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Kayaking La Jolla San Diego

Items To Bring Along Your Kayak Adventure

Kayaking inside the Sea Caves at La Jolla, San Diego

Sunglasses: Cant forget the sunnies! The ocean water can be blinding, especially for those like me with sensitive blue eyes.

Hat: Gotta protect the face! I personally got a hat from the Everyday California shop that is super cute! Make sure to bring one that could fit under the helmet.

Waterproof phone case holder: This is a great option as it has a strap to place around your neck to hold your phone and easily take pictures.

GoPro: GoPros are perfect if you dont want to bring your phone out on the water. They offer high-quality photos and video footage.

GoPro Dome: This is the first time I used this contraption and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It allowed you to get those underwater over water pics like the one below.

Swimsuit: Ok, I just recently found a swimsuit from the RipCurl outlet in San Diego that I love. I will link it here.

How Were The Sea Caves In La Jolla Formed

Sea caves form on the outer part of cliffs, where waves break. As water is heavy and full of salt, it begins to erode rocks. If youre curious, that process is called littoral erosion. Some sea cave formations take hundreds of years to be created- others can be eroded away in just days. In addition to being eroded by water, they are also hollowed out by sand particles suspended in ocean currents that come from offshore sandbars.

Is It Safe To Kayak In La Jolla

The water in La Jolla is rough and can be dangerous to kayak in . Waves are more powerful than they seem and currents are strong, so kayaking should only be done by skilled kayakers with a life jacket on. They should also have one hand on the paddle at all times and never go out past the surf line, as they could get into trouble.

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Visible Sea Life From Your Kayak

I had a GoPro camera attached to a short waterproof handle but wish that Id brought a much longer pole.

The water was so clear and warm that I probably could have captured much more than I did. These photos of sea life around the La Jolla Underwater Park are courtesy of Everyday California.

From your kayak, orange garibaldi fish are very easy to spot, as are some other smaller fish swimming near the surface.

The La Jolla sea lions and seals are hard to miss. If youre lucky, theyll be in the water with you.

Rays, guitarfish, and other sea life will be more difficult to spot from above the water but keep an eye out. Harmless leopard sharks were visible in shallow waters as we paddled back into La Jolla Shores.

If you are particularly keen to see fish, book a La Jolla kayak tour with an option to snorkel. Everyday California also offers a whale-watching kayak tour during seasonal migrations of the grey whale.

Where To Stay In The Area

The La Jolla Kayak Tour

During my visit, I stayed in San Diego and took rideshare to La Jolla for the day. If you want to stay locally, there are some beautiful properties including the La Valencia Hotel and the Sheraton La Jolla Hotel

Find these and others on ad VBRO below:

If youre looking for something more peaceful than crowded beaches or amusement parks, then come check out the seven sea caves of La Jolla has to offer. Stay for the day or make a getaway out of it.

Discover more travel adventure inspiration here:

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La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour: Getting Started

My mom and I personally chose to go on the La Jolla sea cave kayak tour. It turned out to be a beautiful and sunny February day. We couldnt have asked for a better adventure! So, lets get to the details of kayaking the La Jolla caves with Everyday California.

Your tour begins inside the shop of Everyday California located at:

2261 Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037

When you register online for your tour you will either sign a waiver in advance or you can just sign the electronic waiver when you arrive.

Check-in at the front counter and they will get you started. Depending on the weather, you may want a wetsuit which they can provide for you! I personally went in the winter and chose to wear a wetsuit however, I had the top portion off as it was still nice enough of a day outside!

Your tour guide will grab a helmet and life jacket for you as well. If you are choosing to snorkel on your tour, then they will also grab all the gear needed for snorkeling.

From there, you will walk down to the beach where the kayaks and paddles will be awaiting you.

Online Booking Instant Confirmation With Airbnb

. She was hella inside joke. Looking for car rentals in La Jolla San Diego. A Waters Eye View of La Jollas Marine Life.

La Jolla Stand-Up Paddleboard Rentals. Perfect for Any Trip. See reviews photos directions phone numbers and more for Kayak Rentals San Diego locations in La Jolla CA.

Save up to 55 on 90 Minute Tandem Kayak Rental tickets with the Go San. Kids Activities Tickets Events Sightseeing Tours Sports Concerts Nightlife. Rent a Kayak Surf Board Boogie Board Paddle Board Snorkel Gear or Bike Whether you prefer a guided tour or to venture out on your own you can find the equipment you need and the.

Hours may fluctuate due to weather and demand and are subject to. Head to the shores of La Jolla Beach just north of downtown San Diego to enjoy a 90-minute tandem kayak ride. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the winter.

Up to 10 cash back Up to 34 Off La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tour or Rental. Ad Save on Your Trip to San Diego. La Jolla Kayak offers guided tours and rentals to help you explore the jewel coast.

The starting point for this sea-faring safari is La Jolla Shores beach and the quaint shopping and dining street of Avenida De La. La Jolla Kayak offers a variety of rentals including kayaks snorkel gear stand-up paddle boards boogie boards and surfboards. Hike Bike Kayak Adventure Tours.

Rent your equipment today. Ad Up To 60 Off Kayak Or Paddleboard Beach Party From Sd Livinit. 2261 Avenida de la Playa La Jolla CA 92037.

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A Water’s Eye View Of La Jolla’s Marine Life

The starting point for this sea-faring safari is La Jolla Shores beach and the quaint shopping and dining street of Avenida De La Playa. Here you’ll find a handful of specialized outfitters catering to surfers, divers, bicyclists andof coursekayakers. While do-it-yourselfers can rent kayaks from these same establishments and head out on their own, opting for a guided tour offers the advantage of insider knowledge of where to go and what to look for. And, best of all, there’s no extra charge for the comical commentary and entertaining anecdotes.

What To Wear Kayaking In La Jolla

La Jolla Caves Kayaking | San Diego

La Jolla is a beautiful coastal town near San Diego. Its a great place to kayak and there are many outfitters that rent kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats. You want to be careful of the water temperature though as it can be very cold while the sun is out.

Some people might think its weird to discuss what someone should wear kayaking in La Jolla, but its not something that people should take lightly. Kayaking is an activity that takes a lot of strength and endurance and if your clothes arent appropriate, you are going to find yourself exhausted or overheated before even making it out onto the water.

3. Googles.

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San Diegos Only Urban Kayak Tour

Kayak along San Diegos downtown skyline and witness the award winning Coronado Bridge as you paddle beneath its graceful curve and explore the sights and skyscrapers along San Diego Bay. This leisurely San Diego kayak tour showcases the citys renowned architecture, little know city history and maritime culture. Embark on your urban retreat by launching off of the calm waters of the Coronado Ferry Landing to explore Americas Finest City and the Crown City by kayak. Witness unique sightseeing opportunities including Petco Park, the Embarcadero, the USS Midway, Naval Station North Island, the Silver Strand, the Convention Center, the Coronado Bridge and Glorietta Bay all from the deck of your super stable sit-on-top kayak. Choose between single, double and triple kayaks. Kayaks, paddles, life vests and paddle lesson are all included in the tour. No previous kayak experience necessary! Kayak San Diego with this Coronado kayak tour!

Bring your dog along for the ride! We now offer dog life vests for free!

Where To Launch Your Own Kayak In San Diego

While you can kayak almost anywhere along the San Diego coast, La Jolla Shores is one of the most popular areas to launch your kayak.

More specifically, you can head to Avenida de la Playa to launch your kayak. This is one of the most sheltered areas of the beach, making it quite easy to get out onto the water, even for beginners.

Kayak tour operators often start off here too due to the calm waters, especially for those who arent used to hopping into a kayak.

Other popular kayaking locations in the greater San Diego area include Mission Bay, Coronado Island, Carlsbad Lagoon, and Oceanside Harbor. No matter where you are along this section of the coast, it is not uncommon to encounter seals, dolphins, and even whales!

And if youre looking for a kayaking experience outside of the ocean, there are also protected harbors as well as numerous freshwater lakes, and reservoirs in San Diego County to enjoy.

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What Will You See At/near The Caves

One of the most interesting things about sea caves is that theyre not always visible from shore. Thats the case with these sea caves. Six of the seven caves can only be accessed from the water. Booking one of the La Jolla kayaking and/or boat tours is the best way to see those caves. The seventh cave, Sunny Jimmys Cave, is the only one accessible from land.

By Step Guide To La Jolla Kayak Tour

Kayaking in the caves of La Jolla is must

1. Sign up on the companys website with your email, phone number, and date of birth

2. Choose a tour

3. Make a reservation for your tour

4. Show up at the meeting point 20 minutes before your start time

5. Enjoy the tour

This is a great way to explore La Jolla Cove and get a breathtaking view of the rest of the beach. La Jolla Cove is a marine conservation area thats home to an assortment of sea life. Take in all the sights and sounds of the tour and get up close and personal with whales, dolphins, seals, and sea lions.

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La Jolla Sea Caves Ultimate Guide For Visitors

The sea caves in La Jolla, California are world-renowned for their natural beauty and the mystery that surrounds them. A visit to the caves and nearby La Jolla Cove is a must for area visitors. I recently traveled to San Diego and partnered with Viator to book a sea caves kayak tour. What an experience to see these sea caves up close! For anyone considering a sea caves kayak tour, I highly recommend it and want to share everything I learned on this trip.

There is so much to know about these magnificent sea caves, from how they were formed, what youll see on a kayaking tour, to where you can stay nearby. I put together this ultimate guide of everything you need to know about visiting the sea caves in La Jolla, California!

Here Are Some Common Guidelines:

1. Parking in the area is primarily residential, with spots filling up quickly so if youre looking to park, best to get there early.

2. During the summer, take at least half an hour to find parking and use a rideshare company.

3. Most kayaking trip in La Jolla is easy for kayakers with no experience.

4. The La Jollas are home to a variety of sea life and other marine life. Visitors can spot leopard sharks, Californias state marine fish the Garibaldi, huge kelp beds, and even the occasional pod of dolphins.

5. Sanitized, disposable PFDs are handed out in order to avoid people having to take the time to take these devices from their service providers.

6. The tour operators have wetsuits for rent that come at an additional cost.

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What To Expect At The La Jolla Sea Caves

There are seven caves carved out of La Jollas sandstone cliffs. These are:

  • Sunny Jimmys Cave

After just a 20 minute paddle out from the La Jolla Shores boat launch, kayakers will arrive at the famous La Jolla sea caves. The largest sea caves range from 600 to 800 feet deep and feature a variety of shapes and sizes.

While the highlight of the La Jolla Sea Caves is. well, the caves this is not all youre going to see when kayaking in La Jolla!

This coastal region features some of the best marine life in all of California. In fact, its called the

The famous caves arent the only thing you can expect when kayaking in La Jolla. Boasting some of the most condensed sea life in all of California, the area is actually known as the La Jolla Ecological Reserve and Underwater Park.

This marine area was created in 1970 by the City of San Diego to protect the local marine life and is divided into two parts: the Ecological Reserve and the Marine Life Refuge.

This wildly biodiverse area is home to dolphins, sea lions, harbor seals, sea turtles, leopard sharks, Garibaldi , lush kelp beds, and even gray whales!

Yeah, theres a lot youre going to encounter on a kayaking trip in San Diego.

La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour

Shark bumped man’s kayak in La Jolla

Kayak to the La Jolla Sea Caves White Lady, Little Sister, Shopping Cart, Sea Surprize, Arch Cave, Sunny Jim Cave, and kayak through Clams Cave . Your tour guides are well versed in La Jollas wildlife and place a heavy emphasis on educating you about the ecology and conservation of our many species that you will see throughout your tour. The La Jolla Ecological Reserve is home to our California Sea Lion, Harbor Seal, Garibaldi fish, Brandts Cormorant, Brown Pelican, Leopard Shark, dolphin, and many, many more! The La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour is available year-round and the price includes your kayak, paddle, Personal Floatation Device , helmet, and tour guide.

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What To Expect On The La Jolla Kayak Tour

The Kayak Tour of the 7 Caves takes place in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve where we will visit the three unique marine habitats. We will paddle over to the La Jolla sea caves for fun facts and information on the La Jolla seven caves. We will certianly keep a look out for the local marine life including sea lions, harbor seals, the California Garibaldi, leopard sharks and even the occasional dolphin.

The best time to spot the Leopard Sharks are in the warmer water months of May-October. These harmless sharks can be seen from atop the kayaks. The ocean temperature in San Diego drops a bit toward late Fall. The sharks do not return the shallow waters of La Jolla Shores until Spring to spawn. Kayaking in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve is truly the best way to explore the underwater world full of marine life.

Want to get a little closer to the Garibaldi ? Our La Jolla kayak tour will do just that. You can hop right off the side of your kayak with a mask and snorkel rental. Our ocean kayak sit-on-tops make it easy to jump in and out of the water to check out the local fish! You can also see rays, harmless leopard sharks and the occasional sea turtle or dolphin while snorkeling in La Jolla! Snorkeling is made easy and fun by kayaking and snorkeling in one fun filled day. We offer single, double and triple kayaks. The 3 seater kayaks are intended for two adults and a small child.

The Seven La Jolla Caves

The timeworn cliffs of this coast have, over their 75 million years, had caves carved into the sandstone. Weather permitting, coast into these caves for a breathtaking experience. These seven caves are, from east to west:

All of the caves can only be explored by kayak, except for Sunny Jim, which you can hike down into. There is a small tunnel leading down from the Cave Store that you can go through by foot. During the 1920s Prohibition, it is said that illegal smugglings happened through here! Clam Cave is the only cave you can actually kayak into, but you can pass by the other caves quite closely and really see their beauty up close.

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Where Exactly Are The La Jolla Caves

The caves are located at the base of La Jollas sandstone cliffs just off of Coast Blvd. They can be found between La Jolla Beach and La Jolla Cove within the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park & Ecological Reserve. It is easy to find using Google Maps or Apple Maps. There is also signage nearby directing you there.

La Jolla Cove Whale Watching Kayak Tour

Sunny San Diego skies in January make for some great kayaking. Book ...

ONLY AVAILABLE from December 15th to March 6th.

Experience the grey whale migration from the seat of a kayak! Leaving the waters of the Arctic and heading south to the lagoons of Mexico, gray whales naturally migrate past La Jolla during the winter. This is a non-polluting, non-threatening, and intimate way to experience one of the most majestic mammals on the planet.

Your guides will lead the group about two miles out from shore, where youll stop at the best spots to view gray whales. Along the way youll learn interesting facts and history about the whales, other marine life, and the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. Keep in mind gray whales are wild animals. We see a large number of them during the season but cannot guarantee a sighting, although we often see dolphins, sea lions, harbor seals, and other marine life as well!


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