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Used Jet Ski For Sale Nc

Know How Much Used Jet Skis Cost

How to buy a used Jetski Waverunner Seadoo or personal watercraft – PWC Video

Knowing the fair market value of any given model puts the buyer and seller on a level playing field. Otherwise, its easy for one or the other to get taken advantage of. Finding out exactly how much used jet skis cost is fairly simple, so theres no reason not to do a little research.

For the most part, all current jet ski prices are pretty easy to find. Even with used jet skis, the fair values are readily available thanks to sites like Kelly Blue Book. As of now, they even have a dedicated section to jet skis.

Even though there are reliable sources that can give current estimates, always be sure to check local markets. Look through any local catalogs and try to find similar makes and models. As accurate as some of these online estimates are, they arent always spot on.

A great tip for serious buyers is to consider taking the jet ski to the dealership. Often times they will give a decent estimate of what any used jet skis are worth. Some dealers even offer to run some tests on the watercraft to ensure its functioning properly. Keep in mind that theyre a dealer though, so their opinion could be somewhat biased.

Top Tip Do your research online using resources like KBB and NADA. Theyll give you a good indication of the kind of figure to expect. Online forums like PWC Today and PWC Forum are also great places to ask questions about this kind of thing.

Must Know Tips Before Buying Used Jet Skis

Dont get ripped off buying a used PWC. Make sure nothing is going to shock you when you get your new purchase home.

Buying used jet skis is a common alternative to paying full retail for a brand new model. Typically used jet skis cost significantly less, while still providing just as much value.

There are a lot of negatives associated with buying used jet skis, but theyre not always true. Against popular beliefs, a used jet ski can be very reliable, easy to maintain and still have most of the bells and whistles as new models.

Every day more and more used jet skis for sale pop up on the market, but not all of them are worth the time and effort. Buying used jet skis can be a great entry point into the world of personal watercraft, but its important to make a solid buying decision.

Never Be Too Eager To Buy

A huge mistake that is commonly made is people get too eager to buy a jet ski. During the summer months when its hot out and everyone else is out zipping around on the lake, its easy to just go buy the first deal that pops up. Although its tempting to buy as soon as possible, staying patient is essential.

The reason why its crucial not to be adamant about buying right away, is because it can lead to bad decisions. Purchasing used jet skis requires buyers to do their homework, and failing to do so can lead to a poor experience. There are hundreds of new watercraft entering the market every day. Dont get caught up in the first option that becomes available.

Taking the time to thoroughly inspect each deal is the best way to ensure a great buying experience.

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Consider A More Budget

Often times new buyers dont even consider purchasing a new jet ski, because they assume theyre all out of budget. While this was true in the past, recently some amazing budget-friendly options have come out.

The Sea Doo Spark has a base price of just $5,399, and the Yamaha EX starts at $6,699. These are just two of the more popular budget models, but there are plenty of others.

There are several cheap jet ski models out there that still offer a ton of value. They come with all the newest features, have excellent performance, and can still fit into most peoples budgets.

Although buying used PWC can be a great option, its not the only option. Buying a new model is way more affordable than most would assume. Just keep in mind that buying a new jet ski comes with its own set of pros and cons as well.

Factor In Hidden Costs

1996 Polaris 770 Slx for Sale in Salisbury, NC

Before anyone buys used jet skis, they should have a set price in mind that theyre willing to pay that fits into their budget. Not having a set price is perhaps the easiest way to end up spending too much.

The important thing to remember is that all watercraft, and especially used jet skis, come with hidden costs. Always be sure to leave some room in the budget for these hidden costs.

Some of the more predominant hidden jet ski costs are:

Jet Ski Insurance

Factoring in how much jet ski insurance costs can be tricky. Usually, it varies according to the make, model, engine type, and the history of the rider. Most people can expect to pay $100-$500 a year for jet ski insurance. If theyre purchasing used jet skis, theyll likely fall on the low end of that spectrum.

Jet Ski Trailer

Often times new buyers fail to incorporate the cost of a jet ski trailer into their budget. Considering they can run anywhere from a few hundred up to a few thousand dollars, this can come as a huge surprise to some people. Typically a decent jet ski trailer only costs a couple of hundred dollars, but there are plenty of higher-end options as well.


When it comes to used jet skis, maintenance is a major cost that should be factored into every budget. The number fluctuates greatly, so there isnt exactly a ballpark estimate to give here. At the bare minimum owners should consider things like oil changes and winterization costs.

Jet Ski Accessories

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What To Do When Finding Personal Watercraft

You can find many jet skis on the secondary market, including some popular choices from Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, and Sea-Doo among other names. Browse eBays listings for models from each of these brands and more, all at different price points and in conditions ranging from new to used to certified pre-owned.

Do You Want a Sit or Stand Model?

The first thing for a PWC is to see if the model is one that you can sit down on or stand up with. A stand-up model is smaller in size and gives you more control over the vessel. A sit-down PWC is convenient for many users, although it requires some extra effort for steering because that boat is likely to be larger.

See the Capacity

The capacity of the watercraft is a good measure to notice. The Sea-Doo Spark can handle two or three people at a time, for instance. But a Sea-Doo GTX can only work with one or two people at once. See how well the design of your PWC works so you can have enough room for yourself and any other boater you want to have tag along.

See What Activity You Want to Enjoy

You can find boats from Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and other brands that offer support for various activities. Some of the things you can do with a personal watercraft include:

Always Complete a Test Drive

Content is for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by any brands.

Know Whats Considered High Hours On A Jet Ski

One of the biggest measurements of how much a personal watercraft has been used are the amount of hours on it.

Typically a jet ski should have an average of 30 hours per year. Anything above 30 hours a year is considered high hours, and anything below is considered low hours.

Although the amount of hours is definitely a number that should be looked at, the key thing to know is that not all hours are the same. A poorly maintained jet ski can run into problems at as little as 100 hours, while a properly maintained jet ski can last well over 300.

Just like the mileage on a car, the hours indicated the amount of use. But, if it has been serviced yearly and properly winterized for the off-season then theres no reason a PWC with high hours wont still run really well. It just depends on how much love its past owners have shown it.

There are a few things to look out for when it comes to analyzing how many hours is a lot on a used jet ski:

Maintenance Receipts

One of the absolute best ways to tell if used jet skis have been properly maintained is if the owner still has maintenance receipts. If they still have the receipts for oil filters, spark plugs, and any parts theyve replaced, chances are theyve been a great owner.

Of course, there can still be great owners who dont do this, but its a great sign if they do.

Who did the maintenance?
Which parts have been replaced?
What type of jet ski is it?
Make and model
How to check the jet ski hours

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Tips For Buying Used Jet Skis

A lot goes into finding a good deal when buying a used PWC. Experienced owners know exactly what to look for, so its fairly easy for them to separate the good from the bad.

However, new buyers may have trouble sorting great deals from terrible deals, and theres plenty of possible mistakes they can make when buying.

These are a few things everyone should know before buying used jet skis.

Check For Any Damages

Why you need to be careful buying a used jetski

Every scratch, dent, and ding on a jet ski has a story. Unfortunately, if theres a lot of them, it might be a pretty bad story.

Make sure that before buying a used jet ski, its been thoroughly inspected for any damages. This doesnt mean just giving it a once over. Something as simple as a dent in the hull can cause a leak that costs hundreds of dollars.

There are quite a few potential damages to look out for, but some more important than others.

Hull Damage

One of the easiest damages to spot on used jet skis is any damage done to the hull. A good rule of thumb is to avoid buying a used PWC with any marks larger than a quarter.

Considering its used, a few dings or scratches isnt too much cause for concern. Whats important is that theyre predominantly on the sides, and not on the bottom. The reason behind this is most damage on the sides comes from docking. No one is perfect, so a couple of minor marks on the side is okay. They likely just bumped into the dock a little, and it wasnt caused by any serious negligence. Marks on the bottom are another story. Any fiberglass damage here should be a warning sign and Id be asking for an explanation.

Seat Damage

It may not seem like it, but something as simple as a jet skis seat can be a great indicator of how it was treated. Seats that are extremely dry rotted or cracking severely show that the watercraft wasnt stored with a cover.

Rust & Corrosion

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More About The Yamaha Waverunner

There are several exciting ways to enjoy a sunny afternoon on the open water, but not many can compare to the thrill factor that comes with riding a personal watercraft. For over 30 years now, Yamaha has been one of the most trusted names in the powersports industry, especially when it comes to personal watercraft. The company consistently produces several high-quality models, like the Yamaha WaveRunner, with a focus on speed and safety. Read on to learn more about these legendary machines, then visit Chatlee Boat & Marine in Sanford, NC, to check out our wide selection of Yamaha WaveRunners for sale.

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