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Used Floating Jet Ski Dock

You Might Be Thinking Do I Really Need A Boat Lift For My Watercraft Why Not Store My Boat In The Water And Use It When Needed

DockyDock Dry dock solution for Jet Ski

What is a Boat Lift?

A boat lift is a boat dock accessory used for transferring boats between water that are at two distinctive elevations. It allows watercraft to be lifted from the water level as well. Without boat lifts, its almost impossible to manage watercraft if they break down or you wish to bring them out from the water.

Why you need Boat Lifts?

US Boat Lifts save a handsome amount which you might spend regularly for maintenance or repaint of your boats. Here are few benefits of boat lifts which every boat owner should know.

Expands Life of Watercraft

Watercraft outer material is not completely water resistant. In fact, some materials are water absorbent so being left in water for a long time may cause deterioration. This results in reduced lifespan of the boat and equipment. When exterior material absorbs water, corrosion process starts which quickly reduces the value of the boat or Jet Ski. Water also increases the risk of algae attack at lower unit wear creating layers and residue that are hard remove. All these issues maximize the cleaning and paint job.

Stabilize the Movement

Fluctuations in water level can cause debris, leaks, cracks and substantial damages to your boat or Jet Ski. Dock boat lifts are an efficient way of stabilizing the movement of the boat and saving it from storms or heavy waves. The investment made to have an appropriate boat dock accessory can save frequent maintenance cost. It also reserves the appearance and resale value of your boat.

Theres Nothing Like The Jetslide On The Market

  • Material/Composition:High-density polyethylene resin
  • Dimensions:H: 38 cm L: 288 cm W: 96 cm

NOTE: Considering the various sizes, shapes and types of boats, Candock Inc. must approve every Jetslide installation even if it is installed by an authorized Candock distributor. Otherwise the warranty cannot be applied.

Standard Colors:

Wavearmor Floating Jet Ski Dock For Sale

Wave Armor floating jet ski docks are the latest in Drive On/Roll Off Ports. Wave Armor PWC Ports are foam filled for performance and durability.

They are RotoMolded and have soft urethane wheels that are adjustable to fit your needs. Designed with the jet ski enthusiast in mind, the Evolution Series are largest Drive On/Roll Off jet ski floating docks on the market today.

They carry 3 different models to choose from. The EVO5 and EVO6 are custom made, and extend 2 ft longer to accommodate larger jet skis. The EVO Sport is designed for use with smaller Rec-Lite jet skis and stand-up PWCs. They can also be connected to get a double floating jet ski dock:

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Resilient Materials To Protect Your Investment

If the company you choose is not using steel inside the PVC and using a light duty bracket mounted at or below seawall or dock height, then it will only be a matter of time before your ski port investment floats away along with your personal watercraft attached to it. A few hundred dollars saved up front will most likely cost you tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

A Little About Our Company

China Factory Manufactured Jet Ski Dock Used HDPE Material

360 Boat Lifts cares about every single penny of clients and knows that your watercraft are your love. Being boaters ourselves, we know what your requirements are and how we can offer you with best quality materials. In this regard, our company strives to provide a complete range of Floating boat lifts for personal boats, Jet Ski Lift and other watercraft. Keeping in mind, the need for high-quality products, our company is in the loop with Safe Haven and Tide Tamer company and offer only genuine products from these manufacturers.

We make sure that every client gets a right boat lift for their vessel and feel contented with our prosureduct thats why we first consult the consumer. Our boating experts will guide you regarding the boat dock equipment and which product is more suitable for you. Our brilliance lies in our state of the art product material and fulfilment of our promise of providing a complete guide to our customers.

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Tow Marine Equipment Using Jet Ski Dock Accessories

Jet ski dock products can help you move watercraft through the ocean safely because theyre designed with practical safety elements. If you want to move a vessel without damaging the housing, you can accomplish this objective by using a jet ski line. On eBay, there are many long and short lines for various marine vessels, so youll have no problems selecting an affordable, tactical product that will suit your towing situation.

What are the main jet ski product options?

Many lines on eBay attach to the housing on a marine vehicle, and you can use certain pieces to relocate lightweight or heavy-duty equipment. The end of a typical line is attached to a large plastic piece, and this component provides peace of mind when a boat drifts and pulls a vessel through rough water quickly. Thanks to the convenient design, this plastic mechanism doesnt shift after you mount it against the bumper on a boat.

What are general jet ski dock product features?

No matter what kind of cord you attach to a boat, the product will have general features that enhance safety. For example, bungee products have the ability to flex as a boat tugs and pulls a watercraft. The process of adjusting a bungee cord is simple since many brands include convenient hardware that loosens and tightens the grip. In order to prevent sinking when bungee cords toss in the water, designers place padding on the housing. This padding has various air pockets that keep a bungee cord floating on the water.

Average Jet Ski Docks

The âstand-aloneâ jet ski dock occupies the middle-ground. They are wider and longer than entry-level models, and many of them are wide enough to allow you to walk around the jet ski.

The main advantage of these models is that they can be attached to pylons , so they can stand alone in the water.

However, you can also attach them to other docks or a seawall just like their smaller brothers.

The price of these docks typically ranges from $1,500 up to $2,500, while the prices of double jet ski docks jump to a whopping $3,000-$4,500.

Also, keep in mind that these prices typically donât include pylons and the connector kits.

Whatâs more, manufacturers may charge you for shipping, installing, and other additional services.

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Everything You Need To Know About Boat And Jet Ski Drive

Do you own a boat or jet ski and youre thinking about buying a drive-on dock? We hope that this article will guide your choice as best as possible and inform you about the various options that you might wish to consider.

The decision to purchase a drive-on dock for a boat or jet ski depends on various factors, which are discussed below. Enjoy the read!

Average Jet Ski Dock Dimensions And Weight

DIY Jet Ski docking system under $200

What are the dimensions of a jet ski dock?

The average jet ski docks are 120-160 inches long and 60 inches wide, however you can find some wider models which offer more space around the jet ski. These docks are usually 80 inches wide. If you need a longer or wider jet ski dock, many manufacturers offer jet ski dock extensions. With these units, you can even build a large floating dock around your jet ski!

How much do floating jet ski docks weigh?

The weight of the floating jet ski docks vary widely depending on their design and material. The lightest jet ski docks weigh around 250-300 pounds, while the heavier models can reach a range of 300-400 pounds. But if youre considering mounting extensions and other accessories to the dock, you can expect a lot more weight.

How much weight will a floating jet ski dock hold?

Jet ski docks can typically hold 600-2,000 pounds. Speaking of floatation capacities, when you select your dock, dont forget that you have to calculate the curb weight of your jet ski, and your weight as well!

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Reducing The Maintenance Costs Of Your Boat Or Jet Ski

Your boat or jet ski requires maintenance at least once a year. Although antifouling coatings can slow down the deterioration of the hull of your boat or jet ski, installing them and regularly maintaining them costs approximately the same amount as a drive-on dock. Drive-on docks can therefore potentially save a lot of money in the long run.

How Much Does A Jet Ski Dock Cost

Floating jet ski docks cost around $1,000-$1,500 depending on the make and the model. As you already know, there are two types of docks. The cheapest jet ski docks are the slider models which only feature rails instead of rollers, as these costs around $1,000, while a wheely type jet ski dock costs around $1,200-$1,500.

When shopping around for a dock, dont forget the additional costs like delivery, installation kits, bow-stop or other additions.

Are you considering buying a floating dock? Lets move on and take a look at the best jet ski docks on the market!

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Sourcing Guide For Jet Ski Dock:

Transportation is not just about moving an object from point A to point B, it’s a process of value delivery: sending things all over the country, carrying customers to upper floors or building a warehouse for cargos, all of which require products in transportation. understands your needs, and that’s why we’re providing you with reliable China suppliers,factories and it’s easy to find suitable products whether for construction fields, daily use, or entertainment. Looking for cheap Jet Ski Dock products, floating dock manufacturers and Jet Ski Dock factory directory? Check this category or use the search box above, you will find them all here! We offer you high quality plastic floating dock, floating pontoon and plastic pontoon and make sure they meet your demand. is always the best companion for your business, and ready for further help at any time.

Easy Sourcing

A Versatile Free Standing Jet Ski Dock Solution

Used jet ski floating pontoon dock jetty

Here at Jet Ski Docking Solutions we do our installations differently from the competition. Our system is what’s called a free standing system. This installation process consists of using 2 inch galvanized pipe that is driven down 5 to 7 feet into the bottom with 2 1/2 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe slid over-the-top. This does a few things. One, it allows the docking unit to be placed in any spot that you would like, near a seawall or your existing dock that you have already. Two, it allows the dock to move freely up and down with tidal changes or water height changes in freshwater applications. Three, in the event of a storm surge the top of the pipe has a larger cap than the ski port opening and the port will connect with the top of the PVC and telescope up the galvanized pipe to prevent your docks from floating away in a storm situation/high water scenario.

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Slx5 Pwc Port For A Jet Ski

The SLX5 Jet Ski Port & Ramp by Wave Armor offers enhanced durability with ease of access for a Jet Ski, WaveRunner, Sea-Doo or other jet propelled personal watercraft . It is 100% foam-filled with marine grade EPS foam, and its variety of mounting options offers one of the easiest drive on and roll off PWC ports or PWC ramp systems on the market. The independent wheel system offers an easier docking and launching process than the original stiff roller system. The SLX5 is designed to integrate seamlessly with all other Wave Armor floating dock systems that we at Lakeside Dock Sales offer.


For Personal Boat Owners

The hauling systems for personal watercraft include floating boat lifts, electric boat lifts and static boat lifts. Top companies of US manufacture all these systems, and we deliver them with years extended warranty. We have divided our product range into two major categories which include boat lifts and accessories for 10 to 27 boats and 27 to 50+ boats.

We strive to save your vessels from blistering, corrosion and algae attacks so you can enjoy sailing in your boat years after years. Floating boat lifts and static lifting systems are specially created to protect watercraft at maximum level and to ease up the process of getting in and out from the water. With very little maintenance you can keep your boat lifts like new ones for more than 25 years. We have adopted a superlative approach to satisfy customers for which we provide complete guidance related to boat lifts and vessel hauling process. As per customer`s specifications, we offer them products and also help them to install boat lifts at the dock.

As a cost-effective solution, we also offer used floating docks to boat owners. All the docks are clean and in excellent condition with no cracks or blisters.

Why Safe Haven® Boat Lifts

Quick Links

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Floating Jet Ski Dock Pro6 Wave Armor

The new Wave Armor Pro6 jet ski port is the new cutting edge ski port to have for your ski. With its large 3 rear rollers that osculate 18% to your ski’s hull providing the most protection for your ski during entry. The port also has a rubber bumper on the front bow stop to prevent damage to the nos …

Best Wooden Jet Ski Floating Dock

PWC Dock – Wheely Dock LS – Jet Ski Float – carolinafloats

Bellamer offers one of the best wooden jet ski floating docks. They specialize in the full spectrum of marinas and moorings. You will have the best experience when you choose their wooden jet ski dock as they provide proper planning, design, and services.The Bellamer structures are well-thought out, their pontoons are designed with aluminum, steel, or wood to help the dock float. Their decks are made out of wood to provide an aesthetic finish. You can also request customized floating docks from the company.

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Are They Easy To Assemble/disassemble

If your drive-on dock is modular, the answer is yes! Since it consists of lightweight and easy-to-handle cubes and support elements, it is easy to install. Additionally, drive-on docks often come with an instruction manual.

If your drive-on dock is not modular or only partly modular, for example because it is mounted on 3-metre pontoon sections, the answer is less straightforward.

Jet ski drive-on docks are even easier, as they are monobloc, meaning that they require almost no assembly. They are also compact and easy to maintain, despite their weight of 200 kg.

Youre welcome to reread our article on assembly for more information.

How Do You Install A Floating Jet Ski Dock

To install a floating jet ski dock, youll need a special installation kit. Sometimes these kits come with the dock or must be purchased separately. You can install a floating jet ski dock into a complete floating dock system, or attach it to regular docks or sea walls. If these are not options, floating docks can be moored into the bottom with special pipes, known as auger pipes or pier pipes.

You can see the whole installation process in this video:

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How Can You Choose The Right Drive

While the choice is straightforward for jet skis, boat drive-on docks are trickier. Drive-on docks are generally composed of floating cubes, one entry support element , multiple central support elements , and possibly a bow support element. The dock needs to fit the length of the boat. Although inexpensive overall, the price can vary according to its complexity and comfort. Here are a few key technical factors:

  • The roller on the entry support, despite being essential, is rarely present on the drive-on docks found on the market. It makes leaving the water easier and greatly reduces friction when loading onto the dock.
  • Rollers on the central supports are less common. The number of rollers significantly influences the durability of your dock and how well your boats hull is protected. Also, the more rolls your dock has, the more comfortable youll find it to use.
  • Boatlifts are not strictly speaking drive-on docks. A boatlift is a mechanical system that lifts the boat out of the water, greatly reducing friction on the hull. Boatlifts are also suitable for large boats. However, they cost around 20,000, which is much more than a modular boat drive-on dock.

Note that few brands offer drive-on docks with one or more rollers on every support element. Also, some brands offer drive-on docks with a central junction. These junctions create friction on the boat hull and should be avoided wherever possible.

Floating Jet Ski Docks & Ramps

Used jet ski floating pontoon dock jetty

Are you looking for floating jet ski ramps and docks forsale in Maryland? Then Lakeside Dock Sales has you covered. We at Lakesideprovide premium products for both commercial and residential applications. Weoffer Wave Armor jet ski lifts for your personal watercrafts. These lifts are100% RotoMolded, meaning they can withstand the toughest conditions withminimal wear and tear. They offer top performance and durability, with easydrive on and roll off capabilities.

Below are just some of the many floating jet ski ramps and docks we offer at our Maryland store:


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Heavy Duty High Water Brackets

If you happen to be in a deep water or rough water area, we have heavy duty high water brackets that are placed on the seawall or deck of your fixed dock that allow the the PWC ports to rise up to 20 inches above the seawall or dock. If you have pilings, we can mount to those as well with our heavy duty piling brackets. Our goal is to do it right the first time and prepare your ports the best we can for unknown storms that may arise in the future.

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