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Foam Stand Up Paddle Board

They Are Easy To Paddle

Building an SUP made with rigid foam (production is on hold)

Foam SUPs are pretty lightweight compared to rigid wood, Epoxy, fiberglass, or plastic paddleboards, and they require much less effort to be handled in the water.

Additionally, every foam paddle board has quality traction pads that help you paddle more efficiently and reduce the risk of accidental falls. Their excellent buoyancy and rigidity also help junior SUPers, and new paddlers to balance on top of the board.

Inflated Bed Diy Paddle Board

Turn your bed into a canoe and paddle down the river. This is possible with an inflatable kayak and a paddleboard. Your inflatable kayak will be used as a rudder and along with your paddle, you will make excellent time on the water. Place the paddleboard on the floor of your kayak and use it to stabilize yourself as you drift down the river. The shark fin keel has been added for this purpose. Once you reach your desired location, you can raise your mattress and make campers. Its that simple!

What Is The Best Sup For Beginners

The best SUP for beginners is the one that fits you best. For most people, thats a board that is larger so it has a higher weight capacity and provides more stability to accommodate riders of different weights . We frequently recommend an inflatable model as a first board due to their durability and ease of storage.

Contrary to newbie beliefs, inflatable boards are very durable, can pack down small, are convenient and easy to use and store, and are usually more budget-friendly. Even better, if you learn on an inflatable SUP, youll have great balance for when you decide to tackle ocean or whitewater paddling or upgrade to an epoxy board.

Our recommendation would be to look for an inflatable board at least 10 6 or 11 in length, with a weight capacity of at least 230 pounds.

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Buying A Foam Paddle Board Final Thoughts

All in all, foam SUP boards offer you a new and innovative way to enjoy your weekend with friends, family and pets.

Still, if youre planning on competing in a SUP race, these foam boards may not be the ideal choice. For this, youll need that Epoxy fiberglass board with a sharp nose and cutaway tail.

However, as long as you wish to enjoy a relaxing paddling session, you cant go wrong with foam paddleboards.

We hope that this guide has provided you with helpful information about these fantastic crafts and how to use them efficiently.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

What Is A Good Thickness For A Paddle Board

SportsStuff Kids 8

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the type of paddle boarding you plan to do, your weight, and the water conditions. In general, a thicker paddle board will be more stable and easier to balance on, making it a good choice for beginners or those looking to paddle in calm waters. If you plan to paddle in rougher conditions or are looking for a more challenging experience, a thinner paddle board may be a better option. Ultimately, it is important to choose a paddle board that is comfortable and suits your individual needs.

A paddle board can weigh up to 200 pounds and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The boards thickness determines how much weight it can support. A thin board is easier to maneuver than one with a lot of weight, but it is not suitable for riders weighing more than 200 pounds. The density of thin boards reduces buoyancy and thus weight capacity. Thicker boards, such as those made of inflatable paddle boards, carry a higher weight because they are heavier and have a higher buoyancy. Boards with thicker ends are best for paddling, touring, and racing, whereas boards with thinner ends are best for standing up paddle boarding. When selecting a paddle board, make sure it is thick enough for your needs. The average thickness of a paddle board ranges from 5 to 6 inches. Choose a paddle board that is appropriate for your weight and riding style if you want to be able to ride it at a comfortable level.

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Tell Me Everything I Need To Know About Foam Paddleboards

Foam paddleboards are made by placing three wood stringers inside of an EPS foam core that has been moulded. After the stringers are inserted, high-density XPE or IXPE foam is heat laminated to the EPS foam cores top and bottom in order to seal it shut. The XPE and EPS foams that are used are entirely waterproof, so it will not gain weight, swell, or deform in the water.

Quick Note! Every once in a while, the heat lamination may not be 100% successful and can result in a flaw in the construction of the foam paddleboard. When the heat lamination is not 100% successful, it could lead to a gap in the lamination. This gap will allow the foam paddleboard to take on water, gaining weight, and in turn, losing its buoyancy. However, the water is not absorbed, and this is an easy repair to make.

Build Your Own Paddle Board Kit

A paddle board kit is a great way to get into the sport of paddle boarding. It is a relatively simple process to assemble your own paddle board, and the kit provides all of the necessary materials. The most important part of the kit is the paddle board itself. The paddle board should be made of a durable material that can withstand the elements. The kit also includes a paddle, a leash, and a life jacket.

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Its Not Easy To Fix A Foam Paddle Board

Foam paddle boards are very durable, but they can still get damaged if youre not careful. Once damaged, it can be pretty challenging to fix this type of watercraft.

When your foam SUP boards develop dings or holes over time, youll have difficulty sealing them back up. Unlike the iSUP, where you can use a patch kit with glues and high-density fabrics to quickly repair damages, a foam board will require a bit more work with powerful adhesives.

Moreover, after you use the glues to cover up the hole, your foam paddleboard will remain prone to further wear and tear due to the previously damaged area being weak.


Depending on the type of the outer foam layer, you can use epoxy resin or marine grade sealant to fix foam paddle boards efficiently.

Whats Sup With Foam Boards Anyway

VESL 11’0 Eco Bamboo Sea Foam Paddle Board

Congrats! You took a lesson, tried a rental and/or borrowed a board to play with and are FINALLY thinking of joining the tribe of happy paddlers on the water by purchasing a board of your very own.

And then, you realize there are SO MANY choices.

Heres the quick & easy download from Mark Kelly, President and Co-Founder of Keeper Sports, manufacturer and supplier for California Board Co. and Scott Burke Surf to make YOUR first purchase a no-brainer!

In a nutshell, there are four different types of stand up paddleboards. Ready?

Epoxy/FiberglassInflatable sups PlasticFoam .

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Piece Carbon Diy Paddle Board

Building a paddleboard can be a great way to build your skills and tackle a project outside the shop. These plans will show you how to build or convert a board into a planning or surfing platform. When you are ready to use your 5-piece paddleboard, the first thing you will need is an oar, which consists of a blade and a handle. The blade is made of polypropylene with a hollow core that allows the blade to float on water. The handle is made of carbon or fiberglass. It has three flat surfaces that are glued together. A rubber ring around the joint allows the joints to slide smoothly. This paddleboard is perfect for beginners who want to get started with builder decks.

How To Maintain A Foam Paddle Board

Maintaining your foam paddleboards may take some time and effort, but it becomes pretty easy once you have become familiar with the process.

While these boards are more durable than the Epoxy hardshell paddleboards, they are not immune to damage, so youll need to maintain them properly.

The best way to clean your foam paddleboards is to use a hose and freshwater. You can also use lightweight paddleboard cleaning solutions to remove the saltwater residue and any dirt.

You can use seventh-generation dish soap, too, if its not harmful to the foam type of your board. This solution is non-toxic, easily accessible, and bio-degradable!

After cleaning, use a protectant spray on the boards to further reduce damage from the UV rays.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the craft, youll need to store it in an indoor space with a cool temperature. This way, the board wont suffer from delamination.

However, if the boards get damaged, one of the best ways to repair them is to apply an Epoxy resin or use a hot melt glue gun to the damaged area. Remember to let the glue settle before you take your board out again.

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Hollow Core Diy Paddle Board

The Hollow Core DIY paddleboard is a fun and easy project for a beginner but will challenge even an experienced builder. Hollow-core construction makes the boards stiff and strong while keeping them lightweight. They can be easily customized with your favorite colors, patterns, and other artistic concepts. The base is made of the stringer and can hold up to 4 inches of water. This board is perfect for rivers and calm lakes, but if windy conditions kick in, we suggest you take additional safety measures Once completed, this paddleboard will be a blast to ride!

The Sup Boards Sport A Decent Speed

Wavestorm 9

Most foam SUP boards boast a better speed than inflatables and plastic boards. They cut through the water more efficiently due to their lightweight yet rigid nature.

A high-quality rigid epoxy and fiberglass board on the other hand will be faster in the water in the hands of an expert paddler.

Still, a good foam paddle board offers a decent enough speed for recreational paddleboarding activities.

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How Long Do Foam Paddle Boards Last

How long does an inflatable paddleboard last? If used correctly and maintained, a properly used and cared for paddleboard can last anywhere between five and ten years. It is true that despite their unique construction, inflatable paddleboards are much stronger than hard paddleboards.

The fabric on an inflatable paddle board is made of PVC and stitched together with polyester threads. When constructing a hard board, a core made of EPS foam is laminated with fiberglass layers and epoxy resin. Soft tops have a sponge-like material that covers the entire deck, as opposed to hardtops, which have a hard, almost sponge-like material. It will last you longer if you take good care of your board over time. A high-quality hard top board has a UV coating that will protect it from UV radiation. reputable manufacturers use high-quality materials and designs that have been subjected to extensive testing over the years. When inflated, the recommended PSI of an inflatable paddle board should be around 18.

It Can Be Challenging To Transport And Store Soft Tops

Unlike the inflatables, you cant deflate and pack up your foam paddle board in a backpack. Also, even if these crafts are pretty lightweight, it can be a hassle carrying them around for an extended time.

You can always put them on the car rack, but this will expose it to the sun which is very damaging over time. Another way to transport this craft would be to put it in the back of your truck. However, this way you run the risk of it getting damaged from impacts during the transport.

Storing foam paddle boards can also take up a fair bit of space since they are usually thicker than hard shell paddleboards. Youll also need to keep them indoors to reduce damage from the weather.


Investing in a paddleboard trolley and rack will make transporting and storing the foam boards easier.

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Foam Boards Are A Better Value:

Foam stand up paddle boards cost LESS than epoxy boards and most inflatable sups. Plastic paddle boards, although they may appear cheaper, are actually much heavier in weight . In addition, if you aesthetically compare, foam boards are INFINITELY more good looking than plastic and they perform on a much higher level.

Mash Diy Paddle Board

Build a SUP paddle board for $50

The Mash DIY Paddle Board is a ready-to-go, pre-cut board that easily converts into a paddle by carving out the middle to form the blade. Along with this winning combination, the DIY Paddle Board includes all of the accessories youll need to make your super fun project come to life. From the stencil, pencil, and drill to safety tips and detailed instructions, you can take on this project knowing everything you need is included. Once assembled, use your new paddle for leisurely paddles around shorelines or hit up the rapids.

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How To Build A Foam Paddle Board

A basic wooden paddle board is shown. Although paddle boarding is inherently clean, consider the chemicals used, the overseas manufacturing process, and the short lifespan of foam boards. Creating your own paddle board allows you to choose between long-lasting, environmentally friendly boards and a great finish that looks great with your existing board. The strips of bead are stacked one by one in the middle of the rail, and the cove is then sliced into strips of 1/4 x 3/8. The narrow strips are simple to bend, and the most difficult ones must be steamed in order to be bent. Because boards are shaped internally by the internal fishbone frame, DIY builders do not have to know how to correctly shape the rails. To accommodate the fin box, SUP handle, leash cup, and vent, an Internal Blocker is added before the top panel is installed.

Because the outer skins thickness never exceeds 1/4 thick, a board that weighs only 10% less than a quality foam board is never thicker. If youve never worked with fiberglass or epoxy before, you might feel intimidated when glassing a paddle board. A paddle board will never go out of style or require replacement. When you ride your handcrafted paddle board for the rest of your life, you will have simple joy and happiness. When you share recommendations from around the world on BBC News Channel, you are giving viewers in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States a first-hand look at how to make the best use of their time.

How To Choose A Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boarding offers something for everyone. You can head out for a relaxing paddle on a calm lake or catch waves in the ocean. Or maybe youd like to do SUP yoga or go for a fast-paced paddle to get a workout. Whatever your ambitions, having the right board is key to your enjoyment. In this buying guide, we’ll review the main points you need to think about when choosing a board.

To find the right stand up paddle board for you, consider how you’re going to use it, how it will fit your body and how you want it to handle in the water. The key decision points will be the shapeof the board, getting the correct volume and capacity, as well as the proper length, widthandthickness. Whether you choose a solidor inflatable board will largely depend on how you will transport it and how much storage space you have. From there, youll consider a boards fins and any extrasor accessories that work for you.

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Materials You Will Need

  • A sheet of rigid insulation foam look for a longish piece around 2 thick
  • 1/4 ply for the deck use leftovers from another project to save yourself some cash
  • Fiberglass resin
  • Several tubes of acrylic adhesive
  • Plastic trowel for spreading the adhesive
  • Wood rasp and orbital sander
  • Weights to flatten the ply while the glue dries

Sup Extras And Accessories

Wavestorm 8ft Stand Up Paddleboard // Foam Wax Free Soft Top SUP for ...
  • Bungee straps/tie-down: Sometimes located on the front and/or rear of the board, these stretchy straps or tie-down spots are great for securing dry bags, clothing and coolers.
  • Attachment points/mounts: Some boards have specific attachment points for fishing-rod holders, seats, cameras and more. These accessories are typically sold separately.

After purchasing a SUP, you need just a few more key pieces of equipment to enjoy paddle boarding. These include:

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Youll Find An Affordable Foam Paddle Board

While high-performance soft-top boards can get quite expensive, other foam paddle boards offer decent performance and have a reasonable price tag.

Often, they are less expensive than iSUP or Epoxy SUP boards that offer a similar level of performance on the water.

Nevertheless, the more affordable foam paddleboards may have faulty lamination and thus take in water. If it happens, your paddleboards will lose buoyancy, and youll end up paying twice.

In a later section of this article, youll find useful tips on how to choose a good foam paddle board.

Stand Up Diy Paddle Board

This is a great project for weekend builders. It involves some carpentry, some surfboard lamination, and a lot of patience. All the materials are readily available at hardware stores with the exception of the SUP handle which can be hard to find in-store or online. But trust us, if you build it, youll have the time of your life on this stand-up paddleboard. The SUP is your perfect companion for easy cruising in flat water. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and load up. Our straightforward, step-by-step instructions make building your board straightforward.

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