, thick, and wide board. It has a recessed deck that lowers your center of gravity. It is remarkably stable one of the most stable fishing paddle boards I know. You can stand, move around, fight fishall without having to worry about falling off.

    But that is not the only thing that makes it a great fishing paddle board.

    The Rackham Aero has front and back bungees for gear storage. It has D-rings, paddle and sand spear sheaths as well as gear mounts for your fishing accessories. You can attach every SUP fishing accessory you can think of. The paddle sheath is such an awesome feature because you can securely store your paddle while casting to free your hands.

    If you are looking to fully customize a stand up paddle board for fishing, consider the BOTE Rackham Aero. It is compatible with a wide range of fishing gear and accessories, including a fishing rack, rod holders, SUP cooler, and Botes MagnePod accessories among others.

    The inflatable paddle board package includes a 10 removable center fin, paddle, hand pump, rac receivers, paddle sheath, sand spear sheath, and a repair kit.

    Read our full review of the Bote Rackham Aero.

    • Heavy: As is the case with most fishing inflatable boards, the Rackham Aero is not light. It weighs 45 pounds.
    • No leash: You get everything you need for paddle boarding, except a leash. For the price, I think a leash would be nice.

    How To Get Started With Sup Fishing

    Saturn Pro

    Outdoor activities are meant to be thrilling and challenging to help you get a breath of fresh air far away from everyday life while keeping you fit. Fishing fits perfectly into this category. Originally, people fished for food. Today, it is done as a hobby and a form of mental and physical exercise. For this reason, people are always coming up with new ways to make it more exciting and productive. One of these ways is SUP fishing.

    Paddleboard fishing has been around for quite some time now. Also known as Man on Fish and Extreme Fishing, this practice is rapidly gaining popularity and more fishing enthusiasts are turning to it. Paddleboards are cheaper compared to boats and they can get you to where boats cannot. More importantly, SUP fishing adds a little more challenge and lets you enjoy the numerous health benefits of SUPing.

    This article is the ultimate beginners guide to SUP fishing. It includes the equipment and gear that you will need, along with a few tips to start you off.

    Paddle Board Fishing Chair

    For those who enjoy both fishing and paddle boarding, a paddle board fishing chair can be the perfect accessory.

    These chairs attach to the paddle board, providing a comfortable and stable seat for fishing. Paddle board fishing chairs are usually outfitted with rod holders, coolers, and other features that make them ideal for a day of fishing on the water.

    In addition, many paddle board fishing chairs are also equipped with a sail, which can help to increase your speed and efficiency when paddling.

    Whether youre a seasoned fisherman or just getting started, a paddle board fishing chair can help you make the most of your time on the water.

    Where Should You Mount A Trolling Motor On A Paddle Board

    Some paddle boards are wide enough to allow you to use a transom mount for your trolling motor .

    In fact, the paddle board brand Fish Stalker produces a mounting system specifically designed for transom mounting a trolling motor on the back of their inflatable paddle boards, which are 34 inches wide.

    However, if the shape of your paddle boards transom doesnt accommodate a mounting bracket, or if your board is a little too narrow for this, another great option is to use a side mount.

    Side mounting is also the most common trolling motor mounting option used on kayaks, and the great thing about this is that you can easily adapt one of the many kayak mounting brackets, and attach it to the top surface of your paddle board.

    Personally, I like to install the side mount bracket straddling the paddle board right behind the position where I sit on the board, as that allows me to reach behind me to steer the motor with the tiller.

    However, some people prefer to place the mounting bracket just in front of their seat, so they can reach forward to control the tiller, instead of behind them.

    If you choose this latter option, its best to rotate the head of the trolling motor by 180 degrees, so the tiller points backwards, which makes it easier to reach from behind.

    Waterblade Paddle Board Trolling Motor

    The Waterblade paddle board jet compared to the two other paddle board motors is closer to the Brocraft with its characteristics and strength. Namely, it uses a 12v battery that will last you for an hour to two depending on the speed at which you are using it and the weight, wind, and current of the water.

    Aqua Marina Drift Fishing Paddle Board

    BOTE Rover Motorized Paddle Board: How to

    Aqua Marina is a well-known brand and the quality of their products is something worth writing home about. Their Aqua Marina Drift Fishing iSUP has been made specifically for stand up paddleboard fishing. It has a double-side air chamber design to ensure maximum stability during your fishing adventures.

    This is another great option for anglers who prefer a simple setup. It comes with two rod holders to help you keep your fishing rods secure and out of the way while paddling. The SUP also has a bungee storage area at the front and attachment points for an ice box. Other than that, there arent many other features. Its nice if you only like to bring the essentials on your fishing trip.

    The Aqua Marina inflatable is a tough board, made using innovative drop stitch technology. It can easily handle almost anything without getting punctured. The entire deck is covered in a traction pad for your comfort and stability. It prevents you from slipping and falling on the wet deck.

    The Marina inflatable fishing SUP comes with a paddle, leash, pump, SUP bag, and rod holders. I actually love the package. The paddle may be made from aluminum but the package is affordable.

    • Low weight capacity: The Aquaglide has a weight capacity of 286 which isnt much for an angler.

    Body Glove Mariner Xl

    Body Gloves Mariner XL is a stable fishing iSUP that offers excellent versatility. Mounted to the top deck of the board are twin Railblaza accessory mounts which can be used to secure fishing rod holders, fish finders, and more. Theres also a handy Anchor Line Guide at the nose which is ideal for those times when you want to anchor down for an afternoon at your favorite spot.

    Be sure to check out our Body Glove Mariner XL review for more details on this board.

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