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Lake Powell House Boat Rental

Best Time To Take Lake Powell Houseboat Vacations

46′ Expedition Lake Powell Houseboat

While vacations at Lake Powell are something of a year-round affair, summer rentals are an ever-popular choice, so remember to book early to score your favorite boat then get ready to enjoy long, sunny days, breathtaking sunsets, and an exciting parade of water sports.

The cost of Lake Powell houseboat rentals is often lower in spring and fall, and these seasons are also perfect if you prefer things just a little cooler. Winter brings with it a quiet solitude thats adored by couples and anglers alike.

Lake Powell Houseboat Rental

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Accommodates up to 12 Persons 1 Stateroom with Queen Bed 1 Stateroom with Double Bed Lower Berth with 2 Double Beds Convertible Dinette with Double Bed Convertible Sofa with Double Bed 1½ Bathrooms Flat screen TV, DVD player and stereo system Upper Deck Driving Helm

Accommodates up to 10 Persons 3 Staterooms each with Double Bed Convertible Dinette with Double Bed Convertible Sofa with Double Bed 1 Bathroom TV, DVD Player and Stereo System Upper Deck Driving Helm

Accommodates up to 6 Persons 1 Stateroom with Queen Bed Convertible Dinette with Double Bed Convertible Sofa with Double Bed 1 Bathroom TV, DVD Player, and Stereo System

Additional Information

Anyone can drive a houseboat who is 18 years of age and older with a valid drivers license. Our expert staff will provide you with thorough instruction so you can feel comfortable driving the boat. We also offer complimentary captain services to get you in and out of the marina. Once you youre out of the marina area, youll take over.

For The Best Lake Powell Boating Experience

you can also book by phone, just call

3 day minimum for advanced booking more than 2 weeks from rental date

Lake Powell Pontoon Boat Rentals

Rental also includes all required safety gear like: life jackets, safety paddle and whistle, safety throwable, dock lines, bumpers, and anchors. Surf boards, wakeboards, water skis, tubes and other water toys are available for the rental at an additional charge. Inquire with us to see what else we have to make your trip in the water unforgettable fun for the entire group.

Lake Powell WaveRunner & Jet Ski Rentals

Included in your rental is all required safety gear like: life jackets, safety paddle and whistle, safety throwable, dock lines, bumpers, etc. Additional toys for your rental are available at an additional charge. Inquire with us to see what else we have to make your trip in the water unforgettable fun for the entire family or group.

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Attractions In Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

A houseboat rental is undeniably the best way to explore Lake Powells almost 2,000 miles of shoreline, though the surrounding desert and cliff-rich terrain of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area serve up plenty of reasons to head onshore for a while.

With a Navajo Nation permit, youll be able to hike to bucket list-topping sights like Rainbow Bridge and Antelope Canyonthe former being the worlds tallest natural bridge, and the latter being orthern Arizonas most photographed slot canyon.

A jaunt to Page, on the other hand, puts the short trails to Glen Canyon Dam Overlook and the Hanging Gardens within easy reach.

Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals

Excursion Luxury Houseboat Rental

Lake Powell is a unique experience for houseboating. The massive body of water, 2,000 miles around, is set in the red rocks of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona and is instantly recognizable by its extreme and unique beauty. The area is remote from larger cities but is flanked by the small city of Page, Arizona on its southern end. With its proximity to the Grand Circle of National Parks and stunning views, Lake Powell is one of the most popular water recreation destinations in the country. The pressures of life in a city fall away at the sight of red sandy beaches running into the cool, blue waters.

At Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals we work with you to find the best possible boat for your vacation. We have a huge selection from the Wahweap and Antelope Point marinas on the southern part of the lake, near Page, as well as from the Bullfrog marina to the north and far from any disturbance.

Houseboats range in size from the 46 foot Expedition to the 75 foot Xtreme. The amenities in each can cater to a budget friendly family vacation, large groups on a week long vacation, on up to a luxury retreat. We can also augment the houseboating experience with personal watercraft, watertoys and powerboats.

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Do I Need A Boat License To Rent A Houseboat

No. One of the most common misconceptions about renting a houseboat is that you need to have a boating license. Houseboats only travel at 7 to 10 miles an hour, making them very similar to driving a car in a big open area! So, no boating license or captains license is needed to rent a houseboat. As long as your captain has a valid drivers license and is at least 18 years of age, youre ready for your houseboat vacation!

Staff will teach you how to operate and safely use the houseboats. While no experience is required, youll be an expert in no time!

Exterior view of Escape Houseboat on Lake Powell.

Best Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals

Renting a houseboat in Lake Powell is not only a recommended thing to do in the Page and Lake Powell area, but it’s kind of the thing to do. With nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline, endless sunshine, warm water, perfect weather, and some of the most spectacular scenery in the west, Lake Powell is the ultimate playground for families, spring breakers and avid adventure seekers alike. Renting a houseboat can be easy, more affordable than one would expect and undoubtedly an experience to remember. If you’ve never piloted a boat before, no problem! One of the best things about houseboating is that even a first-time boater can learn how to pilot a houseboat after just a short lesson, taught by the experienced staff at the marina. Renting a houseboat at Lake Powell is a fantastic way to combine complete luxury, relaxation and adventure into one, single vacation. Those who want to sit on the deck, drink a cocktail and bask in the sunlight with beautiful scenery, there’s no shortage of any of that. But for those looking for a little more adventure, bring a personal watercraft and explore deep into the canyons that jet out from the lake. There are majestic cliffs and shores, fishing and even deep water soloing to be had.

Meals & Snacks

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Lake Powell Boat Rentals

You’ll find that renting a boat at Lake Powell is one of the easiest and most fun things you can do while you’re visiting the Page – Lake Powell area. There are several boat and watercraft rental companies to choose from, all providing everything from kayaks, jet skis, and speed boats to houseboats that allow you do enjoy the lake for days on end. If you don’t know how to operate any of the offered watercraft, don’t let that stop you from experiencing the joy that comes from spending time exploring Lake Powell. The knowledgeable staff at each of the boat rental companies are happy to give you a free lesson on how to operate the boat or watercraft of your choice.

What Amenities Do Lake Powell Houseboats Include

50′ Nomad Houseboat | Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas | Houseboat Rentals

That depends on the size of houseboat you choose, though even the more economical, smaller houseboat rentals come with a comfy stateroom and kitchen facilities.

Most include a gas grill and waterslide, too. You might choose to go larger, and a little more upmarket, by renting a luxury houseboat on Lake Powell.

These impressive 75-footers feature most of the amenities of homealong with the option to add fun extras like hot tubs and personal watercraft to your rental.

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What Factors Affect A Houseboat Rental

It is important to note that apart from the location, multiple other factors are considered when it comes to determining the cost of a houseboat rental. For those who are going to be renting a houseboat for the first time at Lake Powell, or any other location for that matter, here’s a quick breakdown of the various factors that can affect the overall cost of the houseboat rental.

Where To Find Houseboat Rentals On Lake Powell

While several marinas serve Lake Powell, houseboat rentals are only offered at the full-service Wahweap, Bullfrog, and Antelope Point marinas, with others providing services like fuel, groceries, and boat slips.

All the marinas that offer houseboat rentals also have a selection of personal watercraft, fishing boats, and kayaks, which can be added to your rental agreement and towed behind your houseboat.

Antelope Point Marina On Lake Powell

Located just 12 miles from Page, Arizona, Antelope Point Marina is anchored in the Lake’s main channel at mile marker five, just a short boat ride from the Glen Canyon Dam and nearby Wahweap Marina. Antelope Point is also the closest land-based marina to world-famous Rainbow Bridge National Monument and adjacent to popular Antelope and Navajo Canyons. Whether you’re looking for a Pontoon Boat, Jet Ski, Houseboat rental or a space at our RV Park, youll find all the amenities you need at Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell!

Your Complete Guide To Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals

Nomad Houseboat

This guide for Lake Powell houseboat rentals will help you plan your ultimate vacation surrounded in some of the most beautiful landscapes the United States has to offer. We go through the steps of how to book and plan your Lake Powell houseboat rental in this guide to help make planning your trip a breeze.

Overview of Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals

Located on in the reservoir of the Colorado River bordering the states of Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is a dream destination for houseboat rentals. Imagine spending every day in the beauty of some of the best sweeping landscapes in the United States, sleeping under the stars, floating through the gorgeous canyons, and waking up each morning in complete solitude surrounded by natural beauty.

Lake Powell is a part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area which is a conservation and recreation unit under the guidance of the US National Park Service. When heading to Lake Powell you may want to schedule in extra time to do an Antelope Canyon Tour, visit Rainbow Bridge National Monument from your boat, or check out the amazing view from Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona. These are just a few of the more famous natural wonders that make up the area and doing a Lake Powell houseboat rental is the best way to explore and take in the beauty of the area.

Lake Powell House Boat Rentals Basic Information

When to Book

You can book your Lake Powell houseboat rental online or call 888-896-3829.


Great Deals Greater Experiences

Let Nation’s Vacation curate your next adventure. We offer seasonal packages for the ultimate national park experience geared to help you save time and money. Before booking your next trip, be sure to peruse our all-in-one packages, and check back seasonally for new packages.

Grab Your Skipper, Were Going House Boating

Can I Add On A Watercrafts Or Water Toys Can I Bring My Own

Speedboat, personal watercraft and water toy rentals are popular additions to a houseboat rental vacation, and we have these items.

Water toys can include water skis wakeboards, ski tubes, kayaks, and paddleboards.

You are welcome to bring your own speedboats, personal watercraft, and water toys.

Some of our destinations have special inspection requirements for speedboats and personal watercraft so please inform our staff if you are planning to bring these items when you are scheduling your trip.

Houseboat Vacations On Lake Powell

While there are many places to stay in and around Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, few options prove as memorable as a houseboat.

These on-the-water vacation home rentals serve up a laid-back base for getaways with family and friends, not to mention a host of homestyle comforts and easy access to a spectacular lineup of natural attractions.

Not much of a seafarer? A basic boating lesson and drivers license are all youll need to get started.

Discover vacation rentals on Lake Powell >

Houseboat Rental Lake Powell

The 65′ Axiom Houseboat Operating Video| Lake Powell

If you are looking for LAKE POWELL HOUSEBOAT RENTAL information you have come to the right place.

Find a Lake Powell houseboat:

Make a list:

Plan a menu for the time you will be there. This should include basic ingredients as well as specialty items, such as beverages, snacks, etc. Your houseboat rental may have utensils and pots and pans aboard, but to make clean-up easier, bring plastic throw-away utensils, plates and cups.

Decide what clothes will be needed. You will not be able to wash clothes without going ashore, make sure you include everything from sleepwear to bathing suits. Keep in mind that temperatures at Lake Powell drop after the sun goes down so bring along a sweater and some warmer clothes to enjoy the stars in.

Also, pack bed linens for all beds and other linens such as towels and dishcloths if these will not be supplied. Extra towels are always good, after all, you are going to be living ON the water!

Bring along DVDs, video games, board games, and books. There will be a lot of time on the lake when all you want to do is relax these items will make those moments not totally wasted.

Choose Your Dates Best Times To Visit Lake Powell

Lake Powell is located on the Arizona/Utah border in the middle of the desert. This means that the summers are hot, and the spring and fall tend to be milder.

While early spring can be quite pleasant, the water can still be cold and require a wetsuit. The months of June, July, and August are the warmest of the season. With schools out, summers are also the most crowded on the lake. In September, the weather becomes milder and the crowds disperse. October can be a surprisingly great time to visit Lake Powell because the lake is relatively empty, fish tend to be fairly active, and the water is usually still warm enough for skiing or swimming. This is true even into the third week of the month. However, Lake Powell lovers have caught onto this, and oftentimes availability can be competitive through the fall.

Experience the ultimate houseboat in luxury, comfort and amenities with The Odyssey. It is our largest and most impressive houseboat, which boasts 2,400 square feet of cabin space with breathtaking amenities including fireplace, hot tub, and much more!

Do You Have Any Meal Planning Tips

We absolutely recommend meal planning. Groups should start out by assigning different individuals in the group responsible for specific meals or snacks during the trip. Once that assignment has been made, make a menu for those meals and shop accordingly. Make a detailed shopping list and make sure you get everything you need. It is very inconvenient to be miles out on the lake and to not have the ingredients you need to make a specific meal. Dont forget condiments, cooking oil and spices!

Lake Powell has shopping nearby. We recommend bringing dry goods from home if youre driving and shopping locally for refrigerated items like milk, meats, eggs, etc. Ask us about these convenient services while scheduling your houseboat vacation with one of our experts.

Water Fun In A Lake Powell Houseboat

Life on the water at Lake Powell promises all the relaxation you can handle, whether that comes courtesy of swimming at Lone Rock Beach or catching trout below the Glen Canyon Dam.

Meanwhile, stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking can be a memorable way to explore Lake Powells labyrinth of side canyons not to mention the perfect opportunity to get off the grid and enjoy a bit of me time.

For those with adventure on the menu, activities like tubing and water skiing are readily available in the warmer months.

Do You Need A Small Boat Can You Tow A Small Boat With The Houseboat

Wanderer Houseboat

Small boat rentals are not required, but we do offer small boat rentals. These make a great recreation option allowing for water sports as well as faster/more economical exploration of the destination.

At Lake Powell, youll need to have another responsible adult to pilot the small boat separately from the houseboat, as towing is not allowed.

How Much Are Houseboat Rentals On Lake Powell

âLake Powell is one of the first destinations that come to mind when it comes to renting a houseboat. But how much are houseboat rentals at Lake Powell?

During peak season, luxury boats may cost anything from $2k to $15k for a 7-day stay. Along with this, you have to pay for gas â a 300-gallon tank will cost around $1300. You also have to factor in extra charges for pets if the rental place allows pets in the first place.

However, just like going on vacation to any destination, it pays to do some research on the main attractions, the facilities, and, more importantly, the cost.

As houseboat owners who have spent many days on Lake Powell, we are here to help guide you and give you all the information you need to make your houseboat vacation at Lake Powell a memorable one.

Best Ways To Rent A Lake Powell Houseboat

Located on the border of Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is one of the best vacation spots in the United States for water sports and boating enthusiasts. One of the favored ways of spending time at Lake Powell is on a houseboat, which offers all the amenities of a resort-style condo, while allowing you to move around the lake as you choose.

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