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Jet Ski In San Diego

Cheapest Jet Ski Rental Places In San Diego California

Suspected Migrants On Jet Ski Caught

Located on the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is one of the most southern American beaches on the west coast. Due to its climate, you can visit San Diego beaches year around. While there are tons of activities and excursions you can choose from, this article will focus on the three cheapest jet ski rental places in San Diego.

Got A Need For Speed Jet Ski Rentals In San Diego

If youre not one for taking the easy, scenic route, then consider adding some high-adrenaline fun to your San Diego vacation by renting Jet Skis . Not only does jet skiing provide a rush like no other, its a great way to get out on the water in San Diego. There are several areas that make for great Jet Ski destinations in San Diego, including Mission Bay, which provides plenty of space and a great view of Sea World.

Jet skiing is a great activity for couples and for families. Couples will enjoy skimming over the water together on a two-seater, while kids love the fun and speed of a Jet Ski ride while a parent drives. Even if youve never been on a Jet Ski before, it is relatively easy to operate and very safe if you follow the safety rules, which will be clearly explained to you at the rental agency.

Jet Ski Pricing:

San Diego Bay Adventures

San Diego Bay Adventures is another company in that offers some good deals for renting jet skis. Like Luxury Rentals, one of their main focuses is getting you on the water as quickly as possible.

San Diego Bay Adventures is located up by Luxury Rentals north location, near the airport.

Price Breakdown

San Diego Bay Adventures is somewhat unique because they offer riding blocks of 75 minutes and two hours. Their regular rates are from about $85 to $95 for 75 minutes and $145 to $155 for two hours. However, throughout the year they have various special deals that they run.

For example, there is an early bird special going on right now that if you reserve your rental for their earliest time slot at 9 am, you will pay about $70 to $75 for the 75-minute session and $140 to $150 for 2 hours. Those are pretty good deals!

These prices all include fuel, so there is no extra charge for that.

Other Activities Offered

San Diego Bay Adventures does not offer quite as many rental options as Luxury Jet Ski Rentals, but they do offer kayak and stand up paddleboard rentals at a slightly lower price.

Rules of Renting

The same rules apply here as above. Renters and drivers must be at least 18 years old and must provide a valid ID to prove their age. Life jackets are required and provided. Wet suits are also provided at no extra cost if you want one.

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Why Choose H2o Rentals

Fun Rentals with Great Customer Service!

Our exceptional customer service is well-known throughout the area. We pride ourselves as the best customer service on the bay and we take that statement seriously. From the moment you are in touch with one of the H2O staff members to the moment you get on the water, you will see our commitment to making each and every guest feel our appreciation for choosing us over the bigger guys.

So come get a taste of the real San Diego flavor and book a rental or jet ski tour through us! Our rentals provide a real out-on-the-water adventure for anyone looking to enjoy all that the San Diego coast has to offer. Our most popular rentals are jet skis and pontoon boats, but we also offer guided jet ski tours of La Jolla along with bike and SUP rentals. Book online today!

Best Places To Jet Ski In San Diego Which Are Legal

Jet Ski Deals San Diego

Have you ever wondered where the most popular areas are to ride jet skis around San Diego? I did too and yet everyone wanted to keep it all a secret.

In this guide, I hope to change all that. I didnt want to be *that* guy that keeps the best spots to himself. Im going to reveal some of the places where you can open that throttle and enjoy the waterways, both salt and freshwater.

Whether youve just bought a jet ski and are seeking popular riding destinations, or are more experienced and are looking for a new area for this weekends activities, I hope you gain some value from this guide.

Lets begin.

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South Bay National City

You are now booking for our South Bay – National City location. If this is an error, please .You are solely responsible to arrive at the location you reserve for.

Reservation Information:Address – 3201 Marina Way, National City, CA 91950Arrival Time – Please arrive at your reserved time. You do not need to be early.Arrival Location – Please follow the signs in the parking lot and meet at the mobile rental office.Launch – Your jet skis will be on water waiting for you. No additional steps required.Deposit – No security deposit required.Parking – Free parking is available on site.

Searching Availability…

Our Policies

Cancellation Policy

When you make a reservation, we will charge your credit card immediately for the full cost of the rental. Because we have a high demand and limited equipment, we pack the schedule very tightly. We offer a 48-hour period before your reservation to make changes or cancel , after which you will not be able to alter your reservation.

Please understand that there are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. We don’t mean to sound heartless, but you would be amazed at the number of last-minute deaths in the family, serious illnesses, sick pets, sick mother-in-laws, rabid dogs, and falling skies that people tell us about. So once again, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN WE CANCEL/RESCHEDULE A RESERVATION ON THE DAY OF YOUR RESERVATION.

Arrive Ready

Age Limit

Weather Policy

Damage Policy:

Mission Bay And Fiesta Bay

The most popular place to go jet ski riding is around Mission Bay. Even weekend, thousands of people descend on this area and its little wonder why so many jet ski rental companies in San Diego are based here. If youre just getting started as an owner then this is a great spot, but youll want to eventually head out into the open ocean, which brings us to our next spot.

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Jet Skis The Most Exciting Way To Explore San Diego

There are all sorts of ways to experience the waters around San Diego, but none of them pack the punch of a full-throttle jet ski adventure. Not only will you find yourself in one of the most beautiful environments in the world, but youll get to enjoy that natural splendor in the most exciting way imaginable. Sitting astride your rented jet ski, youll dash from one spot to the next with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back. Theres nothing else like it in all of San Diego.

What Our Customers Say

2 Hurt On Jet Ski During Suspected Smuggling Attempt in San Diego

We rented 2 Jet Skis for 75 minutes and had the best time! So many spots to check out in the bay. John was super friendly, helpful and informative. It was a busy day for him, but he made sure we were well taken care of and safe.Highly recommend renting Jet Skis here. 75 minutes will get you around the bay, but I definitely wished we had more time to explore. I recommend opting for 2 hour rental.

It was so much fun!! There was more than enough room for 6 people on the boat, and it was just a great time! Gavin s super sweet and nice and was very straightforward with the directions! Definitely coming back! It was too much fun to not come back!

Great experience!!!! Kind accommodating staff, quick service and new/well cared for and very speedy jet skis!! We went spur of the moment ran into difficulties trying to get there and they still let us take some jet skis out by moving up our reservation! Plus the guys were hilarious! Loved it all!

I rented a speed boat and I had a great experience! Customer service was perfect, I felt safe and the boat was very clean and in great condition! The route for the boat is beautiful, I highly recommend this company for your next water activity! Ive also rode jet skies here as well, its always a great time!

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Can You Jet Ski Year Around In San Diego

Yes, you can jet ski year around in San Diego. This is because San Diego enjoys some of the warmest climates in the US, and even during the winter months the average temperature is in the mid to high 60s. Most jet ski rental places in San Diego are also open year around.

That being said, it is probably still best to wear a jet ski wet suit in the winter if you get cold easily.

Where To Buy A Jet Ski In San Diego

San Diego is a paradise for those who are into water sports. The beautiful beaches and lakes that adorn the city lure those who love jet skiing. Its cool waters, and scenic beauty surrounding these water bodies, along with the warm sun and the cool ocean breeze and the lazy breeze of the lakes make your jet skiing more enjoyable. So if you are in San Diego then it is no surprise that you are thinking of buying a jet ski. Who wouldnt like to own personal watercraft and go zipping across the waters of San Diegos beaches or lakes?

But where to buy a jet ski from? This is a question that plagues the mind of everyone who plans on buying a jet ski. There are simply so many options, and some might even be confused by the overwhelming or even lack of information available on the internet. Moreover, some people also post fake reviews regarding a showroom. So it is definitely hard to figure out where to buy your jet ski from. But worry no more cause we have done some research and selected some of the best places to buy a jet ski in San Diego to make your job easier. Check out these jet ski showrooms in San Diego.

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Jet Ski Rental Safety

Jet skiing is a lot of fun, but it is an activity you must enjoy safely. Wearing a properly-fitted, Coast Guard-approved lifejacket, learning how to operate the equipment, and getting a tutorial with the owner before heading out on the waves is essential. The boating and water recreation laws and rules vary in San Diego, so be sure to ask any questions you have to your owner as they will know the local regulations.

San Diego Jet Ski Rentals

Enjoy 12

San Diego Bay Adventures is your place for Jetski Fun on the Big San Diego Bay. We serve our community with outstanding customer service. From $99 per hour!

Voted Friendliest Crew and Most Scenic Location. Guests chose Best Value for the 2-hour ride!

We can also facilitate large groups that are Celebrating a Birthday, Anniversary, Bachelor, Bachelorette even Big Corporate Events.

Military, Veteran, and First Responder supported. Family-owned for 11 years and going strong. Bring your family and friends Aloha!

  • -No up-front Deposit Required
  • -Drivers MUST be 18yrs/valid Dr Lic.
  • -No passengers under 10yrs.of age.
  • -Wet suits/no charge
  • -Dry Pak no charge
  • -All major credit cards accepted

Guests Must Bring:

  • Cell Phone
  • MAJOR Credit Card

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Welcome To Ride It Out Jet Ski Rentals In San Diego

We are very happy you came to visit us today online. On this website you can learn more About Us, see information about OUR JET SKI RENTAL Rates then BOOK your appointment!

Come and join us on and ride our jet ski wave runners. It will be an exciting day in the sun for everyone.

We know that next time you think of San Diego, and especially the Beach, youll think of Ride It Out Jet Ski Rentals of San Diego, and the day you had the ride of your life!

Motoworld Of El Cajon

Motoworld of El Cajon is another showroom where you can buy your jet ski from. They also have a great collection of used and new inventory. They have a rating of 4.2 stars and a lot of positive reviews by happy customers on Google. Their customer service is great, and they make sure that you are satisfied with their service. They will also assist you in every step of your purchase. They are open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. As its name suggests, the showroom is located in El Cajon.



Do these showrooms provide quality jet skis?

Yes, these showrooms have been providing quality jet skis for years now. They have jet skis produced by major brands like Kawasaki, Sea-Doo and Yamaha. If you are buying a used jet ski, then make sure to check if there are any damages just to be safe.

Can the jet ski be customized?

Yes, dealers like Fun Bike Center and Motorworld of El Cajon help with customization. You can check with the other dealers if they also provide their services to help you customize your jet ski.

Is PWC Trader a trustworthy website?

Yes, you can contact the seller directly through mail or the phone number provided on the website. But it is better to run a background check on the seller as it is better to be safe than sorry later. And if you run into any issues, PWC Traders help center will help you with that.

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Luxury Jet Ski Rentals

Luxury Jet Ski Rentals has 2 locations in the San Diego area. One is located right by the San Diego International Airport, and the other is located in National City which is just south of the city of San Diego. the southern location is the one that we will focus on, as it has the better prices of the two.

Despite the fancy sounding name, this company focuses on quick and fuss-free riding. Their goal is to get you out onto the water for your ride and back in when you are done.

Basically, they want you to show up right at your reserved time. There is no need to be very early. The jet ski or jet skis will be on the water waiting for you and you can take off right away.

Price Breakdown

Luxury Jet Ski Rentals offer a great hourly rate at their National City location. As mentioned above, prices start as low as $65 per hour. This hourly rate includes fuel, and there is no safety deposit required if you are only renting for a few hours.

Another potentially really good deal that Luxury Jet Ski Rentals offers is their all day rental of jet skis. For only a couple hundred dollars, you can rent a jet ski for 6 hours. That takes the hourly rate down to almost just $30!

If you do choose to go the all-day route, you will have to pay for more fuel when you run out. But jet skis are pretty economical when it comes to fuel usage, so as long as you ride on the more conservative side you will be able to go far on each tank.

Other Activities offered

Rules for Renting

Find Amazing Jet Ski Rentals In San Diego California

San Diego Bay Adventures Jet Ski Rentals

Tourists and locals in San Diego looking for high-speed fun on the water can find all the excitement theyre looking for in a jet ski rental. Renting a brand-new SeaDoo or a pair of Waverunners for you and your travel companions is the first step in making unforgettable memories on the water off the coast of San Diego.

Rent a jet ski for a fun and fast way to explore San Diego, California. Jet skis are great for the adventure seeker looking to see San Diego and catch some waves. Jet ski rentals are available in several sizes and can accommodate between 1 and 3 riders depending on the model. You can choose from hourly jet ski rentals or book one for the entire day. Its so easy to rent a jet ski with GetMyBoat, you can book everything right on your phone with our mobile app, and manage your reservation on-the-go.

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Why Rent From Us

Your time is valuable! Don’t waste it towing a jet ski or spending 20+ minutes in the 5mph zone. When you rent from Adventure Water Sports, we are located right on Mission Bay so you just hop on and go! Also, our two locations are the closest to the full speed zone. Other rental companies are located deep in the 5mph zone where you spend a good portion of your rental driving 5mph rather then full speed. If you are renting from a ‘company’ that does not have a physical store location on the bay, that person is breaking the law. Don’t be fooled by the illegal rentals on Mission Bay. If they don’t have a physical storefront and a lease agreement with the City of San Diego, it is an illegal rental. The ski can be impounded while the renter is on it and the renter can be cited.

Our Guests Give Us 5 Stars For Our Prices And Quality

I called Mat and booked a La Jolla tour on Friday the 30 of September. I was allowed to go in the exact speed that was good enough for me. I got to have a little “freetime” and jump the waves and got some cool picuters of me ond the jetski. I could warmly recommend this tour if your interested in trying out jet skiing because you really have a great time and get a lot of value for your money!

Mat, George , and Mike were more than accommodating for the services that my friends and I desired. After they gave us the best advice, jokes, and tutorials before the ride, we felt prepared to tackle the obstacle of jet skiing. They are kind, efficient, handsome men with a real understanding of the water world. We recommend these services to all!

Johnny at the marina showed us how to maneuver our jet ski, reminded us again of the do’s and don’ts… We went all around the bay, it was calm, nice, fast where we could go fast and what we liked the most was that our jet ski seemed to be new and it handle us really well. We felt very safe, it was great being in the bay and we can’t wait to send out friends to this place.

I called and made a reservation but as time went on I was running late. I called and they were able to make some changes to help me and my family out. All the guys there were great and answered all our questions. If you’re in San Diego you need to stop by there. I will definitely come back next time I’m in town.

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