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Local Places To Go Kayaking

Rocky Point State Park Hawk Cove

Go Canoe! Canoe trails – finding places to paddle

If you are looking for a relaxing and easy kayaking experience for your day out, Hawk Cove will be your best bet. Hawk Cove is in Rocky Point State Park. Families like to visit for their lunch before heading to the waters for kayaking.

Youll love this spot because the launching point is just next to the restaurant. So you can eat then launch straight away. The area surrounding Hawk Cove is protected from wind and inclement weather, making its waters tranquil for safe paddling.

If you want a more thrilling challenge, head to Hart-Miller Island. Here youll have a more rustic camping experience.

Loveland Canoe & Kayak

The Loveland Canoe and Kayak Castle Adventure

Location: 174 Karl Brown Way, Loveland, Ohio 45140

Loveland is synonymous in the region with their bike trail, so its no surprise there are even more activities there for the outdoor enthusiast. Loveland Canoe & Kayak in Cincinnnati offers a scenic 5-mile trip along the Little Miami River with views of the historic Loveland Castle.

Cant get enough of the Little Miami? Grab a season pass! If youre really ready to take it to the next level, you can even buy a kayak for yourself at their shop.

Learn more about rentals, reservations, and season passes here.

Calm Waters For Paddling

The river is only about 6 feet deep throughout, which means that the water is almost always calm. The Two Hearted River is an ideal place to kayak for those who have minimal experience, but its also challenging and exciting enough for those who have been paddling in Michigan for years.

You can customize your trip on the Two Hearted River and travel for as few or as many hours as you would like down the river. Be mindful that the mouth of the river ends at Lake Superior, so youll want to stay aware of your surroundings.

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Where To Kayak In Fairfield County Connecticut

Many people think that all the kayaking in Fairfield County is on the Long Island Sound. And while there are plenty of spots to get out on the sea, this county has plenty other spots to kayak.

In fact, you can kayak the sea, rivers, ponds, and lakes without ever leaving the county. So, where are these kayaking launches? Check them out below.

Can You Kayak From Toronto To Montreal

The Best Places To Kayak In Pennsylvania

Yes, you technically can kayak from Toronto to Montreal. However, this is an arduous journey that requires paddling over 550km.

And in many areas, its nearly impossible to continue the journey entirely by kayak due to locks, boat passages, and private marinas.

You will need to also portage the kayak from Lake Ontario to the Trent-Severn Waterway in order to connect to the Ottawa River and onwards to Quebec.

It takes at least 10 days to make this journey.

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Wildlife & Scenic Views

Kayakers who do discover this hidden gem are treated to an uninterrupted day of paddling, in which they can enjoy lush forest views, wildlife encounters, and more.

Paddling through the waters of Lake Dubonnet is a bit like gliding through a fairy tale you may wind through water lilies, paddle past wildflowers, or see the autumn leaves changing colors right before your eyes.

Lake Lincoln In Cuivre River Mo

Cuivre River was named after a French explorer. Cuivre River is often called the Little Ozarks due to its picturesque scenery.

One of the easiest ways to access the beautiful Cuivre River is at Cuivre River State Park. Here, paddlers can enjoy the 55-acre Lake Lincoln. Lake Lincoln often has crystal clear water and always has beautiful views. You can bring your own paddle craft or rent kayaks or canoes at the state park.

Lake Lincoln is a calm body of water and is suitable for beginners. It will take most paddlers about an hour and a half to paddle the lakes shoreline. Theres plenty of fish in the lake, so if you like kayak fishing, check out Lake Lincoln.

Paddlers can put their kayaks in at the Old Monroe Boat Ramp. Kayak rentals are available at Cuivre River State Park. To get to the state park, take 70 W to the Troy Hwy 47 exit and follow the signs for the park.

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Kayak Through The Urban Canals Of Detroit

When it comes to kayaking in the Great Lakes State, most people immediately think of the rivers that wind through the heart of the state or the magical waters that define its shoreline.

However, there are unexpected opportunities to kayak in Michigans urban areas, such as the natural canals in Detroit that connect the city to the mighty Detroit River.

The Top 13 Places To Go Kayaking And Canoeing In Nj

Go kayaking at Mangel Halto with Devin : The Locals Travel Guide to Aruba

If you ever thought of kayaking and canoeing in NJ on a lake or river, make this the year you try it with the fam. Yes, our state is known for the shore, but there are gentler waters like lakes, rivers, and reservoirs where you can rent a kayak or canoe and paddle for scenic miles. Whether its the miles-long Lake Hopatcong in Northern NJ, the wildlife-rich Rahway River in Central NJ, or the historic Parvin Lake in Southern NJ, there are lots of spots to get out on the water with rentals available on-site . Ready to launch? Read on for 13 places to go kayaking and canoeing in NJ right now.

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Kayak To Turnip Rock In Port Austin

Turnip Rock is one of the most unusual rock formations in Lake Huron. Towering out of the water in a gravity-defying turnip shape, this rock seems as if it would be top-heavy as if it might fall back into the lake at any given moment.

However, this geological marvel has held steady for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Today, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in The Thumb, and one of the best ways to see Turnip Rock for yourself is to kayak to it.

Grand River At Elora Gorge

The Grand River is a beautiful river that flows through Southern Ontario.

One of the best parts of the river is Elora Gorge, where the river has carved a deep canyon into the bedrock.

The gorge is a popular spot for canoeing and kayaking, and its easy to see why.

The cliffs are towering and the views are incredible.

You cant kayak the entire way through the gorge as there are some rapids you wont be able to get over. And there is a lazy river tubing experience, so they cant have kayakers dodging tubers.

But kayaking a bit further from the shore will give you a chance to see the gorge from a different perspective.

I love kayaking near Toronto in Elora during the spring. The higher water levels make for epic views and even some little waterfalls down the gorge!

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Island Park Long Island

Small Island in southern Nassau County, Island Park is located between the mainland and Long Beach, making it a unique spot for kayaking fans. Local kayak rental business, Empire Kayaks, offers unique models for kayaking on Long Island. In addition to traditional single or double kayaks and stand-up paddleboard options available for rent, you can buy ocean kayaks and even pedal-operated Hobie kayaks.

Best Kayaking In Maryland

Places to get away

To have the best kayaking experience, you have to choose the best spots. And theres no better place I can suggest than Maryland. Its natural and unique diversity, making it the most suitable place for kayaking and other activities.

There are many kayak launching spots in Maryland. It will take you an average of one hour from anywhere in Maryland to reach a kayaking or canoe launching spot.

It would be best if you chose a time of the year thats most favorable for kayaking. Though Marylands weather is relatively mild, it gets extremely cold in January, and some rivers freeze.

The warmest month is July, with an average daily temperature of 87.2 Fahrenheit.

Its always advisable to check the weather forecast before you plan for a kayaking trip. Whichever month you choose, make sure you have the correct gear for your safety and that of your loved ones.

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Some Of The Top Kayaking Outfitters In Michigan Include:

  • Crystal River Outfitters This rental company located in Glen Arbor offers kayak and canoe rentals for those who want to paddle along the Crystal River, which is located near Sleeping Bear Dunes.
  • Detroit River Sports This tour company will take you on a guided tour of the canals in Detroit, one of the best places for urban kayaking in Michigan.
  • Port Austin Kayak This rental company provides kayak rentals and trail information about the journey to Turnip Rock.
  • Skips Huron River Canoe Livery This rental company offers both kayak and canoe rentals near the Huron River. It claims to be situated on the most scenic stretch of the river.
  • Oscoda Canoe Rental While its name suggests that it only rents canoes, this livery also rents kayaks and tubes so that you can enjoy a day on the Au Sable River.

Kayak And Canoe Clubs

Almost everywhere with a major waterway has a kayak club. Find yours by asking other paddlers around town, searching for kayak club on Facebook, or contacting the organizer of a local paddling event.

There are also larger social media kayak and paddling clubs. These online communities are the perfect place to share your paddling photos, meet fellow paddlers and post about your best days on the water. Check out the .

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Interactive Kayaking Map Of Paddling Spots Near Me

Whether youre looking for great places to go kayaking near me or youre checking out locations halfway across the country, this interactive map will be the ultimate tool for the job.

Use the mouse for navigating the map and the + and -buttons for zooming in and out as needed.

Use Mouse, Fingers, Zoom to discover Kayaking Destinations

Now, there are two ways to get started:

  • Allowing the map to access your location, which will automatically show kayaking spots near me
  • Picking a place anywhere on the map thats marked with a magnifying glass icon and clicking on it to have a more in-depth overview of that area

If you choose the latter, youll find that clicking on the magnifying glass can reveal more of the same icons in that area or red dots, which mark exact locations to paddle.

You may even find comments and photos from other paddlers who have visited the local area.

Where To Kayak In New Haven County Connecticut

How to Go Kayaking on the Unusual Mono Lake – Lee Vining, California

More central areas of the state have just as much diverse kayaking locations as the Western areas we explored above. New Haven county is back at the shoreline, so the Long Island Sound, plus some rivers, lakes, and even a wetland can be found here.

Lets look through 6 places to kayak in New Haven County, Connecticut.

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Tips For Canoeing And Kayaking In Columbus

Wear shoes or strap-on sandals. If you end up in the water, flip flops will fall off.

Bring sunscreen and bug spray, and make sure to reapply sunscreen as sunlight reflects off the water.

Wear comfortable clothing that can get wet. While youre unlikely to end up in the water, you may get water on yourself while paddling. Dress for the temperature of the water, but it always helps to have layers.

Wear the life jacket provided to you. All boat rentals come with paddles and PFD for safety.

Put your keys, wallet, and cellphone in a waterproof bag, just in case or in a ziploc bag in a zippered pocket at the very least.

Check weather and river conditions. The rental place will help you make a decision for both of these, but if you are inexperienced, you may want to avoid times when rivers are high.

Bring plenty of water and a small snack for longer trips. Even though you are ON water, its easy to get dehydrated in the heat of summer.

Follow ALL rules of the water and boats as provided by the rental company.

Do I Need Insurance To Kayak In Toronto

No, you do not need insurance to kayak in Toronto. However, we recommend getting adventure sports insurance if you plan to kayak often.

This will cover any injuries you may face regular insurance plans often dont cover activities like hiking and kayaking.

It will also cover any lost or damaged materials from kayaking.

Save this post for later!

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Withlacoochee South Paddling Traili

The Withlacoochee River , one of the few rivers in the Western Hemisphere that flows north, is designated an “Outstanding Florida Waterway.” From its starting point in the Green Swamp, this blackwater river flows 141 miles northwest to the Gulf of Mexico at Yankeetown, with a mostly-easy 76-mile Designated Paddling Trail mapped from Lacoochee to Dunnellon. On the southern reaches of the river, below Nobleton, much of the river meanders through peaceful, gorgeous State Forest and Conservation Areas, sheltered from the wind and sun. Numerous access points allow for shorter or longer trips. Further north, as the river widens, youll find more motorboats. For launch points, a detailed map, access points and kayak rental information, check out The Withlacoochee River Paddling Guide. Note: There are two Withlacoochee Rivers in Florida. The Withlacoochee River begins in Georgia and runs into the Suwannee, close to Suwannee River State Park.

White Water Rafting And Kayaking

12 Of The Best Places To Go Kayaking In Michigan

Adventure seekers can white-water raft in the Barrington Tops in the Hunter and the Oxley Wild Rivers, near Armidale in the New England high country. The Nymboida River is one of Australias best white-water rivers and you can join day trips or multiday tours that include riverside camping.

Another magnificent wilderness for white-water kayaking, canoeing and rafting is the Nymboi-Binderay National Park, near Coffs Harbour and Grafton and adrenalin junkies can try the class IV rapids at Murray Gates.

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The Everglades Florida Usa

The desolate wilderness of the Florida Everglades is absolute heaven for nature lovers everywhere.

From the seasonable year-round weather to the ease of planning, this is a destination that you dont want to miss. A birders paradise amongst the mangroves, alligators, and fish co-exist in a lush landscape that flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

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Most people think of Lake Ontario as dirty its not, they cleaned it years ago. But when I was a kid in the early 2000s it was still considered kinda gross to get into.

Or they think of it as too high traffic to enjoy in a kayak.

Yes, there are a lot of boats out .

Check to ensure you arent paddling into a race , and youll be fine!

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Fun Activity For Everyone

Kayaking can be a fun activity for experienced or inexperienced kayakers alike.

It is also an ideal addition to other outdoor activities such as caving, hiking, or biking. When you choose a nice day to go kayaking, remember that there are many opportunities for lakes, rivers, and the ocean to offer up some great learning experiences.

One of the best ways to go on kayak trips is to plan it out with friends or family members willing to go along. Going on a kayak trip with family or friends makes the experience much better, creating lasting memories of time spent in nature with good company.

Trainers can teach you the different kinds of kayaks and how to use them safely. You will also need basic information about the water for you and your friends or family members.

Kayaks can be purchased or rented. With some experience and common sense, you can get comfortable with your kayak for short or long periods in the water. Before going on a kayaking trip, it is essential to make sure that someone knows your plans. Let family and friends know where you are going before you leave so they can contact the authorities if needed.

Bigelow Hollow State Park

The Most relaxing place to Kayak in California | Explore With AllieVenture

Bigelow Hollow State Park has been called a kayakers paradise due to its calm water and beautiful scenery. But, there are multiple ponds to choose from in this park, each with their own launch and vibe.

  • Bigelow Hollow Pond is the smallest of the three ponds and its launch only allows for non-motorized boat access.
  • Breakneck Pond is slightly larger, but the boat launch requires a 1.2 mile walk from Bigelow Hollow State Park. Clearly this wont be for everyone but if youre looking for an off-the beaten path launch that is sure to not have crowds then this is probably for you.
  • Mashaug Pond is the largest of the three and does allow motorized boats . Its launch is here.

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Little Miami Canoe Rental

Image Source: Little Miami Canoe Website

Locations:Oregonia: 225 Corwin Road, Oregonia, Ohio 45054Morrow : 219 Mill Street , Morrow, Ohio 45152

Little Miami Canoe Rental has a wide selection of canoe trips in the area, split between their 2 locations. The Oregonia site has 2, 8, 10, and 18 mile excursions, and Morrow has 6, 10, and 18 mile trips on the Little Miami River.

Bring a tent along to the Morrow location and spend the night along the river at a primitive camping spot. Campsites include grills, restrooms, and showers but do not have electricity.

Grab all the details on their website.

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