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Luxury Pontoon Boats With Cabin

Veranda Luxury Pontoons Vertex Vlb

2006 Suntracker 32 Party Cruiser (Trailerable) Pontoon Houseboat – SOLD!

The Vertex VLB is the top-of-the-range of Verandas luxury pontoons. It features an attractive sweeping top-rail and great aft visibility. And you can choose to enhance it still further with a Rough Water or High Horsepower package.

The floorplan centers around a mid-cabin bench surrounding a removable ottoman. There are three different seating positions for your guests, and theres plenty of room for them to stretch out.

A Bluetooth audio system with backlit speakers, subwoofer and amplifier comes as standard. And if you want maximum party power, you can upgrade it with a JL High Output audio package.

Are You Looking For A Luxury Pontoon Boat For Sale In Arizona And Utah

Whether youre ready to settle down with one of the relax series or looking for adventure with a fishing model, we have a vast selection of luxury pontoon boats for sale. Stand out from the crowd in one of our remarkable Veranda luxury pontoon boats. With financing options and endless customization opportunities, you can be out on the Arizona and Utah waters in no time.

Best Pontoon Boat Names For 2022 Pontoon Boats

A pontoon boat is not just a water vessel. It is a companion, a friend for the good times and a relaxing getaway for stressful times. It is a ritual for all new boat owners to name their pontoon. Before you get on the water with your new pontoon boat, look up the best pontoon boat names to find the most suitable one for your boat.

It is a companion, a friend for the good times and a relaxing getaway for stressful times.. Before you get on the water with your new pontoon boat, look up the best pontoon boat names to find the most suitable one for your boat.. Maybe its too soon but all of these creative boat owners are giving us new ideas for boat names post-COVID!. You can also have the names of your loved ones as pontoon boat names.. Naming or not naming your pontoon boat can be a personal choice.. Naming your pontoon boat will give the necessary recognition for your pontoon boat.. Naming the pontoon boat can also make you more attached to the pontoon boat.

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Pontoon Boats With Sleeping Quarters

My family and I have occasionally beached our pontoon and camped out on the shore. On other occasions we have slept on the deck covered by an enclosure. But to date, weve never been on a pontoon boat that has been designed for sleeping on.

The examples below let you do just that, with their manufactured and cleverly-designed cabin spaces.

Southland Hybrid Recreational Vehicle Liberty

Pontoon Cruiser Luxury Edition Cabin Cruiser/Camper 2015 for sale for ...

Southlands Hybrid Recreational Vehicle Liberty is a real home away from home. Indeed, Southland market it as a more affordable and portable alternative to a waterside residence.

The cabin features a kitchenette with dining space and a smart head with porcelain WC, sink and full-height shower cubicle. Theres an inner cabin housing the bed , and plenty of storage throughout.

The impressive range of on-board amenities are powered mainly by green energy. That comes courtesy of the integrated solar panels and wind turbine.

A few of the kitchen appliances the stove, refrigerator and water heater are powered by propane. The cylinders are stored outside for safety.

Out on the deck youll find wraparound couches. And the whole front deck can be covered with a camper top for all-weather boating in comfort.

Despite all these amenities, this pontoon isnt as heavy as you might expect. It weighs in at 5,000 pounds, and theres a custom trailer for transporting it cross-country.

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Hampton 2785 Mark X Edition

Hamptons 2785 Mark X is a special anniversary edition pontoon. But all the bells and whistles come with a boat thats got great bones too. There are full-length cross-members, a floor constructed in a single piece, and polished corner castings. And it offers a maximum of 350 horsepower.

It comes with a Wet Sounds MC2 stereo and four RGB coaxial speakers as standard. You can also upgrade with two additional speakers, an amp and a sub-woofer.

And theres an Elite Package available with LED interior mood lighting, exterior LED logo lights, a trim gauge and a compass. The same package will also give you a 36-quart removable cooler that sits inside the console, plus two moveable cupholders and RGB under-deck and underwater lighting.

Barlettas top-of-the-range Lusso is available in a choice of three different floor plans. Theres the Quad Lounge, Ultra-Lounge and Ultra-Entertainer.

The Quad Lounge, as you might expect, features four couches, two each in the bow and stern.

The Ultra Lounge is more flexible, with two couches in the bow and a choice of five different seating positions in the stern. And you can choose a layout with or without a co-captains chair.

The Ultra Entertainer is our favorite. The stern has the same Ultra-Lounge layout, with its five seating configurations. The bow accommodates two more couches. And youll also get a high-top table, two swivel bar stools and additional muti-function bench seating.

How Much Do Pontoon Boats Cost

Pontoon boats for sale on Boat Trader are available for a variety of prices from a sensible $8,999 on the more economical boat models all the way up to $299,390 for the most luxurious yachts. Models with more power can hold motors up to 600 horsepower, while the smallest utility models may have as modest as 40 horsepower engines on them .

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Which Pontoon Boat Is Right For Me

Our commitment to Art of the Pontoon creates a palette of offerings for every activity. Whether you choose Master collection, Signature Collection or Boutique Collection you will be offered a multitude of interior layouts & performance option. First choose your performance level. Achieve maximum speed, turning, lift, & wave handling with our exclusive Waveglider high performance package or choose from other performance triple pontoon options. Then choose your comfort design. Available interiors include cruising, sun lounging, versatile lounges that achieves both, fishing, entertaining including bars & prep centers, double decker with water slide, or the latest in super-fast performance models with windshield and ski boat inspired interiors and exteriors to give you the ride of your life! Check out our comparison tools to find the perfect boat.

Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats 2022

2017 Pontoon Boat AVALON FUNSHIP | Boats with water slides, sundecks, and more

Who produce the Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats? In this article, youll learn more about some of the top brands in the industry like, Berkshire.

What are the Saltwater Pontoon Boats?. To minimize the risk of damage caused by saltwater exposure, manufacturers utilize a special paint called aluminum anti-fouling.. Experts recommend, utilizing aluminum anti-fouling paint on the areas of the vessel that will be exposed to saltwater.. Experts recommend only approved brands to ensure maximum longevity, even if your pontoon is exposed to saltwater 365 days a year.. Are you going to be using your pontoon boat on saltwater?. Doing this is a good way to protect your boat from saltwater.. Saltwater pontoons are great for people who wish to go out into saltwater.. One thing people like about this company is that they offer affordable boats.. Although youll save money, youll still ride in comfort.. The companys boats are designed to last a long time so youre going to get your moneys worth.. With that being said, youll want to find out what you want to do with the pontoon boat.. As a result, theyre great for wakeboarding and water skiing.. It is a good idea to work with a dealer to ensure that you get the best pontoon for yourself and your family.

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Michigan Manufacturer Of The Year

Avalon Pontoon Boats has won many awards including Two NMMA Innovation awards & perennial CSI awards as well as the Manufacturing excellence award and more. But the most comprehensive award was the recent John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award for excellence in manufacturing. This award recognizes Avalon as the number one company in Michigan for being the most positive force in any industry, outstanding employee relations, satisfied customers and contribution to its community.

Grand Tahoe Elite Windshield

Make way for Tahoes newest model and a flagship for their Master series that is making waves in the luxury department of the pontoon boat community. Everything about this boat is screaming luxury, from the Medallion touch screen dash to the Waveglider performance package. Grand Tahoe Elite Windshield is available in 25 ft and 27ft boat length and resembles that of the interiors of a tournament ski boat with both a port and starboard bow bench. The boats act includes a corner seating area on the starboard side and a refreshment center with a refrigerator and sink on the port side perfect for some entertainment on board.

Starting Price: $109,300

  • Length Overall: Available in 26 6 or 28 6
  • Pontoon Diameter: 27 x 3
  • Dry Weight: 4,600 or 5,000
  • Max. Weight Cap.: 2,900 or 3,160
  • Maximum People Capacity: 14 or 16


For more info visit Tahoe Pontoons

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Best Pontoon Boats With Bathrooms

If you want to enjoy a long day on your pontoon boat, a bathroom is an important consideration. Known as a head, by nautical types, comfortable facilities can make all the difference. So how do you choose a model that wont have you heading to shore when nature calls?

Thats where we come in! Were going to find the 10 best pontoon boats with bathrooms. And well share the other important features you need to know about them too.

So if youre ready, lets see whats out there!

Bennington 25 Qx Sport

Pontoon Cruiser Luxury Edition Cabin Cruiser/Camper 2015 for sale for ...

Benningtons Q Series are their ultra-premium grade pontoons. And the 25 QX Sport is the best of the best.

The 25-foot pontoon is designed for maximum performance on the water. It features an integrated and custom-built Roswell wake tower, and a stunning windshield.

The fore deck is spacious and elegant, and theres a unique bow gate design and integrated docking lights. And there are plenty of the luxury details youd expect at this end of the market.

These include a top-of-the-line sound system controlled by two touch screens mounted at the helm. Theres a commercial-grade built-in refrigerator. And theres even a kitchen sink tucked discreetly in the co-captains console.

The finish is as smart as youd expect. The interior upholstery is unique to the QX Sport and features Benningtons logo embroidered on the back of the seats.

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The Last Word In Luxury

We hope youve enjoyed our look at some of the most expensive pontoons on the market!

With powerful performance and excellent handling, theyre a dream to captain. And their luxury features will give lucky guests a truly special experience on the water.

If your pockets are deep enough for a seriously special pontoon, one of these could be yours. For the rest of us, well enjoy the fantasy!

Why Are Pontoon Boats Popular

Pontoon boats are popular for their stable deep draft and average beam, traits that make these boats appropriate for day cruising, freshwater fishing and watersports. From our current listings, the average number of passengers that pontoon boats can hold onboard is 12 people with a maximum of 20. Also, with 11,144 pontoon boats presently listed for sale and 3,797 boats added in the past 30 days, Boat Trader is confident youll find the boat you are looking for.

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Best Watersports Pontoon Boat: Bennington 25 Rx Sport

The 28ft 2in Bennington 25 RX Sport is available with single Mercruiser sterndrive power options from 300hp to 430hp rather than the usual outboard engine.

With a capacity up to 17 people, depending on the layout, a highly specced example will cost upwards of $275,000. Theres more than enough speed for barefoot skiing and its multiple sun pads and chaise longues offer the ideal sunbathing platform.

A 8ft 6in wide bathing platform allows for easy boarding and the Bennington 25 RX Sport can be optioned with everything you need for a full day on the water.

Southland Hybrid Recreational Vehicle

How Much Did My Custom Pontoon Boat Cost?

Okay, Southlands Hybrid Recreational Vehicle is more than just a pontoon. But if youre looking for a home away from home on the water, its definitely worth considering.

This is a large vessel. Its 34 feet long and it has two decks. But a large portion of the lower deck is taken up with a fully enclosed cabin. Its here that youll find your bathroom and plenty more besides.

There are four different models, depending on the kind of specifications you want. Bronze is the most basic, leading up through silver, gold and platinum. All four have a fiberglass shower cubicle and an electric pump out toilet as standard.

You can also have a wash basin in the bathroom. That comes as standard with the gold and platinum models, and as an optional extra on the silver and bronze. So whatever model you choose, you can ensure it incorporates a fully functional bathroom.

Youll also get plenty of other amenities. Theres a refrigerator, kitchen sink and faucet as standard on all models. And a propane oven and microwave are standard on all but the bronze, where theyre an optional extra.

Theres a 54 by 68-inch bed, plus a double that can be converted from the dining table and couches. There are more couches outside on both decks too.

The water heater, stove and refrigerator are all powered by propane cylinders. These stay outside the cabin for safety.

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Pontoon Boats With Cabins: Our Top 4 With Living Quarters

There is no doubt that the pontoon is the epitome of midlake enjoyment, but theres just one thing about it that might limit the kind of experience it brings – and thats the lack of any sort of sleeping quarters. No wonder lots of pontoon boat owners have started customizing their vessels, using all sorts of DIY tricks and aftermarket kits to install a sleeping cabin. Or they are looking for an upgrade and getting to know which are the best pontoon boats with cabin for their next purchase.

These days though, theres really no need to go through all the hassle. Pontoon boats with built-in cabins are sold straight from the manufacturer. And although they might set you back by a few extra, these ultra-sophisticated pontoons push the envelope on comfort and relaxation for an almost resort-like experience.

Suntracker Dlx: The Fishin Barge 24 Or Party Barge 24

While it might seem odd to cover two models at once, essentially, these are the same vessel. The only difference is that the fishing version comes with premium features like fishing seats, rod holders, and so forth, while the party version comes with plenty of seating, premium audio, and impressive horsepower so that you can show off to all your friends. One of the best features is the push-button Bimini top that measures 10 feet, giving you plenty of protection from the elements without a lot of work. Whether youre looking to have a party or head out for some good fishing, youll enjoy this model that comes with premium features all around and can be customized to suit your needs.

2022 Sun Tracker Fishin Barge 24 DLX. Image credit: Sun Tracker.

Browse for used and new Sun Tracker party barges on YachtWorld.

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What Is A Luxury Pontoon Boat

Luxury pontoon boats have premium features and finishes and offer customizable options. They essentially provide more creature comforts than a standard boat, and they will generally have a much higher price tag as a result. However, these vessels offer some great upgrades to make your time on the water that much more enjoyable for those who have the money to spend.

· State-of-the-Art Electronics

Luxury models of pontoon boats come with state-of-the-art technology and electronics that you dont find in basic models. Improved navigation, multiple fish finders , premium stereo systems, and other upgrades are all going to make these boats shine. If you want high-tech and high-style, luxury pontoons are the way forward.

· Top-Rated Design

Aesthetics are everything in boat selection. Just like luxury vehicles, luxury pontoons look sleeker than other models. They feature high-quality finishes, computerized panels, premium finishing details, and more. The boat will feel as luxurious as it is when properly designed.

· High-Performance Engines

Obviously, youre not going to be puttering around at low speeds in your premium boat. That is unless you want to. Luxury pontoon boats have premium, high-performance inboard and outboard motors, including the latest technology. Many models come with higher horsepower as standard. Navigation and controls are also upgraded to ensure that the boaters can keep up with the premium engine.

· Additional Features

Best Cruising Pontoon Boat: Tahoe 2585 Grand Tahoe Ql

Pontoon Cruiser Luxury Edition Cabin Cruiser/Camper 2015 for sale for ...

The Tahoe offers the best all-round features to make it an excellent cruising pontoon boat. With a single Mercury Verado 300hp outboard, the Tahoe tops out at around 45 mph, with an effective range of just under 160 miles at 15mph.

Starting at just under $110,000, the Tahoe can be specced with innovative lifting strakes on its three hulls that help promote an efficient cruise and soft ride.

The Tahoe is brimming with standard equipment but the few upgrades youll need to cater for cruising include an electric roof, Garmin MFD and ottoman cooler.

Even allowing for all those upgrades you will end up with change from $125,000, so its hardly surprising that Tahoes flagship is a favoured touring pontoon for family and friends.

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