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Scuba Diving In Puerto Vallarta

How To Get To Puerto Vallarta

Scuba Diving in El Morro: Puerto Vallartas Secluded Dive Site | Vallarta Adventures®

Most visitors will arrive at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport . Its always possible to find direct flights to PV from the US and Canada, with the most options during the high season .

There arent a lot of other international options for arriving in Puerto Vallarta. You can get direct flights to and from Panama City as well as both London and Manchester, but thats about it.

If you cant find a good deal on a flight to PV, I recommend checking out options into either Mexico City or Guadalajara. Both cities are lots of fun to visit and youll then be a very short and cheap domestic flight away from the beach!

Puerto Vallarta is also a major cruise ship destination. Those arriving for a quick excursion from a ship can still squeeze in a scuba dive in Puerto Vallarta.

The thing about traveling to Puerto Vallarta is that you have many options other than staying in town. By flying into PVR, you can also easily base yourself in places like Sayulita, Bucerias, Punta de Mita, Mismaloya, or Yelapa.

All of these places are easily reached by local bus or water taxis and will put you closer to some of the best dive sites in the bay.

Scuba Diving Weather Issues From Late

The weather and scuba diving conditions in the last years outside the bay and at spots that are a bit more exposed have become a bit more extreme, unreliable and unpredictable from the end of November when Winter arrives until June when Spring ends. Visibility can also be limited.

This means that some of the sea creatures migrate into the bay and you wont find them there in that period. Cold fronts may cause a strong surge that limits diving during these months, so going into caves and swimming through may become impossible.

Diving at some of the best locations during the rip tides in the Dec-Jan and May-Jun periods is not possible and you might be limited to locations further in the bay. The same happens when there are strong winds whip up large 4 to 5 m waves from Feb. to May.

Puerto Vallarta Scuba Lessons

If you have never gone scuba diving but you want to experience what all the hype is about, then you have come to the right place! With our learn to scuba dive courses, non-certified divers get the unique opportunity to go scuba diving in the waters off the coasts of Puerto Vallarta. These scuba diving packages do not require a full certification, yet they allow you to go up to 40 feet beneath the surface of the water alongside our top-notch scuba diving instructors. Before you know it, you will know what it is like to swim deep beneath the surface of the water alongside some of the most colorful and fascinating marine animals!

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Scuba Diving At Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, there are many places where you can practice scuba diving, the most famous and popular dive location is without a doubt, Los Arcos . Its a beautiful series of five rocky granite islets sticking out from the sea surface, its also the deepest part of the Bay and is full of life, especially since it has been a protected sea park. The three biggest islands are called Los Arcos Rock , Turtle Rock and Devils Rock .

Los Arcos National Marine Park is found between Mismaloya Beach and Las Gemelas Beach, some 7 miles south of Puerto Vallarta. This dive site has options for all levels, from novices to advanced and experienced divers, depths range from 10 to 90 feet. The islands, originally known as Las Peñas gave Puerto Vallarta its original name. Los Arcos is also a bird sanctuary, the protected seabirds including the sea hawk, pelican and Blue-footed Booby.

The seas constant erosive power has opened a series of arches so that you can even sail through, these holes are also found under the sea surface, so you are offered amazing tunnels and underwater arches too. Since it is now illegal to remove and fish at Los Arcos, sea life is once again abundant despite the previous 20th Century abuse and fishing.

Los Arcos de Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta

Water Temp: 65-89°F/18-31°CAverage Visibility: 20-50 ft/6-15 mDepth: 29.5-130 ft/9-40 m

Dive Sites In Puerto Vallarta For Experienced Divers

Be Ready Before Going Scuba Diving, Silent World Divers Puerto Vallarta ...

For experienced divers, there are four spots you cannot miss: Princesa Shipwreck, Los Anegados, El Morro, and Chimo.

One of the favorite activities of those who enjoy diving is exploring shipwrecks. Close to the beach of Mismaloya, there is an exciting cemetery of small boats, where the main attraction is the remains of the Princesa shipwreck. These sites are always rich in marine life and underwater vegetation.

Los Anegados, El Morro, and Chimo are great locations with caves, arches, drop-offs, and steep walls, where you can find a wide variety of marine life of large scale like mantas, turtles, sharks, and dolphins.

Particularly, in the Chimo Dive Site you can find rock formations beginning at the surface with the reef going from 30 feet all the way down to 200 feet.

The corals seen in this part of the bay are different than the types closer to the city and further inside the bay. Chimo is the farthest dive site from Punta Mita, but its unique beauty might be worth the journey.

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Best Dive Sites In Puerto Vallarta & Surroundings

Located in the middle of the Mexican Pacific, Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding environs enjoy warm, clear waters, fantastic weather, and an abundance of diverse sea life, making it among the world’s top dive destinations.

Check out these incredible locations and adventure options for scuba diving and snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita before planning your next dream vacation.

In Puerto Vallarta, Marietas Islands is the most popular stop for passionate scuba divers. Further afield, Las Caletas Dive Site and Los Arcos are also favorites featuring beautiful Pacific reef life and an enjoyable beach.

Closer from the Punta Mita, Los Anegados and El Morro attract advanced divers. Here you can see larger species who ride the currents from the distant blue, including mantas, octopus, sharks and impressive schools of fish.

Diving In Puerto Vallarta

  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Diving in Puerto Vallarta is known for close encounters with giant mantas, dolphins and schools of jacks. Lucky scuba divers can swim with whale sharks, eagle rays, hammerhead sharks and sailfish in the open ocean.

    Schools of grunts, puffer fish, damsel fish, eels and nurse sharks may accompany your dives. Seahorses and octopus love to hide out in walls and crevices, while humpback whales and their calves are sometimes spotted on the surface. Swim with loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles – your logbook fills up quickly while diving in Puerto Vallarta.

    Offshore, you can dive shipwrecks, caves and underwater mountain ranges – most of which are suitable for beginners. Cruise along impressive stretches of reef, swim-throughs, plateaus, pinnacles and drop-offs teeming with critters.

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    The best time for diving in Puerto Vallarta depends on what youre hoping to see. Some say the best time is between November and May when sea conditions in the Pacific are calmest and pelagic encounters are at peak .

    Currents are mild year-round and perfect for introductory dives. Those looking for a challenge can travel to offshore islands where currents are heavier but the reward is greater. Conditions for diving in Puerto Vallarta are always good: plan your trip when it’s convenient for you and you’ll find great dives.

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    Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta Info

    The Pacific Coast of Mexico is not exactly a top diving region within the country – unless youre willing to travel to the remote islands or visit the Baja Peninsula, but Puerto Vallarta does stand out as the best diving destination along the mainland coast. The water around Puerto Vallarta is filled with corals, anemones, multicolored fish, jellyfish, and other sea creatures. Divers also enjoy a diverse and interesting topography that includes everything from caves to underwater mountains and reefs.

    Los Arcos. Photo by Waywuwei

    Best Scuba Diving & Snorkeling In Punta Mita

    INCREDIBLE Scuba Diving at Marietas Islands | MEXICO 2022

    Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita are perfectly situated on a calm bay, called Banderas Bay, providing the best scuba diving and snorkeling adventures that bold and daring travelers could dream of. Actually, there are so many gorgeous and tranquil spots in the area that these are great locations for beginners as well.

    Punta Mita is ideal if you want a luxurious vacation away from the crowds. The gated community is peaceful and full of activities to keep you busy for most of your stay. But if you feel like exploring the underwater, then a scuba diving excursion is the best way to go.

    Knowledgeable and expert PADI Dive Masters will take you to the most beautiful spots in the area, and share interesting information about the fish and animals you encounter.

    No matter if you have never scuba dived and want to be introduced, if you are a beginner or already an experienced diver, there are a myriad of breathtaking sites you can explore with the 5-star PADI Dive Center at Punta Mita Adventures. Their professional bilingual guides, top-notch equipment and attentive service, will make your diving excursion an experience like no other.

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    Cost Of Scuba Diving In Puerto Vallarta

    The cost of scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta varies depending on which sites you visit. As I mentioned, many of them are quite a long distance away from the center of town.

    For example, diving at Los Arcos costs between $90-110. Meanwhile, trips out to the Marietas Islands cost a bit more . Its a longer distance to travel plus most operators include lunch and drinks as well.

    Two-tank tours to El Chimo average around $150.

    Never been diving before? Puerto Vallarta is a great place to learn and start exploring the other 70% of the planet.

    To give it a shot, you can sign up for a Discover Scuba Diving course for just $50. This gives you the chance to see if scuba diving is right for you.

    Those who want to go all-in can sign up for a PADI Open Water course instead.

    These typically take 2-3 days to complete. You can sign up for Open Water courses at Puerto Vallarta dive shops for around $450 total after the cost of learning materials. Once youre finished, youll be certified and ready to rock!

    Another option is to do a referral course for as little as $240.

    This is when you complete the bookwork portion at a local dive shop back home before traveling to Mexico. Doing that allows you to take care of the studying part at home and spend more time in the water in Puerto Vallarta.

    When To Go To Puerto Vallarta

    Ambient temperature in Puerto Vallarta from December to April ranges from 61-81F/16-27C, and from May to November, 84-95F/29-35C. Average water temperature is 78F/25C in winter and 84F/29C in summer. The rainy season is from June to October, but showers are usually very brief and typically occur after lunch. Divers should note that hurricanes are possible in this period.

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    Punta De Mitadive Center & Shop

    Buddy up with us for outstanding scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita, site of Dressel Divers newest dive shop. With its prime location on the Western coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta/Punta de Mita offers guests an opportunity to dive in the Pacific Ocean, in what is often a new experience for many guests.

    Depending on choice of season and dive sites, Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita diving is known for close scuba encounters with dolphins, giant manta rays, and clouds of jacks, as well as impressive streches of reef, swimthroughs, undersea plateaus, pinacles, channels and dropoffs all teeming with a very wide array of fauna an flora including lobsters, turtles and octupus.

    Puerto Vallarta is particularly well-known among dive travelers because of the nearby and their pelagic action. Nestled in a protected marine park, they are the perfect spot for exhilarating scuba diving adventures over pristine coral reefs teeming with protected species. Jacques Cousteau along with resident dolphins, manta rays and humpback whales played a pivotal role in the islands popularity among the international scuba diving community.

    Best Places To Go Scuba Diving In Puerto Vallarta

    Scuba Dive at Los Arcos

    Scuba diving in Mexicos Banderas Bay allows participants to get close to some incredible marine wildlife, including dolphins, giant manta rays, turtles, puffer fish, sailfish, and even humpback whales. Here are some of the best locations to scuba dive in and around Puerto Vallarta:

    The Marietas Islands are located a few miles off the coast of Punta de Mita at the northern end of Banderas Bay.

    The uninhabited islands are home to a rich diversity of submarine life. The conservation area is home to a hidden beach known as lovers beach. Visitor numbers to the beach are limited to 116 people per day.

    Princesa Shipwreck

    Just off the coast of Mismaloya, just south of Puerto Vallarta, lies an underwater cemetery of shipwrecks, including the Princesa Vallarta. The Princesa, formerly a party boat and around 80ft in length, is now home to a hidden treasure of natural marine life. At 80 feet below the surface, this is for advanced divers only.

    Las Caletas

    Las Caletashas been called the best beach in Puerto Vallarta. It is located just south of Yelapa and is only accessible by boat. The crystal-clear waters attract colorful tropical fish, eels, manta rays, and turtles from a nearby coral reef. Tours are available to the private, protected beach, which is also a haven for wildlife.

    Los Arcos

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    Puerto Vallarta Scuba Diving

    Vallarta Scuba Dive has exciting dive trips out of Puerto Vallarta for all divers, no matter what your level. Whether it’s your first time diving or if you’re here to dive the advanced spots in the Bay of Banderas and the Mexican Pacific, Vallarta Scuba Dive has the perfect dive trip for you. Our dive trips feature PADI certified dive masters who will make your day safe, fun and relaxing.

    Guide To Scuba Diving In Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    You might be familiar with Puerto Vallarta as a vacation destination, but did you know its also a great place for a bit of scuba diving in Mexico?

    This famous beach town is the perfect base for exploring some amazing dive sites in the area. Well take a closer look at scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta in this detailed guide.

    For more on travelling to PV, make sure to have a look at our complete guide to visiting Puerto Vallarta, where to stay in Puerto Vallarta, the best beaches, where to eat, the nightlife, and the top tours!

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    Quick Guide For Scuba Diving In Puerto Vallarta

    Under categories:

    For marine enthusiasts, Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas offer an underwater world submerged in natural beauty, sunken treasure, and hidden gems. The calming crystalline waters of the bay make for ideal snorkeling and scuba diving and are one of the main attractions for things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Many qualified operators offer tours and courses for interested parties or individuals.

    Heres a brief look at scuba diving and some of the best places to scuba dive in Puerto Vallarta.

    Puerto Vallarta Scuba Diving Ticket

    Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta, Punta De Mita, Dressel Divers Dive Center
    • Scuba dive with a 5-star PADI centre
    • Explore Banderas Bay
    • Different dives depending on your level
    • Suitable for beginners and certified divers

    You’re in just the right place to either try scuba diving as a beginner or notch up your number of dives as a certified diver. Take your pick from a selection of dives in and around Puerto Vallarta that suit your level and explore the underwater world on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

    If you’re a beginner and want to try scuba diving for the first time, there are three one-tank dives you can choose from Las Caletas, Los Arcos or Marietas Islands. Experienced PADI instructors will take you through every step once you’ve completed a 30-minute training session so that you can take your first breath underwater at one of the sites in Banderas Bay.

    If you have a PADI certificate already and a minimum number of logged dives, you’ll be able to choose the two-tank dives or a night-time dive. Choose from Las Caletas, Los Arcos, Marietas Islands, El Morro or Las Anegados where you could come face to face with the likes of nurse sharks, giant manta rays, tuna and much more.

  • Visitor numbers are limited to reduce crowds
  • The experience complies with government regulations
  • Social distancing is enforced
  • Areas frequented by visitors are regularly disinfected
  • Hand sanitizers are provided for staff and visitors
  • All gear/equipment is sanitized between use
  • Visitors are required to bring and wear masks
  • Guides and all other staff are required to wear masks
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    Introduction To Scuba Diving In Puerto Vallarta

    Its a short and scenic boat ride from town to many sites in Banderas Bay, most of which are fine for beginners and advanced divers alike. Around PV, you can dive shipwrecks, caves, underwater mountain ranges, and much more.

    Theres lots of amazing marine life to see when diving around Puerto Vallarta. You can spot all kinds of rays and turtles as well as moray eels, dolphins, and even humpback whales.

    Scuba diving really is an incredible experience and is one of the best activities in Puerto Vallarta.

    While destinations like Cozumel and Playa del Carmen on the east coast may be more well-known, Puerto Vallarta is a great diving destination in its own right.

    In my humble opinion, its also just a nicer place to visit. I may be a bit biased, having spent the better part of the last three years living there, but theres a reason I chose this beach town on the west coast of Mexico!

    Although it takes a little while from town to reach the best dive sites, thats half the fun. On these boat trips around Banderas Bay, youll be able to enjoy some postcard-worthy scenery en route to your dive site. It truly is a stunning place to visit.

    Best of all, theres so much to see and do in Puerto Vallarta when youre not in the water.

    This is the perfect destination if youre hoping to do a bit of diving in addition to other adventure and cultural activities. Of course, you can always just kick back and relax on the beach with a margarita in hand as well!

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