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Paddle Board Rental Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe Kayak And Sup Rentals

A Trip to Paddle Board at Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe

RENTALS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK3rd hour is always FREE!Hours of Operation:Rates:Book for 2 hours and the 3rd hour is free!

Sit on Top
$120 $110

Rentals Overview:Beach Front Kayak and Paddle Board rentals! Paddle from the sand!on the beachOur location is incredible!Reservations:Remember, the 3rd hour is always free! Looking for a 1 hour rental? Just show up at our rental location and we will get you outfitted and on the water! We have a lot of gear going in and out all day. 1 hour rentals cannot be reserved unless you have a group of 10 or more. PLEASE NOTE: SAFETY:Directions to Tahoe Vista Recreation Area ~ 7010 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, Ca.From Truckee and I-80:From Tahoe City:From South Lake and Incline Village:

Tahoe Adventure Company

Sand Harbor Paddle Boarding

Sand Harbor State Park is the prettiest and best place to paddle board Lake Tahoe and our favorite spot to start an incredible Tahoe SUP tour.

Not only does Sand Harbor Beach feature shallow bays with crystal clear blue water and tons of giant boulders stacked on top of one another, its also the starting point to explore the iconic picturesque East Shore of Lake Tahoe.

In fact, there are actually three bays at Sand Harbor in North Lake Tahoe. A small rocky cove that is great for snorkeling and diving, a large stretch of sandy beach and shallow blue water and Sand Harbor itself with a boat launch and the Sand Harbor paddle board rental.

Sand Harbor is one of the most, if not the most popular, spot for paddle boarding and kayaking around Lake Tahoe and in general a very popular beach due to its incredibly beautiful scenery. There is a lot of parking space available, but it fills up very quickly. On the weekends you got to be there right away when the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park opens at 8 am in the morning to get a spot. During the week it is a lot easier. The day-use fee is 15 USD.

From Sand Harbor, you can paddle North and South to picturesque rocky coves on Lake Tahoes East Shore.

How Long Does It Take To Drive Around Lake Tahoe

The 72-mile drive around Lake Tahoe takes about three hours to complete with regular traffic and minimal stops. For most people, however, driving around Lake Tahoe is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so itâs best to take your time, stopping periodically to take in the views and snap a few photos. The drive is filled with popular stops including the iconic white sand beaches and boulders of Sand Harbor just south of Incline Village, breath-taking views of the crystal clear waters along Lake Tahoeâs East Shore, and elevated vista points above world-famous Emerald Bay. In bustling South Lake Tahoe, youâll find an array of casinos, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Along Lake Tahoeâs north shore, youâll drive through several quaint mountain towns filled with small hotels, local businesses, and casual dining.

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Tahoe Paddleboard Lake Tahoe Paddle Board Rentals

Tahoe Paddle Board is an ALL-DELIVERY Paddle Board Rental Service located in the greater Lake Tahoe region. If you have ever thought about trying to paddle board but was not sure where to look we offer paddle board rentals that may be delivered directly to your home or vacation rental all around lake. We want to make your experience one of a kind and offer you the best possible time whether you are a visitor of or currently live around Lake Tahoe. Fun with the family starts here as we offer paddles board of all sizes so that all of the family can enjoy the fun. For a one-of-a-kind experience rent our 4-person inflatable Mantaray. Take your favorite crew out for a day of fun on Lake Tahoe or go it alone, we have everything you need. Delivery & Pickup are included for free.

Kings Beach Tahoe Paddle & Oar

Paddle Board Rentals

If youve got the basics of paddling down and youre interested in exploring the lake, book a guided paddleboard tour from Tahoe Paddle and Oar! They are suitable for beginners or experienced paddlers. During each tour, youre led through a boulder maze while an experienced tour guide teaches you about the history of the lake and the surrounding area. All equipment is provided. Choose from the Crstyal Bay Tour or the Sand Harbor tour.

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Sugar Pine Point State Park

With the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, Sugar Pine Point State Park is one of Lake Tahoes most cultural and historical sites to visit. At Sugar Pine Point Beach you can rent a paddle board at West Shore Sports or take your own SUP and paddle from the public pier northwards or southwards.

To Tahoma & Chambers Lodge

If make your way up North you will paddle along a more rocky coastline and can make a stop at the Chambers Landing Pier Bar which is a wooden shack at the end of a pier and a favorite spot for locals to hang and have a drink or two. There is also a beach for you to hang out and have a picnic.

Sugar Pine Point Beach To The Rail Tracks

If you paddle South from Sugar Pine Point beach you will come across some railway tracks leading into the water which is a secret photo spot in Lake Tahoe.

Sup Kayak And Canoe Rental Rates

Adrift Tahoe rents and sells Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Canoes, including an Outrigger. We are located on the beach next to King’s Beach State Park.

Our rates are listed below along with information about what to wear and bring. Don’t worry if you forget anything, we carry it at the shop. PLEASE VISIT OUR LAKE TAHOE WATER SAFETY TIPS

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What Should I Bring While Paddle Boarding On Lake Tahoe

At North Tahoe Paddle we provide lifejackets and paddles, but there are a few additional things we recommend taking with you while paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe. Sunscreen, water, and a hat to shade your face and eyes from the sun are all highly recommended. Outside of those items, we do not recommend taking too much more with you due to the design of the paddle board. Paddle Boarding on Lake Tahoe provides plenty of opportunities for amazing photos, and if you need them, we have dry bags and waterproof cell phone cases to keep your cameras and smartphones protected.

How To Stay Safe While Paddle Boarding In Lake Tahoe

Where to go Stand Up Paddleboarding in Lake Tahoe – South Tahoe Standup Paddle

Paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy Lake Tahoe, but it’s essential to stay safe while doing so. Here are a few tips:

  • Wear a life jacket: Wearing a life jacket is always a good idea when paddle boarding

  • Know your abilities: Don’t try to paddle board in water that is too deep or fast-moving for your ability level.

  • Be aware of your surroundings: Be on the lookout for other boats and obstacles in the water.

  • Don’t paddle alone: It’s always best to paddle with someone else, in case one person gets into trouble.

  • Learn about SUP rescue.

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Commons Beach In Tahoe City

Located at the heart of Tahoe City is Commons Beach. This is a convenient and easily accessible place to SUP Lake Tahoe with the whole family. The parking lot is nearby which makes launching your board from here super easy. There are also a bunch of paddle board rental places in Tahoe City.

For more sandy beaches and clear waters head past the citys marina.

Secret Cove Secret Harbor Beach Creek & Whale Beach

From the same Chimney Beach Parking lot, there are also trails to some of the other picturesque and best Lake Tahoe paddle boarding spots like Secret Cove, Secret Harbor Beach, Creek Beach, and Whale Beach.

While these are the most beautiful paddle board spots in Lake Tahoe, they dont come with easy access. That would be too easy, wouldnt it be? You gotta work for it to be able to paddle board here. Either in the form a long paddle from Sand Harbor or a hike carrying your SUP.

You will have to carry your SUP all the way down from the Chimney Beach Parking lot or from along the highway, which can be quite exhausting, especially on the way up again. Just a heads up!

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El Dorado Beach At Lakeview Commons

El Dorado beach is located right in the center of the city of South Lake Tahoe. South Lake Tahoe paddle boarding, especially at Lakeview Commons, is great for beginners. Beach access could not be easier from here. The beach at Lakeview Commons itself is a wide sand beach and the water is pretty shallow which makes this a great spot in South Lake Tahoe to learn how to stand up paddle board and gain confidence.

The Best Place To Rent A Stand

Paddle Board Rentals and Tips with SUP To You Tahoe

`Have fun like a local during your North Lake Tahoe adventure! Paddleboarding is a favorite past time for many area residents. When you see the lake for yourself, youll know why. The crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe allow you to see straight to the bottom of the lake, giving you the most amazing view of the lakebed. Best of all, its a gentle, easy sport that can be quickly learned! Find out everything you need to know about paddle boarding, including where to rent a stand-up paddleboard in Lake Tahoe! For more great watersport rental agencies in North Lake Tahoe, access our free Vacation Guide.

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Where Is Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located directly on the California/Nevada state line in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. By car, Lake Tahoe is approximately 200 miles northeast of San Francisco, 100 miles northeast of Sacramento, and 50 miles southwest of Reno, Nevada. The counties surrounding Lake Tahoe are Placer and El Dorado Counties of California and Washoe, Carson City, and Douglas Counties of Nevada.

Stay With Tahoe Moon Properties

Before you reserve a stand-up paddleboard for a Lake Tahoe adventure, you need to book your accommodations! Tahoe Moon Properties has the best selection of homes in North Lake Tahoe. No matter the size of your group or the reason for your visit, we have just rental to suit your needs. Plus, with our extremely knowledgeable staff of local residents, well be able to assist you in planning the best North Lake Tahoe getaway possible! Dont forget to check out our selection of dog-friendly properties so your whole family can join you on your trip.

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Whats The Difference Between Inflatable Paddle Boards And Hard Paddle Boards

Essentially, not very much. Both inflatable paddle boards and hard paddle boards are stable, durable, great for all skill levels, and tons of fun. Inflatable paddle boards tend to be lighter, extremely durable, and have a higher weight capacity. Hard stand up paddle boards tend to be a bit heavier, more rigid, glide through the water easier due to having a lower volume, and less affected by wind, as they sit lower in the water. Usually, we tell people that if they are asking this question, they wonât be able to tell the difference!

Where Are The Best Paddle Board In Lake Tahoe

October at Lake Tahoe | Sand Harbor Stand Up Paddleboarding & More

The best places to paddle board in Lake Tahoe are in our opinion Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, Zephyr Cove in the Southeast, Kings Beach in North Tahoe, and D.L Bliss State Park on the Southwest shore. From those places, you can experience the incredible crystal clear blue water and big boulders and explore otherwise inaccessible or hard to access parts of the lake.

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Irocker/blackfin Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • Available in 10â6â, 11â, and 11â6â sizes, with weight capacities of up to 400 lbs.

  • Perform great in all water conditions.

  • Great for all ages, sizes, and skill levels.

  • Lightweight – weighing less than 30 lbs.

  • Super-portable – when deflated, the boards fit inside a backpack-style carrying bag and will easily fit in the trunk of a small car.

  • Our inflatable paddle boards are virtually indestructible, so youâll never have to worry about dings, dents, or scratches.

  • Oversized deck pads and high weight capacity are great for bringing a small dog or child paddling.

  • We recommend these boards for families with kids, multiple riders of different weights, and larger riders.

  • Inflatable paddle board rentals are available either fully inflated and ready to take on the water or deflated in a backpack-style carrying bag with a hand pump, paddle, and fins.

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

When it comes to stand up paddle board rentals on Lake Tahoe, we know whatâs SUP! We offer a wide selection of both inflatable and hard stand up paddle boards that are great for all ages, sizes, and skill levels. Stand up paddle board rentals are available at our lakefront rental location in Kings Beach, California at Secline Beach.

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How Much Is It To Rent A Paddleboard In Tahoe

Generally speaking Lake Tahoe paddle board rental prices range from approx. 25-35 USD per hour to around 80-100 USD and more per day. Half-day SUP rentals are approx. 60-70 USD.

The prices vary of course by shop and location as well as the type of SUP board. For exact pricing, availability, and reservations, contact the respective Tahoe SUP rentals directly. See below!

Considering the high SUP rental prices, it might make sense for you to consider buying your own inflatable paddle board. See our Paddle Board Buying Guide further down below for more information.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle & Yoga Board Set Under $350

South Lake Tahoe Paddle Board Rentals

All Skill Levels | Suitable for Yoga and carrying kids | 106 x 32 x 6 | Max. load 330 lbs

The DAMA inflatable budget paddle board stands out with its cool wooden style design. It comes with a dry bag, waterproof phone case, and carrying strap for the SUP. The cool looks make this SUP one of our favorite budget stand-up paddle boards. It is also very popular and top-rated.

  • Dont paddle too far from the shore
  • Wear a leash so that the board doesnt escape you should you fall
  • Keep in mind the water in Tahoe is fairly cold
  • Bring enough water and food
  • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat

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How Was Lake Tahoe Formed

About 25 million years ago, as the surrounding mountains were forming by a process called uplifting, the valley that became known as the Lake Tahoe Basin sank between the two parallel faults. Lava flowing from Mt. Pluto on Lake Tahoeâs north shore formed a barrier across the basinâs single outlet point, what is now known as the Truckee River. Water from snowfall filled the various streams that flowed into the basin, gradually creating a lake several hundred feet higher than present-day Lake Tahoe. Eventually, water from the lake eroded the lava dam, creating the present path of the Lower Truckee River. Following this period, an Ice Age developed, reshaping the landscape of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Giant glaciers formed, moving down the narrow, V-shaped canyons on the Western side of the lake, scouring away loose rock and shaping the canyons into U-shaped valleys. As these glaciers melted away, they left behind brilliant bays, jagged peaks, polished ridgelines, and crystal clear lakes.

Sic/tahe Hard Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • Available in 10â, 11â, and 11â6â sizes, with weight capacities of up to 285 lbs.

  • Perform great in all water conditions.

  • Great for all ages, sizes, and skill levels.

  • Unique hybrid design featuring a keeled nose for excellent tracking.

  • Super durable Tough-Tec and Ace-Tec construction make these boards some of the most durable hard stand up paddle boards on the market.

  • Full rail-to-rail volume for enhanced stability and maximum use of the entire deck.

  • Great for touring and extended paddle boarding sessions.

  • Extra rigid construction makes these boards stiffer than our inflatable paddle boards.

  • We recommend these boards for anyone interested in extended paddles, touring, and customers staying on or very near the lake as they are slightly heavier and less portable than our inflatables.

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Lake Tahoe Lakefront Hotels

Still looking for a place to stay in Lake Tahoe? Check out our post about the best Lake Tahoe beachfront hotels that give you immediate lake access. Those lakefront hotels have amazing lake views and offer the easiest beach access without the hassle of finding parking and schlepping your SUP.

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Best Lake Tahoe Hotels By The Beach

Can You Swim In Lake Tahoe And How Cold Is Lake Tahoe

South Tahoe Stand Up Paddle

Because it’s so large, the deepest waters of Lake Tahoe stay at a constant 39° Fahrenheit year-round. However, during the warmer summer months of July, August, and September, the shallower areas around the shoreline of the lake can warm to 68°-70° Fahrenheit, providing a wonderfully refreshing temperature for swimming and cooling off on hot summer days. In the winter, however, swimming in Lake Tahoe is not recommended, as surface temperatures during the colder winter months plummet to the low 40°s, potentially causing cold water shock, swim failure, hypothermia, or drowning.

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The Best Places To Paddleboard In Lake Tahoe:

1.D.L. Bliss State Park: Located on the lakes southwestern side, a few miles north of Emerald Bay, D.L. Bliss State Park offers both camping and walk-ins and boasts some of the prettiest water in the lake. Starting at the parking lot, launch off at Lester Beach. Heading south along the shore, you will pass Calawee Cove Beach and the Old Lighthouse as you paddle along the towering cliffs of the Rubicon Trail, a perfect hike for anyone who doesnt want to get in the water. These cliffs continue down into the water, creating a drop off beneath you of deep blue water. If youre feeling brave, stop at the famous Rooster Rock to test your rock jumping skills with a variety of different heights to choose from. Continue south to pass numerous coves perfect for taking a dip during your paddle. Continue all the way to Emerald Bay for a longer trip.

2. Emerald Bay: While there is no direct launch place for paddleboards in the bay, you can launch at Baldwin Beach and paddle north to get to Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay is one of the most iconic locations on Lake Tahoe. The deep blue water is a must-see. Once in the bay, enjoy the calmer waters, and paddle to the famous Fannette Island. Here you can paddle to the rocks, and climb to the top of the small island, where there sits an old teahouse to explore. After visiting the island, paddle toward Vikingsholm, an old stone castle that was built long ago.

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