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Stand Up Kayak With Pedals

The Best Option For Fishing

How to Paddle A Fishing Kayak Standing Up

Pedal drive kayaks marry the movement and stealth of a stand up paddle board with the storage and freedom of a kayak. The pedal drive allows you to stay put while baiting your line with less disturbance to the water and the fish in it. Simply put, the stealth of a pedal drive kayak will have you lingering above without alerting the prey below. No more paddling out to your honey hole, securing your paddle, grabbing a rod, and casting a line. This is a multi-taskers dream, pedaling wherever you need to go with speed and power then slowing down for a smooth entry, all while prepped to cast a line at a moment’s notice.

Best Inflatable: Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer

Length: 11â6â³ | Width: 39â³ | Weight: 51 lbs | Capacity: 575 lbs

Engineered with fun and convenience in mind, the Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer is the best inflatable stand-up fishing kayak to have with you during your paddles.

Sea Eagle crafted the 350fx Fishing Explorer out of their extra-durable 2000D reinforced fabric with glued quadruple overlapped seams for puncture resistance on the water. It also features a high-pressure drop stitched floor with non-slip EVA foam padding to ensure that you have a stable platform for standing up and reeling in fish.

This kayak has an impressive 575 lb weight capacity and ample space for gear storage. It also comes with a slew of D-rings for lashing down your loose gear and 6 built-in rod holders so you can get as many hooks in the water as possible.

We also appreciate that this kayak comes with a handful of extra fishing-specific features such as hook and lure holders, as well as an integrated fish ruler. Its open-plan deck also has plenty of space for storing large coolers. Plus, the seat on this kayak is elevated well above the deck so that you can easily stand up and sit down as needed.

However, this boat is reasonably heavy for an inflatable kayak , and itâs not as maneuverable as the other boats on our list due to its wide beam construction. That said, if you want an inflatable stand-up fishing kayak that can handle its own on a range of lakes and streams, the Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer is worth checking out.

How To Fish From A Pedal Kayak

Fishing from a pedal kayak can be a little easier than fishing from a traditional yak because you can keep moving using your feet while you have your rod in your hands.

Some pedal yaks will have a standing platform to make casting and retrieving easier. However, if you want to stand up youll probably need to make sure that youre in a stable environment first, with minimal wind, current or wake that could knock you off balance.

If you dont have good balance or are a new kayak angler, you might want to stay in your seat to fish.

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Most Portable Kayak With Pedals: Perception Crank 10

Length: 10 Weight: 78 lbs Capacity: 350 lbs

Perceptions Crank 10 is widely known for being fun, comfortable, and easy-to-use compared to other pedal drive kayaks. With a compact and lightweight design, the Crank 10 offers plenty of storage space and is ideal for recreational use in calm lakes and reservoirs. It does lack some features that users might look for in regard to fishing, but there are plenty of reasons why this is among the top pedal kayaks on the market for 2022.

This kayak is super compact at only 10 in length, which means it should be no problem to load and unload and get into the water. The seat and its positioning on the Crank 10 are said to be among the most comfortable on the market. The pedal system utilizes a propeller and operates in the same way a bicycle would, which allows users to have a more natural motion and cover more ground with their legs. The Crank 10 is said to be highly agile and is the perfect blend of fun and comfort.


Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

Hobie Eclipse 12 Pedal Stand Up Paddleboard

The Wilderness System took things a step further in the pedal-driven market, one of the first triangular yachts, Radar 115.

You can choose from three options of this sit on top kayak: pedal, pedal drive system, and motor model, which make a difference in your fishing experience.

The Radar 115 is a heavy-duty kayak, spinning at a very light 85 pounds, but the 34.5-inch beam and flat deck provide a stable fishing platform to compensate.

The ship has a storage capacity of 450 pounds a rear tank with bungee rigging, two storage hatches, and a mold in the tackle pocket. However, it does not include rod holders.

Also, it is highly customizable with multiple slide tracks accessory systems, a flex pod console system, a rear mounting plate, and an adjustable Air Pro Max set.

Product Details

  • The highly comfortable and adjustable Air Pro can travel a maximum of 3 seats in the most adjustable position and the length of the seat boat. It can accommodate a paddle drive or motor drive.
  • Accessories, front Pedal Park, multiple hatches, and wide tank wheel storage. There are also large, padded footrests that can be adjusted to accommodate paddlers of different sizes.
  • Length, Weight, Capacity: 11. 8, 85 lbs, 450 lbs.


  • Adequate load capacity and storage area for fishing equipment
  • Excellent durability and clutter-free deck.
  • Accommodation with a variety of accessories


  • The weight of radar 115 can be a nuisance for some people.
  • No one includes stick holders.

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Native Watercraft Slayer 10 Propel

Native Watercraft

The Native Watercraft Propel drive is one of the most reliable systems on the water. The Propel is available on Natives big-boat Titan and tournament sled Slayer Max, but we love the ride of the Slayer 10.

The Slayer 10 is a shorter kayak and saves a considerable amount of weight. It is also easier to store and transport. The biggest disadvantage is less space to install accessories like rod holders, crates, and electronics. If you dont plan on loading a bunch of stuff onto the kayak, then a 10-foot boat will be a perfect fit.

The Slayer 10 only weighs 62-pounds without the drive, making it a pleasure to load on top of a car. To improve tracking, Native gave the Slayer 10 a modified tunnel hull. The theory is two hulls are better than one, basically creating two keels and doubling the boats waterline. The tunnel hull also improves stability, moving the volume to the outside edge of the boat, where it works to keep the angler upright.

Natives hand-sewn seat is covered in breathable, fast-drying mesh. The adjustable seatback is high enough for support without limiting access to the tankwell. It is extremely comfortable throughout a day on the water.

Since Native released the Propel Drive, they have worked to make it tougher and lighter. The system is a perfect match for the Slayer 10, fitting in the cockpit floor with plenty of space for standup fishing.

Native Watercraft Slayer 10 Propel Specs

What Makes A Good Stand

Since there are so many advantages to being able to stand up while fishing, its obvious that any serious angler should select a kayak that makes it easy to stand. If youre searching for a quality kayak that will allow you to confidently stand up, the following design characteristics are the most important things to pay attention to.

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Pelican The Catch 130 Hydryve Ii


Pedal kayaks are faster, more stable, and easier to use. Unfortunately, purchasing a pedal kayak can add up quickly. As a remedy to high-priced kayaks, Pelicans The Catch 130 Hydryve II combines a lightweight hull with a proven pedal system for under $1500.

The key to the equation is Pelicans thermoformed hull. Most kayaks are made by roto-molding plastic. Like the name says, roto-molding requires filling a mold with plastic pellets then heating and rotating the mold to spread the molten plastic. On the other hand, thermoformed kayaks start with two sheets of plastic. One sheet is heated and molded into the topside, and the other sheet is molded into the hull. Then, the two halves are glued together. The process creates a kayak that is lighter, tougher, and less expensive.

The Catch HD II comes with gear tracks, bungees, pad eyes, and four flush mount rod holders. Sturdy handles in the bow, stern, and midship make it easy to carry the boat to the water.

The crowning achievement is the boats throne, a lightweight frame seat covered with a quick-dry fabric. To provide more room for standup fishing, kick the seat back and stand at the boats most stable point. Anti-slip pads on the deck make standup fishing safer and more comfortable.

Pelican The Catch Hydryve II Specs

  • Length 12 feet, 6 inches
  • Width 34 inches

Mirage Compass Duo Description

QuickStart for Hobie Mirage iEclipse Stand Up Pedal Board.

The Mirage Compass Duo is powered by dual MirageDrives with Kick-Up Fins that retract on impact. Equipped with one, forward and reversing MirageDrive 180 and one MirageDrive with Glide Technology, the Duo delivers a smooth and efficient ride for two. The Duos sleek hull design maximizes speed and stability, while greatly reducing drag. The cockpit features comfortable, ergonomic seating, 4 Integrated H-Tracks for accessory mounting, and abundant above and below deck storage compartments to house gear for two. The sleek waterline and Kick-Up Rudder system make for an impressively nimble tandem kayak thats highly responsive, easy to steer and extremely durable. The roomy Compass Duo is simple to use and adventure-ready, making it the ideal choice for water outings with adults, tikes, and furry companions.

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Native Watercraft Ultimate Fx 12

Length: 122 Width: 30.5 Weight: 65 lbs. Capacity: 350 lbs.

The Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 12 is a unique kayak that blends the stability of a kayak with the agility and speed of a canoe. This 12-foot sit-inside kayak is made with a narrower 30.5-inch width but still manages to provide a level of stability thats comparable to most of the other models on our list.

At just 65 pounds, the Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 12 is a true throw-and-go model that can easily be car-topped or secured in the back of a pickup truck to go virtually anywhere you can launch it. It offers a limited amount of features compared to most other kayaks, but what the Ultimate FX 12 lacks in features, it makes up for in performance.

Pedal Kayaks Vs Paddle Kayaks For Fishing And Recreation: Pros And Cons

Pedal kayaks are able to offer much of the same performance benefits as a paddle kayak, yet many brands are finding new ways to deliver on propulsion mechanisms to make the pedaling experience more efficient for kayak anglers, as well as recreational users. Being able to maneuver a kayak with your feet opens up a plethora of possibilities for kayak anglers as they now can have their hands free to make a cast, or continue fishing while they pedal past an area. This new ability is a revolutionary tactic in competitive kayak fishing as it allows users to cover a considerably greater distance than before while fishing more than ever.

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Mirage Compass Duo Specs And Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Two MirageDrives with Glide Technology
  • Four H-Track Accessory Mounts
  • Two 8″ Twist and Seal Hatches
  • Large Cargo Area with Bungee Tie Downs

Why Pedal Fishing Is Better Than Paddling

Old Town Topwater 106 Sit

Whether or not you have already experienced kayak fishing, you may begin to wonder if pedal fishing truly lives up to its hype over the usage of paddles. Most anglers wont really get the appeal of pedal fishing, not until they experience it firsthand.

Pedal fishing kayaks are simply easier to handle overall, and there is little to no hassle when it comes to operating them. Here are some of the most significant advantages of pedal fishing when using a kayak:

Speed. Pedal kayaks provide you with a more than a satisfactory boost of speed that elevates the experience far above paddling or canoeing. This is a great advantage, most especially when you do not want to waste too much time trying to get to your fishing spot. Do note that the speed of your kayak will also depend on your pedaling skills.

Hands-free experience. Evidently, the one great advantage of pedal kayaks over paddling is the hands-free experience it provides. Paddling requires you to use both of your hands, but if you choose to pedal, your travel time could be allotted for fine-tuning your gears or trying on different baits. Simply put, pedal kayaks allow you to focus more on other things other than just maneuvering to your destination.

Stability. Pedal kayak models are more stable and grounded than regular ones. They allow you to move around and stand up from your seat without the need to worry about falling over. If you need to stand up while reeling or casting, then pedal kayaks would be a greater choice.

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Best Tandem: Hobie Mirage Compass Duo

Length: 13â²6 | Width: 35â³ | Weight: 127 lbs | Capacity: 475 lbs

Hobie makes its second appearance on our list thanks to their impressive Mirage Compass Duo .

The Compass Duofeatures many of the same designs and accessories as the impressive Pro Angler 12. The H-Track accessory system has been included so both pedallers can outfit their cockpit however they see fit. The kick-up fin design has also been ported over, providing extra durability when navigating shallow water.

With some practice, the Compass Duoglides with surprising ease across the waterwith a pair of people pedaling. The hull is designed to maximize speed and reduce drag, making it a thrill to pedal even when fighting a headwind.

Like many boats on this list, itâs at its best in calmer water. A crosswind or large waves hitting the Compass broadside can make for a frustrating, unpleasant, and potentially dangerous day on the water.

The storage layout is similar to other Hobie designs, with asolid amount of dry and open-air storage space. The load capacity is a little on the low side for a tandem kayak . Depending on the size of the kayakers, the Compass Duo may be a better fit for day trips instead of more extended expeditions.

  • Comfortable kayak with plenty of room for two paddlers despite being on the short side
  • Easy-glide hull with an impressive top speed
  • Transitions smoothly from forward to reverse
  • Load capacity is a little low for a tandem pedal kayak

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

Do you want a kayak for long paddling? Tamarack Angler 100 is one for your long fishing adventure. It offers you a comfortable seat and backrest for long angling.

This kayak is made for performance. For fishers who are not afraid of harsh conditions, Combination Tunnel Hull is a unique design that allows the kayak to be violently cut while maintaining balance and stickiness for tracking.

Cargo space has also been tightened. The oval hatch at the front has a waterproof sealed lid and tight luggage as well as bungee tie-downs to keep your luggage safe and secure on the boat. The quick-drying frame seat can adjust up to three heights for ultimate comfort.

Donât bring your own tackle boxes though it has enough space. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak comes with built-in tackle boxes and two flush mount rod holders. And you will get two angled rod holders also.

Excess water will not be a problem. There are seven self-balancing skippers on the deck to prevent water from accumulating.

For more adventurous anglers, Emotion Stealth 118 is appropriate to handle harder waters and more difficult fishing locations. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 review will help you to select the best stand up fishing kayaks.

Product Details


  • Easy to enter and also exit.
  • Lightweight kayak with super stability


  • Need more practice to stand up in this kayak

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Rotational Pedals And Propellers

Rotational pedal systems operate much like a bicycle does in that users pedal a full rotation on each side which drives a propeller thats located beneath the kayak. This design is equally popular and has its own unique advantages over other styles of pedal kayak systems. Users can generally pedal longer distances using a rotational pedal system as it allows them to have a more natural motion in their legs and feet.

There is a number of propeller-based drive systems on the market today:

  • Perception Pilot

Best Tandem Kayak With Pedals: Hobie Mirage Compass Duo

Hobie Mirage Outback Walkthrough | Worlds Best Selling Fishing Kayak

Length: 136 Width: 35 Weight: 127 lb Capacity: 475 lb

Finding a tandem pedal drive kayak that is a good blend of performance and comfort is not easy, but the Hobie Mirage Compass Duo provides just what many users are looking for in a capable fishing kayak thats built for two. This kayak offers all the great features that Hobies new models are known for without the usual compromises that come with a tandem kayak.

Users will appreciate the Compass Duos ability to convert to a single-user kayak, as well as the many features that give anglers everything they need to enjoy their day on the water. This kayak is surprisingly nimble for a large, two-person model and perfect for users who like to share their kayaking experience with others.


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