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How Much Are Pontoon Boats

What Types Of Activities Can I Do On A Pontoon Boat

How Much Did My Custom Pontoon Boat Cost?

As mentioned above, pontoons are especially good for fishing in shallow water and for cruising along with areas where there might be coral reefs or other impediments not too far from the surface. Also, because of their boxy shape, you can generally fit a large crew onboard a pontoon, so they are good for lake parties and also for calm river cruises on some of these sunny fall days that will be coming up soon. It is a great idea to spend some time enjoying the boat with your friends when you rent a pontoon boat through Boatsetter.

Avalon Ltz Entertainer 2485

The 2017 Avalon LTZ Entertainer 2485 is perfect for families and friends who love a good time at a reasonable price. With fantastic interiors, plush seating, a loud sound system, and interior LED lighting this party pontoon is perfect!

Able to fit twelve, this pontoon will never run out of space. Each seating compartment can fit any days gear, bags, life jackets, or supplies.

The Avalon LTZ Entertainer can be great for hot days in the sun or shady evenings at the dock. You cant go wrong with this gorgeous pontoon boat!

Price: $55,000.00

What Length Pontoon Will You Choose

The length of a pontoon varies between all makes and models but is a very important factor for determining how expensive the pontoon will be. It only makes sense that the longer or wider the boat, the higher the price, but why?

This is true because a matter of inches can change the person capacity of the boat, the quality of the ride, amount of storage, and so on. As the lengths go up, you get more amenities like seating, deck space, and even the potential to add a larger horsepower engine.

Shorter boats can only accommodate lower horsepower engines ranging from 25HP to 150HP. Longer pontoons can accommodate engines with greater horsepower anywhere from the low range of 25HP up to 450HP, which will lead to an increase in cost. Length should be one of your first considerations when shopping for a new pontoon or any type of boat.

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Cons Of Buying A Used Pontoon Boat

Even though it may seem cost-savvy to spend less on a used pontoon boat, it is vital to understand that it may hold a lot of risks.

Below are the cons of purchasing a used pontoon boat

  • It may come with hidden damages causing the user to spend more at the end.
  • There is no warranty.
  • The user may not be pleased with the accessories installed by the previous owner.
  • It has a decreased lifespan and resale value.

What To Know Before Buying

Pontoon Boats in Phoenix Arizona

When looking to buy a pontoon boat, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, youll want to decide how big of a boat you need. Pontoon boats come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure to pick one thats right for your needs.

Youll also need to think about how youre going to use your pontoon boat. Are you looking to fish off of it? Or do you just want to use it for leisurely trips around the lake? Knowing how youll use your pontoon boat will help you narrow down your choices.

Finally, be sure to consider your budget when shopping for a pontoon boat. Pontoon boats can be quite expensive, so its important to set a budget before you start shopping. By keeping these things in mind, youll be able to find the perfect pontoon boat for your needs.

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Example Pontoon Boat Price Guide

What I did was contact dealers around the United States to see what their average prices were on a set of the most popular boats currently on the market for 2018. If you are reading this guide after that point, then you can assume that the prices will probably have gone up.

Handy Hint: Bear in mind, pontoon boats can differ in price from state to state. Strange, but true! It sometimes pays to shop around, and then trailer back home despite distances.

Heres that list of pontoon costs based on the top 10 most popular models of 2017 into 2018:

  • Avalon LS Cruise 18 Foot $14,742
  • Bennington 188SL $15,875
  • Harris Grand Mariner 250 $48,482
  • Sylvan Mandalay 8525 Sport Lounger £52,607

Handy Hint: Prince Craft let you pick your boat and spec to generate a price. You can try for yourself here and build a pontoon to your own spec and preference.

Pontoon Boat Options And Packages

When it comes to pontoon boats, manufacturers generally build one base model in any number of configurations with lots of options and add-ons. Maybe youd like four chaise lounges, purple upholstery, and sea grass-look floors. No problem. Or maybe you prefer a double-decker, twin-engine pontoon with a waterslide and joystick docking. Of course, while these options are great for personalization, they can quickly drive up the price of an affordable vessel.

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Enjoying Your Pontoon Boat

Whether you plan to take a pontoon boat rental out on the water to see how you like it or if you have already made up your mind to purchase a pontoon, always remember that the goal of any boat is to help you enjoy your time out on the water. If you are not having amazing experiences when you head out on your pontoon, you may want to reconsider your options. Pontoons can be incredible boats for family fun or simply relaxing with your friends out on the water.

As a final word of warning, just remember that the costs of owning a boat can be higher than you might expect. Some other aspects you will need to factor in when it comes to boat ownership are fuel, insurance, storage, maintenance, and various licenses. Always remember that the best thing about when yourent a pontoon boat through Boatsetter is that you dont need to worry about any of these extra costs because they are usually all included in your daily fee.

How Much Do Used Pontoon Boats Cost

How much do pontoon boats cost?

Depending on the quality, features, accessories, models, and passenger capacity, a pontoon boat can range anywhere from a couple of thousands of dollars all the way up to tens of thousands. Take a look at an online pontoon catalog hosted by reliable dealers to decide which best suits your money or budget.

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Will A Pontoon Boat Hold Its Value

When purchasing a pontoon boat, you have to remember that youre making an investment. At some point, you may decide to sell your pontoon boat. If youre going to do this, youll want to get a good portion of your money back.

As a result, you need to make sure that your pontoon boat is going to maintain its value over time. If it doesnt, you wont get your money back.

Unfortunately, pontoon boats are similar to automobiles because theyre going to depreciate. Buying a high-end pontoon boat ensures that itll be worth more in the future, but it is still going to lose its value. If you buy a low-end boat, it is going to lose more value quicker.

It is common for pontoon boats to decrease by as much as 25 to 35% in value over the first year of ownership. It is often a good idea to purchase a used boat since it has already depreciated in value.

Buying a boat that is a few years old can save you a lot of money. Either way, youll want to consider your options and always remember that the boats value will drop over time.

Top Performance Pontoon Boat Packages

Performance-oriented pontoon packages often come with an option for an additional tube or larger tubes, tubes with lifting strakes or keels, tubes that are specially shaped, or under-deck skins. These special tube add-ons not only improve performance and turns, but they also provide additional buoyancy so larger engines can be fitted and you can reach higher speeds.

The Tahoe Pontoon Grand Tahoehas strategically-placed lit areas. Image via Tahoe Pontoon Boats

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What Destinations Are Best On A Pontoon Boat

Rivers, shallow lakes, and areas that are close to ocean shores are perfect destinations when you rent a pontoon boat. As mentioned above, pontoons are really great for lake parties in places like Lake Tahoe or Lake Havasu. Check out some of the best party pontoon boat destinations in the country! We recommend sailing your pontoon boat rental out into the middle of one of these lakes and really making the most of the scenery and amazing weather.

While pontoon boats are generally some of the safest boats on the water, there is always a risk when it comes to any kind of boating. When you are out enjoying yourself on a pretty lake, there is often the urge to drink more heavily than usual and to let loose more than you might usually do. Check out this list of helpful tips for staying safe on the water. Always be aware that water can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are not a good swimmer! As one of the bare minimum safety precautions, we recommend wearing life jackets at all times while you are on the boat.

Engine Or Motor Health And Durability

Pontoon Cruiser Luxury Edition Cabin Cruiser/Camper 2015 for sale for ...

Whether you plan to use your pontoon as a fishing pontoon boat, water sports pontoon boat, or a barge boat for events and special occasions, it is important to always assess the health and durability of your engine or motor. This is particularly true for used pontoon boats. It does not matter if the quality or rated horsepower of the engine or motor is 115hp or 50hp, what matters is that it can function optimally without risk of damage, leakage, or overheating.

To make sure that your new or used boat engine or motor is in good condition, we would recommend having it checked immediately after acquisition or after every boat trip by professionals.

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Price Of Pontoon Boat

The largest expense youâll have will most likely be the price of the pontoon itself. The price of the pontoon will vary based on:

Usually you can pick up a pontoon between $5,000 on the low end for a pre owned one to $50,000+ for a top of the range new one. If youâre in the market for a pontoon, you can read our guide on places to buy a boat. This should give you some great ideas on where you might find a bargain or a cheaper option.

You can also read our boat buying guide for tips when purchasing a new boat.

Factors That Determine The Price Of A Pontoon Boat

Many factors determine the price of a pontoon boat. For instance, a pontoon boat with 300HP will cost far more than a pontoon with a 150HP engine. Also, the size, quality, and features will affect how much one will need to pay.

Below are some of the factors that will affect the price of a pontoon boat

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What Boat Gear Do You Need On Your Pontoon

In the US and Canada, there are items that are required on your boat at all times fire extinguisher, anchor and navigation lights, life jackets, approved throwable device.

Then, there are things that smart pontoon boaters have on board dock lines, anchor, first aid kits and the like.

And, finally there are the fun things that youll want on your boat. These may be fishing gear, towables, coolers, water toys, grills and this list can go on and on and on.

How Much Is A New Pontoon Boat

Find out how much a Sweetwater 2286 SFL 22 ft Pontoon Boat Costs

New pontoon boats are, of course, going to come with a higher price tag than used boats, however, manufacturers usually offer several models spanning from more affordable options to high-end luxury models. A new boat can cost $25,000 to over $150,000, depending on the model. One of the benefits of a new boat is the ability to customize your boat to your specifications. Plus, most importantly, your boat will be brand new, meaning it will be stylish and free of any wear and tear.

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Technology Features And Overall System

Technology has accelerated so much in the past couple of years, and there is no doubt that with advancements in science and boat research, the technology, features, and fuel or gas efficiency of a pontoon will improve sooner rather than later.

If you are the type of individual looking to make the most out of the technological prowess of a boat, then we would advise going for the newer pontoons over the used models .

Ownership Costs Of Pontoon Boats

Buying a modern pontoon boat can be just as expensive or as economical as youd like, and there are pontoon boat prices that fit every budget. There are even some mini pontoon boats that cost far less than the most affordable new cars. When you research out the ownership cost of a specific pontoon boat, an important factor to figure in is storage or mooring costs, if you cant keep it on a pontoon trailer at your house. Visit our Boat Loan Calculator to learn more about what fits with your budget.

Youre not likely to encounter maintenance costs on a new pontoon boat for several years, beyond basic care items like cleaning supplies. Its engine, however, will have a regular required maintenance plan. These vary from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer so to figure out just how much youll spend on items like oil and filter changes, you should refer to the manufacturer recommendations. Note that most pontoon boats on the market today and the engines that power them carry substantial warranties that should protect you from unexpected maintenance costs for years to come.

The main operational cost for a pontoon is fuel. Just how much you burn will depend on the size of the boat and engine, how often you use it, and how far you run it. You may also want to plan in insurance costs (see Insuring Your Boat for more information.

Pontoon Technology/Materials/Features

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Things To Consider When Buying A Pontoon:

Pontoon boats have changed a lot in the last few decades. It is important to ask yourselves plenty of questions before you decide to buy a used pontoon.

Here is a list of things to consider if youre still on the fence about what you need:

  • How much seating do I need?
  • Will this primarily be for relaxing, partying, luxury or fishing?
  • How fast do I want to go?
  • What kind of motor do I need?
  • What kind of bodies of water am I sailing on?
  • Do I need all that luxury, or something more simple?

All of these questions can be answered or narrowed down with this amazing list compiled for you here. Looking for more space but less speed? Consider one under $10,000.00. Looking for luxury? Over $50,000.00 is your best friend!

Fishing Pontoon Boat Cost

Pontoon Cruiser Luxury Edition Cabin Cruiser/Camper 2015 for sale for ...

A fishing pontoon boat can cost between $15,000 to $23,000.

Extra accessories will be required to convert it into a proper fishing pontoon boat.

Trolling Motor

Its an electric driven outboard motor that is ideal for a fishing pontoon. It costs between $915 $2,732 depending on horsepower.

This motor provides great control and will provide silent motoring of the boat at a steady speed so that the fish are not scared away.


These can be bought for $100 $300 and are necessary for a fishing pontoon.

A livewell is used to keep the fish alive and also for storing bait.

Fishing Rod Clamp

Fishing rods clamps can attach to the railings of the boat removing the need to hold the rod which reduces fatigue.

These cost between $20-$30.

An average 90 HP motor will use 1 gallon of gas per 4.2 miles.

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Pontoon Boat Accessory Costs

Selecting your accessories, customizing your boat, and buying what you need to fit your lifestyle are some of the most exciting parts of owning a pontoon! Before you purchase a trailer, pontoon cover, or any add-ons, talk to your local Bennington dealer to ensure youre buying whats suitable for your boat and location.

Watersports can be one of the most fun parts of having your own pontoon!

You can get tow ropes for about $40 or less, high-quality ladders retail for $100 and up, and floatable water mats and water skis start near $200. Most wakeboards cost between $200 and $400. On the low end, one tube costs around $80, while tubes that can fit multiple people can go above $300 each. Portable air pumps can be found for less than $30.

If you plan to sit back and relax while the kids or grandkids are doing watersports, dont forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, cooler, and koozies the essentials that wont break the bank!

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pontoon Boat

When you purchase a pontoon, the MSRP is one of many expenses related to buying a boat. You will need insurance, registration, storage, gas, maintenance, and more to continue enjoying your boat throughout the years.

It is important to understand how much you can afford each month and to feel confident that the boat you ultimately decide to purchase leaves you enough budget leftover for all the additional expenses that come with boat ownership.

Here are some examples of costs associated with boat ownership:

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