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Pontoon Boat With Cabin For Sale

What Are The Best Pontoon Boats

2006 Suntracker 32 Party Cruiser (Trailerable) Pontoon Houseboat – SOLD!

Some of the most popular builders of pontoon boats as of today include: Bennington, Sun Tracker, Sylvan, Harris and Starcraft. These builders design pontoon boats models with outboard, outboard-4S, inboard, inboard/outboard and outboard-2S propulsion systems, available in gas, electric and other fuel systems. In the past 30 days, the top, most-viewed pontoon boats brands on Boat Trader were Avalon, Bennington, Harris, Premier and Sun Tracker.

What To Consider When Buying A Pontoon Boat With A Cabin

Lets be real – pontoon boats with living quarters arent exactly what you would call cheap. These things come at the cost of a very pretty penny, so its imperative that you consider all the angles before you dive headfirst into that major financial decision.

If youre coming from basic pontoon ownership, then you might think that just any pontoon boat with cabin would be a major upgrade. But there are a ton of factors that make each one different. So it helps to know exactly what youre getting before you make that final choice.

Luxury Pontoon Boats With Cabins

Pontoons are brilliant boats for enjoying a day on the water. But what if you want to extend your stay overnight, or keep dry if the weather changes?

The answer, of course, is a pontoon with a cabin. So how do you go about finding one?

Thats where we come in! Were going to take a look at 10 luxury pontoon boats with cabins or in a couple of cases, cabin-like shelter.

So if youre ready to find out whats available, step this way!

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Regal Cuddy Cabins Are A Once In A Lifetime Experience

The biggest draw to Regal cuddy cabin boats has been its delightful design thats practical and spacious. You can guarantee family fun in one of these boats, as well as romantic getaways to gaze at the stars at night. Quality was interwoven into every Regal cuddy cabin boat, and its what makes Regal the benchmark in boating. Come see how these Regal boats can make your boating ventures throughout Arizona and Utah creating memories that last a lifetime.

Best Selection Of Used Regal Cuddy Cabins

Pontoon Cruiser Luxury Edition Cabin Cruiser/Camper 2015 for sale for ...

Buying a used Regal cuddy cabin can save you thousands upfront and over the time of ownership. You also get peace of mind knowing that every model of cuddy cabin boat on our lot is time-tested. Our team of highly skilled technicians verify every Regal boat before its listed for sale. These cuddy cabins are a preferred style throughout Arizona and Utah. This means, they dont sit in our lot for a long time, so hurry in and see our current inventory.

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Pontoon Boats For Sale In Georgia

  • Offered By: Factory Direct Marine & RV
  • SavePrice Drop: $2,600 Buford, GA 30518
  • Price Drop: $20,000 Buford, GA 30518Offered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • Available SoonOffered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • AvalonCurrent Models
  • Offered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • Available SoonOffered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • In-StockOffered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • Available SoonOffered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • SaveOffered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Allatoona
  • SaveOffered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Lanier
  • In-StockOffered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • SaveOffered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Lanier
  • SaveOffered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Lanier
  • SaveOffered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Allatoona
  • SaveOffered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Lanier
  • SaveOffered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Lanier
  • SaveOffered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Allatoona
  • Offered By: Central Georgia Marina Inc.
  • Offered By: Atlanta Marine Lake Allatoona
  • In-StockOffered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • In-StockOffered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • In-StockPrice Drop: $10,000 In-StockPrice Drop: $10,000 Buford, GA 30518Offered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • In-StockPrice Drop: $20,000 In-StockPrice Drop: $20,000 Buford, GA 30518Offered By: Carefree Boat Sales
  • In-StockOffered By: North Georgia Watersports

    What Are Pontoon Boats

    Pontoon boats are medium-sized, trailerable vessels frequently used for endeavors such as day cruising, freshwater fishing and watersports. These types of vessels can range in size, with the smallest current boat listed at 16 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 29 feet, and an average length of 23 feet. They are designed and manufactured by a wide variety of boat builders with hull types including pontoon, modified vee, deep vee, trimaran and other designs. Boat Trader currently has 11,144 pontoon boats for sale, including 8,965 new vessels and 2,179 used boats, listed by both private sellers and professional dealers across the country.

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    Pontoon Boats For Sale

  • Offered By: Chessie Marine Sales Inc.
  • SaveOffered By: Chessie Marine Sales Inc.
  • SaveOffered By: Gregg Orr Marine Texarkana
  • SaveOffered By: Chessie Marine Sales Inc.
  • AvalonCurrent Models
  • Price Drop: $3,000 Americus, GA 31709Offered By: Factory Direct Marine & RV
  • SaveOffered By: Factory Direct Marine & RV
  • SaveOffered By: Chessie Marine Sales Inc.
  • SaveOffered By: Chessie Marine Sales Inc.
  • SaveOffered By: Chessie Marine Sales Inc.
  • SaveOffered By: Factory Direct Marine & RV
  • SaveOffered By: Factory Direct Marine & RV
  • SaveOffered By: Gregg Orr Marine Texarkana
  • SaveOffered By: Long Lake Marina
  • SaveOffered By: Arrowhead Boat Sales
  • SaveOffered By: Thayer Marine, Inc
  • SaveOffered By: Thayer Marine, Inc
  • SaveOffered By: Thayer Marine, Inc
  • SavePrice Drop: $7,469 Jackson, MI 49201Offered By: Thayer Marine, Inc
  • SaveOffered By: Thayer Marine, Inc
  • SaveOffered By: Thayer Marine, Inc
  • Offered By: Thayer Marine, Inc

    Shelter And Privacy On The Water

    2001 Horizon 16 x 70WB Houseboat For Sale on Norris Lake TN!

    That brings us to the end of our look at the ten best luxury pontoons with cabins. Whether youre looking for every home comfort, or just need shelter on a stormy day, there are options to suit.

    We hope youve enjoyed seeing whats available. And if youre thinking of buying your own luxury pontoon, we hope it brings you many hours of boating pleasure!

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    Southland Hybrid Recreational Vessel

    Southlands Hybrid Recreational Vessel or simply HRV is the epitome of comfort and midlake luxury. This 34-foot pontoon clocks in a weight of 6,800 lbs and sleeps up to four people comfortably. The interiors are nothing short of sophisticated, featuring everything from a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable sleeping quarters, to a private toilet and bath, and even a convertible dining area that turns into extra sleeping space.

    The boat features three different energy sources that bring power to all of the amenities it has inside. These include green power , electric, and propane. This makes the pontoon boat completely independent, capable of functioning at full capacity even when youre right smack in the middle of the lake.

    Comfortable and spacious, the Southland HRV is the solution for people who want a waterfront property, but dont have the funds to invest in that kind of real estate. Of course, the HRV is still significantly more expensive than the average pontoon boat. But if you were to compare the vessel with a lakefront house, youd spend just a quarter of the cost to secure the recreational vessel.

    Southland Hybrid Recreational Vehicle Liberty

    Southlands Hybrid Recreational Vehicle Liberty is a real home away from home. Indeed, Southland market it as a more affordable and portable alternative to a waterside residence.

    The cabin features a kitchenette with dining space and a smart head with porcelain WC, sink and full-height shower cubicle. Theres an inner cabin housing the bed , and plenty of storage throughout.

    The impressive range of on-board amenities are powered mainly by green energy. That comes courtesy of the integrated solar panels and wind turbine.

    A few of the kitchen appliances the stove, refrigerator and water heater are powered by propane. The cylinders are stored outside for safety.

    Out on the deck youll find wraparound couches. And the whole front deck can be covered with a camper top for all-weather boating in comfort.

    Despite all these amenities, this pontoon isnt as heavy as you might expect. It weighs in at 5,000 pounds, and theres a custom trailer for transporting it cross-country.

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    Pros Of Pontoon Boats With Cabins

    1. They’re an Investment

    A pontoon boat with a cabin will hold on to its value much better than any other kind of pontoon. Thats because these boats arent easy to come by, so even on the secondhand market, a pontoon boat with a cabin is more likely to catch a buyers attention than a basic pontoon. If you decide to buy a pontoon boat with sleeping quarters, you can assume that you can liquidate that vessel at a similar cost as what you got it for.

    2. They’re Versatile

    Theres a lot more you can do with a pontoon boat with a cabin than your average everyday boat. Because they let you sleep inside, those midlake excursions can extend well beyond the afternoon hours, letting you enjoy the sights and sounds of a peaceful lake well into the night. In many cases, people who own pontoons with cabins use them as something of a mini resort or rest house, enjoying week-long getaways without having to worry about comfort or amenities.

    3. They’re Cheaper than a Lakefront Property

    Many people who turn to pontoon boats with cabins because theyve always wanted a lakefront property, but never had that kind of money. Fortunately, these recreational vessels provide all of the comforts of home, while bringing you closer to nature and the picturesque views of your favorite lake. In a lot of ways, these boats become the perfect alternative for expensive waterfront rest houses.

    Main Features Of A Pontoon Boat

    Pontoon Cruiser Luxury Edition Cabin Cruiser/Camper 2015 for sale for ...

    A pontoon boat is the quintessential pleasure boat. The pontoon boat is based on a catamaran or trimaran structure with a large platform made of wood or composite materials resting on top of the tubes. Measuring between 4 and 10 metres in length, these boats are propelled either by outboard or sterndrive motor. Featuring roomy living spaces, pontoon boats can be equipped with sofas, benches or even sun loungers, because these boats are designed for leisure and lounging. Some models are even equipped for a cruise of 1 or 2 days maximum.

    Pontoon boats are the perfect dayboat for sailing mainly on lakes, rivers and small bodies of water as well as at sea. They are ideal for a cruise of a few hours with friends or family, and some models can accommodate up to 25 people. While they are mainly known for cruising or entertainment purposes, pontoon boats can also be used for fishing sessions with friends or for less intensive water sports.

    An invention credited to Ambrose Weeres, a farmer from Minnesota, the pontoon boat first appeared in the United States in 1952 before becoming popular worldwide. You will find a lot of them in the Great Lakes region, both in the United States and Canada.

    There are two types of pontoon boats:

    • pontoon houseboat: a pontoon boat which has been transformed into a floating house
    • open pontoon boat: mainly intended for pleasure boating, perfect for day cruises.

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    The Best Pontoon Boat With Cabins: Hybrids You Can Sleep On

    In recent years there has been an increase in demand for hybrid pontoon boats you can sleep on, with a few manufacturers now releasing models that come with cabins and sleeping quarters.

    Thats not to say that a hybrid pontoon boat with an enclosed cabin is a new thing. Since the advent of pontooning, people have made their own custom modifications to add enclosures, as well as cabin kits being available to buy.

    They arent common though, as pontoon boats gained popularity due to the large open deck that allows for leisure, fishing, and fun on the water. Having a cabin defeats a lot of the benefits to having a pontoon boat which are often compared to floating patios!

    In this guide I am going to show you what the options are if you did want to opt for a modern hybrid pontoon boat with a cabin . Ive also included some details on how people can create their own custom-made cabins to sit on their pontoons using cabin kits.

    Pontoon Boats For Sale In Tennessee

  • Offered By: Factory Direct Marine & RV
  • SavePrice Drop: $3,005 Rockwood, TN 37854Offered By: Factory Direct Marine & RV
  • SavePrice Drop: $4,000 Nashville , TN 37013
  • Offered By: Nashville Boating Center
  • SaveOffered By: Rockingham Marine – Johnson City
  • SaveOffered By: Rockingham Marine – Johnson City
  • SaveOffered By: C& O Marine
  • SaveOffered By: C& O Marine
  • SaveOffered By: C& O Marine
  • Price Drop: $7,000 Knoxville, TN 37922
  • Offered By: Marine Sales Pickwick
  • SaveOffered By: Marine Sales Pickwick
  • SavePrice Drop: $2,600 Counce, TN 38326
  • Offered By: C& O Marine
  • Offered By: Rockingham Marine – Johnson City
  • SaveOffered By: Marine Sales Pickwick
  • SavePrice Drop: $3,000 Jackson, TN 38301
  • Price Drop: $2,000 Nashville, TN 37076Offered By: Nashville Boating Center

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    The Cons Of Pontoon Boats With Cabins

    1. They Require Lots of Maintenance

    The problem with a pontoon boat with a cabin is that they will require significantly more maintenance than the average boat. When you consider the kitchen area, the dining area, and the often limited indoor floor area, its easy to see how grime and oil from food and the cooking process can easily make everything slimy and smelly.

    2. Theyre Not Cheap

    Of course, theres the added issue of cost. They might be cheaper than a waterfront property, but theyre still pretty expensive all things considered. When you really come to think about it, choosing to DIY a cabin for a cheaper basic pontoon might set you back significantly less, but then again, you would be sacrificing the sophisticated quality of a professionally designed recreational vessel.

    3. Theyre Big and Heavy

    For boat owners who like to take the party to different parts of the country, theres the issue of size. Pontoon boats with cabins arent some lightweight vessel that you can just tug around with ease. Transporting these vessels is a serious logistics problem that will require a heavy duty trailer, careful driving, and lots and lots of patience.

    Premier Escalante 350 Cl

    2004 Myacht 12 x 35 Pontoon Houseboat For Sale on Norris Lake TN – SOLD!

    The Escalante 350 CL from Premier has a similar layout to Tahoes Funships. And this is another case where theres not so much a cabin as a sheltered area beneath the upper deck.

    Theres a spacious main deck with a day enclosure thats fully under cover. Thats a great place for any little ones on board. Head upstairs and you can enjoy the sun deck, with the option of a water slide to make the most of the extra height.

    Its available in two models and four floorplans and theyre all big. The 350 CL and DL are 36 feet 4 inches long, while the 310 CL and DL are 32 feet 4 inches long. Theyll carry up to five people on the upper deck. The lower deck will accommodate up to 15 or 16.

    They come with Premiers PTX Performance package, designed to give them plenty of acceleration. And they feature 7-feet long storage areas with 15.5 cubic feet of space. Thats plenty of room for rods, wakeboards, life jackets and water skis.

    All Premiers boats come with a limited lifetime warranty on decks, furniture and bimini frames, gates, tube rails and welds. And theres a ten year bow to stern warranty on pretty much everything else.

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    Lakeland Boating Premier 310 Encounter

    The Premier 310 Encounter from Lakeland Boating was hailed as a game changer at its 2016 launch. Unfortunately, the vessel is no longer in production. But if youre looking for a pontoon with a cabin, its well worth seeking out on the second-hand market.

    Lakelands idea was to take the layout of a luxury day cruiser and put it on a pontoon. The result was the first ever pontoon with a central cabin. And that cabin is surprisingly spacious.

    The boat is 10 feet wide, with a broader 42-inch central pontoon to support the cabin. Inside, theres a separate sleeper berth with mattress, bedding and pillows. It also contains a full bathroom, sofas and a convertible dining table.

    Its a brilliant option for families with smaller children, allowing for both bathroom breaks and naps. And theres plenty of space for an overnight stay, or to take shelter if the weather takes a turn.

    Out on deck, theres an integrated lounger in the bow and wrap-around seating in the rear. And even with the cabin to accommodate, theres plenty of room. The outdoor areas can carry between 14 and 16 people, depending on the model.

    Pontoon Boat With A Cabin But Whats In The Cabin

    There is no doubt that pontoon boats with cabins are expensive water vessels. But the way they would make your time enjoyable is unforgettable. You can sleep, take a shower, or eat cooked-fish caught in fishing.

    Lets find out what are the reasons behind its higher price tag. And what benefits a cabin gives you generally in a pontoon boat.

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    Best Pontoon Boats With Cabins Lets Explore

    Im sure youve got to know the utility of a cabin in a pontoon boat. Since a luxury watercraft has daily-routine necessities, therefore its price would be relatively higher than a standard pontoon boat.

    Ive prepared a list of ten pontoon boats with cabins for your ease. However, their range is limited in the boating industry. Thats why I decided to choose both new and refurbished models.

    And you would find refurbished models at a much affordable price range.

    Before getting started, I would make your understanding clear for a few parts of the boat with a cabin.

    • Head is the boats toilet in a cabin
    • Stateroom is the boats private compartment with sleeping accommodation
    • Galley is the boats kitchen in a cabin

    Now move ahead to explore each pontoon boat having a cabin inside.

    Lets dive in.

    Model: 2020

    Condition: New

    Established in 1992, Southland has been extending lifetime experience to water enthusiasts, families, fishermen, and young couples.

    The company is well-known for its versatility due to advanced pontoon boats meeting specific requirements.

    With a High Recreational Vessel , you would enjoy the best outdoor activity along with the necessary comfort of daily living. It is designed to give pleasure both outside and inside the cabin.

    This may include:

    • A large outside sitting area covering half of the boat
    • Kitchen, stateroom, and head in another half of the pontoon boat
    • A sitting space on the upper deck

    Lets take a look at some of the highlights of HRV.

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