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Stand Up Paddle Board Racks

Stand Up Paddle Board Wall Racks

Learn to SUP in 5 minutes- How to Stand Up Paddleboard

Wall racks are the most standard type of SUP rack out there. As the name suggests, this storage solution mounts to the wall typically with two brackets and supports the stand up paddleboard against the wall. Some are super heavy duty while others focus on minimalistic design qualities.

The brackets, or arms, are padded to protect the board from any damage or compression marks while being stored. Most are made using aluminum, however some designs use wood or composite plastics. Bungee cords are in place for extra support and security for the paddleboards in storage.

Features do vary. Some SUP wall racks have the option to store multiple paddle boards. They are typically supported in a horizontal position. Generally, these racks have adjustable arms so the user can customize the height perfect if you also have a kayak in your outdoor gear quiver.

Wall racks for stand up paddle boards can be installed indoors or outdoors. They require a clear wall space that is slightly larger than the SUP being stored.

Roof Rack For Paddle Board

A roof rack for paddle board is an excellent way to travel with your SUP. Add a board bag, and you have your sun and surf best partner protected from sun, wind, and small debris damage while reserving the inside of your vehicle for people and other sorts of gear. After all, a paddle board isnt the smallest object to try to pack into a vehicle, and it is certainly one that can be damaged by the high temperatures in a parked car. Besides, have you even thought about the logistics of loading anything that is six feet long into a compact passenger vehicle?Your roof rack is also a good way to be certain that nothing heavy gets stacked on your board, and that your picnic lunch doesnt spring a leak and keep it soggy for most of a long road trip.

Cor Surf 2 Boards Wall Rack

This Cor Surfwall rack comes with a paddle storage hook in the package. It is afree gift. But there is more to love about it as you will find outbelow.

Build Quality

The manufacturerclaims that you will not find a stronger paddleboard storage rack. It is built with durable steel and has ablack finish. The construction allows it to hold a maximum weight of100 pounds. You can use it inside and outside.


The arms extend28 inches from the wall. The total vertical length of the rack is20.5 inches while the distance between the arms is 10 inches.


Installation iseasy. You just have to snap the parts in place and you are done.There is padding for your board and they include a storage hook foryour paddle.

Although it ismeant to hold two paddleboards, you can exceed the number if there isspace.

Features andSpecifications


The Cor SurfDouble SUP wall rack has saved users some storage space. Manydescribe it as perfect. It is easy to put up and is very sturdy onceinstalled. In some situations, users had to buy other bolts becausethe included ones didnt work for them. Other than that, they arenot complaining.

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Storeyourboard Naked Sup Wall Storage Rack

This is theultimate space saver. And once you hang your board, you will noticethat it actually enhances the room appearance. If you like showingoff your SUPs youll like this paddle board wall rack.

Build Quality

The rack isconstructed using aluminum metal. It is known for its rigidity andfor being lightweight. It is also rust-proof so dont worry aboutgetting it wet.


From the wall,the rack extends 11 inches. Boards are stored on their side so thisis more than enough. The front lip is 4.5 inches tall.


TheStoreYourBoard Naked rack has felt lines so your paddleboard does notget scratched. These felt lines extend to the arms. They also preventslipping.

The design onlyallows you to store one paddleboard.

Features andSpecifications

  • No drywall mounting hardware


According to theusers, the StoreYourBoard paddle board wall rack offers value formoney. There were no issues with installationthey say it is easy.It holds paddleboards very well and paddlers have no worries. In afew reviews, users report that the mounting hardware included doesnot hold well on drywall.

Storeyourboard 2 Sup Wall Storage Rack

Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Racks For Docks &  Piers

StoreYourBoardmakes some really good racks. They are committed to making sure thatyour precious SUP boards are secureand they did a good job.

Build Quality

This wall rack isbuilt using powder-coated steel. It is durable and strong, able tohandle 100 pounds50 pounds on each level.


The totalvertical length of the wall rack is 24 inches. Arms extend 21 inchesfrom the wall and are 11.5 inches apart.


The arms arecoated with rubber and are tilted at an angle so that your boardstays in place and also to prevent scratches and damages to the SUP.The attachments are designed in a way that lets you customizeaccording to the size of your paddleboard.

Features andSpecifications

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Inflatable Paddle Board Storage

Can I store my paddle board inflated? Well yes and no. Lets review this one better.

Inflatable boards are surely more convenient for off-season storage because you can simply deflate them and store them away. Made of PVC layers with drop-stitch woven fibers connected to the top and bottom layers, these boards offer great stability and rigidity overall.

However, with the SUP storage methods, they require a little more different care.

For instance, if you have the space to leave your inflatable paddle board inflated and keep it away from sunlight, the floor, moisture, and too much heat, then sure, you can leave it inflated.

However, the reason why these boards are advised to be deflated is that if the temperature of the room rises too much, then the air inside will expand and cause problems with the vents.

So, it is good if you can deflate it completely or a little bit so that even if the air pressure inside rises, it does not damage the board in any way. Also, keep in mind that even if your board is stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight, it will still lose air pressure daily.

Namely, no matter which one of the 6 ways above you are storing your inflatable board, it is vital to deflate it at least a little bit in order to protect it.

With that said, before storing your inflatable or epoxy board, here are some things you must do.

The Best Paddle Board Storage Places

While this will largely depend on where you live, the place where you store your board is the place where:

  • Your paddle board is protected from direct sunlight
  • Your paddle board is away from moisture
  • Your paddle board is not exposed to extremely high temperatures

There are some other things to look out for, but these three are the most important ones since the ultraviolet rays from the direct sunlight will damage the shell and the color on it over time while the moisture will cause mold and mildew to appear on the shell, damaging it further.

Also, the high temperatures in the room where you store your paddle board work on the core materials by degrading them. And, again, they can cause the shell to delaminate.

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Keep Your Sup Stowed Out Of The Way With Our Paddle Board Storage Racks

If you own a SUP, you need a game plan for storing it when it is not in use. Ideally, youd store it indoors. The elements outdoors – such as the sun, rain/hail, and not least of all, critters – can wreak havoc on your board and degrade it over time.

But, you dont necessarily have space in your attic or garage to store it – these paddle boards take up quite a bit of space! Thats why you should store it on the wall with our paddle board storage racks.

These are by far the most cost-effective way to store your SUP, saving tons of valuable floor space while safely securing your board in place. Youll keep it in pristine condition without having to reorganize your whole garage or shed!

Krypt Towers Ultimate Board Sports Wall Mount Storage Rack

Stand Up Paddle Board DIY Racks for Boat $50

For many paddlingenthusiasts, one paddleboard just isnt enough. But while havingseveral boards is great, organizing them can be a pain. The KryptTowers Rack helps you neatly display a maximum of four SUPs.

Build Quality

To make sure allyour four boards are securely stored, this paddleboard wall mount rack is constructed using heavy-duty steel.This metal is 100% sturdy. The padding is made of thick rubber toprotect your precious toys from dings.


The two verticaltracks are 48 inches long and each of them has four 15-inch fingers.Any board, not just a SUP, can fit here. You can move the fingers upor down to accommodate a boards thickness.


Both the heightand width are adjustable, making it a universal paddleboard wall rack for garage storagefor any kind of board. The fingers have thick rubber padding toprotect even the most delicate paddleboards.

Installing amultiple-board rack may sound hard but it is not. Everything you needis included in the package.

Features andSpecifications

  • Thickrubber padding on fingers
  • Adjustableheight and width
  • Comes withall the installation hardware
  • Fits fourboards
  • Low weight limit


The installationis straightforward, according to the reviews. Once mounted, the rackis solid and the users expect it to last. Some paddlers say that itdoes not work well with heavy paddleboards. After a while, it startsto bend.

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Tips For Storing An Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatable paddle boards offer more storage solutions than the hard board alternatives. Deflating, rolling, and packing away into a backpack is a major advantage to owning an iSUP. However, you dont always have to deflate the board.

Just keep in mind these top tips for storing an inflatable paddle board:

  • Always wash off salt water and sand, this will protect the seams and overall construction of the iSUP
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and elements
  • When keeping the iSUP inflated, release a couple of PSI levels to relieve pressure on the seams, this will extend the lifespan of the board
  • When deflating and packing away the iSUP, always ensure the paddle board is dry to avoid mould and mildew

Transport Your Sup Safely With Our Stand Up Paddle Board Roof Racks

Getting your SUP to and from the water is a cumbersome task without the right equipment. Trying to strap it to the roof of your car not only damages your board , it isnt very secure. The last thing you want to deal with is losing your board on the road, which could ultimately destroy it.

Dont take any chances if you really care about your SUP – invest in a quality stand up paddle board roof rack! With these, you can safely and securely transport your SUP. Here at Outdoorplay, we have the best selection of SUP roof racks online. Youll find your favorite brands, like Malone, Thule, Yakima, and more, at the lowest price available. Shop now and enjoy free shipping over $50!

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Sup Transport To And From The Water

After reaching the beach, river, or lake you want to paddle, dont get caught out by struggling to get to the water. Some paddle boards can be difficult to handle, especially for youths or smaller adults. The weight and size of SUPs can be a hindrance when trying to carry if you arent lucky to have a lightweight iSUP.

Paddle board shoulder carry straps are a perfect solution. Simply attach to the d-rings on the SUP and sling the board over your shoulder. Once you reach the water you can stow away the strap in the bungee storage system, ready to help carry the board back up after your session.

So How Do You Store Your Board Correctly

Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Rack

Now, before we go into SUP board storage more in-depth, these are the things you must do every time you store your stand up, paddle board:

  • Wash and dry your stand up paddle board first
  • Remove any internal moisture
  • Keep the SUP away from heat
  • Keep your stand up paddle board off the ground

These are the primary segments of proper paddle board storage, and now that you know them, lets get to the best ways to store a paddle board.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Rack

One way to keep track of your paddle board and have it in temperature-controlled conditions is to have to use your stand up paddle board rack to display your paddle boards. Most paddle boards are attractively decorated and can easily be part of your interior d├ęcor, especially for a den or family room. Since people usually enjoy temperatures of around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with only a modest amount of humidity, that means that your attractively displayed paddle board will share your interior conditions. Just keep that SUP board rack away from heater vents or plate glass windows.

Storeyourboard Paddle Board Ceiling Rack

Most people havea congested and disorganized storage area. The StoreYourBoard ceilingrack will help you free up some space on the floor and keep the SUPfrom getting dinged.

Build Quality

This metal paddleboard ceiling rack is built usingheavy-duty steel. The material is steady and there is no chance ofthe boards falling. It is designed to hold a maximum weight of 50pounds.


The storage slot is 12 inches thick and 27 inches wide. Most boards are about 6 inches thick so you could fit two paddleboards. But you are advised to use it for only one board. The width accommodates paddleboards with a maximum thickness of 36 inches.


There isprotective foam padding on the arms. Not only does it protect boardsfrom scratches, but it also maintains some form of grip so they dontslip.

Installation isunbelievably easy and quick. All the mounting hardware andinstructions are included in the package.

Features andSpecifications

  • No extra screws


Some users arehonest that they were a little skeptical. But their doubts have beenput to rest. The StoreYourBoard paddle boardgarage storage rack is sturdier thanthey expected. Its installation process is simple and they love theclear instructions. One user snapped a screw and had to rush to thestore for another one. They wish the manufacturer would include oneor two extra ones. There are no negative reviews.

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Expandable Racks To Fit All Your Board And Kayak Storage Needs Either At Home The Shop Or On Your Boat

No more boards IN the boat!

If you like to bring your toys along for a day of boating, the Outracker SS will make it much easier. We developed this product to improve our day on the water, hopefully, it can also improve yours. Now, we have improved the original design. Made in the USA from marine grade clear anodized brushed aluminum. In addition, the rod holder posts are now all stainless steel. We also added stainless steel set screws and stainless buckles on our straps.

No more dinging the boards every time you hit a wake! No more crowded deck! No one has to hold on to the boards! With the Outracker, you can strap in your gear, keep your deck open and focus on getting to your destination! Just remember you need a wider path and dont dock on the rack side!

If your boat is equipped with 30 degree flush mounted rod holders in the gunwale, at least 2 on one side, the Outracker should be an easy fit. No modifications to your boat are necessary. No tools required. Sets up in seconds. Once properly secured, your paddle craft can join you at that next sand bar. You dont even lose the rod holders, as they can still fit in top of the rack.

Fitactic Metal Display Wall Rack Set For Sup Board

Stand Up Paddle Board and Kayak Roof Rack DIY Custom Home Made

Some paddlersprefer to have a little color, even in the garage. The FITactic givesyou a wide range of options to match your style or the color of yourSUP.

Build Quality

The rack consistsbasically of metal tubes made using galvanized steel. It ispowder-coated to prevent rusting. The foam is well made andweather-resistant.


The FITactic hasan outside width of about 10 inches and an inside width of 8 inches.This will fit any paddleboard, thanks to the extension arm, and maybeeven a paddle. It can handle a maximum weight of 70 pounds.


As alreadymentioned, you have several colors to choose from: black, blue, red,pink, green, grey and orange.

This rack has adetachable extension tube to make installation easier. There isprotective foam for a firm grip and board protection.

Features andSpecifications


Paddlers love thecolor options. For the price, they appreciate the quality andsturdiness of this rack. One user says that the padding is too thinand their soft top was scratched. That is something you can solvewith a towel, though. The general feeling is that the FITactic is agood wall storage rack.

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Sup Stand Up Paddleboard Rack

This SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Rack is a high-end product designed to store SUPs on your swim platform! It is built specially to store your paddleboards in salt or freshwater environments and withstand the elements for years. You can now take your paddleboards where ever you go in this rack and feel safe they are properly stowed.

Made from King Starboard, which is a specialty plastic designed for marine applications. The King Starboard construction means these SUP racks can be left out in the sun and saltwater for years without fading, warping, or corroding with zero maintenance.

What SUPs does it fit? Each SUP Rack houses two paddleboards and two paddles. Each paddleboard slot fits a paddleboard up to 6 thick. Call us to customize!

Mounting Options. Our racks are designed to mount to rail/channels on a swim platform which allows them to slide using the thumb knobs. Or these racks have the option to be fastened down using our Deck Plate system which can be used on a swim platform, deck or dock.

Bungee Strap. The racks have integrated bungee cords that secure your SUP and paddles down and prevents them from flying away.

Paddle Holders. Another great feature about this rack is that each rack arm also doubles as a paddle holder. The center of the rack cutout is perfectly designed for cradling your paddles.

Custom Racks Available . . . Made in-house, Made in the USA!

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