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Pontoon Boat Seat Upholstery Kits

Northcaptain Pontoon Boat Seat

How to Reupholster the Backrest for a Pontoon Bench Seat

It is just right to pick pontoon seat skins that are made to last. Aside from comfort, of course, durability should not be taken for granted. This pontoon seat is particularly designed to ensure maximum comfort for boaters and passengers. Youll adore this chair because it can completely fit the contour of your body.

Additionally, the material it is made of is super sturdy. It is built with marine-grade vinyl that is durable enough to repel UV lights. It is also treated with mildew blockers to make the seat less prone to natural damage. As for its overall craftsmanship, this seat seems to last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Designed with a lightweight high-impact rotational molded boat seat frame and high-density compression foam padding, this option can offer a more eye-catching appearance for your boat. If you are after stability and comfort, this boat seat is second to none in that aspect.

You can easily assemble this pontoon seat on a universal mounting bolt pattern. The kit already contains the washers and stainless steel mounting screws required for the installation.The foam is particularly designed with a moisture blocker to impede dew.

The boat seat cover is first-rate. This is made with a waterproof and sturdy design. It works like a charm in safeguarding the captain boat chair from dust, accidental scratches, UV fading, and corrosion. Remember that it is a must to ensure that your watercraft is clean and dry before covering it.

Upholster Boat Seats Using Piping And Sewing

If youre looking for a tutorial where youll be guided through the entire process in detail, this video by Stitching Steve is not for you.

The Youtuber takes you along the fast-forwarded DIY process and provides you with a brief overview of the DIY in the description section. This DIY boat seat reupholstery design involves sewing and piping.

Diy Front Bow Side Panels Upholstery No

In this tutorial video, the Youtuber from Mile High Campers DIYs front bow side panels upholstery as part of his boat restore project. All the tools and materials required for the project and their purchase links are mentioned in the description box.

Also, do not forget to read the Tips section on the description box. All the comments in this video are appreciative we hope you feel the same way.

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Original Restoration & Custom

Seatz Mfg makes auto interior products including true seat upholstery, door panels, headliners, visors, carpet kits and related items. We also make DashCare dash covers. Install yourself or have a local Auto Upholstery shop install it for you. These Ready-to-Install kits are designed to fit the factory original frame, and are made of the highest quality, premium automotive industry spec materials. Our Ready-to_Install kits can be ordered in many combinations of our standard offerings of colors and fabrics for that Custom look and will restore your vehicle interior to fresh new look while saving you a lot of money. Seatz Mfg has been making Truck and Car interior kits for over 35 years!

No Sewing Diy Boat Side Panels Upholstery

TAYLOR MADE Premium Pontoon Seating Kit, Beige

In this video tutorial by Mile High Campers, the Youtuber upholsters his complex boat side panel giving his boat a luxurious finish. He takes you along the DIY process and explains each and every nitty-gritty detail with great clarity. Overall, a great tutorial for DIY upholstery beginners.

Are you into RVs, jeeps, boats, or camping? If yes, Mile High Campers Youtube videos are definitely binge-worthy. Check them out!

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Diy Boat Seats And Cushion Upholstery

Witnessing rotten and ragged boat seats every time youre on the boat is truly saddening. Luckily, the Youtuber from Average Joes DIY shows you how you can reupholster your boat seats and cushions in this tutorial video.

In fact, the Youtuber makes new boat seats from scratch. If youre interested in trying out this DIY, make sure you remember to paint the plywood with a layer or two of exterior paint beforehand to prevent it from harsh weather and rot.

How It Is Made

You can look forward to boat seats that are consistently crafted using the following materials:

  • Frames: Treated exterior grade fir plywood. Edges and corners are sanded or rounded to prevent puncturing of vinyl. T-nuts are zinc plated to prevent corrosion.
  • Vinyl:Marine grade, ultra-violet and mildew resistant
  • Foam: High density polyurethane
  • Sport Seats :Frames are constructed of polyethylene with fir plywood inserts.
  • Hardware & Fasteners: Staples are stainless steel, hinges are aluminum. Arms and back brackets are marine grade aluminum.

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Making A Decision Do I Need To Reupholster An Old Seat Cover

Some may not be able to determine the right time in reupholstering boat seats. Its a vital ability as spending boat seat reupholstering doesnt only cost you a dime. Fair and wise judgment can help you a lot.

If your boat seats still feel comfortable with only minor damages, you can just buy a repair kit that has items for restoration. Then, you can do boat reupholstering later on when the need calls for it.

Typically, you can just rely on a repair or restoration kit if vinyl seats are relatively new or still in good condition. It doesnt make sense to proceed to reupholster. You can find great kits like Coconix, J-B Weld, ARCSSAI, and Magicfly.

Constructed For Comfort Durability & Longevity

How to Reupholster the Seat for a Pontoon Bench

Quality workmanship and unsurpassed comfort are the foundation upon which every piece of Lippert Aftermarket Furniture is built. Equally impressive is the high level of functionality this furniture offers.

With more than 35 years of experience building marine furniture for leading OEM pontoon boat manufacturers and blue water builders, our skillful engineering, R& D and design labs have developed two series of OEM quality furniture for the aftermarket customer.

The Black Label Helm Seating offers ultimate luxury at the helm or pilot house with the highest quality Ultra Leather® premium, soft touch, marine grade vinyl, and high comfort, durable multiple density foam packs. Available in low, mid and high back options with and without flip up bolsters. Lippert’s Platinum Series replacement pontoon furniture is stylish, comfortable and constructed for durability, strength and a long life span in the harsh marine environment. With seventeen items and two monochromatic, neutral fabric options, we have the seating solutions to suit your boating needs.


Rotationally-molded, marine grade polyethylene frame, designed to resist warping with thicker poly, added support and unique molding lines


Large dry storage area under hinged seats, livewell ready compartments, channels built into the bases assist with drainage


Multiple foam densities provide support and comfort. Furniture depths and heights are sized for comfort onboard.

Corrosion Resistance

Vinyl & Foam

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Diy Boat Upholstery Using White Marine Vinyl

The Youtuber from Angry Mack uses white marine vinyl, marine, plywood, and high density 25 mm foam to DIY upholster his boat side panels. He demonstrates and elaborates on all the steps with clarity.

This video is, in fact, an episode of the DIY series where the Youtuber restores his entire boat. If youre interested in such a project, do check this channel out!

Great Selection And Pricing On Pontoon Furniture

Wholesale Marine also your choice in individual pontoon furniture pieces or full sets. The Wise Premier Series offers a variety of options in seating arrangements that can be purchased in a variety of configurations. It is constructed with state-of-the-art high-impact frames with marine quality upholstery for long-term use. For those fishing set-ups, Wise offers a complete Fishing Pontoon Seat Package that is designed specifically for more ease of movement for reeling in the big one.

When looking to upgrade your pontoon seats, we have what you need. Our customer service team is ready to help you select the right pontoon seats for your boat. Contact us today at 877-388-2628. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 EST. Ask about our Captains Club Rewards Program for discounts on future orders.

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Seating Options Galore With Boat Seat Packages From Overton’s

Looking to score great deals and furnish your pontoon’s space in one fell swoop? Overton’s has everything you need for the custom pontoon seating arrangement of your dreams. Shop our collection of luxury pontoon boat seat packages in assorted configurations to transform your onboard communal area into your ideal setup. From modular chaises and lounges to practical fishing seats, our products are perfect for relaxing, entertaining, angling, and more.

If you are looking for more from Boat & Pontoon Seats, please check out our pages on: Helm Fishing Seats, Bucket Seats, and Boat Lounge Seats.

Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99 or, for Good Sam members, orders over $69! Not a Good Sam member yet?

Having Some Ideas On The Cost Of Reupholstering Boat Seats

TAYLOR MADE Rear Entry Pontoon Seating Kit, Dove Gray

There are various seating patterns among different types of vessels. Hence, the best example of this is the pontoon boat seat upholstery. Aside from the helm seat, you may need to place some benches.

The smallest seat has the cheapest cost, around $200 to $300, while $500 will allow you to complete a helm seat. Benches and L-shaped may need a budget of $1,500.

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Attaching The Vinyl Cover To The Seat

Pick the vinyl on the front and pull it to place over the wooden base. See to it that the vinyl snugs well on the foam by stretching it. You attach it with the help of a staple gun. Usually, four staples will do to secure the attachment. Do this process carefully to guarantee that theres no wrinkling and the vinyl stays in place.

Next, you can staple the other covers applying the spacing of one or two centimeters. Its best to start working on the front and go all the way to the back and repeat the same process. Repeat when you staple the sides of the vinyl.

Friendly And Dependable Boat Upholstery Service Worldwide

We need no additional claim since our services genuinely speak for themselves. No matter the project, whether itâs a new boat upholstery or simply a minor modification, our top-notch technicians know what it takes to fabricate boat seat upholstery kits that last for years.

Our pontoon boat upholstery replacement skins get the job done with lasting results. We design, fabricate and fix boat seat parts accessories, while taking extreme conditions into consideration.

For people having their own idea in mind, look no further. Among all Northeast boat upholstery companies, Copycat Upholstery,LLC excels in all ski and wake-board boats such as, Mastercraft boat replacement upholstery, Malibu boat upholstery. For us, the size of the job doesnât matter, as we can deal easily with any make and model of ranger boat seats or other bass boats.

We offer a generous variety of colors and textures for the center console boat seat cover, to make your boat look the best. Now is the time to hire someone for your boat cabin interior design, so that your vessel is at it’s best for your next water voyage with style!

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Welcome To Copycat Upholsteryllc

Exposure to sun, rain and wind can cause damage to boat seat covers and upholstery. Full-service Mastercraft boat upholstery is expensive, but Copycat has an economical solution to replace your old, worn-out upholstery. We offer reliable, high-quality boat upholstery and custom seats for the do-it-yourselfer. Our company is possibly the only DIY focused boat upholstery company offering top-quality boat seat upholstery, and personalized boat covers. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled technicians who provide expert boat upholstery and custom seat covers.

The availability of year-round services and estimates is what makes us the top choice of consumers. In addition, our boat upholstery replacement skins donât cost you a fortune and help you get your boat restored in absolutely no time. Copycat Upholstery,LLC is known for customer service at an affordable price. Copycat Upholstery,LLC specializes in vintage boat upholstery and custom seat covers for all kinds of boats. If you want to restore the beauty of your upholstery, our experts have you covered. Indeed, we are the ultimate answer to your marine vinyl upholstery near me query!


Years of Professional Experience


Team of Highly Skilled & Experienced Boat Technicians


Pontoon Boats & All Kinds of Boats

Pontoon Boat Upholstery Kits

How to Fix Pontoon Vinyl Seats- Do It Yourself

Multiple boat owners desire to replace boat seat upholstery by self for opposed reasons besides due to lack of information related to requirements and materials they get into trouble, which is common for first attempt after that however, replacing/getting job done by self really rewards a lot. Replacing a pontoon boat seat cover can be an easy along short project for an evening.

On the off chance, that you intend to carry out the activity yourself than your pattern for the new seat cover will be the old seat cover and opposed procedures requires for that which are highlighted below:

  • Portable upholstery stapler gun
  • Normal but sharp scissors and knife
  • Screwdriver of different shape and sizes
  • upholstery fabric according to requirement
  • permanent marker or normal pencil
  • Needle and thread.

However, after gathering the requirements and structure it isnt a difficult task to get your job done by self. Follow instructions provided below applying the above-highlighted structures for succeeding plan for pontoon boat upholstery DIY effortlessly:

Hence, pursuing the chains of these above recommended instructions carefully can display out a good result with polished and professional finishing likewise, boat upholstering companies are there for handling your job in a systematic manner apart from your busy time. At any time and condition, if you dont feel comfortable doing pontoon boat upholstery DIY than seizing an alternative option, you can go to the professionals.

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Preparing Necessary Tools For Recovering Boat Seats

Before going into the tutorial steps, you will need to prepare certain materials and tools. To have the best preparation, its also essential for boaters to get the correct specifications of their boat seats.

  • Search for UV-resistant material or, if possible, marine-grade vinyl. You have a variety of colors to select from. Conventional vinyl is not advisable since it degrades quickly when exposed to sunshine and dampness.
  • Carpet tacker and a few pieces of wood and foam if necessary.

How To Reupholster The Seat For A Pontoon Bench

Is the seating on your pontoon boat looking a little worse for wear? Well, youre in luck, because weve got a solution. In this blog, we’ll show you how to reupholster a pontoon boat’s bench seat. This tutorial will highlight the reupholstering of the seat cushion. It will cover removing the vinyl, replacing the foam, sewing up a new vinyl cover and stapling it in place onto the backer-board. As part of our Pontoon Upholstery Series, we’ll be providing numerous videos on how to spruce up your boat seating.

A lot of pontoon boats have bench seats like the one well be revamping in our video. After years of use, those bench seats made with inferior products tend to fail miserably. Thats why well be completely removing the vinyl and foam on our bench seat using only the highest quality products from Sailrite®.

For our vinyl upholstery, weve chosen to use the extremely soft, supple EverSoft Indoor/Outdoor vinyl. This waterproof fabric has a grain that closely resembles real leather and provides extensive protection against abrasion, fading, mold and mildew. It contours exquisitely around corners without sagging or puddling, so youll get a professional-looking application every time.

How did your pontoon seat turn out? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Cost Of Reupholstering Boat Seats

If you are reupholstering craft seats by yourself, the following checklist of materials and their prices can be helpful. This was created by expert boaters who have reupholstered boat seats themselves, so its very reliable!

  • Vinyl materials: $20 per yard
  • Foam filling: depends on the product
  • Electric staple gun: around $30 to $50
  • Industrial sewing machine: about $800

If you lack the necessary experience and equipment, it will be more convenient to hire an upholstery store to reupholster your boat seats. Prices, however, may differ considerably based on where you hire and the number of seats and cushions that need to be replaced and reupholstered. Hiring a specialized reupholstery shop may be highly expensive, often costing more than purchasing new seats entirely.

For instance, a friend recently spent $450 to have two padded seats redone in marine vinyl. I cant imagine what his local upholstery shop would have needed to do the entire boat.

Application Of Vinyl Protectant

TAYLOR MADE Deluxe Fishing Pontoon Seating Kit, Dove Gray

After you accomplished stapling the cover, you can now see new seats! However, youll need to do a little task to wrap things up. It applies vinyl protectants to counter damaging UV rays, premature aging, and cracks. Also, it instills a long-lasting shine on the cover.

There are a lot of vinyl protectants offered in the market, but so far, 303 Marine UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl, Star Brite Ultimate Vinyl Guard Protectant, and Better Boat New Waterproofing Spray have proven their worth to most boaters.

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How Much Does It Cost To Reupholster Boat Seats

This depends on whether you want to do it yourself, pay an upholstery shop, or complete replace the seats from new.

#1: Typical costs for reupholstering yourself

I always look at DIY projects like this not just from a cost perspective of the materials, but also how much time it will take, and how well you can do the job to a high enough standard.

  • The vinyl materials can cost around $20 a yard
  • An electric staple gun can cost $30 to $50 if you can do it without sewing
  • An industrial sewing machine can cost up to $800 for a proper job
  • Foam padding costs unknown as will vary wildly

Heres what a person on Facebook said about reupholstering their pontoon boats seats themselves:

It cost us less than $300. We used some upgraded materials for the backs, a stapler, and then had some different colors and styles for the seat accents.

#2: Typical costs for paying an upholstery shop

If you dont have the skills and equipment, it will be far easier to pay an upholstery shop to reupholster your pontoon boat seats.

However, prices will vary wildly depending on where you are and how many seats and cushions you need replacing and reupholstered. It can be very expensive to use a specialist reupholster shop, it can even sometimes cost more than buying new seats altogether.

For example, a buddy recently paid $450 to get just two cushioned recovered in marine vinyl, so cant imagine what his local upholsterer would have charged to do the whole boat.

I also found someone on Facebook saying:

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