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Scuba Diving Hawaii Big Island

Where Is Hawaii And How Do I Get There

Big Island Hawaii Scuba Diving – WARM WATERS & GOOD TIMES

Review our map below showing Hawaiis location in the world.

Hawaii is an isolated group of 8 major volcanic islands and 124 islets in the central Pacific Ocean. The islands lie 2,397 miles west of California and 5,293 miles east of Manila in the Philippines. The state capital is Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu. Our liveaboard diving cruises depart from Kailua-Kona on Big Island.

Hawaii is well connected, with direct flights to Kona International Airport from the USA , Japan and Canada. Its also possible to fly in to one of Hawaiis other international airports such as Honolulu or Maui from New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, or Philippines, and then catch a domestic flight to Kona. Airlines that operate flights to Hawaii include Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, American Airlines, All Nippon Airways, China Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jetstar, Korean Air, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, United, and Westjet.

Hawaii is one of the 50 states of the United States of America and as such visitors must comply with the entry requirements as detailed on the Homeland Security website.

Water temperature: 24°C – 27°CExperience level: Intermediate – advancedNumber of dive sites: 50Recommended length of stay: 7 days

Do You Have All Your Equipment And Is It Working Correctly

Whether youre leaving your house or a hotel room, take a few minutes to check your dive bag before you leave.

Verify that you have all the things you need for your dive. Its easy to walk out the door without something small but essential, like your dive watch or dive computer.

Once you arrive at your dive site or youre on the boat set up, check the function of your equipment as you put it together.

Dont ignore potential problems.

Its a good idea to carry a small kit with spare parts and basic tools so you can make simple repairs on the spot. If youre diving with a commercial operator, they probably have parts and tools with them also.

If you have an equipment issue and you cant fix it or rent or borrow a replacement, know when to cancel the dive.

Diver training organizations teach buddy checks.

Once youre ready to go in the water, take a couple of minutes to go over the equipment with your buddy. Each one makes sure the other has all the necessary gear in working order before the dive begins.

Big Island Scuba Charters

For diving the Big Island, Kona Diving Company is, as we say here in Hawaii, da bomb! They know every awesome scuba spot, and cater to every level of diver. Pacific Rim Divers has a competent, friendly team of pro divemasters and offers numerous day and night dive packages. Kona Honu Divers also offers several excellent day and night dives, and has an Open Ocean Safari that focuses on diving with large marine animals. Most dive shops on the Big Island rent scuba gear, and all Big Island scuba diving charters are located in Kona-Kailua.

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Join The Hilo Ocean Adventures Ohana

Hilo Ocean Adventures is the leading, family-owned dive shop on the northeast side of Hawaiis Big Island. Not only do we provide the best dive experience on the island, but we also aim to create a sense of community throughout Hilo with our professional Keiki swim school, sponsored dive club, and aloha spirit.

Is Scuba Diving In Hawaii Dangerous

The Best Private Scuba Diving

There is always some risk when it comes to scuba diving in open water. But, the best rule of thumb when diving in Hawaii is DONT BOTHER THE SEA LIFE and they wont bother you!

Yes, you might encounter Sharks in Hawaii But, sharks usually only attack if they are provoked, or if they think you are food.

However, youll want to steer clear of Sea Urchins in Hawaii. They have long spines that can pierce through a wet suit.

Eels are another Hawaii sea creature youll want to give a wide berth to. They have razor-like teeth and if they bite you, you might get muscle damage.

And dont bother the Sting Rays. Like their name suggests, they might sting you if you get too close or touch them.

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Scuba Diving For Beginners In Kailua Kona

For non-certified divers

Introductory dives begin with a short introduction to the rules of SCUBA diving, learning about basic equipment and practicing a few safety skills in shallow water. Once you become comfortable, then you go on a guided tour with your instructor no deeper than 40 feet. It is a great way to try diving without being certified.

Open water certification classes can be completed in three to four days. Call or e-mail ahead to reserve a space in one of our small classes. Smaller groups mean better training, attention, and guidance, allowing you to perfect your skills while attaining good buoyancy and confidence. Our teachers exercise calm, personal instruction and make safety their number one priority.

Is Hawaii Good For Scuba Diving


Hawaii actually an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean thats made up of 8 islands. In addition, there are islets and atolls. Thats a lot of opportunity for some fascinating underwater adventures!

Both advanced and beginner divers flock to Hawaii to check out Hawaiian sea life , explore old shipwrecks, swim with Manta Rays, and even see sharks!

Hawaii offers some incredible, once-in-a-lifetime diving experiences!

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Scuba Diving In Hawaii: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Scuba diving in Hawaii is always one of the most popular sports for adventure lovers on their holidays. Clear blue water, rich and diverse marine life, along with warm climate, will bring even the most demanding diver wonderful experiences.

Owning a chain of 137 islands spreading over 1500 miles, Hawaii is proud to offer you a variety of excellent dive sites suitable for all ages and diving experience levels. Some notable activities of Hawaiian tourists are to see spinner dolphins, manta rays, humpback whales, coral reefs, etc.

In this article, you will be equipped with comprehensive information about scuba diving in Hawaii. For a start, you should know the finest dive spots to visit, then read a detailed guideline for your trip, and finally learn some tips to keep yourself safe while diving.

  • The Bottom Line
  • The World’s Best Night Dive

    Scuba Diving the Big Island of Hawaii 2022

    World famous for close encounters with our gentle giants, the manta ray night dive is a bucket-list activity for anyone visiting the Big Island. We launch our one-tank manta night dive boats right before sunset with both SCUBA divers & snorkelers. Youll receive briefings on safety & manta ecology, then head to the dive site, gear up & get in. Youll dive with the mantas for 45-60 minutes, then head back to the boat for hot chocolate & the starlit ride back to the harbor.


    Open Water Diver certification, ability to speak and understand English for safety reasons. An in-water refresher may be required if you havent been diving in the past 2 years. Please call and speak to someone on our team before making a reservation.


    • Any additional snacks or non-alcoholic beverages youd like
    • Dry towels and something cozy to wear on the ride home
    • Exposure protective clothing, and only non-aerosol reef-safe sunscreen. Please read this short article. If your local stores dont carry it, dont worry! We have a variety of reef-safe sunscreen available for purchase in our shop.
    • Guests who are prone to motion sickness are encouraged to use an anti-emetic such as Bonine or Dramamine before boarding the boat.
    • Rental gear is available if you arent bringing any equipment.

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    The Manta Ray Night Dive

    Next to seeing the lava the manta ray dive is one of the most memorable things you can do on the Big Island. Imagine floating in the dark ocean holding only a flashlight, and being surrounded by the playing benign giants swirling around you!

    There are several companies on the Kona coast offer this option but we prefer recommending the manta ray dive organized by Torpedo Tours because of their commitment to manta ray safety through their active membership of the Manta Ray Green List.

    The Ultimate Private Diving Adventure

    Departing City: KonaBOOK HERE

    Located on Kamakahonu Beach, this Ultimate Private Adventure is exactly what you need to cool off when you are in Hawaii.

    The services offered by Kona Ocean Adventures let you have a unique experience with a private customized boat tour.

    Your trip will start at Kamakahonu Beach, and you will pass through Kona Ocean until you get back to the starting points.

    During this adventure, you will get to explore different areas, including private beaches and Kealakekua Bay. You will also get to swim with dolphins.

    The trip lasts about 4 hours, and during this trip, you will enjoy activities like snorkeling and diving.

    You will also have an instructor who will provide information on anything you need to know, including the names of the numerous aquatic animals you will come across.

    This tour also comes with a snorkel/dive guide, snorkeling and diving equipment, and catered lunch and snacks as part of the package.

    Also, visitors can create their own custom and personal adventure with family, friends, and spouses. And special occasions like honeymoons, birthdays, and anniversaries are perfect for this private adventure.

    This adventure costs $1,687 per boat with room for up to 6 guests. You can also contact the customer care team if more than 6 people are with you.

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    Best Maui Scuba Diving Locations

    There are lots of great options for scuba diving in Maui Hawaii. Plus, its a great jumping off point to do Molokini scuba diving, Maui shore diving, or hop over to Lanai or Molokai.

    Lets take a look at some Maui dive sites:

    Honolua Bay

    This Maui Hawaii scuba diving spot is a bit of a trek. Youll have to hike down to the rocky beach , but the diving here is pretty cool because they are part of a Marine Life Conservation District.

    Airport Beach

    This is next to the Westin Kaanapali Resort Villas, so its easy if youre staying in Kaanapali or Lahaina.

    Its a great Maui shore diving spot for beginners or intermediate divers who want to explore a colorful coral reef.

    Makena Landing

    Another place for Maui shore diving is Makena Landing. This is where youll find Five Caves Maui, an awesome spot to see turtles on Maui.

    Carthaginian II

    If you want to see a Maui shipwreck, head to Lahaina to see the Carthaginian II thats 97 feet below the surface. Here, youll get up to 100 feet of visibility and calm water.

    Molokini Crater

    Molokini Crater is some of the best scuba diving Maui has to offer. Youll need to take a boat tour to get there since its located off the shore of Maui.

    There are almost no currents and there are places for Maui scuba diving for beginners or for expert divers.

    Maui Scuba Diving Tours

    Maui Scuba Diving Introductory Lesson from Lahaina

    Maui Dive Shops

    Its hard to know which is the best dive shop on Maui because there are quite a few options.

    About Marine Life & The No Manta Guarantee

    Scuba Diving

    Manta rays, dolphins, whales, and other marine life are wild creatures and their presence is affected by surf conditions, seasonal changes and the quantity of food in the water. They are wild animals and we cannot guarantee their presence.

    Manta Rays are wild animals, and no guarantees can be made for their presence. If no Mantas are seen on a Manta Ray charter, Big Island Divers will offer EITHER a 50% discount to guests for a guaranteed seat on another manta charter, OR a 100% discount on standby availability seats for another one-tank manta charter. Standby availability is not guaranteed and is determined by management the day of the charter.

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    The Big Islands Scuba Hot Spots

    Most of the Big Islands stellar scuba spots range in depth from 10 to 100 feet. Some of the best Big Island scuba diving bar none is off the west shore, where visibility is often up to 100 feet. In North Khala are spectacular Horseshoe Reef , Lava Dome , and Black Point . In South Khala youll find Puak, and Alices Wonderland . World-class scuba sites along the North and South Kona Coast include Harlequin, Manta Ray Village, 6th Hole, and KPC. On the east side, the best diving is from shore. Check out Leleiwi Beach and Richardsons Beach Park, both in Keaukaha.

    Interact With Marine Life:

    Connect with exotic sea creatures that are stunning and pleasing to the eye. You may find fish and sea turtles that are ranging from small to big sizes. Many creatures that are colorful and fun in the water can be found through Scuba Diving Hawaii Big Island. You can discover the biodiversity that exists in the water that the whole world sees only in the movies.

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    Black Coral Forest South Coast

    Black coral is a living memory of these volcanic islands and the Island of Hawaii is still active. Your boat will anchor over a sand chute and 90 feet down, youll see the first of a forest of black coral trees, as well as scary-looking but harmless barracuda, viper eels, and all types of reef fish.

    Big Island Scuba Diving

    Big Island Scuba Diving – Naia Dive Site | Kona Honu Divers

    Scuba diving in Big Island, Hawaii is an experience like no other. The youngest island in the Hawaiian chain, the Big Island is still forming, making it one of the worlds top scuba diving destinations. Undersea hot and cold freshwater vents abound, making for a unique and abundant marine life habitat. Come immerse yourself in the azure Pacific and dive the Big Islands spectacular reefs, caves, and pinnacles. If youre lucky, you may even be joined by a pod of spinner dolphins! Learn more about scuba diving on Hawaiis Big Island below!

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    Scuba Dive Near Honokohau Harbor

    Scuba diving is not only a fantastic sport that almost any adult can enjoy, but it also allows you to see the world from a beautiful perspective. With our Discover Scuba course, you’ll learn to scuba dive near Honokohau Harbor and understand the basics of using scuba gear, pressurizing, and buoyancy. We have access to over 40 dive sites, and a PADI-certified divemaster will be by your side throughout the experience. Contact us now to learn more about this one of a kind diving adventure.

    Best Dive Spots In Hawaii

    Hawaii offers a wide range of trendy dive sites, which means that there is no perfect place for all people. Each dive site has its benefits and drawbacks, making it become the ideal destination for different needs.

    Lets look at the following section to find out which Hawaiian island is your dream choice.

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    What You Can See

    Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are more plentiful on the other islands, but can be seen on dives along the Hilo coast please remember not to touch them or hassle them in any way. Around this island, you can see schools of large manta rays, inch-long nudibranchs, spinner dolphins and volcanic lava tubes. Octopi, eagle rays, moray eels, swarms of colorful fish including the Humuhumu state fish, and a wide variety of sharks are also common sightings. About 20 percent of the fish youll see are endemic to Hawaii. Humpback Whales can often be seen on dive trips near Hilos break wall during their migration season from late fall to early spring.

    What Makes Us Unique

    Scuba &  Snorkel Trip

    You are invited to join us for some of the best Big Island SCUBA Diving in Hawaii found here, on the Kohala Coast! We at Mauna Lani Sea Adventures offer SCUBA Diving for all levels of experience including beginner programs and certification courses, as well as daily boat and shore dives. We have been operating since 1983, and have over a dozen dive sites within minutes of our own private dock.

    These sites offer spectacular underwater topography due to the volcanic history of the Big Island. Come and see the amazing lava tubes, caves and archways. Discover the many varieties of hard coral found here. There is finger coral, cauliflower and brain coral, to name just a few. Averaging a depth of 35-55 feet, the Kohala Coast provides an opportunity for all levels of divers to join us. Deeper dives are available upon request for the experienced diver.

    These coral reefs not only provide beautiful underwater scenery, but are also home to a variety of colorful and unique sea life. The Kohala Coast of the Big Island is home to over 600 species of tropical fish, with many of these species found no where else in the world! Come enjoy our healthy reef and experience first hand the intelligent octopus, the spectacular eels, the graceful Manta and Spotted Eagle Rays and the sleepy Reef Sharks. Swim with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and watch him hover over a turtle cleaning station while reef fish clean his shell!

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    Small Groups Anda Relaxed Atmosphere

    At Pacific Rim Divers, we believe the key to a great Kona diving experience is a knowledgeable guide, a small group and a relaxed atmosphere. We limit our groups to six divers or less. And we’ll never rush you.

    Small groups allow us to give our full attention to our divers’ needs and safety. You might be the new diver who’s a little anxious and needs a bit of extra help. Or maybe you’re the photographer who doesn’t want to miss taking a picture of every critter your guide finds. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

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