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Scuba Diving In St Lucia

Dive Sites In St Lucia

SCUBA Diving St. Lucia Anse Chastanet Incredible under water footage

Saint Lucia is a paradise for divers. The island forms the tip of an underwater volcano where both beginner and experienced divers can rejoice in a stunning variety of coral, sponges and sea fauna. There are too many dive sites to list. However, our professional dive team has put together an exhaustive list of dives sites that should keep you busy for a while!

Trou Diable Creole for Devils Hole, Trou Diable is a fascinating location. One of the largest plateau dive areas, it is also known as one of the healthiest reefs youll ever dive on. Barrel Sponges and well-developed coral heads with schools of Chromis and Grants in profusion.

Pinnacles Also Known as the Keyhole Pinnacles, which is located outside the bay of Soufriere. The dive site has four spectacular peaks that rise from depths to within a few feet from the surface. Trumpet fish, filefish, blennies, and other fish make this their home. Seahorses are sometimes found on this dive.

Supermans Flight Located at the base of the Petit Piton, this dive site is well known for its underwater beauty and also currents. Part of Superman II was filmed there and thats why it got its name. Huge barrel sponges and lovely soft orange sponges make this a tremendous dive. When the current is present this is a perfect site for drift diving.

Piton Wall II The continuation of Piton Wall going into Supermans Flight. Because this reef is untouched by divers it makes the site very beautiful with aquatic life and corals.

A Guide To Scuba Diving In St Lucia

St Lucia is located in the Caribbean Sea and has been a popular scuba diving destination for a number of years.It is located just north of Saint Vincent, meaning that the Grenadines and Barbados are all within reach. Most people will know St. Lucias landmark the Pitons Besides scuba diving and the Pitons, St. Lucia is famous because it has a drive-in volcano. You can drive in the crater and witness a real live vulcano in action. But lets stick to scuba diving for now.

Saint Lucia Diving Highlights

Lesleen M The Lesleen M wreck is one of the most popular dive sites in St. Lucia, home to numerous species of coral and animal life. A former cargo ship, it sank in 1986 and had all the time to become a colorful artificial reef. Given its shallow depth, divers of all levels of experience can dive this fascinating site. Those with wreck diving training can penetrate the ship and explore its cabins. On most days, visibility is excellent. Truly an unmissable dive spot teeming with life.

Anse Chastanet Located off the Anse Chastanet Resort, this reef is a haven for both novice and experienced divers. The reef slopes from as little as 8 meters/25 feet to over 30 meters/100 feet in a coral wall. It offers diverse marine life, including sightings of sea turtles, blue tangs, butterflyfish, porcupinefish, filefish, grunts, and trumpetfish.

Supermans Flight A popular drift dive site on the west face of Petit Piton, the iconic peak of Saint Lucia. The currents are stronger here because of the local topography, and divers will get that flying sensation theyre after. Marine life is also spectacular about 150 species of fish are spotted at Supermans Flight regularly.

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Electricity Phone And Internet Access

Saint Lucia runs on 220 to 230-volt AC , so bring an adapter if you plan to use U.S. appliances. Some hotels are wired for U.S. appliances.

Check with your local provider to see what plans are available, otherwise, you will be subject to roaming charges. The country/area code for Saint Lucia is 758.

Many hotels offer WiFi.

Getting Padi Certified With Sandals

Diving in Saint Lucia offers a world class experience ideally situated ...

You can either come to Sandals with a love for diving or discover it accidentally after completing a certification course at the resort. Either way, you can dive right in at Sandals, and get your PADI® certification done right at the resort for the regular PADI® associated cost. Once youre certified, you can dive for free for the duration of your vacation .

If you decide to get PADI® certified, speed up the process by doing some e-learning before you arrive. Check out some of the comprehensive Sandals scuba diving courses, and Sandals scuba dive sites.

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What Prior Travelers Say

Anse Chastanet was an amazing place to stay! The accommodations and scenery are beautiful, but the staff is what makes this place so amazing! The staff is always smiling and helpful! The dive shop, Scuba St. Lucia, is also amazing! From the people that work at the desk to the dive guides and boat captains!

-Rachel Ellerbruch

St Lucia Diving Highlights

The entire Caribbean Sea is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving thanks to diverse marine life, gorgeous coral reefs, and amazing hospitality that makes life on land just as good as diving in the ocean. One of the best islands for scuba diving is St. Lucia.

St. Lucia is a small island country that has everything divers could possibly want, from shipwrecks and natural wonders to tour operators, all in a compact space. Before you book your Caribbean dive trip with one of our amazing dive travel agents, here is everything you need to know about St. Lucia scuba diving.

Other Things to doSafetyOther Information

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Why Sandals Might Be Perfect For Your Next Dive Vacation

Sandals is one of the only resorts in the Caribbean where scuba diving and equipment is included in your stay. No matter which island you go to for your scuba experience, youll be in good hands as the resort will assist you with things like getting PADI certified if you arent already.

Guests of Sandals also dont need to worry about scuba equipment as all of this is included. The only thing youll have to rent out is a wet suit and a locker in the dive shop if needed.

You get to dive at your own pace with Sandals, and dont necessarily have to go for early morning dives if youd prefer to sleep in. You can choose between morning or afternoon dives, and you can also give input as to the things youre interested in seeing. Keep in mind though that morning dives offer an opportunity to get an early start, which can sometimes mean being able to go to sites that are further out and more exciting.

Dive operators associated with Sandals are friendly and engaging. Theyll help you navigate the diving process if youre new and try to accommodate your requests once things get rolling along. Theyll also likely take you to more advanced dive sites if they can see that youre capable and confident.

Scuba Diving In Saint Lucia Everything You Need To Know

Diving in the Caribbean / St. Lucia Island

Scuba diving in St. Lucia is popular, and for good reasons!

There are a lot of great dive sites in St. Lucia, suitable for different interests and levels.

Im a dive instructor and underwater photograper, born and raised on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. And I love to share my experience with anyone who enjoys diving and wants to explore the underwater world of Saint Lucia.

To help you decide where to go diving in St. Lucia Ive created a list of what I think are some of the best dive sites St. Lucia has to offer.

This list is organized from the north to the southwest of the island.

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Saint Lucia Scuba Sightings

The warm tropical waters of Saint Lucia are home to a plethora of marine life that you can get more familiar with during dive sessions on the island. Whether you opt for shallow dives or go into the deep youre bound to see something fascinating.

Common dive sightings in Saint Lucia include snapper, grunts, parrotfish, pufferfish, trumpetfish, lobster, golden-spotted eels, stingrays and manta rays, lionfish, flying gurnard, goatfish, damselfish, chromis, wrasse, spotted drums, frogfish, and the list goes on. Depending on where you dive and the time of your session, you may also spot turtles, seahorses, or even barracuda and nurse sharks.

Its a good idea to let your dive operator know what youre hoping to see while booking your dive trip so they can try to take you to a location where youre likely to have a run-in.

How Safe Is Diving In St Lucia

In general, St. Lucia is a very beginner-friendly scuba diving destination that is safe for divers of all levels. The usual precautions apply, such as not going on dives that are too advanced for your skillset and booking with reputable operators only.

St. Lucia with its shallow waters, colorful reefs, and excellent diving infrastructure, is one of the best destinations for scuba divers in the Caribbean.

Get in touch today and start planning your dream dive vacation to St. Lucia!

  • Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
  • Electricity: 230 volts, with Type D and G plugs.
  • Language: English is the official language of Dominica
  • Time Zone: UTC-4

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Saint Lucia Interesting Facts

Ready to head to St. Lucia? to read more about scuba diving around this island nation.

If St. Lucia sounds like your kind of paradise, there are plenty of luxurious resorts for those who prefer a dive-centric vacation with an excess of relaxation between dives. Below youll find our favorite resorts with full diving facilities.

Getting Padi Certified In Saint Lucia With Sandals Is A Breeze

#diving in #stlucia #caribbean #diversparadise #padi #scubadiving ...

While diving is free with Sandals for PADI® certified guests, youll need to pay the regular PADI® associated fees for your certification. If youre planning on getting certified during your vacation, opt to do some e-learning ahead of your trip to speed things up once you get there. After youre certified, you can dive for free for the rest of your vacation with up to two tanks per day.

Insider tip: Want to get a head start? Check out some of the Sandals Scuba Courses or read about how to Get PADI® Certified in 48 Hours.

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From Scuba To Snorkel: A Guide To Diving In St Lucia

  • From Scuba to Snorkel: A
  • Whilst St Lucia is world-renowned for having some of the most spectacular landscapes in the Caribbean, let us tell you about life underwater. Diving in St Lucia is like entering an underwater carnival world. Expect to see exotic fish and marine creatures swimming amidst vibrant coral reefs, intriguing wrecks and some truly special underwater surprises.

    Whether you choose to dive during the day under a blazing sun or at night by moonlight, diving in St Lucia is an unforgettable experience. Theres so much choice when it comes to diving in St Lucia in fact,25 dive sites to be precise.

    From scuba diving to snorkelling, discover the hidden treasures of the aquatic underwater world of St Lucia.

    Location Size And Population

    Saint Lucia is a sovereign island country in the Eastern Caribbean that is part of the Lesser Antilles. Saint Lucia is a mountainous island of 238 sq. miles, located about 25 miles north of St. Vincent and 25 miles south of Martinique and northwest of Barbados.

    The population of Saint Lucia is 185,868 .

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    How To Spend 5 Days In St Lucia

    A diver spots a sea turtle on the Anse Chastanet house reef.

    Steve Philbrook

    The eastern Caribbean gem of St. Lucia is a divers paradise. No matter where you are on the island, youre never more than a short boat ride to a spectacular dive site. With five days to explore, youll be able to see the best of what St. Lucia has to offer.

    Diving With Sandals Resorts

    Scuba Steve’s Diving/Dive Saint Lucia

    Sandals all-inclusive resorts are known for their wide range of inclusions, like scuba and snorkeling. Inclusive vacations of this nature appeal to guests who want value for money, especially since diving can get expensive as a standalone. With resorts in Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, The Bahamas, Saint Lucia, and Antigua, Sandals covers some of the best dive locations in the Caribbean – youre pretty much guaranteed to have some really great dive experiences!

    Sandals is a great resort to dive with, whether youre a beginner whos planning on getting your PADI® certification on the property , or you’ve been diving for a while and want to try a new destination with a dive team you can trust.

    The Sandals all-inclusive concept equates to pure bliss for dive couples as diving is included in their stay. At all Sandals resorts including Sandals Grenada, Sandals Grande Antigua, Sandals all-inclusive resorts in St. Lucia, Sandals all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, Sandals all-inclusive resorts in The Bahamas, and Sandals all-inclusive resorts in Barbados, youll be able to dive for free once youre certified . Beaches Turks & Caicos and Beaches resorts in Jamaica are also great options for all-inclusive vacations in the Caribbean.

    What makes Sandals vacations even more amazing is that even if only one person wants to spend all their time diving, there are plenty of other things to do on the property to keep everyone entertained!

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    Why Dive In St Lucia:

    • Over 25 unique and remarkable dive sites, like the Piton Wall, Turtle Reef, Lesleen Wreck, and Supermans Flight
    • Enjoy an array of micro and macro incredible marine life, like corals, reef fish, plants, crabs, lobster, sea horses, star fish, moray eels, rays, tuna, jacks, and turtles
    • Warm waters mean only thin or short wetsuit needed
    • Average visibility is 100
    • Average dive depth is 65
    • Surface conditions and currents are variable but generally strong
    • Wreck types include wooden ships, modern ships, and artificial

    What You Should Know About Diving In St Lucia

    Diving is something that has grown in popularity over the years in St Lucia. There are more tour operators operating here then ever before, which means it should not be difficult to find a dive center who will take you out for a day of diving with an experienced guide.

    If you are not a certified diver St. Lucia is ideal to start with your scuba lessons, because the shallow bays offer perfect pool like conditions for a beginner to learn to dive. When you are a certified diver and would like to witness the beauty below the surface make sure you select your dive operator carefully. By doing this you are sure that they will cater for your level of experience.

    Finding a Dive center

    Selecting a dive operator in St.Lucia should not be to hard. Make sure you ask what the certification level is of the other divers on the boat and explain what kind of dives you would like to make. Dont hesitate to ask which dives the operator advices you to do. This way you will make the best out of your scuba trip.

    When diving in St. Lucia expect to see black coral fans, sponges, golden spotted eels, stingrays, turtles and even nurse sharks. The underwater part of St Lucia is like another world, completely teeming with wild life like no other place in the Caribbean sea.

    Where to Dive in St. Lucia

    You will find that the most colourful corals and fish are to be found between 10 and 25ft.

    Fairy Land

    Coral Gardens

    If you are planning a SCUBA trip to St Lucia you might want to check read more

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    Saint Lucia Diving Info

    Saint Lucia diving offers a typical Caribbean experience, with waters teeming with marine life, corals, sponges, and huge gorgonians that offer some amazing photographic opportunities. The sloping reefs, steep walls, pinnacles, and shipwrecks await divers of all levels, with a multitude of shallow dive sites that even beginners will feel comfortable exploring. Whats more, most spots are just a short boat trip away from the shore.

    Many of the best dive sites of St. Lucia are concentrated within the Soufriere Marine Reserve, located on the southern part of the island. The northwest coast is also an interesting place to dive the sites here are not only less crowded but also offer sightings of larger animals that may not be found in other parts of the island.

    Bonus: Scuba Diving Alternatives

    Diving sites in Saint Lucia are countless! via @lauren___benson IG

    Those who love scuba diving really, really love it. Others may find different options less challenging, or simply more entertaining. If youre one of those people who might just be accompanying a dive enthusiast and want to know what else you can do in Saint Lucia check out our picks of the best things to do in Saint Lucia. If you want a bit of scuba but dont want to go all the way in, try things like SNUBA, or go for a snorkeling trip.

    Also read:The Ultimate Guide to SNUBA Diving: All You Need To Know. If you plan on going on a snorkeling trip, check out these handy snorkeling tips for beginners.

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    Padi Advanced Open Water

    Advance Open Water Course: This course certifies you to dive up to 100ft/33m. It entails five dives, two of which are compulsory and the other three are chosen by the student and the instructor . It also has the theoretical aspect where the student reads five chapters of the Advance Open Water Manual . This course would be completed over a 2-3 day period. As an advanced diver you will become more confident in different types of dives and the course is designed to improve your overall diving skills. USD$470

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