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Floating Dock For Jet Ski

Pwc Lift Types Terminologies And Synonyms

DIY Jet Ski docking system under $200

While there are just a few different types of products on the market to accomplish jet ski docking and launching, there are many synonyms and variations of their names and descriptions! Here are just a few:

  • PWC lifts, or Jet Ski lifts
  • Jet Ski floating docks
  • Jet Ski docks, PWC docks, Sea-Doo docks, or Waverunner docks
  • Jet Ski dock ramps
  • drive on Jet Ski dock
  • drive-on PWC ramps
  • And well, you get the idea there are many more!

So even though there are many names and several types of these platforms, they are all just Jet Ski docking systems that perform essentially the same tasks in different ways.

Theres Nothing Like The Jetslide On The Market

  • Material/Composition:High-density polyethylene resin
  • Dimensions:H: 38 cm L: 288 cm W: 96 cm

NOTE: Considering the various sizes, shapes and types of boats, Candock Inc. must approve every Jetslide installation even if it is installed by an authorized Candock distributor. Otherwise the warranty cannot be applied.

Standard Colors:

Do Jet Ski Docks Require Special Cleaning

No. PWC lifts from Jet Dock do not require extensive cleaning. There’s no need to clean the underside below the water line during operation. Marine growth and fouling will not harm your jet ski lift. To clean the surface of your jet ski dock, use a high-pressure sprayer similar to what you would use to clean your watercraft.

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Pwc Lifts: The Ultimate Jet Ski Floating Dock Solution By Loto Lift

When youre ready to ride your Jet Ski, youre eager to go! We would all prefer to be having fun on our favorite PWC rather than dilly-dallying with trailers, boat launches, and docks. Fortunately, LOTO Lift has the ultimate solution for parking and launching your PWC. You can get a PWC lift that incorporates the best benefits of a pneumatic boat lift and a Jet Ski Floating Dock.

Jet Ski Docks The Loto Lift Way

Jet Ski Floating Dock : Floating Docks For Jet Ski Dock Marine Europe ...

Our PWC platforms are the result of creative and practical engineering. We have combined all the favorite benefits of several different products all in one amazing design!

Never worry about how to launch or dry dock your PWC again. Its easier than ever with our drive-on Jet Ski dock and its elevating platform. And it works for all brands and types of PWCs, including Jet Skis, Waverunners, Sea-Doos, and others.

These are some of our most time-consuming products. All the precision cuts needed to complete the decking and trim require extra time and care. However, the result is an excellent finished product.

Part of the product distinctiveness is synthetic deck boards instead of the cheaper composite decking commonly used among our competitors in the industry.

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How Do I Dock My Jet Ski On A Pwc Lift

With our drive-on docking system, parking your Jet Ski out of the water has never been easier. Follow these easy steps to dock your jet ski on PWC lifts:

  • Approach the Floating Dock From the Rear at Idle Speed
  • Center Your Jet Ski With the Jet Ski Dock
  • Apply Partial Throttle to “Climb” the PWC Dock Until the Marked Safety Pause Position
  • Then Firmly but Carefully Accelerate Into the Final Position
  • Turn Off the Engine and Disembark

For more on how to get your PWC onto your floating jet ski dock, check out our Knowledge Center for detailed instructions on how to dock a jet ski.

Give The Jet Ski Some Gas

Once the jet ski is lined up and the nose is nudging the ramp, now is the time to give the jet ski some gas. Dont give too much gas, but rather slowly increase the amount of gas until the nose of the jet ski starts to climb onto the edge of the dock.

The weight of the jet ski will push the end of the dock down into the water, and the jet ski will climb onto the dock. You may need to adjust the level of gas up or down to control the speed of the jet ski mounting the dock.

The tail of the jet ski will stay in the water and power the craft onto the dock. Once the jet ski is on the dock, the back end of the dock will float up again and lift the tail of the jet ski out of the water.

Do not give the jet ski too much gas as it climbs onto the dock as you may lose control, and the jet ski could move forward and up onto the dock too quickly. This may cause the jet ski to over-shoot the dock and ram the front of the craft into the mooring post or winch post and cause damage to the hull.

The key is to use just the right amount of power and be ready to slack off the power as soon as the jet ski is far enough onto the dock.

It is better to undershoot the needed power the first few tries, because you can always slide back off and try again. Overshooting can cause the rear of the ski to jump the back end of the dock, and damage the moving parts.

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Our Pwc Lifts Are Designed For Portability

Traditional electronic and metal PWC lifts cannot be removed from the water easily and require expensive tools and manpower. They are designed to stay in the water, which can cause extra wear and tear, as well as negatively impact marine life. Jet Dockâs PWC and jet ski lifts are designed to be portable, allowing you to easily transport your PWC and floating PWC lift. You can move it from spot to spot, slip to slip, or even to your new property. Uninstalling your jet ski dock is simple, and will help prolong the life of your Jet Dock and PWC. to learn more about our PWC Lifts!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Jet Ski Docks

Building a Jet Ski Dock

Jet ski lifts from Jet Dock utilize patented, modular docking technology that has revolutionized the boating industry. With the ability to create floating jet ski docks in almost any location, you can make safe and secure anchorages for easy maintenance and cleaning of your personal watercraft. Discover how a jet ski dock can change your boating experience with some answers to our frequently asked questions below.

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Approach The Floating Dock Slowly

There is no need for speed when loading your jet ski onto a floating dock in fact, speed will make the process more dangerous and more difficult to control. You could end up damaging your jet ski if you approach the dock too fast.

Too much speed could force the nose of the jet ski into the end of the floating dock before it has a chance to submerge, and it could damage the hull of the craft.

Likewise, if you approach too fast, you could overshoot the dock and damage the nose and hull of the jet ski, or not hit the dock at the right angle and go over the side of the dock.

A slow and steady approach to the floating dock is what is required for the safe docking of your jet ski.

The Ultimate Jet Ski Platform

LOTO Lift does not construct our jet ski docking platforms with the typical composite lumber. Our 100% synthetic deck boards employ innovative extrusion technology to amalgamate a high-density, impact-resistant polyethylene with a mineral-fill hybrid additive.

So you get a strong, solid, non-porous planked deck that is nearly indestructible and impervious to rot. You dont have to worry about cracking, peeling, or splintering. Furthermore, the deck boards wont mold, mildew, or decompose. We design our PWC platforms to be durable even with prolonged submersion. You get a floating jet ski dock with:

  • Minimal Thermal Expansion
  • Slip-Resistant Embossed Wood Grain

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Jet Ski Floating Docks

Jet Ski Floating Docks can assist you with your floating dock and custom docking system requirements. Whether it’s a boat dock for the cottage, docking system for the marina, or a drive on dock for the Jet Skis, you can build a custom dock with pride and quality.. Based in Eastern, and Northern Ontario, Canada, we service many cities throughout Ontario including Petawawa Ottawa, Kingston, Niagara.,Jet Ski Floating Docks can offer you various types of materials including: Wood docks, plastic docks, aluminum docking, plastic cubes, floating wood frame with wood decking, aluminum framed legs, supported cool composite or wood decking. We can help you customize your floating dock to any shape or size to meet your requirements. From a a small drive on dock for the cottage to a full scale marina. We can take care of the seasonal dock installation or removal if required. If you do remove your dock seasonally, this is of great benefit, because it is not necessary to remove the Plastic Floating Cubes from the lake. Just pull them over to shore and secure them for the winter.

Safe And Easy Loading And Launching

Additional floating dock for 1 jet

ShorePorts modular, rotationally molded construction means it’s virtually maintenance-free. ShorePort can be attached to nearly any floating dock system, and ShorePort works great with any standing or wheel-in style dock system. Position the ShorePort Waverunner dock alongside or perpendicular to your dock system for quick and convenient access to your jet ski or wave runner.

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What Is The Difference Between A Jet Ski Dock And A Jet Ski Dock

A jet ski dock is the same as a dock for boats or skis. It’s designed for safe and secure storage on both types of boats and the ski drying area. For boats, a ski dock is the same as dock for boats with jet ski’s. It is less stable than a jet ski, and dock for boats with less space for air bags. For boats, a ski dock is the same as dock for boats and a jet ski dock for boats. But it’s less stable than a jet ski and dock for boats with the ski drying area. What’s more, a dock for boats with the jet ski is able to store them from the top of the jet. For boats, a ski dock is the same as dock for boats with jet ski dock. It’s much more space for air and fuel, and it also can be used for the drying area. On boats.

Jet docks are harder and used when there is less space for them to move. The docks are harder and used to lift and load luggage.

Docks with Jet Air are designed to be lifted straight from the jet. There’s a difference between the jet ski dock and the Jet Air.

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How To Undock Your Jet Ski From A Floating Dock

Undocking your jet ski from the floating dock is even easier than docking it. Most floating docks have rollers or rails that the jet ski will sit on top of, and the hull will move smoothly along these guides.

To undock the jet ski, remove the securing tether from the front of the jet ski. Then simply slowly push the jet ski back until it starts to slide backward under its own momentum.

Once it starts to move on its own, climb aboard the jet ski and lean back in the seat. Your added weight and leaning back will dip the back of the floating dock down, which will increase the angle and give the jet ski more backward momentum.

The jet ski should slip comfortably off the floating dock and into the water. You can then start the jet ski and move away from the dock.

These floating dock systems for jet skis are very simple to dock and undock from, which is one reason why they are so popular among jet ski owners. They also lift the craft high enough out of the water so that they are not in contact with the water.

If you need to lift the jet ski higher out of the water because of rough water, some floating docks come with a lift mechanism that will lift the jet ski higher out of the water. This is generally only necessary if you regularly have rough water conditions.

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Benefits Of Ez Dock Pwc Ports

As one of the top floating dock manufacturers globally, we want to ensure PWC enthusiasts have the best PWC ports on the market. EZ Dock revolutionized docking and launching with the creation of EZ Port, the original, cutting-edge drive-on and push-off port. When you choose EZ Dock PWC floating docks, you can expect a number of distinct benefits to improve your overall experience on the water:

Where Can I Install A Floating Jet Ski Dock

How to Assemble a Floating PWC Dock

You can install a PWC lift anywhere you have an anchor point to ensure it won’t float away. Jet ski lifts can be installed along the shore, attached to docks or even placed in marinas . All you need is enough water depth for the draft of your PWC to approach the floating jet ski dock. PWC docks work in shallow, deep and tide-affected areas with proper hardware and installation. You could even place a jet ski dock in the middle of a lake as an artificial island with the proper moorings.

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Jet Ski Dock Installation: Modifications Are Simple

The floating PWC lifts and jet ski docks from Jet Dock are easy to install with simple cleats and connectors. With Jet Dockâs customer tool kit, modifications are simple, especially since connecting devices do not rust, rot, or corrode. Our PWC and floating jet ski lifts provide you with everything you need to quickly install and enjoy.

No floating PWC dock and jet ski dock on the market today can deliver the benefits of a Jet Dock. Personal watercrafts aren’t intended to be stored in the water forever. Keep them dry with jet ski docks or lifts from Jet Dock!

Contact a knowledgeable Jet Dock representative today to start the journey to more fun and time on the water.

  • Assembly by a local expert

Floating Jet Ski Dock For Yacht / Floating Pontoon Boat Jet Ski Platform Motor Boat

Suppliers with verified business licenses

Suppliers reviewed by inspection services.

length / width depend on the numbers of berth and the size of the boats
Float cube Weight
500* 500 * 400mm / Material thickness is 3-5CM
Load capacity
15years depending on the usage and site location condition
Float cube color available Orange, blue, black, grey, brown
Recyclable 100% recyclable


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How To Dock A Jet Ski On A Floating Dock

A jet ski may seem like a bulky watercraft to manhandle, and while this may be true on land, water changes this aspect of the craft. In water, a jet ski is very maneuverable, and it is this aspect that the manufacturer of floating docks take advantage of in their designs of these docking systems.

It takes time to hitch up and tow your ski to the water, unload it, load it back up and return it to storage for a day of riding. To get out on the water faster and have more riding time, we use a floating dock at a marina to store our skis. We rent, but if you live at the waters edge, you can install these yourself.

For those who are first-time floating dock owners, you may wonder how to get your jet ski up onto the floating dock. The process is quite easy, and Ill detail it here in a few short steps so that you can master getting your jet ski safely onto the floating dock.

Can I Leave My Jet Ski Lift In The Water Year

floating jet ski dock

In most cases, you can keep your jet ski lift installed annually, even in waters which ice up. Our patented design requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. If your jet ski dock is installed in a lake or river with flowing ice or other similar hazards, you should consider shoring it during the winter to protect the dock, or especially the mooring materials, from damage.

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Floating Jet Ski Docks & Pwc Lifts

When stored in the water, PWC and jet ski hulls can suffer from delamination and intake fouling. With Jet Dock’s floating jet ski docks and PWC lifts, you’ll save your craft from undue wear and tear and improve ease of use.

Conventional, mechanical boat lift devices are difficult to adapt to personal watercraft. Jet Dock’s floating PWC lifts solve problems associated with boarding, launching, and dry-docking your PWC. Jet Dock is the leader in floating PWC lift and jet ski dock options due to our innovative and customizable solutions. Explore the advantages of our jet ski docks and PWC floating docks below. Our jet ski docks support seadoos, waverunners, and a variety of watercrafts! Reach out to our trusted team today to learn more.

The Difference Between A Pwc Lift And A Jet Ski Dock

In short, you drive on Jet Ski docks versus raising the craft out of the water on Jet Ski lifts. Some of the floating docks have wheels, and others can just be driven onto as they float on the water. Lifts can be pneumatic or raise the craft via electric or manual winches.

There is a wide variety of opinions as to which is better. But at LOTO Lift, we simply decided we liked aspects of both types of docking systems. So we engineered jet ski stands on a platform that you drive on, and then it elevates your craft out of the water.

When youre coming in, you approach the jet ski ramp, drive on the platform, hit the remote to raise it, and voila! Your Waverunner or Sea-Doo is on its own small floating boat dock thats fastened to the main dock area. And just like that, youve docked your PWC.

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