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Scuba Diving At Catalina Island

Catalina Island Things To Do


There are a great many interesting activities, events, and facilities available on Catalina Island to round out a vacation there: music, restaurants, galleries, a museum, shops, parasailing, other watersports, biking, island tours, camping, fishing, boat charters, zip line eco-tours, golf, a spa and more.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about scuba diving near Santa Catalina Island, CA 90704?

This is a review for scuba diving near Santa Catalina Island, CA 90704:

“Elaina and Taylor were absolutely WONDERFUL! My husband and I went for our very 1st scuba dive and us being nervous was an understatement! These two instructors were patient, knowledgeable and kept me calm…. All the way to ocean floor! My husbands nerves got to him but he too said that once we come back… only ones that could get him back in the water are Alaina and Taylor There wasn’t a picture or video deal… or it would be 5”

Scuba Diving The Catalina Islands Is Famous For Its Manta Ray Encounters

Although you can scuba dive the Catalina Islands all year round if you really want to increase your chances of being in the water with the highest number of rays, visit between the months of January and March.

These are the months during which the odds of being near giant manta rays, devil manta rays, bat rays, stingrays, spotted eagle rays, bullseye electric rays, and cow-nosed rays are highest.

Visibility is best between the months of September and March. This is also the best time of year to potentially encounter whale sharks, tiger sharks, killer whales, humpback whales, pilot whales, and spinner dolphins.

A shoal of Mobula rays as seen when scuba diving the Catalina Islands, Costa Rica. Photo Credit: nicoboxethai.

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Information On Diving The Catalina Islands In Costa Rica

The Catalina Island chain is an archipelago of rocky islets which can be found 2-15 miles off the northwest coast of Costa Rica. The islands themselves are completely uninhabited and their location, the currents, and their formation make them perfect locations for large quantities of marine life to gather.

The visibility in the Catalinas is similar to that of other areas in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Scuba divers will notice that conditions change frequently and without warning. Water temperatures are usually coldest during the dry season and warmer in the rainy seasons. The visibility can range between 15 and 80 feet. The currents also fluctuate with the dive site, the tides, the season and the winds. Occasional strong currents are found, but our experienced group of dive masters who have been diving the Catalina Islands for years can usually plan to minimize the effects that these currents will have on your dives.

Catalina Island Scuba Diving Packages

Scuba Diving Catalina Island

Planning a scuba diving trip? Ron Moores Dive Catalina is a premier dive shop located on Catalina Island near the town of Avalon. With our warm, subtropical climate, temperatures are fantastic for scuba diving year-round. We like to consider ourselves the friendliest dive shop on the island, and offer multiple scuba diving packages for divers of all skill levels.

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Catalina Island Dive/snorkel Excursion

From: $99.00

The Catalina Island is a pretty white sand beaches island near the south coast of the country. Is a protected natural park where of course there is no buildings.

The Catalina Island is a pretty white sand beaches island near the south coast of the country. Is a protected natural park where of course there is no buildings.

The first dive is THE WALL, were we will find a coral reef at a depth of 6 meters that progresses down to 9 meters. The WALL DIVE has a total depth of 40 meters so it serves both for beginner divers as well as experienced divers. This wall is populated by hard and soft corals typical of the Caribbean, as well as multicolored fish. This dive will take around 40 minutes.

The snorkelers during this time will be able to enjoy snorkeling and when the divers finish their first dive we will take the snorkelers to the beach

The second dive is in the area known as AQUARIUM, its a coral reef with multicolored fish typical to the area and has a maximum depth of 12 meters with an approximate duration of 40 minutes.

After having done the two dives, we will go to the island arriving around 12.30h where we can enjoy a typical Dominican buffet on the beach with some drinks. After lunch there will be time to enjoy the white sands and turquoise water of the Catalina beach before we will return to the private Marina in La Romana and back to the hotel

All dives are always done under the supervision of an Instructor or Divemaster

How To Get There

There are two common ways to reach Catalina Island. The first one is catching a 15-minute flight on a helicopter from the California mainland, which can cost you a lot. Meanwhile, joining an hour-long ferry ride is economical for most scuba divers.

You will take a passenger ferry that departs from Long Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point, or San Pedro. Catalina Express and Catalina Flyer are two of the most reliable companies delivering this service.

The average cost for a round-trip ticket is often $75, enabling you to save a lot of money for other water activities. In addition, the most exciting feature of ferry rides is that they give tourists a chance to get a free whale-watching tour on the road.

Catalina Island is also accessed by private boats that pick up visitors from Costa Rica. However, this choice is less popular than the two above because it is regularly a part of scuba tours operated by local dive shops.

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Refresher Dive At Casino Point

Recapture that feeling of total confidence by updating the diving skills you learned in your Open Water Diver course.

The Refresher Dive gives you the opportunity to practice and review the scuba skills you learned in your Open Water Diver class, and learn techniques that may have changed since you took your class. You will have the opportunity to refresh your memory and motor coordination, re-learn your current equipment, or learn about and adjust your new equipment with the guidance of a Dive Instructor.

Refresher Dives are recommended after taking a year off from diving.

Catalina Island Marine Life

What’s in an underwater forest? (Scuba Diving Catalina Island)

Southern California is home to some of the most diverse marine life in the world, and Catalina Island is at the epicenter of it all. From thousands of fish species, nudibranchs, crustaceans and invertebrates to mammals and even bright coral, you can, if youre lucky, see it all at Catalina Island.

Admittedly, youll have to get very lucky to see things such as humpback whales, but it can happen if you dive at the right time during the right season.

Some of the marine life you can expect to see diving Catalina Island are:

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Is It Worth Staying On Catalina Island

Most people who visit Catalina Island go for day trips, but if you want to spend some time exploring the island before or after a day of diving, there are some great options available.

Avalon and Two Harbors are the two main towns on Catalina Island, about two hours apart from each other. If you want to stay on Catalina Island, look for accommodation options in one of these two towns.

Scuba Diving Catalina Island

Catalina Island is 1 of an eight-island archipelago along the Santa Barbara Channel in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Southern California. The giant kelp forests of the Channel Islands are ranked one of the top ten diving destinations in the world. So bring you GoPro and underwater cameras for spectacular macro and wide angle shots to experience some of the best things to do on Catalina. Getting to Catalina Island is relatively easy and convenient. The Catalina Express travels from multiple locations to Catalina’s breathtaking shores in a little over 1 hour.

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Scuba Diving In Catalina Island

The crystal clear waters of Avalon coast are much famous as one of the healthiest and most beautiful marine environments on the earth. With many sea life and kelp forests, scuba diving in Catalina Island will be a lifetime experience that you will never forget.

Many of the dive shops in Catalina Island offer equipment rentals, guided trips, and certifications. There are also training courses for those who are not well versed in sea diving.

Scuba Luv

Catalina Scuba Luv is the premier dive center in Catalina that offers safe fun. They offer scuba instructions and trips to visitors of all skill levels. There are professionally trained staffs who are devoted to offering fun and safe experience to the divers and snorkelers.

Scuba Luv operates the dive boat named King Neptune. King Neptune is a sixty-five foot vessel that has showers, unlimited sodas and water, TV/VCR, and lavish space to spread your diving gear and suit up.

Casino Point Marine Park

Casino Point Marine Park is located at the end of Catalina Casino building and it is Southern Californias first city designated underwater park, which was established in 1965 by the City of Avalon.

Casino Point Marine Park has giant kelp forests, abundant marine life, and many shipwrecks for the divers to explore. Many artificial reefs are also made to offer artificial habitats to the marine life.

Catalina Divers Supply

Scuba Diving At Two Harbors

Book Now

Our Mission & Response To Covid

Diving in Catalina Island â Summitour Inc, Beyond Your Dreams

Catalina Scuba is a dive shop on Catalina Island, and is instructor owned with over 2 decades of professional experience. Its our mission, no matter your experience level, to help you become the best diver you can be. From novice to professional, you will be outfitted in top of the line gear with personalized instruction tailored to your needs with a focus on fun and safety. Safety is our number one priority, and we have implemented new sterilization practices in response to Covid-19. All of our equipment is sterilized with botanical food grade disinfectant, 140 degree Fahrenheit water, and UV-C light to guarantee our clients safety against Covid-19. Social distancing will also be practiced with groups with separate bookings. If you’re looking to dive Catalina, snorkel Catalina, or freedive Catalina, we’re the scuba shop for you. It’s fun for the whole family, and we could all use a little vitamin-sea right about now. Lets get wet!

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Diving Conditions And Difficulty

The diving conditions around Catalina Island can vary greatly depending on which side of the island youre diving on, but be prepared for occasional strong currents and, if youre used to warm water diving, make sure youre wearing a 7mm wetsuit or a drysuit.

Visibility is generally good, somewhere in the range of 30 to 40 feet, but it can be less during the warmer summer months because of the increased phytoplankton levels caused by the warm, nutrient-rich water.

Best Dive Operators In Catalina Island California

Knowing where to book a guided tour is the primary thing to do on Catalina Island, especially if this is the first time you have come here. Among numerous local dive operators available, it is not an easy task to find out which is the most reliable.

For this reason, I have compiled a list of popular dive shops on Catalina Island that you should go for.

  • Diving Catalina offers wonderful trips to Casino Point, sells gift cards, and rents dive gear. Call 510-8558 and visit for more details.
  • Catalina Scuba gives scuba tours for divers of all levels, rents high-quality diving equipment, and offers premium services for freedivers and snorkelers. Contact 248-6006 or check its website at to book now!
  • Catalina Divers Supply provides you with affordable gear rental and operates scuba classes, boat dives, and night dives. Phone 510-0330 or visit for further information.

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Dive Sites In The Catalinas

There are many dive sites in the Catalinas which you will enjoy when scuba diving from Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica. The most popular from guests are generally the ones where the mantas are most commonly seen. The Wall is a dive site located down a steep cliff, which is formed on the largest island in the chain. This dive is generally a great place to see white tip reef sharks, huge schools of fish, and quite often near the end of your dive, near the point of the island, the pacific giant manta. The Point and The Cleaning Station are two other dive sites which are very often frequented by the mantas.

Best Time To Dive In Catalina Island

Scuba Diving Encounters: Diving Catalina Island

Catalina Island is suitable for scuba diving all the seasons throughout the year, thanks to its subtropical climate. Choosing which time is best to visit depends on your preferences and budget. Here is a comparison of the two most popular seasons for tourists: summer and winter.

Higher hotel and housing costs. Need to book a tour in advance. Dropping water temperature causes heat loss more effortlessly. A wetsuit is a must for scuba divers. Harder to take family vacations.

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Casino Point Dive Park

Casino Point is not only a mecca for beginners to scuba dive in Southern California but also an exceptional choice for snorkelers worldwide. Thats thanks to its ideal diving conditions combined with diverse marine life.

The crystal clear water is warm all year round, while excellent visibility makes it easy to see underwater without a scuba light. Besides, this place offers you a wide range of depths from 10 to 75 feet, perfect for both shallow divers and advanced adventures.

However, it is highly recommended that you not dive beyond your limits. See the reasons here: How Deep Can You Scuba Dive!

Traveling to Casino Point is straightforward because it is located a few miles from Avalons ferry station. This means that your exploration into the sea at Casino Point can be done within a day, helping you spend time visiting other fantastic dive sites.

Although Casino Point is rated for novice divers, its challenging underwater topography also attracts a lot of professionals to explore.

Craggy rock walls, massive boulders, sharp pinnacles, and a sandy seabed at this dive spot are typical characteristics that cannot be found in other areas.

The undersea world at Casino Point gives you plenty to see, including endemic sea animals, majestic shipwrecks, and enchanted kelp forests. Its marine life is teeming with schools of colorful fish species, spiny lobsters, sea urchins, moray eels, and so on.

The Youtube video below explores why Casino Point is a hotspot for visitors.

Catalina Island Scuba Diving Highlights

Catalina Island is one of the most popular places to go scuba diving in Southern California thanks to its rich biodiversity, abundant marine life and accessibility. Giant kelp forests surround the island making the underwater landscape beautiful and other-worldly and an excellent place for underwater photography. If youre looking for an unforgettable diving experience in Southern California, Catalina Island is the trip for you.

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Catalina Island Scuba Diving Classes

We offer multiple scuba diving packages after you complete the entry level NAUI certification course. If youve tasted scuba diving and want to explore deeper waters, complete a night dive, become an instructor, or take underwater pictures, we offer the education and academics to prepare you for a new level of diving. We believe that time in the water is what really makes the diver, so we spend as much time practicing in the water as we do in the classroom. Here are some of the classes we offer:

Night Diving At Casino Point

Isla Catalina Diving

When you go night diving you’ll see a whole new world. The Casino Point Dive Park takes on a new personality at night, as many underwater creatures and plant life are active at night. Once the sun goes down, what you may see changes as the day sea creatures retire for the night and the nocturnal sea creatures emerge from their day-time hiding spots.

You’ll learn night dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and potential problems. You’ll also learn how to control your buoyancy, navigate and communicate at night. Since many of the plants and animals you’ll see are different, you’ll also get an introduction to nocturnal aquatic life.

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Reasons Why And When To Scuba Dive The Catalina Islands In Costa Rica

Scuba divers from all over the world come to Costa Rica to scuba dive the Catalina Islands. The Catalina Islands aka the Cats are, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after scuba dive locations in Costa Rica.

Considered a scuba divers paradise, the 20 islands that make up the Catalina Islands of Costa Rica are surrounded by pristine water that is often described as being a breathtaking indigo color. The islands, as well as the waters that surround them, are home to an abundant array of marine animals, birds, and land animals. A trip to these islands, therefore, is unforgettable.

Once you understand the myriad marine species that call these waters home, you will understand exactly why divers from around the planet make it a point to put the Catalina Islands on their list of must-see dive sites. Read on and learn more about why scuba diving the Catalina Islands in Costa Rica is a mind-blowing experience.

About The Refresher Dive:

  • The Guided Dive includes a knowledgeable and experienced scuba instructor that is an expert on Catalina Island marine life
  • All scuba gear , including a thick 7mm wet suit
  • Participants must show proof of certification
  • Please allow approximately 2 hours of your time for this tour
  • Second tank dives are available

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