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Ocean Kayak Sit On Top

Paddling Style & Intended Use

Ocean Kayak Malibu 9.5 Sit-On-Top (SOT) Kayak Review

If youâre in the market for a sit-on-top kayak, you probably intend to use your boat for recreational paddling.

What is recreational paddling, you might ask? Unfortunately, thereâs no universal or official definition for what ârecreational kayakingâ is, per se. Still, most people would classify it as a type of paddling where you venture out onto mostly flat lakes, calm streams, and sheltered bays for short kayaking adventures.

In other words, recreational paddling isnât whitewater, sea kayaking, or expedition paddling. Instead, itâs all about having fun, relaxing, enjoying the sun, and making the most of your time outside with your friends and family.

But, within the realm of recreational paddling, there are many subdisciplines, and each paddler has their own kayaking style. Therefore, itâs essential to consider your paddling style and your preferred types of adventures as you shop for a sit-on-top kayak.

For example, suppose you like to head out on longer paddling trips or even brief overnights. In that case, you might want a day touring sit-on-top kayak, like the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140, which offers lots of gear storage space.

Ultimately, everyone has their own unique way of adventuring outside. As a result, no single sit-on-top boat will work for everyone. Whatâs critical here is that your future kayak matches your paddling style so you can live your best life on the water.

Best Sit On Top Kayaks To Consider In 2022

If youre in the market for a sit on top kayak, but you just don’t know where to start looking, this guide will help. Weve ranked our top five sit on top kayaks – with a budget option, a tandem option, inflatable, fishing and recreational, as well as five other great runners-up you should check out!

  • No paddle holder

My Husband And I Are Senior

We are very pleased with the kayak. We can lift and slide it on and off our SRV. Also, we have no problem getting the kayak to go where we want it to go in the water. However, we bought it used when we should have bought it new. The kayak had very tiny cracks in the bottom and leaked quite a bit into the inside of the kayak. Our local kayak dealer mended it.

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Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks For 2022

Buyers Guide | Kayak Angler

Offshore kayak fishing presents unique challenges and risks. Of course, it also offers unique rewards, like the chance to catch tuna and grouper. So how do you reap those rewards and mitigate those risks? In addition to learning skills like how to surf launch and taking appropriate precautions like monitoring weather conditions, having the right gear is essential to staying safe fishing beyond the breakers.

A fishing kayak thats designed for open-water fishing will be stable in windy and wavy conditions . However, a good open-water kayak is not as stable as an inshore kayak. To absorb the power of the waves and turn on a dime, as well as ride waves into the beach, the boat should lean to the right and left. Most ocean boats have a long waterline to track well, allowing you to travel long distances with ease. To improve handling, big-water kayaks have a slight bend in the keel, called rocker. The paddler can lean back and lift the bow out of the water to make a fast turn or surf down the face of a wave. To ensure gear and fishing rods survive a surf launch and rough seas, an ocean kayak has ample storage space below deck.

Here are the best ocean fishing kayaks for offshore fishing on the market today:

Easy To Get On And Off

OCEAN KAYAK Malibu 9.5 Sit

One of the great advantages of the best sit on top kayak is how easy it is to get on and off a SOT. You dont have to loosen and tighten the spray skirt around your waist in a sit on top kayak.

And having to get in and out of a low cockpit, you can simply step on and off the kayaks more easily. They are also easier to get on and off the water. Many people love to go swimming off a sit-on-top because it is very accessible.

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Is It Hard To Kayak In The Ocean

Ocean and waves go hand in hand, which means that you will have to deal with some obstacles when kayaking in the ocean. Since ocean kayaks are designed to withstand stormy weather and windy conditions, you shouldnt have trouble navigating in the water even when it gets rough .

You have to be prepared to handle waves under 3 feet as it can be difficult for a beginner. To take some precautionary measures, feel free to bring a helmet with you for the scenario when the big waves capsize your boat.

Now that you know what makes an ocean kayak worthy of buying, it is your turn to make the final decision. Which models will you narrow down your search to, and which ocean kayak will be a winner?

If you already have an ocean kayak or you just bought one, leave a comment in the comment section below and share your experience with it.

Lifetime Manta 10 Foot

This is one of the best 10 foot sit on top kayak and has a flexibility of seating 1 or 2 riders. It is very stable and lightweight. This kayak is good for playing in the surf. Its weight, length, width, and design are good for stability over speed. The well-placed scupper holes of this lightweight sit on top kayak can clear the water very fast.

The seat backs with multiple foot positions that allow quick adjustments. The upturned bow of this kayak can easily cruise over waves. Additionally, this best sit on top touring kayak has amazing weight capacity.

Although the design of doesnt have a lot of storage to secure your gear, this canoes is a capable fishing platform. When I fish with this sit on top kayak I go light usually just take1 pole and a very small tackle box. It is the best sit on top kayak for beginners but if you are a serious angler and want some more space then there are better options for you in our list. I would not recommend this Lifetime Manta 10 Foot kayak for a long time touring. If you just want to get out and fish a few hard to reach spots then this Lifetime Manta 10 Foot is good enough for you.

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Best Recreational Ocean Kayak

There are probably many of you that would like a kayak that you can enjoy as a family or at least as a couple. Also, a kayak where you can paddle slowly through calm ocean waters or even rivers and lakes.

There are many kayaks on our list that would suit your recreational needs. Our favorite, though, has to be the

This kayak has good space and even has a small middle seat for a child or even a furry friend. It has good waterproof storage and comfortable waterproof seating.

I Picked A Tetra 12 As My

Best Performing Sit-On-Top Kayak Ever? | Swell Scupper 14 Review


The Tetra is a massive leap in efficiency and speed over the $180 Apex. It carries my 200 lbs. with ease and tracks true. The Apex would wag its tail on every stroke of the paddle and it is obvious now it was pushing more water than gliding thru it.

I’ve added a few Scotty flush mounts and can use fishing rod holders or my battery powered stern light in any of them. The storage is awesome, I use the rear deck for bait cooler and a food cooler and have yet to need the locking bow hatch.

I’m glad I started with a cheaper boat before investing in the Tetra. It helped me appreciate the differences and they shine each time I use this boat.

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Best Tandem: Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

Length: 12â² | Width: 34â³ | Weight: 63 lbs | Capacity: 425 lbs

The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is a spiffy and stable tandem sit-on-top kayak that makes family fun as streamlined as can be.

Compared to other sit-on-top tandem boats, the Malibu Twoâs main advantage is its hull design. Thanks to its 34â width and mostly flat hull, this kayak offers exceptional stability on calm lakes and streams. Meanwhile, its 12â length helps it track well over long distances.

Additionally, the Malibu Two can be paddled both tandem and solo, so you have maximum versatility in your adventure options. Thereâs also some space in the boat for a small child or a dog if you want to turn your outing into a full-family affair.

When it comes to features, the Malibu Two keeps things reasonably simple. However, it does have a set of adjustable Comfort Plus seats and a few gear straps for tying down dry bags. It also includes molded-in footrests that can be used regardless of whether youâre paddling solo or tandem.

But, keep in mind that this boat doesnât include much gear storage space when itâs paddled as a tandem kayak. It also doesnât offer many other features, so itâs best for shorter paddling trips. Despite these shortcomings, the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is still one of the best-performing tandem sit-on-top boats available.

Reasons to buy:

Reasons to avoid:

Best Ocean Kayak For Surf

Many of you will want an ocean kayak so you can really enjoy those sunny surfing days catching waves and having a whole lot of fun.

There is also a great selection of kayaks on our list that would be ideal for surfing. Yet, again, if we had to choose one, it would be the

This kayak is a beautiful looking 1-person sit-on kayak design thats perfect for catching some surf. Not only will it perform well, but itll look great alongside other surfers in the ocean.

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Eddyline Caribbean 14 Angler

A laudable lightweight fishing kayak, the Caribbean 14 Angler is a high-performance version of Eddylines popular Caribbean 12, especially adapted for fishing enthusiasts who may be dealing with surf or rough water conditions. This kayak is quick and stable, with a hull designed for efficiency, tracking and maneuvering. Its outfitted with traction pads, rod holders, gear tracks, a Cloud 10 Seat and an elevated seat with a drain to keep you dry.

Should I Kayak If I Cant Swim

GoSea Sit on Top Single Kayak Beginner Entry Level Stable Ocean Canoe ...

Avoid kayaking in the ocean or white-water kayaking if you cannot swim. The most important thing about kayaking is not being able to swim, but getting to know the water. You have to make sure you are in the habit of falling into the water so that you dont get panicked if it happens while kayaking and you can easily save yourself.

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Best Ocean Kayaks Buying Guide

Now weve run through all of our favorite and best value ocean kayaks that we could find. We think there is a balanced selection where there should be something for everyone.

Whether you want to hit the surf, slowly paddle through coves or go fishing There are certainly some good choices on our list.

So lets look at which kayaks are best for particular purposes

This Is A Great Kayak Most


I paddled solo, without the center adapter, and it was great. The only problem, and what may sway me to purchase the Sidekick instead, is that I noticed it would turn counter-clock wise when hit with wind off the water. This was not a major concern really, but it is worth noting. Otherwise, for a wide, long, and otherwise heavy boat, it moves along rather effortlessly solo.

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Why Buy A Sit

If youâre new to kayaking and the water youâll typically encounter will be warm, a sit-on-top kayak will give you a better view of your surroundings and potential obstacles, and it will be easier to get back on if you tip over or just want to get off and back on again. You will be more exposed to the elements and should expect to get wet. If the air and water are warm, youâll want to wear quick-drying clothing with sun protection. If the air and water are cold, youâll want clothing designed for extra warmth. Sit-on-tops also feature scupper holes so theyâll be self-draining and wonât require pumping the water out that gets in.

Most sit-on-top kayaks are made from roto-molded polyethylene. Although theyâre relatively heavy, using roto-molded polyethylene makes them strong and durable. This type of kayak will take the most abuse and perform well for many years.

Best Ocean Kayaks The End Of The Journey

Ocean Kayak Tetra 10 & Tetra 12 Sit On Top Kayaks

So in conclusion, firstly we would like to thank you for checking out our article on our best ocean kayaks. We are sure theres a kayak on our list that will suit your needs well.

Its always important to consider the weight, length, and even storage capacity and type your kayak will have. Additionally, portability might be an issue in which case, possibly a blow design might be the best for you.

Finally, wed like to say good luck in finding the right ocean kayak for you, and happy paddling.

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Native Watercraft Manta Ray Angler 12 Xt

Affordability, fishing-ready features and high/low seating are the name of the game with the Manta Ray Angler 12 XT from Native Watercraft. This polyethylene adaptation of the thermoformed Manta Ray 12 LT contains the same hull design focused on maximizing stability in a seated, paddling or sight-casting position. This boat delivers the performances, confidence and comfort necessary for a long day on the water.

Q: How Do I Choose A Sit

he key for choosing the best kayak for you is similar to choosing the best vehicle: Decide what you want to do with it how youll use it. Some models, as this article shows, are best for very specific uses. Some might work well enough for multiple uses, depending upon what one plans to do. Generally, a bit of research will ensure you look at those kayaks best for your needs. Most manufacturers design various kayak models for particular uses. Compare those variables of particular importance to you, such as size, weight, propulsion, stability, features and so on.

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Just Purchased A Malibu 2xl


I glued some closed cell foam to the top of the oval hatch so I could rest it on my head when carrying it. This foam also helps when popping it up like you would with a canoe to get it up over your head. google Homer Stringer technique for lifting and carrying a canoe.

Today I took it out with a friend who weighs 170 lbs and my dog that weighs 55 lbs and it was very stable with over 460 lbs in it. I sat in the back and my butt didn’t get wet with the scuppers open. My friends butt got just a little wet. We were using the Ocean Kayak seats that came with the boat and have little thickness on the bottoms. Had my friend had a thicker seat, say at least an inch, he would have stayed dry.

The boat has plenty of volume. Ocean Kayak really did there homework to design such a do everything boat like the Malibu 2XL. Also the boat tracks well even with an inexperienced paddler in the front. I am glad I bought the boat and would highly recommend this versatile sit-on-top. I used to have an Ocean Kayak Malibu the 12 foot tandem model and the XL boat is light years ahead of that design much roomier and not that much heavier to carry. I will be using it to fish most of the time. It is so stable I will be able to take my 120lb Rottweiler out when I go night fishing.

After 30 years of kayaking and several boats: Wilderness System, Islander, Old Town, and Ocean Kayak I can say with confidence, this boat is a definite keeper.

Old Town Sportsman Bigwater 132

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit On Top Kayak 2017 for sale from United States

The Sportsman BigWater 132 from Old Town is a paddle kayak thats been engineered above and below the waterline to be the perfect platform for fishing. At just over 13 feet, the performance tri-hull design provides the paddling efficiency essential in more open water and the stability required when you stand. Breathable, quick-drying and fully adjustable, the Element seat provides the comfort needed to keep you on the water longer.

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I Would Buy It Again Even If I Were Singlei Purchased The


My wife and my 11 year old can put it on the roof of the Windstar since I changed my roof rack system to a simple flat bar . It was quite a while before they let me paddle it alone, but now that I have had it a year and have fished and free dived from it by myself I find it fast and maneuverable even with one paddler causing me to make the comment I started with.

It is one of the big kayaks out there and at 60 lbs not the lightest, but what you get for the weight and size is certainly worth it. You can do more with more kayak. I can’t tell you how many people I run into on the water say they should have gotten one like I am paddling.

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