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Paddle Board Women’s Clothing

What To Wear When Paddle Boarding

Coasting: Stand Up Paddleboarding for Women

A question that we often get asked, is “what can I wear when paddle boarding?”. Several years ago, the answer to this question would’ve simply been “whatever you feel comfortable in”, as not many ever dared going out during the colder months. However, the ever-rising popularity of paddle boarding globally, has seen people push the barriers of the sport to even the harshest of climates, creating a demand for technical clothing, specifically designed for SUP. And with that demand, came an ever-evolving supply of SUP specific clothing for every season. And, although we are still learning, we know more now than we ever did before about what to wear when paddle boarding.

What To Wear When Paddle Boarding In The Summer

Pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Easy, right? Not exactly, even though your body’s feedback from falling in is much, much gentler than in the colder months, there are many other factors you need to take into consideration when paddling in hot temperatures, especially during longer tours. Since you are more vulnerable to sunburn, especially at sea, due to the sunlight reflecting back up from the water, be sure to protect yourself with sunscreen whilst carrying layers during longer tours or when paddling through into the cooler evenings. Also be aware that a cold breeze can mask how hot your skin really easy when paddling, so make sure you keep yourself well protected. Another essential for paddling in hot temperatures is to always wear a hat. Getting a sunstroke is never fun, especially if you’re in the middle of the sea, so if you plan to spend your day paddling in the sunshine, make sure to keep your head protected. If falling in is a frequent issue for you, we advise looking for a waterproof hat that will last you a longer time. The same applies to your outer wear, if you are a confident paddler, a pair of comfy shorts and a cool base layer will do. If you are out for a few splashes, make sure to look for waterproof clothing or if you want to style it out, even a shorty wetsuit.

What To Wear Paddle Boarding In Winter

Choosing the right winter paddle board clothing is not quite as simple as summer SUP clothing. Firstly, winter conditions can vary wildly depending where in the world you are paddling and the local weather conditions. Secondly, it depends on what type of paddle boarding you intend on doing. Many SUP surfers continue their pursuit of the perfect wave right through the winter, regardless of the temperature. This requires a thick winter wetsuit, gloves, hood and booties.

However, for SUP touring during the winter, you can get away with wearing similar clothing to what you would wear winter hiking: warm base and mid layers with waterproof layers over the top.

Here are a few options of what to wear paddle boarding in winter:

  • Properties: Waterproof, windproof, breathable, warm, grippy palmsFabric: Synthetic

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It’s More Than Just A Board And A Paddle

Have you fallen in LOVE with SUP!? Maybe it was love at first sight and the moment you stepped on board you were hooked! It might have been a bit rocky at first, but you knew there was something special about Stand Up Paddling. You’re definitely not alone and many, including us, experienced the exact same!

Whether you’re new to paddling or have been paddling for years, one thing we share is a passion for this sport. And most likely you love it because you get to share it with others too! This is why we created Live Love SUP!

We’re Jen and Nick and have been sharing our love of SUP through our brand since 2012 for all paddlers to enjoy around the world. We’ve been paddling since 2009, grateful for the opportunity to paddle in 25 different countries and sharing this great sport with others while also fundraising for great causes and giving back along the way. Come join the Live Love SUP family and live your passion!

#livelovesup #liveyourpassion #itsmorethanjustaboardandapaddle

For Womens Sup Clothing Only Choose Roxy

Paddle boarding in Fabletics

Girls who love water sports understand that it is important to buy stand up clothing and sup outfits that cover some essentials: they should be made with high quality fabrics that offer excellent permeability and are gentle against your skin. They should also fit to perfection, and adapt to the contours of your body offering you all the freedom of mobility that you need in order to conquer the waves. If you still dont know what to wear for paddle boarding, you definitely should take a look at our sup clothing collection right away. As experts in stand up paddle board clothing, we have everything you need, and the best sup for women comes from Roxy! There is no question about the quality and innovation that you find in each piece of our womens paddling clothing, and as you may already know, professional athletes from around the world proudly use our brand. They know that when it comes to sup outfits they should stick to a brand that has proven to be the best, year after year.

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Buy Your Favorite Womens Paddle Board Clothing From Roxy

Are you ready to grab your board and start paddling? Before you make your way to the beach, make a pit stop at ROXYs online store to buy all of the stand up paddle womens clothing you need to have a great paddle session. Our womens paddleboard clothing is designed to perform to the highest standards so you can be confidently comfortable each time you step onto your paddle board. Our collection of SUP womens clothing is featured in our online store, making it quick and easy for you to get the pieces you like the most just in time for your next day of paddleboarding. If you have questions while shopping, our free customer service help line is available to provide any answers and information you need to make the best purchase decisions.

What To Wear Paddle Boarding With Cold Weather

Us coast guard approved life jacket, water sport shoes, aqua socks, and a hat.

Water shoes are the best way to protect your feet when paddle boarding. They give you good grip on the paddleboard and also protect your feet from any sharp objects that may be in the water. Sunscreen and a hat are important to protect your skin from the sun

Below is a list of what we recommend as the basics. We also highly recommend looking into hypothermia and things you need to think about. Paddling in winter can be a rewarding

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Standup Sup Paddleboard Clothing For Women

Where can you find the best stand up paddle clothing? The answer is, Berry Jane! As an activewear brand that has been designing yoga, beach and surfing wear since 2010, creating a collection of womens paddle board clothing was easy! We love being able to dress adventure seekers for the outdoor activities you love, and if youre an avid paddleboarder, BERRY JANE has just what you need to be comfortable and performance-ready the next time you SUP.

It may seem unnecessary to wear specific stand up paddle clothing but being outfitted properly can actually make a big difference when it comes to your paddleboarding experience. BERRY JANE makes it easy to find the womens paddle board clothing you need so that you can stay focused on fine tuning your skills in the water without any discomfort or distractions. From swim leggings, to UPF 50 rash guards, Berry Jane has you covered.

Stand Up Paddle Clothing For Women For Beginners Mastering your skills on a stand up paddle board can be tricky. Sometimes dressing the part can boost your confidence just enough to allow you to improve your comfort levels and ultimately improve your skills. Like any outdoor activity, SUP requires a certain type of attire and BERRY JANE has all of the stand up paddle clothing you will need to get the most out of your time on your paddle board. SUP womens clothing is a hybrid between what you would wear to swim, what you would wear to surf, do yoga, or what you’d wear to hang out on the beach.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Paddle Board

Goosehill SUP Sitting in Mini Chairs – Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Adventure Women

Paddle Boarding can be enjoyed all year round, no matter what the weather is like. In the winter, you may need to bring along a wet suit or warmer clothes. Be sure to consult a local paddle boarding shop for more information on what gear you may need to bring based on your specific location and activity.

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The Most Important Thing To Wear Paddle Boarding

You need to always wear a leash and have a USCG-approved life jacket with you when you go paddle boarding. Paddle boards are recognized as a vessel by the US Coast Guard which means you are always required to have a USCG-approved life jacket with you while paddle boarding. However, we highly recommend that you wear your life jacket during your entire paddle. Kids under the age of 12 are required to wear a USGC-approved life jacket at all times when paddle boarding. The only exception to this requirement is if youâre SUP surfing. If youâre SUP surfing you are not required to have a USGC-approved life jacket with you.

For a personal flotation device, there are a variety of jacket styles for you to choose from. Today, you can find smaller more compact life jackets that simply buckle around your waist like a belt. We recommend checking out our paddle board life jackets as they are comfortable around the waist and easy to use.

What To Wear Paddle Boarding When Its Cold

The fall and winter months bring cold weather across the U.S so if youâre going to continue paddle boarding through the seasons, youâre going to need the proper paddle boarding gear. Wetsuits are a must in any weather below 50 degrees. A rule a thumb: as the weather gets colder, your wetsuit gets thicker.

The most common type of cold weather paddle boarding is SUP surfing. There are many SUP surfers who still paddle out in the dead of winter when the water reaches below 50 degrees. A wetsuit is a must for SUP surfing in colder weather because youâre more likely to wipeout.

Wetsuits are designed to trap a small portion of water between your skin and the inside of your suit. Your body heat warms this thin layer of cold water keeping you surprisingly warm even in the coldest water.

If you want to stay warm while paddle boarding in cold weather, you need to get a neoprene wetsuit that fits you properly. If your wetsuit is too loose, too much water will get inside your suit, which will break the warm water barrier we mentioned in the paragraph above. The perfect fitting wetsuit will fit snug across your whole body â the arms will end right before your hands and the legs will end just before your feet. It should fit you like a rubber glove. Here is a wetsuit sizing guide to help you find your perfect size.

50-degree weather

  • 3mm booties and gloves

30-degree weather

  • 5mm booties and gloves

Less than 10-degree weather

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Be Sun Smart With Your Paddle Boarding Clothing

Spending the whole day paddle boarding is an amazing activity to enjoy during the summer months but always keep in mind how long you spend out on the water. You are more vulnerable to sunburn as the sunlight will reflect back up from the water so be sure to protect yourself with sunscreen and carry layers during longer tours or when paddling through into the cooler evenings. Our Red Original on water clothing is all 50+ UPF to protect you from the rays.

It is especially important if you are paddling on the coast where a breeze may mask just how hot your skin is getting as you ride your SUP.

What Shoes To Wear Paddle Boarding

Space Dye Dress

This is again going to depend on temperature. The grip on the top of our boards is designed for bare feet, so if it is warm, you dont need to wear any shoes paddle boarding. If the temperature drops and you still want to get out on your SUP, then light barefoot trainers or neoprene boots are a good option even in Winter.

Be careful of outdoor shoes with grips because stones might get wedged in which could damage the top of your board. We advise you dont wear heavy shoes because in the unfortunate event you fall in, they will make it more difficult for you to get back on-board your SUP.

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Paddle Board Women’s Clothing

Shop for Paddle Board Women’s Clothing, shirts, hoodies, and pajamas with thousands of designs to choose from and high quality printing.


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Stand Up Paddle Board Cothing For Women

Where can you find the best stand up paddle clothing? The answer is, ROXY! As a brand that excels designing all of your beach and surfing gear, creating a collection of quality womens paddle board clothing was an easy task. We love being able to dress you properly for the activities you love, and if youre an avid paddleboarder, ROXY has just what you need to be comfortable and performance-ready the next time you SUP. It may seem unnecessary to wear specific stand up paddle clothing, but being outfitted properly can actually make a big difference when it comes to your paddleboarding experience. ROXY makes it easy to find the womens paddle board clothing you need so that you can stay focused on fine tuning your skills in the water without any discomfort or distractions.

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Women’s Paddle Board Clothing

  • women’s paddle board clothing

womens paddle board clothing

  • Rated 2.00 out of 5$20.64
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  • Rated 4.78 out of 5$32.38
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Stand up paddle boarding offers a fun way to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout. And, since you stand at full height on your board, it gives you a unique vantage point for viewing whats down under the water and out on the horizon..

Smart Girls Choose Womens Paddling Clothing From Roxy

What to wear Paddle Boarding Part 2

If you are looking for girls paddling clothing and stand up paddle clothing you have come to the right spot. With a professional team in which designers, athletes and technical experts who collaborate to create the best clothes for women in sports, there is no room for mistakes. We never leave the details to chance, and we spend hundreds of hours every month in researching the latest trends and new generation fabrics and materials, in order to offer you sup clothing of unparalleled quality. Dont hesitate to get what you need: you deserve to have the best quality and when it comes to womens sup clothing you will find it within Roxys collection. Stop wasting your time and money with brands who dont understand what you need, and make a safe bet from the beginning by choosing Roxy

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Spring/autumn Paddle Boarding Wear

As the seasons change you may find you need to add a few more layers to your SUP outfit in order to stay comfortable but very little changes from your summer attire.

Adding an extra layer for your upper-body and potentially, some neoprene shoe boots, or a light water proof jacket will give you added protection depending on the outside temperature.

Of course, if youre more prone to the cold, you can wear as many layers as you wish. We find body warmers or a high tech gilet paired with a lightweight long sleeve top is a perfect outfit for SUP during the Spring and Autumn seasons. Our Performance Top Layer helps regulate your body temperature so is an ideal long sleeve solution, plus it has the added benefit of being super comfortable and looking great too.

When You Should Wear Shoes For Paddle Boarding

In certain scenarios wearing shoes is highly recommended. If you are paddling in areas where the sea, lake or river bed is predominantly covered in sharp and jagged rocks then protective water shoes will help prevent a mishap should you fall in, or when launching.

If you are paddling in cold conditions then youll want to consider wearing wetsuit booties to keep your feet warm. These are not waterproof and dont prevent water from getting in. However, they perform in the same way that a wetsuit does by heating up the water that enters the boots. They also have grippy bottoms to stop you from slipping on your board.

Additionally, whitewater paddle boarders will absolutely need to wear shoes to protect their feet and toes from rocks in the rapids.

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What Is Sup Yoga

Thin layer really works well so that you don’t over heat.

Sup yoga is a great way to enjoy the peacefulness of yoga while also taking in the incredible views that paddle boarding has to offer. Yoga on a paddle board can be a little more challenging than regular yoga, as you will need to keep your balance while you’re performing poses.

Water sport shoes are very important so that you have good grip on the paddle board. Be sure to wear clothing that will stay comfortable if it gets wet, such as a rash guard or swim shirt. Sunscreen and a hat are also important to protect your skin from the sun.

Enjoying sup yoga is a great way to relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings!

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