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Scuba Diving In Destin Florida

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SNUBA Diving in Destin, Florida (with Destin Snorkel)

Welcome to the Official Website of Destin Snorkel, your snorkeling and SNUBA® headquarters in Destin Florida.

While enjoying your stay in Destin and on the Emerald Coast, join Destin Snorkel in one of our many tours: Two Stop Snorkeling, SNUBA®, Shelling/Dolphin, Dolphin/Sunset and Fireworks tours. No other company gives you the variety of tour choices and snorkeling flexibility than Destin Snorkel.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about scuba diving near Destin, FL 32541?

This is a review for scuba diving near Destin, FL 32541:

“Captain Charles was an absolute joy. Our hooks never went without bait and our line never stopped tugging. From getting a great nap on the beanbags to a solid workout out of reeling in big fish , we cannot wait until next time! There’s a lot of charters to choose from but whether you’re inexperienced or a true Professional Charles is your guy!”

Things You Need To Know

  • Tanks, weights & equipment NOT included in charter price
  • Minimum age is 10
  • Minimum 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Check-in time for all dive charters is 1-hour prior to departure time at the Dive Shop. Please have your certification card and dive experience prior to charter. After completion of the required paperwork and having secured any rental equipment needed, you will then drive to the boat, which is located down the street at the docks.
  • Please note that the Gulf of Mexico does not usually offer visibility necessary to be able to guide a large group of divers as in the Caribbean. If you have never dived in the Gulf of Mexico, to a depth of 90 feet, in somewhat limited visibility, or have not made a dive within the last year, we recommend hiring a Divemaster to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Alternatives To Diving In Destin

There’s no doubt about it: Diving in Destin is a blast! However, not everyone is up for scuba diving. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives that offer some of the same benefits and excitement.

With the pontoon boat rentals Destin has to offer, you can rent a boat and then try out a range of water-based activities suitable for the whole family.

One choice that is growing in popularity is SNUBA®. This is very similar to scuba diving in that it has a regulator, and it allows for deeper dives. Instead of wearing a tank of air on your back, however, the tank floats at the surface and connects the mouthpiece via a long tube. It is often cited as a safer and less physically demanding alternative to scuba diving.

Here’s a video of a group enjoying SNUBA® in Destin.

An even easier choice, and a perfect alternative for children and those who aren’t PADI certified, is snorkeling. The equipment is readily available and inexpensive, and it allows participants to enjoy the beauty of the sea without significant safety risks.

Where To Dive In Destin

Unbiased Review of Destin Snorkel with Photos &  Insider Tips

There are plenty of excellent spots to dive in Destin. Many visitors make the mistake of thinking that the only diving spots are located in the Gulf of Mexico. While the gulf is certainly home to some great diving destinations, you can find plenty to see underwater a lot closer to the shore. The inlet to Destin is dredged, which means that the jetties are a fantastic spot to admire underwater life.

At the eastern side of the Destin jetties, divers can observe an abundance of sea life on a relatively shallow dive. That, combined with visibility extending for as much as 50 feet during certain tides, makes it an obvious choice for diving.

In addition, Destin is home to dozens of shipwrecks. These have created incredible artificial reefs that make for great scuba diving locations.

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Thomas Hayward Liberty Ship

Located 7 miles southwest of Destins East Pass. This wreck was put down as part of the artificial reef program in 1972. She is approximately 380 feet long and lays on the ocean floor running north and south. She has no super structure, therefore like diving a large bath tub with bulk head dividers. The mid ship has a crack running across the ship, where the fire furnaces were located. You can still find bricks although they were scattered during hurricane Opal. The north end has a second crack running across, although one side has fallen and the end is now twisted. The ocean floor is 87 feet and the top of the deck is 68 feet.

Common to see sharks, southern sting rays and eagle rays. In the summer there is an abundance of barracuda, amberjack and spade fish. Common to see goliath grouper and an assortment of other critters.

* Due to the popularity of this wreck with private fishermen, it may not be possible to dive, but we always do our best, without offending the local community. Please understand our situation.

Qualify For The Tour:

  • At least 8 years of age or older
  • In good health or cleared by a physician to dive Download our SNUBA® waiver.
  • Have basic swimming skills and be comfortable in the water

SNUBA® is safe and easy and does not require certification. Even if you have never snorkeled or have only basic swimming skills, SNUBA® diving is available for you. SNUBA® is easily accessible to couples, families, children eight years and older, and seniors. It is a great way for a certified diver to introduce non-certified partners to the underwater breathing experience.

SNUBA® divers breathe underwater by means of a 20 foot air line which is connected to a standard scuba tank. The tank is mounted on a raft on the surface that follows your every movement. The air line allows you to tour underwater near the bottom, at mid-water or on the surface depending on your level of comfort. Every SNUBA® tour is guided by a diving professional. Your guide will familiarize you with the SNUBA® equipment you will be using and briefly describe what you can expect in the water.

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Ways To Watch The Marine Life In Destin

Undoubtedly, Destin has one of the most diverse marine biodiversity in Florida. Therefore, the local people often exploit the mesmerizing sceneries as a tool to attract tourists all over the globe. Visitors can admire the wildlife in different ways and from various angles.

An interesting activity is to take part in a dolphin cruise. A large population of wild dolphins live in Destin and have become a tourist attraction. You can wish to float on the crystal clear water and witness dolphins swimming around!

In addition, the Okaloosa Island Pier is famous for its wide range of sea turtles. Specifically, there are several species of saltwater turtles swimming around the pier. They also occasionally get close enough for visitors to take some spectacular photos!

If you want to challenge yourself a little bit, snorkeling is an ideal experience for you to try. Typically, people will snorkel in shallow water, so non-swimmers are also congenial! You will stand a chance to wear cool goggles and observe schools of fish under the water!

Another fascinating way to watch marine life is to go scuba diving. You will need a special suit to dive deep under the water. Scuba diving allows you to see the magical world of coral reefs and colorful fishes under the waters surface. You can even swim through some shipwrecks!

Welcome To Emerald Coast Scuba 503 B Harbor Blvd Destin Fl 32541 837

Best Snorkeling in Destin Florida | Sea Turtles, Stingrays and More!

Emerald Coast Scuba, a PADI 5-star Career Development Center and Dive Resort offering dive trips, scuba training, spear fishing and is also a swim academy!

Celebrating 30 years in business this year, Emerald Coast Scuba, a PADI 5-Star Career Development Center and Dive Resort, offers scuba, swimming and water safety courses from the beginner level to professional training and leadership internship programs. Our facility boasts its own 14-ft. deep, heated pool and large classroom spaces for training and fun all-year-long.

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Safety Tips For Diving In Destin

Before diving in Destin or anywhere else for that matter, prospective divers should be certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, or PADI for short. PADI offers regular courses to ensure all those who dive are prepared to do so safely. If you’re not yet certified, you can usually find a local course close to home in preparation for your trip. Alternatively, you can join a PADI certification course right in Destin.

If you’re certified and you dive extensively on your own, take the time to prepare for safe diving in Destin. Some great tips to keep in mind include:

  • Mapping out your dive locations in advance
  • Telling someone exactly where you plan to dive
  • Only dive to depths you’re comfortable with
  • Check gauges regularly
  • Adjust plans to weather and water conditions as needed

The Best 10 Scuba Diving Near Destin Fl 32541

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    It has been a bucket list item of mine for some time to learn to scubadive. This year I decided

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    Reviewed several dive operations prior to my first trip to the Destin, Florida area. I based my decision to go with Off Duty Dive Charters based on two phone conversations with Capt

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    Captain Charles was an absolute joy. Our hooks never went without bait and our line never stopped tugging. From getting a great nap on the beanbags to a solid workout out of reeling

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    any future scuba certifications with Elite Dive Company. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to get their scubadiving certification!

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    The Marine Animals In Destin

    Do you know that Destin is home to hundreds of aquamarine species? It is because the Gulf of Mexico surrounds almost half of the coastal lines of this city! Join me and find out what sea animals inhabit there!

    The most popular sea creature in Destin is probably the dolphin! With a population of around 40,000 individuals, dolphins appear very often here in the open sea. One of the best ways to watch dolphins is to take a dolphin cruise!

    In addition, Destin is famous for its extensive coral reef systems. These reef barriers house several schools of fish of different species. You can expect to see flounders, sea pufferfish, small snappers, wrasse, redfish, and sheepshead! Dont forget your scuba camera!

    Besides colorful fishes, you can admire some beautiful sea crabs. They turn up a lot in both natural and artificial coral reefs! Among the most popular are blue crabs and hermit crabs. Pack your things and come here to admire some wildlife spectacles!

    Furthermore, you can also catch sight of sea turtles. Most of them usually swim near the pier. You may be able to take some beautiful pictures because they sometimes get close enough for you to do so. Some kinds of and jellyfish will also make their appearance.

    Best Places To Scuba Dive In Destin

    Emeril Opens New Restaurant In Destin

    Destin is known for its sugar-white sand beaches, but dive a little deeper and youll discover an underwater landscape rich with spiny lobster, crabs, sea turtles, natural limestone reefs, sunken ships and other artificial reefs, as well as many species of fish!

    The waters of Destin-Fort Walton Beach have massive quantities of fish, Captain Charles Stone, from Blue Water Escape Fishing and Diving Charters, explained. For a scuba diver, if you want to see a bunch of fish, you want to go scuba diving in Destin. Ive dived all over and have never seen the quantity of fish we have here.

    Lionfish are a beautiful but invasive species that can be found along dive spots in Destin-Fort Walton Beach. Lionfish eat everything, have few natural predators, and produce, on average, more than two million eggs per year. Adding spearfishing to your dive plans would be a great way to help the local ecosystem.

    Here are the best places to scuba dive in Destin-Fort Walton Beach, FL.

    Wreck Alley and Artificial Reefs

    Other artificial reefs include the Urchin and Sand Flea reef complexes which are in 50-60 feet of water, about a mile south of Henderson Beach State Park. Both Urchin and Sand Flea reef complexes are made up of one hundred 12′ high concrete and steel pyramids.

    Natural Reef Scuba Diving

    Divers with advanced certification will enjoy exploring the natural limestone reefs of Destin-Fort Walton Beach, which start at depths of 80-feet.

    Take a Scuba Charter

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    Best Beach Hotels In Destin

    Besides excellent diving services, Destin is also famous for many wonderful beach resorts. Since you may expect to spend unforgettable days in Destin, Ill list some of the finest coastal hotels and resorts.

    The table below will help you contrast the prices and amenities of the top six waterfront hotels!

    Hotels / Resorts
    4000 Sandestin Blvd, Miramar Beach, FL 32550 +1 267-9500 From 207$ Eight bars and eateries, two hot tubes, three pools, a posh spa, indoor/outdoor event space, programs for kids.
    200 Henderson Resort Way, Destin, FL 32541 +1 702-3087 From 221$
    117 Palm St, Destin, FL 32541 +1 502-8968
    2700 Scenic Hwy 98, Destin, FL 32541 +1 836-1105
    9815 US-98, Destin, FL 32550 +1 225-7652
    77 Seascape Dr, Destin, FL 32550 +1 269-3000 From 151$ Indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, a fitness center, a golf course, bike rentals.

    Dive Info For The Florida Panhandle

    Water Conditions April through October is perhaps the best time to dive Florida’s Panhandle, when visibility hovers around 50 feet, but sometimes 100 feet is possible. Water temps peak in the mid-80Fs in summer, but can drop to the high 50Fs in winter. In Vortex Spring, water temps are a constant 68F year-round and visibility a mind-blowing 200 feet.

    How To Get There I-10 passes right through the heart of the Panhandle, and most towns are within a half-hour of the Interstate.

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    Scuba Diving In Destin

    Destin is a vacation destination unknown to many, at the Panhandle of Florida watching the Gulf of Mexico. Destin traces its immediate history to a fisherman, Leonard Destin, who moved here from New London, Conn., and settled in Northwest Florida about 1845. For decades, he and his descendants fished and navigated the only channel passage to the Gulf of Mexico between Panama City and Pensacola, known as Destins East Pass. It is a small fisherman town between Panama Beach and Pensacola, which expanded into vacation rental type of accommodation with its variety of condominiums on the shoreline.

    In our stay, we chose Destin Condo Rentals by Owner to rent a condo at famous Pelican Beach Resort. One bedroom condos at the front of the building with panoramic views.

    Destin is one of the best dive destinations in the US. Because of the unique geographic location, deep sea diving is only minutes away from Destin. A natural reef is carved out of limestone, its ledges covered with coral and sponge.

    The Living Seas At Epcot

    Destin Snorkel Tours – Video 04 – SNUBA Diving

    The last place you’d ever think about bagging a dive is at a major theme park, but you can get one in at Disney World. For 179 bucks you can slip into Epcot’s Living Seas aquarium for a half-hour and get mask-to-snout with sharks and tropical fish while your Mickey-eared kids witness you in action. But don’t pack your duffel just yet â they make you use their equipment, presumably to prevent your funky gear from contaminating their tank. Only 16 people get to dive it each day, so book it early. Read what it’s like to go scuba diving in an aquarium.

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    Captain Jambos Parasailing & Sailing Tours

    The two- to six-hour snorkeling trips offered by Captain Jambos target such sites as the East Jetty and Choctawhatchee Bays sandbanks, reached via 30-foot catamaran. All of these excursions are small-group affairs, which makes for a great atmosphere and flexibility. You can rent GoPros, too, for immortalizing your snorkeling odyssey.

    Water Activities In Florida

    Multiple places of interest have attracted thousands of visitors to Florida every year. Since the open sea surrounds the state, its aquamarine life is among the most diverse ecosystems. In addition, the unique geographical location also allows a variety of watersports.

    A distinctive feature of Florida is that its weather is warm all year round, enabling tourists to participate in different water activities whenever they want to. Lets scrutinize some engaging recreational activities underwater!

    Scuba diving

    If you discard scuba diving out of your to-do list in Florida, you are making a huge mistake! Lied between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida is home to various marine creatures. The underwater scenery is going to take your breath away!

    Besides vast beaches, there are hundreds of lakes for divers who have a soft spot for freshwater marine life. Florida owns a host of both natural and artificial coral reef barriers, promising to offer tourists the best experience.

    Moreover, there are mighty shipwrecks under the open water of Florida. It will be super interesting to explore the underwater world and huge mystery under the seabed at the same time. Dont forget to hire an instructor for your safety!


    Snorkeling to admire the wildlife in Florida is extremely fun. Some might wonder: Snorkeling or scuba diving, which one is worth the money? The answer is both! It is because each activity has its own merits and offers memorable experiences.


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    Getting Diving Equipment In Destin

    Plenty of visitors heading to Destin arrive by car and bring their diving gear with them. However, there are also lots of options to buy or rent diving gear upon arrival in Destin.

    The greatest concentration of stores offering diving equipment is located on either side of Harbor Boulevard. If you’re renting equipment you’re unfamiliar with, make sure you test it out in a controlled environment first. A Destin swimming pool or a shallow spot in the harbor are two great options.

    Double Fun Watersports should be your first stop when planning to do an inshore dive in Destin. With a double-decker pontoon boat rental, you can partake in one of the top Destin pastimes, and you can do it all on your own schedule.

    Book your pontoon boat today!

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