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Paddle Board Rental Destin Fl

Paddle Board Rentals: Fort Walton Beach & Destin

Paddleboarding in Destin, Florida

Are you looking for an engaging alternative to walking the beach at sunrise? Our stand-up paddle board rentals in Destin, FL might just be what you need!

Destiny Water Adventures wants to provide an experience thats more than just a touristy photo op we want to give you memories youll treasure for the rest of your life.

Riding a paddle board out into the water is a fun way to get some exercise while enjoying Floridas excellent weather and natural sights. Everyone can enjoy it, young or old!

Paddle Boarding The Destin Harbor Canals

My absolute favorite place to paddle board is on the canals of Destin Harbor.

The canals have a rustic, charming feeling of old Destin and many locals love living in this peaceful neighborhood that feels far removed from the newer, more popular tourist areas.

Most visitors dont know about the harbor canals because they are tucked away on the residential side of the harbor across the water from the tourist activities at Harborwalk Village and the Destin Boardwalk.

There are several canal streets to explore. They are all marked on the map in purple.

Every home on the canal is different with its own unique character.

The water in the Destin Harbor Canals is much calmer than it is out in the main part of the harbor so its perfect for beginners or people who want a more relaxing paddle experience. You can focus less on balance and more on the beautiful surroundings.

All the canal streets end on a dead-end cul-de-sac so what I like to do is hug one side of the street on the way down and come back on the other side. That way I can see all the quaint details up close.

The water is usually so calm here that I am perfectly comfortable sitting down on my board and sipping my coffee while taking pictures. Some boards are more stable than others though so ask about those differences when renting.

This is more of a residential neighborhood than a tourist area and you will often see people out in their yard who will wave as you go by.

Paddle Boarding At The End Of Destin Harbor

This area is marked in blue on the map. It is where the harbor ends.

There are a few other condo buildings and homes in this area along with the Louisiana Lagniappe restaurant sitting directly on the water here. Look out for pods of dolphins as they can often be found jumping and playing in this protected area.

This spot of the harbor has a shallow island at low tide where you can hop off your board and stand up in some spots if you want to take a break .

I will give you fair warning that it takes a decent amount of time to get down this far so it might be the best area to skip if you are on a time constraint.

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Paddle Boarding In The Gulf Of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is a whole different paddling experience from Destin Harbor so be sure to try this next if you are feeling confident.

It is more of a challenge to paddle board or kayak at the beach with the waves and currents so you will probably fall off your board a lot more unless its a super calm day. But its fun and you get to experience the beautiful, crystal clear water beneath your board and the beach atmosphere.

You should check the Destin Surf Report before you go paddle boarding at the beach to pick a calm day. Ideally you would want flat to 1-foot surf for paddling in the gulf. Scroll down to the graph of the 7-day advance surf height forecast here to check the surf:

I hope you have found this post helpful in planning your upcoming paddle boarding and kayaking adventures on Destin Harbor!

Be sure to comment below if you have any questions or feedback. I love hearing from you! Dont forget to so you dont miss any posts!

Paddleboarding In Destin And Fort Walton Beach

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental

Destin and Fort Walton Beach, FL is the perfect place to partake in stand-up paddleboarding or as locals like to call it, SUP. This low-impact water activity is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, bay, or sound make paddle boarding here a breeze! Yoga, fishing, recreation, or relaxation, youll find paddleboarding a fun and exhilarating water activity for the entire family! Destin and Fort Walton Beach offers an array of scenic waterways to enjoy a day on the water paddleboarding. Our tranquil water makes Destin and Fort Walton Beach a hotspot for paddleboard enthusiasts.

If youre in the market for your very own paddleboard youll find a great selection at local BOTE Board with retail locations in Destin and Fort Walton Beach. BOTE Board calls Destin – Fort Walton Beach, FL home and offer various styles of boards based on your paddleboarding needs. In fact, BOTE designed the worlds first fishing specific stand up board for fishing enthusiasts. Our clear water make it perfect for fishing from a paddleboard. The visibility atop the board will enhance your fishing experience and the number of your catch!

Paddle boarding is an exhilarating water sport that is relaxing, healthy, and fun and Destin – Fort Walton Beach is the prime destination to learn and enjoy!

  • Gift Shop / Shopping on Site
  • Onsite Restaurant/Food Vendor

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Paddle Boarding In The Winter In Destin

Can you paddle in the winter months in Destin? Absolutely. Winter is often the calmest time of year on the harbor because there are a lot fewer boats.

The main concern is staying dry in your warm clothing but many people can paddle a calm day on a sturdy board on Destin Harbor without falling in. Not recommended for beginners.

Most of the water sports companies are closed in the off-season so the best option for rentals this time of year is usually to try a nearby paddle board shop where you can pick up a board or have it delivered.

I have some friends and neighbors who own Wet Inc which is a paddle board shop located next to Bric-a-Brac in the shopping center on the corner of Highway 98 and Gulf Shore Drive. They offer rentals and can usually meet you at the harbor with your board or deliver it if you are staying somewhere nearby on the water.

If you are thinking about buying a paddle board, Wet Inc. also sometimes has SUP demo days on Sundays at Norriego Point Beach where you can try out some different types of boards to help you decide which one is best for you.

Look Out For Other Boats On Destin Harbor

The entire Destin Harbor is a no wake zone so the boats are usually going slow in this area but the resulting waves can still throw you off balance if you are too close.

Most boaters are good about looking out for paddlers and kayaks but its still always best to be aware of them and steer clear.

Also, keep in mind there are a lot of inexperienced boaters on the water during the busy season in Destin from March through October.

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The Perks Of Renting From Us

Whether your Destin adventure involves kayak rentals or paddle board rentals, you should know what youre getting. Here are some of the perks of getting a rental with us:

Top-Quality Rentals Our paddle board and kayak rentals are well-maintained and built to last. Clients are assured that theyre using high-quality gear every single time!

Free Parking Bringing a car but dont know where to park? Dont worry about it! Weve got lots of space for your ride.

All Safety Gear Included You want to be safe on your sunrise rental adventure! So weve got the gear to make every rental as secure as possible!

Access To Secluded Islands You deserve that premium rental experience, and we want to give it to you. Message our customer service reps to book a private adventure!

Sunrise Adventures Looking to start the day out in the sea? We open really early and can accommodate sunrise rentals!

How much are kayak rentals in Destin?


  • Kayak rental in Destin, FL
  • Kayak rental in Fort Walton Beach
How much does a stand-up paddle board rental cost in Destin?
  • Paddle board rental in Fort Walton Beach
  • Paddle board rental in Destin, FL
How many people can fit in a kayak?

While a single person can operate our kayaks, they can seat two people. Larger parties will have to split off into groups of two to ensure all passengers are safe.

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YOLO Stand up Paddle Board Review – Destin Florida

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Sup & Kayaking On Destin Harbor & Crab Island: 2022 Guide

Are you ready to try stand up paddle boarding on Destin Harbor? This guide will help you understand the general layout of the harbor and navigate all the different areas you can explore from your paddle board. This article is equally relevant to kayaking on Destin Harbor.

Paddle boarding on Destin Harbor is less challenging than the Gulf of Mexico so its ideal for beginners. Its also perfect for anyone like me who enjoys the calmer waters surrounded by classic Destin scenery.

I prefer paddling on Destin Harbor so I can spend less time fighting waves and falling off my board and more time enjoying the views. There is also a lot more to see on the harbor and so many areas to explore from Norriego Point to Harborwalk Village and all the canals and beautiful homes and boats in-between.

Ive created the map below as a visual guide to this post. The numbers and colors on the map correspond to the information in the paragraphs of this article.

Reservation Changes Cancellations & Refunds

Changes to reservations for tickets can be made until 1 days prior to the date scheduled. Reservations may be re-scheduled by the operator of the activity due to reasons such as weather, minimum participation requirements, mechanical issues or other interruptions beyond their control.

All gift certificate sales are final and not refundable. Gift certificates can only be exchanged prior to redemption.

A full list of terms of sale of tickets and certificates can be viewed here.

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Sup Is A Great Low Impact Exercise

Exercise has become a priority for people of all ages. SUP provides a low impact cardio workout with incredible benefits for the core, back, arms and legs. Not only is it easy to learn, this great outdoor activity also stimulates the mind and body.If you’re looking for an awesome low impact, full body workout, SUP is the way to go

Paddle Boarding To Boshamps Oyster House

Destin Paddle Board Rentals GUSU

Boshamps Oyster House is marked on the map with a pink star. If you have a little time before you return your paddle board and are looking for a bar or restaurant stop, Boshamps is the best option for a place to go with a paddle board or kayak.

Its easy to pull your paddle board up at the Boshamps beach and walk up to the outdoor bar/dining area.

You can keep an eye on your board from anywhere on the outside deck here or grab a drink and sit on the chairs in the beach area. And do keep an eye on it.

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Best Paddle Board Rental In Destin

After doing quite a bit of research for the best price for our paddle board rentals, we gave Surf Sup a call. $55 for an all day rental, or you can pay $80 at one of those tents on the beach. Give Megan and her husband Kyle a call, these two will do any/everything they can to make your paddle boarding rental a great one! The equipment was in great shape and they were here within the hour when we called to have them picked up. We will definitely be in touch with Surf sup when we come to Destin again next year.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Katie Burke . Elijah, Seth, and Isaac were awesome and super helpful. This was definitely not their first rodeo. They made the process so easy and were so helpful on exactly where to go to spot the most manatees. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had, kayaking and three manatee swimming underneath of the boat! Great work guys! Have a great New Year and God Bless you!

Rachael Horton Great services. We had a party of 10, super accommodating and no wait.

Shannon C. This was my third time using Manatee Paddle. Just like the first two times, I was beyond satisfied! We arrived just as they opened Sunday afternoon.T. he staff is pleasant, friendly, & very knowledgeable. We were checked in quickly, given a rundown of the area and map. We met them down by the launch site–which was quite busy. Again we were given pertinent information regarding the area, the springs, and possibility of seeing manatees. After securing our belongings, we were off! Within our 3 hours, we saw several manatees and had lots of laughs. They were actually at the shore when we got back so no need to call. I will definitely use Manatee Paddle again the next time I’m in the area.

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What To Bring On Your Destin Island Or Fort Walton Adventure

Heres everything youll need when renting your Destiny Water Adventures kayaks or paddle boards:

  • Valid government ID for all clients above the age of 18
  • A credit card to secure your rentals

And thats it! Unlike motorized rentals, you dont need a license for your kayak or paddle board.

We take fun very seriously at the Destin and Fort Walton Areas, so you can leave all the boring administrative stuff to us. Just ensure that youve booked the right date to rent your kayak or paddle board, then show up for it.

Where To Launch On Destin Harbor If You Have Your Own Paddle Board

Paddleboarding with Dolphins at the Artificial Reef in Destin, Florida

If you have your own paddle board, the best place to put it in the water is at Norriego Point Public Beach.

Norriego Point Beach has a perfect shallow spot to start and its right near the parking lot so you dont have far to walk with your paddle board.

The only exception is if you are going to Crab Island in which case I would recommend a different launch spot. More about that below in the Paddle Boarding to Crab Island section.

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Be Cautious Leaving Destin Harbor

I marked the area you should be cautious about going past on a paddle board with red Xs in the photo below. Strong paddlers can make it under the bridge to Crab Island on most days but beginners should base the decision of how far to go on how the currents look and how much boat traffic there is.

It seems like every summer there is at least one tourist found clinging to the bridge columns after underestimating the swift current and having their board swept away.

If you do go to Crab Island from here, stay on the side of the bridge that is closest to Harborwalk Village. Its shallow there with calmer currents and way less boat traffic than the center of the bridge.

Do not paddle or kayak around Norriego Point into the East Pass. Its only safe for boats over there.

Why We Love It

Destin Experience Gifts: Enjoy the freedom to explore the beautiful shores of North West Florida at your leisure with this one hour stand up paddle board rental! As a user friendly cousin of surfing, stand up paddle boarding is a gentle way to glide across the water, making it ideal for discovering new areas and perfect for any experience level. With this rental in Destin, you have the choice to pick up your board, or have it delivered to you . Your rental includes the board, leash, paddle, life jacket with whistle and basic instructions to allow you to enjoy a fun, safe session out on the water. With well known havens such as Crab Island, Norriego Point, Destin Harbor, Crystal Clear Springs and more available to explore, the path of adventure is up to you!

This one hour SUP rental is a fantastic way to enjoy Destin’s beautiful beaches, and would make an exciting addition to your next vacation to the area.

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Destin Stand Up Paddleboard Rental & Instruction

The sport of stand up paddleboarding is a global sport that benefits people of all ages and physical condition with a strong core workout. Stand up paddleboarding is the next big water sport activity to arrive here in Destin, FL and its a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Enjoy the emerald green waters while paddling through the beautiful Destin Harbor or the Choctawhatchee Bay.

  • Paddle the beautiful waters of Destin, FL
  • Rentals are available daily through the season
  • Great activity for the entire family
  • Multiple launch points to choose from
  • Short instruction available upon arrival

Duration: 1-8 Hours

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