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Paddle Board With Kayak Seat

Do You Want An Inflatable Or Non

My Favorite Kayak Seats for Paddleboards – Best, Worst and Recommended.

Most kayak seats for paddle boards are non-inflatable, made of foam, while a few are inflatable.

The main benefit of an inflatable seat is that you can have a large one that wont be hard to transport and store because youll just deflate it. However, with a non-inflatable seat, youll not have the extra steps of inflating and deflating every time you want to go paddling.

So it all comes down to personal preference.

What Material Is Used To Make The Kayak Seat

Youll be using your paddle board kayak seat in the water so you need a material that is waterproof or at least water-resistant.

Quick-drying material like neoprene is also great because if the seat gets wetwhich is expectedyou wont be uncomfortable the entire trip.

Lastly, you want to look for material that is durable like nylon. Exposure to the elements can quickly degrade materials so its important to have something tough and long-lasting.

Why Should You Buy Inflatable Sup With Kayak Seat

Paddleboarding is an ideal hobby, but are you aware of the several health factors an inflatable SUP with kayak seat can provide you with? Some of the best ways it can influence your health are as follows:

  • Your every paddling trip contributes a lot to burning calories leading to weight loss.
  • It also strengthens your core power by toning your chest, back muscles, and legs and improving your bodys endurance.
  • Want a stress-free activity? The best way to overcome all your daily hurdles is to go on a peaceful trip with a SUP paddle board with a seat.

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A Kayak Seat Is A Nice Option For Long Distance Treks

Say you are doing some longer trips on your paddle board and your legs are tired from standing or your feet are cramping up but you have a lot of ground to cover and don’t want to stop. It just takes a few seconds to easily attach your paddle seat to your paddle board via the d rings and multiple adjustable straps, so why wouldn’t you want to try kayaking for part of the trip?

Bote Inflatable Kayak Seat

Easy Go Grey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Sup Surfboard 126"  Kayak ...

If you want to make a more comfortable kayak out of of a stand up paddleboard there are some other options that work well. They cost more but they are worth every cent.

The basic seat mentioned above works okay and its comfortable for a little while. The inflatable Aero SUP Seat from BOTE is a thousand times more comfortable to sit in. It gives more back and thigh support. It feels like a real chair. The only downside to this chair is that it lifts you higher above the board making it less stable than the basic seat. Use the BOTE seat only on 32 inch, or preferably 34 inch wide big stable boards.

You do need to get a few adapter straps off of Amazon to make it work. BOTE put fittings on it that dont work with regular D-Rings. That wont stop us from using this great seat on other brand boards. The BOTE seat runs $169

You can see my review of the Outdoor Master Chasing Blue Orion 126 Touring board to learn more about it.

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Caos Inflatable Sup With Kayak Seat

The CAOS Inflatable SUP is another great option for an efficient, all-inclusive paddleboard that comes with its own kayak seat. And that seat can be attached in multiple positions using the numerous D-rings at various locations along the edge of the board.

This board measures 106 long, 33 wide, and six inches deep. This board gives you the ability to capture all of your early learning experiences because it includes a built-in GoPro camera mount at the nose of the board.

Like the best inflatable SUPs on the market today, it comes with pretty much everything youll need to get started. That includes a removable central fin, leash, adjustable two-piece paddle, kayak seat, pump, patch kit, and durable storage bag with backpack straps.

But this board doesnt come with just any old pump. It includes a double-action pump that inflates your board more quickly and also requires less effort so that you arent tired out before you even get out on the water.

We also chose this paddleboard kayak combo because its an all-inclusive package if youre just getting into this sport. You wont need to worry about purchasing anything else once your Soopotay SUP Kayak Package arrives.

In our experience with Soopotay boards, the storage bag is also super useful for transporting everything that this board comes with and Soopotay also made it large enough to fit extra gear items like our PFD, dry bag, and kayaking shoes.

I Want Kayak Seat For My Paddleboard Or Do You

Hey Ally, Ive seen this board and it comes with a kayak seat. Is it any good?

Probably not will be my response. The simple answer being, they dont work properly. If you want a kayak or an inflatable kayak buy one but trying to double up and get both doesnt work. The idea in principle is a good one but here are some reasons why it just doesnt really work.

Paddleboards are flat. Some hardboards have a v shaped bottoms but they arent rounded underneath like canoes and kayaks.

The stroke of a paddle board compared to a kayak is completely different too. Where we sit and how we paddle mean that sitting down on a paddle board and adding the attachment to the top of out 3 piece paddle just doesnt really work properly.

  • Yes, it means you can sit down and lean back.

  • Yes, you will get a wet bum unless you have a 6 board… even then, youll still probably get a wet bum.

  • Yes, the board manufacturers make these because they are trying to make you feel like you get more bang for your buck.

The Technicalities


Curved Hull

If the paddleboard company you are buying a board from offers a seat with it, then chances are, it is made cheaply with poor construction. Lots of companies have jumped on the bandwagon of sales because the sport is growing. Not all cheap boards are terrible, far from it, BUT, the internal construction of the board is very important if you are going to enjoy stand up paddleboarding and feel steady on the board. Choose wisely. Know what you are buying.

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Sup To Kayak Conversion Kit

SUP to Kayak Paddle Blade

  • 1 x Kayak Blade
  • Works with all our Paddles
  • Transition from single blade paddle to dual blade Kayak paddle in seconds
  • Remove T-Bar handle and insert Blade

Learn how to convert your SUP to a Kayak here.

SUP to Kayak Paddle Blade

  • 1 x Kayak Blade
  • Works with all our Paddles
  • Transition from single blade paddle to dual blade Kayak paddle in seconds
  • Remove T-Bar handle and insert Blade

Learn how to convert your SUP to a Kayak here.

We guarantee thequality of our products.

With paddles in our hands and adventure in our soul, we focus on top-quality manufacturing, design, and functionality.

We are commited tokeeping waterways clean.

The water is home to wildlife, and we must protect it. iROCKER is committed to keeping waterways clean and implementing sustainable practices.

We are a team ofpassionate outdoor lovers.

Join us as we innovate products with our minds, spread kindness with our words, and protect waterways with our hearts.

Limitations Of Most Kayak Seats

How To: Attaching a Kayak Seat to Your Atoll Paddle Board

There are some limitations to a SUP kayak seat. One is that they can be uncomfortable for long periods of time. Another is that they can make it difficult to paddle in certain types of water, such as choppy water. Finally, they can be expensive.

Despite these limitations, there are still many benefits to using paddle board seats. One benefit is that they provide support for your back and help you stay in a good paddling position. Another benefit is that they can help you stay dry while paddling. Finally, they can help you paddle more efficiently by keeping your body in the proper position.

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Turn Isup Into A Kayak

Our family, friends, and co-workers had enjoyed stand up paddle boarding late last year during the COVID-19 pandemic as an effective way to safely enjoy the outdoors while socially distancing. We had since tested and reviewed several inflatable stand up paddle boards , one of which was fully ready to be used as a kayak. To do so, one simply had to purchase a kayak seat and attach it to the iSUPs 2 or 4 D-Rings. But what if your paddle board does not have the attachments available? Easy. Cement some D-Rings to your board. Here is how.

Tip: You can use this guide to also add a Bungee Deck to the front of your iSUP.

iSUPs and Kayak Converted iSUP /iRocker

What Makes The Switch Stand Out

Innovation doesnât stop there though. As a SUP, the Switchâs width translates into strong stability. Despite its size, the Switch showcases our new Air-Tech⢠Fusion Lite construction, which uses a woven drop-stitch fabric instead of a traditional knit, making the board surprisingly lightweight. Not only does it make it easy to carry, but it reduces drag. Combine this with the shape of a touring board and the Switch shows off its maneuverability and makes it a fun board to have out on the water.

âThe Switch is the best 2-in-1 inflatable hybrid weâve tested. While the kayak experience is unique for the comfort and performance, that doesnât come at the expense of its stand up paddle boarding profile.â – DIVEINâs review

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Can You Use A Paddle Board As A Kayak

Posted on July 15, 2022 byNazli Flores

Thereâs an overarching question many ask when it comes to inflatable paddle boards: is this better than a kayak? Well, we didnât want customers to have to choose between the two, which is why we created the Switch, our 2-in-1 paddle board and kayak hybrid! We couldnât wait to give the Switch to to test and review.

Bradley Axmith from DIVEIN on the Switch in SUP mode

Mounting The Sup Kayak Seat

JLF 10 Ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Sit

The most difficult part of this process is setting up the kayak seat. There are 4 straps on the seat. 2 straps go forward and 2 go backward. Do the following to mount the seat.

  • Place the seat on the paddleboard. Center the seat bottom where you put your feet when your standing on the paddleboard. This will get the balance and trim close enough when your sitting down.
  • Hook the 2 forward straps up to the next set of D-Rings forward of this position. Attach the rear straps to the set of D-Rings behind this position.
  • Hold the kayak seat back vertical. Tension the forward straps up. This will get the seat into the right position for you. When you lean back on the seat your weight will flex the seat. If you start with the seatback leaned back, when you put weight on it, it will flex back even farther and not support you.
  • take the slack out of the rear straps. The rear straps are only there to keep the seat bottom from sliding forward. The front straps are doing all the work.
  • With your board floating in the water, sit down on the board in the seat. If the seat doesnt feel like its supporting you, tighten the forward straps more. If the seat feels like its too upright, loosen the front straps. Do this until you find a comfortable position.
  • Once you have set the straps, you can take the seat on and off as much as you like and it will be roughly in the right spot and right angle. It might take you a few uses to get the strap setup correct for you.

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Gili Paddle Board Kayak Seat

Gili is not a new name in the paddle boarding game. They make some of the best inflatable SUPs and their accessories are just as good.

The Gili SUP kayak seat offers a quick way to convert your SUP into a kayak. It comes with sturdy hooks and straps so you can attach the seat securely.

I love how the form-fitting design holds your back, giving you amazing support all day long. Both the base and backrest have enough padding so you wont be complaining about soreness at the end of your trip.

You can attach the Gili kayak seat to any stand up paddle board, as long as it has D-rings.

Another feature that made me happy is the detachable storage bag at the back of the seat. As a paddler, I can never say no to extra storage, especially if its conveniently located and doesnt take up more room on the deck.

The Gili seat base is 15 inches wide and 12 inches long while the backrest is 20 inches wide and 18 inches wide. It can easily support most paddlers.

  • Detachable storage bag: It offers a convenient place for you to store essentials that you need quick access to such as your phone and drinking water.
  • Adequate padding: The Gili kayak seat has thick padding on the base and backrest to keep you nice and comfortable throughout your trip.
  • Quality construction: This SUP kayak seat is built using neoprene which is durable and quick-drying. The snap hooks feel solid too and Im confident theyll last a long time.

Why Convert Your Paddleboard Into A Kayak

People with poor balance skills or a fear of the water can find standing intimidating and difficult. My wife is a bit afraid of the water and doesnt like standing on paddle boards. She will try to stand up while paddle boarding for a few minutes. After a few minutes she usually kneels or sits on her board. She really likes this seat on the paddleboard to make sitting more comfortable.

Paddleboards are easy to get back on in the water. Another big advantage of kayak conversion with a paddleboard is getting back on the kayak in open water. A sit in kayak is very difficult to get back in if you are in deep water. Inflatable kayaks arent any easier. Rigid sit in kayaks arent much better. You have to lay on it and squirm back into a seated position. With a paddleboard, you are much closer to the water and they are wider. This makes them really easy to get back on and into a seated position.

Kayaks can be easier to paddle into wind and chop. You have less windage sitting down close to the water than standing. If its windy out and you still want to get on the water, a kayak can be easier than a paddleboard to get around on.

Sometimes you just want to do something different. I enjoy paddleboarding but I enjoy kayaking also. I dont have space to put a kayak, paddleboard, windsurfer, and all my other outdoor gear in the garage. Having anything that can serve dual purpose is a plus.

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Other Good Paddle Boards With Kayak Seat Included

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  • A COMPLETE KIT: This set includes everything you need -…

Sup Kayak Conversion Kit

How To Put A Kayak Seat On Your SUP

Some paddleboard companies sell a conversion kit for their kayak. It is a seat and extra blade that will convert their paddle into a kayak paddle. All paddles that come with inflatable paddleboards do not use the same handles and attachement methods. If you want a one stop shop kayak conversion look for one from the brand you brought the board from.


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Sup Kayak Hybrid Packages

If you just want to buy 1 complete package there are options out there for you. There are a few inflatable kayak packages out there that come with a seat and convertible paddle. Bluefin SUP is one of the most popular options. See our guide to the best SUP kayak hybrids to learn about other options. There are a few companies making a kayak conversion kit as well. These are just the seat and a cheap paddle being sold together.

How To Find The Best Paddle Board With Kayak Seat

With various advancements in paddleboarding, its hard to find the best paddle board with Kayak seat. The changing trends have tried to merge the paddle boarding activity with kayaking. This approach ultimately had a successful outcome leading to a great experience for these sports lovers.

Beginners searching for the Foam paddle board Kayak seat should opt for inflatable SUP paddle boards. It is one of the best paddle boards that can provide you with versatility. And before choosing any paddle board you need to consider both your weight and height to determine that it is the best paddle board for you.


However, in your search to find the perfect SUP Kayak seat, the first step is to learn about the two types of kayak seat and their differences. You can buy a Foam paddle board Kayak seat or an Inflatable paddle board Kayak Seat. These seats have a strong support system and avail users of easy-to-install features.

One way to differentiate between these two is that the foam paddle board kayak seat soaks water and stays wet for a long time. On the other hand, you can easily clean out the water with an Inflatable Paddleboard Kayak seat and its water-resistance features.

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