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Scuba Diving Cabo San Lucas

Diving With Oceanic Mantas At La Reina

Scuba Diving Cabo San Lucas – S2:E11

This year, after a 15 year hiatus gigantic oceanic manta rays have returned to La Reina in La Paz. It has been an amazing and heartwarming spectacle to see them returning to this offshore seamount. Join Team Ninja for a day trip out to dive La Reina and experience these winged giants firsthand. Our La Reina day trip includes round trip transportation from Cabo to La Paz, 2 dives at this beautiful area, lunch, snacks & drinks, and and expert Team Ninja conservationist guide.$250 USD, Departs Cabo at 6amPrivate boat: $1,400 for up to 6 divers

*Please note this tour is seasonal. As this is the first year the mantas have been seen back at La Reina in over 15 years we are still working out the details of how long they will stay and what their season will be. We are actively working with scientists, conservationists, and researchers not only on these details but to help instate best practices to protect these beautiful creatures while they are visiting our waters. Please contact us for the latest info and details.

Dives Day Trip In Cabo Pulmo

After many years of fishing, when fish populations were almost depleted, the families of Cabo Pulmo decided to change their ways and create the first marine protected area in Mexico that completely banned fishing. Since it became a national park in 1995, Cabo Pulmo has been declared as an UNESCO world heritage site, a Mission Blue Hope Spot and the most successful marine protected area in Mexico. In the first 10 years of the park, the fish population grew by 400%! Nowadays, the village thrives on eco-tourism, seeing thousands of scuba divers and snorkelers every year. On our tours to Cabo Pulmo, youll enjoy 2 dives in the national park, and get to encounter massive schools of jacks and snapper, bull sharks, sea turtles, giant groupers and the most diverse reef species, inhabiting one of the healthiest reef systems in the Baja California peninsula.$275 USD, Departs Cabo at 6:30am. Includes round transportation between our office and Cabo Pulmo, park fees and guide, 2 dives, water, snacks and lunch.

*Please note we require 3 participants to open this tour. Please contact us for more info and waiting lists.

Book Your Cabo Accommodations

Ensure you have a comfortable and luxurious stay in Cabo when you book a vacation rental through us at Cabo Vacation Rentals. We have a wide range of carefully selected accommodations available, from villas situated right along the beach to lavish homes on a bluff overlooking the sea. Browse our Cabo vacation home listings here and get started on planning your beach getaway! Learn more about us.

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See Creatures Scuba & Ocean Experiences

With See Creatures Amigos Del Mar, you will get the very best Nautilus experience. The sights will amaze you, with diving for every level. Experience the playful sea lions, huge schools of mobulas, gentle whales & more! At See Creatures, learn to scuba dive, go diving, snorkeling, or whale watching all from Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico. Hours: 8:00 am 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday, Phone: +52 143-6915, Canada: +1 241-1918, Hotel Tesoro, Plaza Marina, Locales F5, F6, F7, Centro, Downtown, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico C.P. 23450, Website: 01 January 2021 JAT

Underwater Diversions de CaboPADI five star dive center sales, rentals and PADI instruction. Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel Loc.#F-5, 6 & 7 Blvd. Marina, CSL. Mon-Sat 8am5pm MC, VS

Vicente Lara Commercial Diving

Coastal Corridor Dive Adventure

PADI Discover Scuba Diving in Cabo

Visit the finest dive spots off the Baja Peninsula on this fantastic Coastal Corridor Dive Adventure. This full day scuba diving expedition travels to Chileno Bay, the Blow Hole, Santa Maria Cove, Twin Dolphin, and Whale’s Head.

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Scuba Diving Cabo San Lucas

Dive Cabo is a PADI 5 Star IDC Resort located on the marina of Cabo San Lucas. Dive Cabo have years of experience specializing in providing tailor-made scuba diving. Our professional and friendly staff makes us the premier scuba diving and snorkeling operation in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Our shop provides not only top-of-the-line scuba diving but also snorkeling equipment. We provide scuba diving for beginners as well as advanced divers looking for more challenging dives. We provide small, personalized groups depending on experience and also comfort. In addition we are the regions leaders in the diver education using exclusively the PADI diver education system. Scuba Diving Cabo San Lucas.

Scuba Diving In Los Cabo Mexico

Have you ever been diving with thousands of Mobula Rays, schools so massive they literally block out the sun? How about snorkeling with Mako sharks? Or encounters with gigantic, breaching humpback whales and their newborn calves? Scuba diving in Los Cabos gives you the chance to do all of that and much more! We recently held a Girls that Scuba event in Los Cabos, with our awesome dive friends Dive Ninja Expeditions, and were so amazed at the life we saw underwater that we couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

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Cabo San Lucas Scuba Diving Is Well Known Around The World And For Good Reason With Over 5000 Different Species Of Underwater Life The Sea Of Cortez Offers Diversity In Fish Reefs Sand Falls Marine Mammals And More An Abundance Of Plankton And Three Different Major Ocean Currents Collide To Create The Unique And Varied Life That Abounds In These Fruitful Warm Seas

  • Free Cancellation


  • Learn how to use scuba diving equipment in shallow water with a certified PADI bilingual instructor
  • Explore the Aquarium of the World, as named by Jacques Cousteau
  • Encounter schooling fish, brilliant coral formations indigenous to the Sea of Cortez
  • Diving in the Sea of Cortez is always an unforgettable and breathtaking experience
  • Swim through caves, reefs, and sand falls full of underwater wildlife like manta rays, dolphins, and more
  • Safe, fast and easy for beginners or first-timers to learn about scuba diving Cabo San Lucas

Added Safety Measures in Place


  • Transport to/from tour departure point, Cabo San Lucas Marina
  • Optional gratuities
  • Food and beverages not mentioned

Please Note

  • Please bring sunblock, a towel and your bathing suit
  • Children must be at least 14 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian. The dive company reserves the right to refuse anyone who does not meet the necessary requirements
  • Diving within 24 hours of your flight home is not recommended

Hammerhead Divers Scuba & Snorkeling

Scuba Diving In CABO SAN LUCAS MEXICO 2020

A family company that is very passionate about the marine fauna. We like the greatness of beautiful creatures in nature, in their ocean environment. We offer 365 days of incredible different tours such as SCUBA diving, snorkeling with whale sharks, sea lions, whales, city tours and private tours. Phones: USA 314-952-5346 Mexican Cell: 624-191-7198 Office 624-143-7637. 25 June 2020 JAT

Lands End Divers:SCUBA diving services. Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel Loc. A-5 next to Aereo Calafia Blvd. Marina, CSL. Daily 8:30am-6:00pm. AX, MC, VS

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Guided Tech Diving In Csl Marine Park

Ready to find out why the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park is nicknamed The Canyon? Explore the deep walls, rock canyons, or let us take you to one of our secret spots. Our shop can fill nitrox, trimix, heliox, as well as pure O2. As soon as you book, our tech team will contact you to work out a dive and deco plan so we can have the gases ready when you arrive. Please note, the price includes 2 AL80 tanks of air and does not include deco gases. Deco gases and other mixes will be billed separately since they are dependent on the dive plan.Includes snacks & drinks, 2 AL80s of air, weights, and Team Ninja guide.

$140 USD, Departs 8am or 1pm.

Pelican Rock A Rocky Outcropping Rich With Sea Life

Pelican Rock is a pinnacle covered in purple fans that rises above the surface from a depth of roughly 14 meters. A spectacular wall dive with plenty of life and one of Cabos famous sand falls are just in front of the outcropping. There is something for everyone at the dive location.

The shallows are ideal for courses and newer divers, while the deep walls provide a wonderful exploration opportunity for techy divers. The sheer abundance of life that inhabits the location all year round, though, makes it a lovely spot for divers of all levels. Octopuses, moray eels, seahorses, and blennies abound at this location.

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Where The Pacific Ocean Begins

Diving with Cabo Trek at Lands End is an inspiring experience and a different one each time. Cabo San Lucas is the meeting point of 3 oceanic currents, which translates to the massive biomass of fish that passes through and has made this area famous for sports fishing. Lands End is our favorite dive site in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park.

Lands End or The Point is at the southernmost point of the Baja Peninsula, and this is next to the seasonal home of a colony of California Sea Lions, who are pretty used to divers.

Depths at the sandy base of the rocky monoliths are at most 70 feet.

This site is subject to conditions, as currents and surges can be intense. While we can book your scuba tour to include diving at Lands End, please be aware conditions can change by the hour, and we always prioritize safety above all.

Typical Dive In Cabo San Lucas

Scuba Diving Archives

Inshore dives take place straight off the beach, or from speed boats and in some cases traditional wooden pangas used by fishermen. Operators will offer two or three dives a day at sites best suited to the divers experience. The bays of San Lucas and Santa Maria, as well as inshore sites at Cabo Pulmo, offer sheltered conditions in shallow waters with good visibility.

Offshore dives tend to be more challenging, with choppy surface conditions and swell making for sometimes tricky entries and exits. The strong currents that are such a magnet for pelagic species also render these sites best suited to experienced divers.

Check out this article from a previous trip to Cabo San Lucas here

Photos from Tim Yeo’s Eco Socorro Recap, Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

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Where Is Los Cabos

Los Cabos spans 3 areas at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula located in western Mexico – Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo and the Corridor that connects them. All three have beautiful beaches based at the mouth of the Sea of Cortez, with a beautiful mountainous desert in their background. Sitting right where the Pacific ocean meets the Gulf of California, this area has a unique and amazing underwater ecosystem.

Cabo Private Guide Is Happy To Supply You With Any Equipment You Might Need

We have a range of wetsuits and other equipment such as hoodies or gloves that we can supply to our clients to keep them warm and happy. If you have never dived with a full, thick wetsuit before, we recommend a quick refresher course so you can get used to the new equipment and figure out proper weighting. Or do you want to learn to dive? Our instructors have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions from our students on how to become a scuba diver.

As you can see, it is always the best time to visit Cabo!

Contact us today and we can help you plan your perfect Los Cabos getaway, no matter what time of the year it is!

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Experience More Of Los Cabos

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Whale watching | Between December and April, theres awesome whale watching in Cabo! Check out the best tours here.

Where to stay | From One & Only Palmilla to Hotel El Ganzo, there are lots of beautiful boutique and 5-star luxury hotels in Los Cabos.

Recommended restaurant experience | In Cabo, do yourself a favor and eat at the beautiful farm-to-table Flora Farms restaurant.

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The Ultimate Guide To Scuba Diving In Cabo San Lucas

Scuba Diving Sites in Cabo San Lucas

The location is a scuba divers dream and diving is one of the biggest draws of Los Cabos!

Cabo lies near the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the marine-rich Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The Sea of Cortez is a 700-mile-long body of water bordered on one side by the Baja Peninsula and on the other by mainland Mexico.

Sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, enormous manta rays with 12-foot wingspans, sea lions, and over 900 varieties of reef fish live in the waters of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, which Jacques Cousteau dubbed the worlds richest sea.

Plankton and fish move around like theyre in a washing machine because of the intense tidal flow and water movement, attracting large populations of sea lions, dolphins, humpback whales, turtles, sharks, and other sea life.

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Things You Should Know About Cabo Pulmo Scuba Diving:

Moorings and anchors are not located in the park. Free descents are conducted on every dive

Local regulations do not allow gloves and dive knifes.

Maximum dive time of 45 minutes.

Large underwater cameras require a special permit. Please inquire with us before booking.

Underwater strokes are prohibited.

Scuba Diving Excursions In Cabo San Lucas

These Cabo San Lucas scuba diving companies, with shops located right on Cabos big marina and throughout the city, are the best choices for checking out Cabos most iconic and accessible dive locations.

Snorkeling with whale sharks and a dive with the sea lions. The tour includes:

  • transportation to La Paz from the Manta facility and back
  • food and beverages

$330 for the tour

Note: Depending on local conditions and permits, the tour is offered from October/November to April.

Dive on remote reefs with their resident reef sharks, where massive moray eels hide in their rocky hollows and hidden crustaceans live on coral heads. This trip includes the following:

  • A qualified guide
  • Choose between a shared or private boat.
  • Weight and tank
  • Footage from the GoPro camera

Tour Prices:

$ 120 per person

$ 350 per boat Extra Divers $75pp

$ 85 per person Private Boat $350 1 4 divers, $50pp after that

Dive into the deep blue waters of Cabo. Sharks, Jacks, Bonitas, and Yellowfin Tuna are all likely to be seen. Dive with a PADI certified Divemaster or instructor in small groups. This trip includes the following:

  • Nitrox for free

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Whale Watching In Cabo San Lucas

Dont miss out on the Humpback Whales. Every year hundreds of Humpback whales travel thousands of miles to Cabo San Lucas for a little winter vacation. They come to our warm waters to give birth and meet new mates. They start showing up in late November and by late December and into January the Humpbacks start to give birth to their calfs, and by February these babies are actively swimming with their mothers learning how to breach, feed, and dive giving us the most spectacular displays. The whales start migrating north in late March with the season ending in mid-April.

We definitely recommend skipping a half day of our fantastic Cabo diving to watch these majestic giants leap from the water and show off to their new mates. Hearing the thunderous splash as these 40 ton beauties dive back into the sea is a memory that will last a lifetime. The official whale watching season opens on December 15 and runs until April 15 every year. Join us on our Eco Whale Watching tours, and marvel as you get up close to these majestic animals, as they enjoy the warm waters around Cabo. All the tours are lead by expert naturalist guides and last around 2.5 hours. There are multiple departures throughout the day as well as a special sunset tour. Intrigued, and want to learn more about our big marine mammal cousins? Sign up for a PADI Whale Defender Course, and learn to love all things whale.

Shark Diving In Cabo San Lucas

Girls That Scuba Join Dive Ninjas In Cabo San Lucas!

Get up close and personal with sharks! With 2 seas coming together off the coast, Cabo San Lucas is an excellent spot to see migrating pelagic species out in the big beautiful blue. Come with us on a shark diving excursion out to blue water to look for, and swim with, sharks and and all other big pelagic life lets see what we can find! These half- day trips are run by an expert shark guide with more than a decade of experience diving with sharks. You can get a chance to see silky sharks, hammerheads, makos, blue sharks, and more. Theres also excellent chances for encounters with other pelagics such as Pacific Manta Rays, turtles, mahi mahi, tuna, marlin, migrating rays, whales weve even seen orcas!

The trips run as half day tours in the mornings or afternoons, but a full day safari is also available. Depending on the time of the year and current sightings we will choose which location to go to for the best chance to see sharks. You do not need to be a certified diver to join one of our shark expeditions. You only need to be comfortable swimming in deep water where you can not see the bottom. The majority of the action takes place at the surface making it perfect for snorkeling & freediving as well as great for photography. Although the seas around Cabo are relatively calm we do recommend those that are prone to seasickness to take Dramamine or another seasickness precaution method as we will be a bit off shore for the duration of the trip.

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