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Lake Murray Jet Ski Rentals

Is Boating License Required For Renting A Jet Ski

Lake Murray Jet Ski and Boat Rentals

There is a lot of confusion regarding this question, but there are a few things that you must know to get a jet ski on rent.

Firstly, you would need a Valid Government Issued photo ID to rent the watercraft. Also, the minimum age requirement is 18 years to be able to ride a jet ski. Most rentals will rent you the jet ski if you are able to fill these two conditions.

Secondly, depending on your age and state, you may also need a Boating Safety Card. You can get this card online, but rentals have the facility to provide their customers with a temporary version of the card at the location.

Its good to know that even if your state doesnt require the license for boating, your insurance company might need it.

Lastly, it is crucial for you to always double check the regulations of the state and the policies of the jet ski rental to make sure you dont have to pay hefty sums in fines or face any other legal issues.

The 10 Best Boat Rentals In Oklahoma

Oklahoma offers a multitude of glistening lakes, rushing rivers, and beautiful reservoirs just waiting to be explored. Theres no better way to make the most of these waters than atop a boat. Boat rental companies across the state offer everything from thrilling speed boats, to relaxing sail boats, to kayaks that will give you a good workout. Here are 10 of the best boat rental companies in the state.

Riptide Llc Boat Rentals In Lake Murray

Riptide Boat Rentals, LLC offers the best experience when renting a boat at Lake Murray. The companys boats are top of the line and are equipped with all the features you could want. The boats are also very comfortable and easy to operate, which makes for an enjoyable experience.

Riptide Boat Rentals, LLC is the exclusive provider of boat rentals at Lake Murray. With over 20 years of experience, our team understands what it takes to make your fishing or water sports experience perfect. From pontoon boats to bass boats, we have everything you need to get out on the water. Our fleet of boats is top-of-the-line and features all the latest safety features, so you can relax and have a great time. Come check us out today and see for yourself how we can make your next outing unforgettable!

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Top 10 Boat Rentals In Lake Murray South Carolina

Lake Murray is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the state, and there are plenty of opportunities for water sports enthusiasts to rent boats from local operators.

Those looking for a more leisurely experience can opt for a pontoon boat or a cabin cruiser, while those who are in search of a bit more excitement can choose from a variety of sport fishing boats.

Here are the top boat rentals at Lake Murray

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What Are The Prices Of Renting Jet Ski

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When it comes to the costs of getting jet ski rental services, you should know that there are various factors to be taken into account.

Firstly, as with most rental services, you will be allotted a certain time period for renting the craft. You can get the watercraft for one hour, two hours, one day or more. Some rentals even offer a 30 minutes rental package.

Secondly, factors like the location of the rental or age of the craft and its performance could also affect the price. You may also try and customize your package with extra things like adding an additional passenger and you would be charged for it separately.

Lastly, there are some other factors such as the gas, maintenance or service fee, drop off and pickup fee, cleaning fee, taxes, etc. These variables also affect the prices of each rental. So there is no fixed price for renting the jet ski.

However, the security deposit that you will need to make when renting a craft ranges from $300 to $500. You can usually use both cash and credit card to make the security deposit.

  • Tip: Please make sure to call the rental and ask for the things included in a package before you make the reservation. This is because some rentals advertise incredibly low prices but the hidden fees can make you pay a hefty chunk of money than what was advertised.

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Onsite Jet Ski Rental Services

Classic onsite jet ski rentals are the typical and most common way you can get a jet ski for rent.

These rentals manage everything for you like fueling, launching and even educating you about the basics.

The jet ski fleet is waiting for customers in the water or on drive-on jet ski docks, so the start-up is convenient and fast.

The most common time frames that you can rent a jet ski for one hour and two hours rentals.

However, at some places, 15-30 minute rentals may also be available. So you can enjoy your experience of riding a jet ski in a short period of time as well. Additionally, if you do not have a Boating Safety Card , you can get a temporary one from these services.

All you have to do is take part in a short introductory education session and then fill a test form.

Onsite jet ski rental service at a lake

Advantages Of Renting A Jet Ski

Renting a jet ski can have many advantages and if you want to get more information about why you should consider renting besides buying the jet ski, then here are a few primary advantages of renting a watercraft:


One of the best things about renting a jet ski is that rentals are easily available nationwide and you will find Jet ski rental services everywhere at the main coasts and lakes in the United States. You can even find them outside of the states. This means you can easily pick up a jet ski at any holiday resort you are staying.


Rentals usually have every brand of watercraft, and all crafts are further divided on the basis of their size and engine power. This means you get to try different models from different brands, an option that you cant avail if you own the personal watercraft.

If you are planning to buy a personal watercraft, you can try different brands and models by renting them and then decide on the one that works best for you.

Less Costly

The cost of owning a jet ski surpasses the cost of renting it. If you buy a jet ski, you may have to pay a larger sum just to purchase it. On the other hand, you can rent it for a small sum of money at many rentals and get your hourly dose of jet skiing.

Unless you are a hardcore rider who is at the water with your jet ski several hours a year, you may find renting more convenient and cost-effective.

No Annual Expenditure

No Pain of Maintenance

Rent and Ride

No Need for Storage

No Pain of Selling

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Jakes Landing Boat Rentals In Lake Murray

Lake Murray is known for its beautiful scenery and crystal clear water. With Jakes Landing boat rentals, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Our boats are state-of-the-art and provide a unique experience that you wont find anywhere else. Not only can you explore the beauty of the lake, but you can also take advantage of our convenient location.

At Jakes Landing, youre just minutes away from some of the areas most popular attractions, so you can spend your time soaking up the sun and enjoying the water without having to worry about transportation.

Jakes Landing boat rentals At Lake Murray offers a variety of boat rentals that cater to all boating needs. From pontoon boats and bass boats to canoes and kayaks, our rental fleet has something for everyone. Plus, were the only rental company on the lake with a gas dock, so you can easily fill up your tanks before hitting the water. Whether youre looking for a relaxing day on the water or want to explore some of the areas hidden sights, Jakes Landing is the perfect place to rent a boat.

Lake Murray Boating Rules And Restrictions

Lake Murray Oklahoma pontoon rental

Lake Murray is a large inland lake located in the US state of South Carolina. It has an overall surface area of 1,752 square miles and a maximum depth of 365 feet. The primary use of the lake is for recreational boating, with over 150 licensed boat owners enjoying its waters. There are a number of restrictions and rules that apply to boat usage, both onshore and offshore.

  • The first restriction is that all boats must have a valid operators license or registration.
  • Another restriction is that all boat operators must have liability insurance.
  • Besides, boats cannot travel faster than 10 mph, and they can only go in designated channels.

Is lake Murray open to the public?

Lake Murray is open to the public for recreational use, with a few exceptions. The lake is closed to fishing and boating from September 1 through May 31, and it is also closed to swimming during this time. Other closures may occur due to weather conditions. The lake is open year-round for boating, fishing, and swimming with a valid state fishing or boating license.

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Should I Go For A Reservation

It is not mandatory to book a reservation at jet ski rentals, but if you wish to be certain about getting a Jet Ski, especially during peak seasons, reservation is highly recommended. You would need a credit card to make a reservation online or through a phone call.

Furthermore, if for any reason you decide to cancel the booking, you may be charged a small fee. Make sure to check the refund policy before making a reservation, as you may have to pay some money for the refund.

  • Tip #1: If you want to cancel due to bad weather, ask them for another day. Most rentals do keep your reservation for another day. Check their policy regarding this as well.

  • Tip #2: Make sure to call the rental before you head off to your place of reservation. This is to make sure that everything is fine with your booking. You dont need any last minute headaches of cancellation.

Affordable Jet Ski And Boat Rentals

Calm Water:

  • Surrounded by beautiful coves our jet ski rental office is located in a calm water section of Lake Murray. This is great for beginner jet ski riders.

Minutes from the “big water of Lake Murray:

  • For the more advanced jet ski rider seeking some adventure the renter is a short ride from the “big water” of Lake Murray close to Dreher Island.

Fifty – Fifty Water Sports, LLC believes our great customer service combined with experience of the Lake Murray, SC waters provide the jet ski and boat renter a superior rental experience. With everything a jet ski or boat renter could want feel free to explore and see what beautiful Lake Murray, SC has to offer.

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Peer To Peer Jet Ski Rental

The second method of renting a jet ski is through peer to peer renting.

This means that you get directly in contact with the private owners and rent your jet ski through them. You may find several peer to peer rental offers on mediator websites, such as .

You can get the craft for a whole day through this method as peer to peer renting usually doesnt involve hourly rental.

You can get in touch with the private owners online and decide the pricing and conditions of your rental agreement. Here are a few benefits of peer to peer renting:

  • Get the craft for a whole day and take it wherever you want.
  • The cost is usually less than what the jet ski rentals would charge for a whole day.
  • Renters dont usually charge extra hidden fees like some unethical rental services.

Peer to peer jet ski rental: trailering and launching will be your duty

Even with the benefit of cost, this is not a widely used method by people who rent crafts. With no rental or insurance policies, and unclear terms and conditions, people dont usually feel confident about this method of renting.

With Peer-to-peer method, you should know that trailering, fueling, launching and cleaning will fall under your duties renters would want the craft just the way they gave you.

Big Kahuna Frequently Asked Questions


For questions not answered on this page, feel free to give us a call at -223-7185!


The Big Kahuna offers a unique design of two boats in one. Our Big Kahuna is equipped with a slide, shaded cover, picnic table, and propane grill. Although similar to a pontoon boat, this boat is propelled by a WaveRunner in other words, the WaveRunner is the boats motor! Once you have secured your Big Kahuna to one of the many mooring buoys , you may then detach the WaveRunner from the boat for your enjoyment.


The Big Kahuna has a 20-25 person capacity rating. According to Oklahoma Boating Law, small children and babies do count towards your capacity limit.


Reservations are recommended but not required. As you can probably imagine, weekends and holidays fill up the fastest. You can make your reservation by calling us at Water Sports. We require a $100 reservation deposit, which can be paid over the phone with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, or you may reserve in person with cash or card. For 90% deposit refund, one week notice of cancellation is required. Otherwise, your deposit is non-refundable.






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Outdoor Recreation Near Lake Murrayboating On Lake Murray

Lake Murray, named a Top 10 Place to Boat and Live by Boaters Magazine, is a vast lake with 650 miles of shoreline offering water enthusiasts a wide array of boating options from sailing excursions to pontoon cruises. The coves are plentiful and ideal for watersports, while the larger cruisers enjoy the wide-open waters of Lake Murray. Boat rental companies and tour operators are ready to help you plan your trip to this beautiful lake destination.

With Click& boat The Fun Of Jet

With peer-to-peer jet-ski rentals, you cannot only rediscover this exciting hobby, but also avoid rips-off like: USD 150.00 for 1 hour. Renting on Click& Boat allows you to get a lower price, a great quality, and to enjoy an entire day jet-skiing. You will have time to climb on this powerful engine, have fun with your friends, and even use the jet-ski to visit beautiful beaches nearby. With Click& Boat, you get all the advantages of a regular rental, without its disadvantages With peer-to-peer jet ski rental, you may even develop a great relationship with the owner, and very easily rent from them again. We have jet skis in Riding a jet ski may be an activity popular to adventure-seekers, but it can be enjoyed by anyone: families, friends, curious minds, ocean lovers, and even newbies.

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Theres Almost Nothing In Life A Day On Oklahomas Lake Murray Cant Cure

Oklahomas Lake Murray is one of those places that can relax anyone. Its a beautiful lake located in the largest state park in southeast Oklahoma that offers peace and tranquility for all that visit. It is also home to a variety of water sports and activities to keep you busy from sunup to sundown. Get ready to have your mind blown with everything this nature gem has to offer.

Lake Murray Boat Slip Rentals

Move Aside Jet Ski Rentals provides high octane thrills

Murray Harbor is a new, state-of-the-art marina on Oklahomas beautiful Lake Murray. Marina members will enjoy an array of high-quality amenities such as a gated entrance at Hwy 77S, 24/7 security, paved parking, walking trails, a ship store, members boat ramp, private bathrooms/showers, and seasonal food service.

The 2022 slip addition has been completed and is fully leased. Phase III is coming in 2023 with pre-leasing beginning in the fall. The new slips for 2023 will be sized 11×30 and 12×36 with the option to add a private patio and/or HydroHoist boat lift. If you are interested, please add your name to the waitlist or call the office.

For rates and more information, please click the Ask About A Slip link below or call 262-4707

Thank you and Best Boating!

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Some Extra Jet Ski Rental Services

Many jet ski rentals offer several other facilities that can lift your jet skiing experience to a whole new level. Even if you are not in the mood for jet skiing and want to chill on a boat, that can be arranged as well.

The point is that a Jet ski rental is not just limited to renting watercraft. There is much more to do, and some of the most common services include:

  • Fully secured lockers to keep your belongings safe while you are away.

  • Boat renting that allows you to rent almost any boat you want. This includes jetboats, powerboats, pontoon boats, catamarans, sailboats and yachts too.

  • Changing rooms and restrooms.

  • Renting snorkel sets and snorkel trips.

  • Renting of surfboards, skim boards and bodyboards, snorkel sets.

  • Seabreachers can also be rented.

  • Availability of wetsuits and protectors in a variety of types and sizes.

  • Renting of beach cruisers.

  • Different beach setup packages that include umbrellas, beach chairs, shade tents, travel hammocks, and beach games etc.

  • Electronic items like waterproof cameras with their full equipment for photography and videography, music speakers, cooler boxes with ice and so on.

There are many other benefits that you can get with Jet ski rentals. However, this list is not exclusive to any single rental in particular.

Its a combination of the extra services provided by different rentals, and you may find some or most of these services at any particular company.

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