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Pontoon Boats For Rent In Panama City Beach Fl

Panama City Beach Pontoon Boat Rentals

Pontoon Rentals on Grand Lagoon in Panama City Beach

Rent a pontoon boat to have the most memorable vacation day ever. Our Shell Island Pontoons are safe, stable, spacious, and easy to operate. A pontoon is ideal for a family or a group of friends looking for adventure on the water and the perfect way to visit Shell Island. You can cruise the clear blue waters of St. Andrew Bay and play on the sugar-white sands of Shell Island with your own private pleasure craft.

Renting A Pontoon Boat In Panama City Beach Florida What You Need To Know

One of the first things you need to know is that there are two major bodies of water in Panama City Beach The Gulf of Mexico and Saint Andrews Bay.

Since most boat rental companies will not let you take their crafts out into the gulf , you mainly need to familiarize yourself with St. Andrews Bay. And should also get to know smaller bodies of water like the Lower Grand Lagoon where you may be picking up and dropping off your boat.

Since all the boat rental companies in Panama City Beach are on the Bay, you can do almost all the activities you want, including visiting Shell Island, without ever entering the Gulf of Mexico.

Panama City Beach Pontoon Boat Rentals Are All

Our new,well-maintained pontoon boats come with all US Coast Guard required safetyequipment and enough life jackets for all passengers. A full days worth offuel for the quiet, efficient 4-stroke motor is included, as are maps of thearea, operator training, and plenty of free advice concerning the best spots tovisit and sights to see. You will leave the dock with everything ready for arelaxing and worry-free day on the water.

Our pontoons have lots of storage space available so you can come prepared for an active day, and that includes bringing pets along for the ride. Please note less is always more.

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Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours

St. Andrew Bay is home to one of the worlds largest resident populations of bottlenose dolphins. These are the iconic gray dolphins that most people are familiar with from television, movies, and marine parks. Shell Island Pontoons has dolphin tours that offer you the chance to watch wild bottlenose dolphins in their natural setting. Its a unique opportunity that is sure to create unforgettable Panama City Beach vacation memories. Join us on one of our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours for a dolphin encounter that will be the highlight of your Panama City Beach visit.

Are Pontoon Boats Easy To Drive

Pontoon Boat Rentals in Panama City Beach Florida

Pontoon boats are one of the easiest boats to pilot, even for beginners. However, never assume they are completely safe. Many accidents occur every year on the water.

Plus, there are mishaps constantly in Florida such as people going swimming and forgetting to anchor their boat. This can be fatal if you are far from shore as your boat can quickly drift away leaving you stranded in open water.

But, one of the most common mishaps in Panama City Beach is pontoon boats running aground in shallow water. This is because there are sandbars and oyster beds where you would assume the water is deep.

There are lots of places to get stuck on. So, you should get familiar with channel markers and know when you are in a No Wake Zone.

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Laws Governing Boating And Drinking

When youre boating in Florida, its important that you keep alcohol consumption in check, as boating under the influence of heavy drinking is dangerous to you, your passengers, and others. Florida is a boating-friendly state, but it also has a higher concentration of civilian boats on the water than any other state. This makes it especially important that the person responsible for driving the boat is fully aware at all times.

Boat rental companies may have you sign certain releases and waivers regarding alcohol consumption on deck. If youd like to enjoy a few drinks while out on the water, make sure that another passenger is licensed to operate the boat should you need assistance.

Join The Fun On The Water With Panama City Beach Boat Rentals

Make your visit to Panama City Beach unforgettable with a Panama City Beach Pontoon Boat Rental. Plan ahead during the busy season because our pontoon boats are very popular with locals and guests alike. We are often booked solid far in advance, and you dont want to miss out. Just give us a call at 630-1278 or come visit in person at Panama City Beach Boat Rentals, 5709 N Lagoon DR Panama City Beach Fl 32408.

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Dolphin Tour On Waverunner

Join FUNPCB and zoom around on a speedy jet ski to play and swim with bottlenose dolphins!

On this family-friendly adventure, youll explore the beaches and waters of St. Andrews Bay near St. Andrews State Park. Your guide will take you through the beautiful emerald waters in search of dolphins! Each participant will have their own two-seater Waverunner. Passengers must be at least 6 years old to ride with an adult.

Dockside Restaurants Near Panama City Beach

Pontoon Rentals in Panama City Beach

Growing up, we had a boat on the lake. Some of my fondest memories were taking the boat out and slipping into a slot at a dock by a lakeside restaurant. The family would have a great meal, then it was back to the boat.

With all the places to eat, it seems like Panama City Beach would be the perfect place to pull up a boat and enjoy a meal. But, thats not the case unless you get lucky.

There are only a handful of restaurants that offer boat parking adjacent to St. Andrews Bay. And of the ones that do there are only a few slips available.

  • Captain Jack Marina

In the busy on-season, you often need to rent days or even weeks ahead to ensure you can get a boat. However, that also means youre rolling the dice with the weather. But dont fret if the forecast calls for rain a few days ahead of your planned boating day.

The weather can change quickly and a forecasted rainy day can turn sunny with little notice. And even a gloomy or drizzly day on the boat can still be fun. Just be sure and head back to the docks if the water turns too choppy or theres lighting or heavy rain.

At most rental locations, if its raining, they will refund your deposit and let you out of your rental. However, once you get on the boat and leave the dock, theres no refund, even if it pours on you. So, just know that when you pull out, the rental fee is forfeit.

Have fun and happy boating.

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Enjoy Your Own Party Barge

Recreational boating is one of the top things to do in Panama City Beach, and nothing can match a pontoon boat from Panama City Beach Boat Rentals when it comes to fun on the water with a family or other large group. Safe, stable, and spacious, pontoon boats have earned their party barge nickname for good reason. Comfortable seating for 10 adults with plenty of room left over for coolers, beach gear, and other necessities makes it easy to let the good times roll with a pontoon boat.

Panama City Beach Boat Rentals is conveniently located close to St. Andrews State Park at 5709 N Lagoon Dr Panama City Beach Fl 32408. We are one of the closest boat rental facility to Shell Island and we give you direct access to St. Andrew Bay. This means the fun starts when you leave the dock, and you can be exploring the waters off Shell Island within minutes. Cruise the Bay waterfront, watch for dolphins, swim, fish, snorkel, and hit the beach on Shell Island on your own schedule. There is no better way to enjoy a day with family or a large group of friends, and as the captain, you decide the itinerary:

  • Visit Shell Island
  • Go fishing in the Bay
  • Head out for some dolphin watching
  • Cruise the St. Andrew Bay waterfront
  • Dock at a waterfront restaurant for lunch or a beverage

Boating Safety Education Identification Card

In Florida, you can obtain a Boating Safety Education Identification Card after youve successfully completed an approved boater safety course. This is something that you will need to plan for if you intend to rent a boat while on vacation.

Many boat rental companies, including Dolphin Seafari, can direct you to an appropriate online course prior to your arrival. This will ensure that there are no delays in securing your card, and that you can spend as much time as you desire on the water. Online courses usually involve a fee, ranging from completely free to around $50.

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Things To Do In Panama City Beach

Looking for things to do in Panama City Beach Florida? Experience a really exciting day on the water at the helm of your own private pontoon boat with our Panama City Beach pontoon rentals. Meet the local bottlenose dolphins on one of our Panama City Beach dolphin tours. Or come aboard with us to enjoy the best Panama City beach snorkeling.

Book With Panama City Dolphin Seafari

Privately Chartered and Captained Pontoon Rental Departing from Panama ...

Are you ready to captain your next boating adventure in Florida? Or, are you looking for a relaxing and guided experience? Either way, Dolphin Seafari has got you covered with boat rental options to suit every need.

Use the easy online booking systemto reserve pontoon boats and VIP dolphin tours, or give us a call at 358-1013 to chat about private fishing charters. We look forward to serving you and your guests.

Book with Dolphin Seafari today!

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Panama City Beachs Most Popular Experiences

When you use Boatsetter to book a Panama City Beach boat rental, you can also swim and do some fishing straight from your boat. Here are some of the best things to try on your Panama City Beach boat rental.Gulf FishingGulf fishing can be fun from your boat rental, from one of the piers, or straight from one of the beaches. Just decide on the type of fishing youd like to do, and Panama City Beach can help you make it happen.Swimming with DolphinsAfter a long day of fishing, jump into the calm blue waters and enjoy some good old fashioned swimming among the dolphins. You can raft-up with other boats in the area or just set sail towards a hidden beach where you can soak up the sun and enjoy Floridas endless sun.St. Andrews State ParkThis beach park boasts over a mile of beautiful sand for fishing and swimming. St. Andrews also offers short hikes through pine forests and dunes. There are also several camping facilities in the campground or primitive group area.

Frequently asked questions

How much is it to rent a boat in Panama City Beach?

The cost to rent a boat in Panama City Beach for a half-day starts at $400. For a full day on the water prices on average range from $800 and $4,500.

How much does it cost to rent a pontoon boat in Panama City Beach?

The cost to rent a pontoon boat in Panama City Beach for a half-day starts at $250. For a full day on the water prices on average range from $500 and $1,000.

What makes Boatsetter different from other boat rental platforms?

Are There Pontoon Rentals Near Me

There are if youre near Panama City Beach!

Book a trip for a half or full day on one of our beautiful pontoon boats to explore some of the top spots Panama City Beach is known for. Whether its snorkeling at Shell Island with family and friends or just enjoying the gorgeous waters Panama City Beach is known for, you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime!

For an additional fee, take advantage of the VIP No Worries package, which includes one of our experienced guides for your day on the sea for up to 11 people. The guide will do all the work, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy some fun in the sun! The guide will take you to all the local hot spots and you may even see some dolphins along the way. Also offering VIP private Sunset Dolphin Tours with your own personal guide. *Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance for any VIP package*

**Please bring your own coolers with food & drinks. Food & drinks are not provided on the pontoon rentals. No glass bottles are allowed**

*Shirts, hats, sunscreen, underwater cameras, and waterproof phone cases are available for purchase*

*Customers can purchase snorkeling equipment at check-in if available or bring their own*

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Try One Of Our New Double

Panama City Beach Boat Rentals now offers Double-Decker Pontoon Boat Rentals. With seating for 12, lots of sightseeing and sunbathing space on the upper deck, and twin water slides, a double-decker pontoon boat can really bring the fun offshore. With room to spare for picnicking or even barbecuing, a double-decker pontoon makes the perfect offshore headquarters for a long day on the beaches of Shell Island.

What Our Customers Say About Our Double Decker Pontoon Boat Rentals

Pontoon Rental Santa Rosa Beach Crab Island

We have rented a “double-decker” Pontoon for the last four years and each year was so fun. Their boats are newer than some I’ve seen on the area and also well maintained. We were happy with this same company this year and my grandchildren love the slides. Also, the customer service/help as we registered, loaded the boat were very nice and respectful for us being there and we are appreciative! Thank you!

– lbasford,June 2022

It was fun and the service was great. I enjoyed the many beaches and islands my family and I got experience

– cordking30,June 2022

We had a great time on our double decker. It was very clean and everything worked great. The staff was very knowledgeable on where to go and able to answer all of our questions. Very friendly company from start to finish.

– Kayla0888,June 2022

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Panama City Beach Snorkeling

The Grand Lagoon is an excellent place to enjoy a Panama City Beach snorkeling adventure. Our snorkel tour captains know all the best spots around the St. Andrews State Park jetty and out on Shell Island. Explore marine habitats that range from sand bottom to shallow grass flats, to the rocky faces of the jetties. You can expect to see tropical fish, crabs, rays, and if you are lucky, a sea turtle or some of the resident bottle nose dolphins. If you dont have your own snorkel gear, high-quality equipment is available for rent or you can get it as part of a complete Panama City Beach snorkel tour package.

Kids Fishing Trip With Rolling Tide Charters

Do you have some little ones who are just itching to cast a line? Then this fishing trip geared toward kids is the perfect excursion!

Rolling Tide Charters lets you choose from a morning, afternoon, or night trip aboard their 22-foot Skeeter Bay boat for a 2- to 4-hour inshore fishing adventure. This cruise fits up to 6 passengers, and your kids will learn to target and track some of the most delicious fish in northwest Florida.

This trip is usually a catch and release educational trip, geared toward younger kids under the age of 8. There is no minimum age. Reserve your Kids Fishing Trip with Rolling Tide Charters here!

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Enjoy Great Panama City Beach Recreation

Shell Island Pontoons is your local connection to great Panama City Beach boat rentals and some of the most popular attractions in Panama City Beach. For more detailed information on things to do in Panama City Beach and plenty of pictures, continue exploring our website. You can also give us a call at 630-1278 or drop by our dock-side kiosk at 5709 North Lagoon Dr in Panama City Beach.

Rolling Tide Charters: Private Offshore Fishing

Full Day Pontoon Rental Departing from Panama City Beach (11

Ready to target your ideal offshore species? Try a private, offshore fishing experience with Rolling Tide Charters!

Fish the waters off the Choctawhatchee Bay and Gulf of Mexico aboard a 22-foot Skeeter Bay boat. Youll be targeting sheepshead, snapper, kingfish, grouper, mackerel, pompano, cobia, and others.

No experience is necessary, and children and families are welcome. Can seat up to 6 anglers.

TripShock is a great place to reserve your fishing trip. Make your Rolling Tide Charters Private Fishing trip reservation here.

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Using Getmyboat To Rent Your Next Boat

Experiencing the water has never been easier thanks to GetMyBoat. GetMyBoat allows you to quickly search, compare prices, submit rental inquiries, and pay for your rental or charter from the convenience of your phone or computer. We offer a secure platform for renters to facilitate a seamless rental transaction. For boat owners, we connect millions of renters to their boat and provide the security and safe checks on each rental transaction.

Search for the perfect experience now and book your dream day out on the water.

GetMyBoat has 16 listings for boating experiences in Panama City Beach with 59 reviews.

Pontoon Boat Rentals In Panama City Beach

Choose between 60HP or 90HP, 12 passenger 24ft Boats. Lagoon Pontoons has the newest & cleanest fleet in town! Let us help you make that pontoon boating dream come true. Rent a pontoon boat from Lagoon Pontoons and you are the captain! We provide you with instruction on the proper use of the vessel. Maps of the area, all safety gear and fuel are included with your rental. Pontoon Boats are a great way for the entire family to spend the day. The relaxed pace and beautiful views capture the attention of all age groups. Pack a lunch and your favorite beverage and come see us at Lagoon Pontoons. Lagoon Pontoons strives on keeping our boats in like new condition, we want your pontoon boat rental experience to be one that you enjoy and by making sure the pontoon rentals are clean and in good working order is one way we do that. We hope your family will return to Lagoon Pontoons year after year like many of our customers do.

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