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Snorkeling St Thomas Virgin Islands

When To Go Snorkeling The Us Virgin Islands

Snorkeling at Shipwreck Cove, Buck Island, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Seawater temperatures are uniformly warm with the coolest period occurring January to April, and the warmest water in September/October . The water temperatures mirror the atmospheric temperatures with the hottest periods between May to November but tempered by the cooling breezes, which tend to be almost uniformly easterly in direction.

Rainfall also increases to a peak in September-November with maximum precipitation of 155mm in October. There is always the danger of tropical storms and hurricanes, with the greatest probability from August to October.

Salt Pond Bay St John

The wide bay that unfolds in front of Salt Pond, found off the islands southern tip, is a healthy mix of marine life, from juvenile fish to sea turtles. We love that snorkelers need not swim too far from shore before cruising alongside bigger snapper, jacks and other big fish. Just remember that this site is one of the more remote beaches on island, so pack in any snacks, drinks and towels that you may need.

Cow And Calf Rocks St Thomas

Reachable by boat, Cow and Calf Rocks is both a snorkel and a scuba diving site. Most vendors, such as Aqua Action Dive Center, will ferry guests the 45 minutes from the city of Charlotte Amalie to the site. We love the spot for the elkhorn coral, lobsters and occasional sea turtle sightings. Plus, one highlight of visiting a spot with divers is that theyll often hover and point out the harder-to-find critters deeper down, from eels to stingrays.

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The Best Snorkeling In St Thomas Usvi

  • Coki Point Beach: On the north shore of St. Thomas, Coki Point offers superb year-round snorkeling. Explore the coral ledges near Coral Worlds underwater tower.
  • Cow and Calf Rocks: This site, off the southeast end of St. Thomas , is the islands best diving spot. Its also a good bet for snorkeling. Youll discover a network of coral tunnels filled with caves, reefs, and ancient boulders encrusted with coral.

    Easily reachable by ferry, St. John also has a number of great snorkeling spots. The best:

  • Hurricane Hole : You may not immediately think of a mangrove forest as a great place to snorkel, but here coral grows in abundance on the mangrove rootsattended by huge starfish, sponges , and anemones. Its magical. SerenaSea runs snorkeling and sightseeing tours out of Coral Bay to Hurricane Hole.
  • Waterlemon Cay/Leinster Bay : Easily accessible Leinster Bay, on the northern shore of St. John, offers calm, clear, uncrowded waters teeming with sea life.

  • Haulover Bay : A favorite with locals, this small bay is rougher than Leinster, with a pebbly beach. The snorkeling, however, is dramatic, with ledges, walls, and nooks to explore.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

Best Snorkeling Spots In The Us Virgin Islands

Concierge Services, Virgin Islands, Things To Do St. Thomas

These island reefs just offshore are home to eagle rays, lobsters, schooling fish and even seahorses.

The U.S. Virgin Islands offer snorkelers a wide mix of underwater attractions. St. Croix alone delivers reefs, plus a pier where small critters have taken up residence among the sponges that cover the pilings. Choose St. Thomas for its amenity-packed beaches, and for dayboats that visit offshore reefs. St. John, the most undeveloped of the three islands, offers so much solitude on the beaches and reefs, where you can swim face to face with trumpetfish, schools of fish and sea turtles. These are the best sports for snorkeling in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit The Us Virgin Islands

With its mild climate and plenty of sunshine, winter is an excellent time to head to the islands. Average winter temperatures are in the 70s – 80s , and rainfall is low. For obvious reasons, this is also peak travel season. Prices tend to be higher and availability more limited, so be sure to plan in advance.

Spring is another idyllic option, with the same appeal weather-wise as the winter but with a fraction of the crowds. Summer and fall are hurricane season in the US Virgin Islands, so there is some risk involved. Vacationing during these months is better suited to those with the flexibility to book last minute when the forecast is promising.

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St Thomas Snorkeling Spots: Choosing What’s Best For You

Ive always been a beach bum at heart. For me the perfect day has always been one at the beach with a good book, an iced tea, and a nap. St. Thomas has added to that list for me to include a bit of snorkeling. With sea turtles poking their heads up or tarpon leaping from the water just off the shore, how could I not go see whats out there when Im so close?

Theres nothing quite like connecting with the sea through a snorkel trip. Fish swimming around you and undersea ecosystems thriving in perfect harmony with coral, shrimp, fish, and even sea caterpillars, all as you quietly float over and observe as though youre a part of them. Snorkeling in St. Thomas is more than an awesome excursion, its a moment with the sea like no other. On your visit to St. Thomas, the question is not should you snorkel, but where will you get the best snorkelling? Im here with your islander insight to make sure your St. Thomas snorkelingtrip is your best snorkel yet:

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Day Charter Snorkeling Beaches Guests Give Five Stars To Visit

Snorkeling is a favored activity on the island of St Thomas, and once youve seen the stunning sandy beaches and beautiful clear waters for yourself, youll soon understand why! There are many great spots to enjoy for a spot of snorkeling in this island paradise, but these five are the ones we love the most and the ones our day charter snorkeling guests also give five stars to!

The Best 10 Snorkeling In St Thomas Virgin Islands

Snorkeling in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands – buck island GoPro HD
  • Northside

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    outside our cruise ship. He took us snorkeling in two different locations and drove us around the island

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    the catamaran to Buck Island, about 30 minutes or so from the port for some snorkeling. We snorkeled in

  • Charlotte Amalie

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    St Thomas Adventure Tours is the only place you should book your snorkeling and kayaking. Our tour

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    Can not say enough good tings about this snorkeling trip. My wife and I both went on this trip

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    snorkeler), and we had the trip to ourselves. We had Gem as our boat captain and Aaron as our diving

  • St. Thomas

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    and the snorkeling spots are the best. Captain Mike took us today w first mate Sarah and are the best

  • Saint Thomas

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    We took their full day trip to bucket island and water island. The trip include snorkel

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    Great day sail with 2 snorkeling stops and lots of great sailing and rum drinks! Jon was laid back

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    it from the sun. We went to many great spots for snorkeling that only can be accessed with a boat.

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    Us Virgin Islands Marine Habitats And Interesting Species

    Clearly, some of the more interesting habitats in the area are based around the coral patches, which most notably include, elkhorn coral, varieties of staghorn corals, pillar coral and brain coral, as well as the brilliantly colored orange cup coral .

    The extensive areas of healthy coral, in turn, support a wide variety of reef-associated fish species including angelfish, butterflyfish, puffers, hinds, parrots, tangs and grunts in abundance.

    The open bays include extensive areas of seagrass beds that are favored by a wide variety of fish including southern stingrays and gently grazing green sea turtles. In the more exposed areas, larger species may be found including barracuda, nurse sharks and lemon sharks.

    Caneel Bay Resort

    If you are planning a snorkeling trip to the USVI, we recommend the excellent Reef Fish Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas , the reference guide to ID the fish you will encounter snorkeling the islands coastlines.

    We Now Have Daily St Thomas Snorkel Excursions And Sunset Cruises For Cruise Ship Passengers

    ONLY 75$ for Adults and 45$ for Children includes all you can drink !!

    Lets face it, diving is great but sometimes wed like to just hang out on top of the water and see whats going on bellow. We have had 100s if not 1000s of requests to add a snorkeling trip for families that are not so inclined to dive but still want to get out on the water with us. Thats why we have added a new St Thomas Snorkeling trip , and in JJ divers fashion we are only going to the best sites inside the St John National Park system. These sites offer everything from amazing coral reef systems and all the underwater critters you can imagine, Sharks, stingrays, turtles and millions of fish are expected on each and every trip

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    Fins A Mask And A Snorkel

    The big question for many is should I buy or rent snorkel gear? If you think that you will be snorkeling every day of your visit then it might make sense to purchase a set from either the local dive shops or K-Mart. If you are only planning to snorkel for one day then just rent. Important when either buying a mask or renting is to make sure that it fits properly. Hold the mask up to your face without using the strap and inhale through your nose until you have created a vacuum. If the mask stays attached to your face and no air leaks out then it is a good fit. Make sure your fins fit comfortably. They dont need to be super tight but should fit snugly. Snorkels are one-size-fits-all. You can rent snorkel gear at the various snorkel beaches mentioned below. Most day sails and water sport tours operators will supply you with snorkel gear as part of their tour.

    Know Before You Go: Virgin Islands Travel Tips

    St. Thomas Snorkeling

    Regardless of which island travelers decide to post up on, here is some general advice that applies across the board.

    • Protect the reefs: mineral-based sunscreen is required by law in the US Virgin Islands to help preserve and protect fragile marine ecosystems. Suitable sunscreens are generally labeled as ‘reef safe’ on the packaging they are free of oxybenzone, octinoxate, and octocrylene.
    • Road rules: if intending to rent a car, it is important to be aware that you drive on the left side of the road.
    • Cover-up: even though it is a casual atmosphere, swimwear is not socially acceptable to wear in public. Much like coastal towns in the United States, bikinis are for the beach, and men should use a shirt once they leave the sand.

    Lastly, remember that even though the US Virgin Islands are a territory of the United States, they have their own unique culture and set of customs. Just as when traveling anywhere, be mindful and respectful of the locals.

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    Swim With The Turtles

    You can encounter wildlife swimming almost anywhere around St. Thomas, but some of the best snorkel spots lie just a short boat trip away. Head to Virgin Islands National Park on St. John to experience unparalleled snorkeling among coral reefs, or visit Buck Island National Wildlife Refuges Turtle Cove for the best chance to see green sea turtles gliding along the sea grass.

    In addition to abundant tropical fish and stunning corals, wildlife lovers travel from all over the world to the Virgin Islands to see the resident turtles. Hawksbill, leatherback, and green sea turtles call these waters home and nest on the nearby beaches every year. Swimming next to them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you dont want to miss.

    On these top-rated snorkeling tours, all the details are taken care of so you can just jump in and enjoy. Travel in a comfortable boat with experienced guides who know the best places to see wildlife, then relax on board on the way back as you share stories of what you saw.

    Check out our snorkeling tours from St. Thomas and book yours online now!

    St Thomas Weddings / Romance

    DID YOU KNOW THAT… Many couples are opting to save the money of a big wedding at home by escaping to a Caribbean island for a combination wedding/honeymoon. Upon their return, they can share the event by showing the video and photographs at an informal reception.All the islands are beautiful and, on some, weddings have become a major promotional tool. So why should you choose St. Thomas above others?

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    Top 5 Beaches For Snorkeling On St Thomas

    One of the most popular vacation activities in the Virgin Islands is snorkeling. Its therefore no surprise that at we get asked what are the best beaches for snorkeling quite a lot. So here you go, our Top 5 Beaches for Snorkeling on St. Thomas. We considered: ease of snorkeling and included only easy and moderate locations, cool things to see like turtles, and availability of some amenities. Have a great time snorkeling in St. Thomas.

    St Thomas Snorkeling Conditions

    Snorkeling Hull Bay – St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

    The best feature of St. Thomas snorkeling beaches that the reefs are easily accessible from the shore so there is no need to pay for expensive boat trips.

    The climate of the US Virgin makes it a year-round destination with air temperatures of 80s in the daytime and 70s by night, and sea temperatures averaging between 26 and 29 C This makes it possible to snorkel any time of the year.

    However, winds become more extreme in the winter which increases the wave sizes and reduces water visibility versus the rest of the year, and there is hurricane season from July to October.

    For the best clarity and snorkeling experience, visitors generally choose to come to enjoy their Saint Thomas snorkeling vacation in the late spring or early summer months.

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    Jack And Isaac Bay Preserve

    Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve

    Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve, an off-the-beaten-path surprise, is a less-visited place to snorkel in St. Croix. The preserve protects 300 acres of hills, beaches, and underwater reefs on the islands East End.

    Every July and August, green and hawksbill turtles clamber ashore to lay their eggs in the sand. At those times, the beaches are closed to visitors.

    Point Udall

    You can only reach the beach by hiking from Point Udall, the U.S.s easternmost land and a place that attracts those looking to experience the U.S.s first sunrise of the day.

    From Point Udall, continue past East End Bay until you reach stairs that lead down to Isaac Bay, a pristine stretch of Caribbean beach nestled between the green hillside and the turquoise sea.

    You might only see a handful of others on this gorgeous strand, a rarity in the Caribbean.

    Brain coral

    At Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve, you can snorkel above sea fans, elkhorn, brain coral, and schools of tropical fish at the close-in reef. You often see turtles, attracted to the seagrass, drifting underneath you.

    Many local snorkelers prefer Isaac Bay over Jack Bay, the beach in the next cove, since Isaac requires less hiking and the water has fewer rocks. To go on to Jack Bay, take the trail from the west side of Isaac Bay.

    Be aware that both beaches lack shade and have strong currents at times. Its wise to bring a picnic lunch and plenty of water since there are no services.

    Why Small Groups Are Better

    There are many reasons why small groups are better than large group tours. Just to name a few Our excursions can be adjusted to your ability and interests. On a small group excursion you will not spend up to 30 minutes waiting until 20 or even 40 other people have signed waivers, got their gear and are ready to start. Its almost impossible to get close to nature with a big group especially in the water. You have one on one interaction with your guide who provides a lot of knowledge. Snorkeling is guided this means your guide can point out and tell you about marine life you see and take your underwater photos.

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    What We Have To Offer

    Discover why St. Thomas Adventure Tours provides the best small group & private tours in the Virgin Islands! Swim with sea turtles, snorkel over a vibrant coral reef, hike, kayak, visit beautiful beaches or customize your own excursion. St. Thomas Adventure Tours offers unique and educational guided Eco-tours of spectacular protected bays, vibrant coral reefs and beautiful beaches away from the crowds! We provide the only excursions in the VI which guarantee that you will see turtles. Kayak to a beautiful coral reef or choose our Two Beach Snorkel Tour to see a close up coral reef from the beach teeming with fish! Our guides will also be your underwater photographer!

    Pick-up & Drop-Off is available contact us for details!

    Snorkeling Tours & Adventures

    Top 10 Best Activities To Experience on St. Thomas

    Leave from picture perfect Red Hook Harbor on St. Thomas or the beach in Cruz Bay, St John. Cruise to the St John National Park and USVIs best spots for snorkeling aboard the islands newest snorkel boat, Ocean Surfaris 47 foot ‘Reef Surfari’. Over 40% of Virgin Islands National Park is underwater! The best way to enjoy this spectacular underwater National Park is by boat. Our new boat is fast, safe and provides the perfect transport to the areas clearest, most exciting waters for snorkeling. Spacious and comfortable, with plenty of shade aboard.

    The Reef Surfari Power Catamaran has a refreshment bar stocked with beer, soda, water, rum punch, and painkillers for your post snorkel adventure. She comfortably holds 49 passengers and so is perfect for groups, or individuals wanting to find the best snorkeling in the USVI. A 3.5hour excursion with our highly experienced Captains and Crew will get you over an hour and a half of facetime with the most beautiful tropical fish, breathtaking live coral reefs and an occasional peek into the Caribbean pirate history that is the USVI. To ensure maximum enjoyment by all guests, and protect our beautiful reef environment, there is no smoking aboard the Reef Surfari.

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